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why did you guys ban Thamosh?


i believe he was a high level practitioner who could bring a lot of experience to the forum

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At one time, TTB had 50,000 registered members. That seems like an award level until one realizes that we are now at 4,000 registered members :huh:


That was not a typo... we are now at 4,000 registered members <_<


How can that be?


The staff which handles the accounts realized several years ago that members were creating multiple accounts and banned members kept trying to come back... and it seems at a surprisingly repetitive rate.


Thamosh was so many incarnations we lost count... it is only a surprise he was allowed here as long as he was here.

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Sounds like a jazz combo.




Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band - 1967



Hi there, nice to be with you, happy you could stick around.

Like to introduce "Legs" Larry Smith, drums,

And Sam Spoons, rhythm pole,

And Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell, bass guitar,

And Neil Innes, piano,

Come in Rodney Slater on the saxophone,

With Roger Ruskin Spear on tenor sax,

Hi, Vivian Stanshall, trumpet.


Big hello to big John Wayne, xylophone,

And Robert Morley, guitar,

Billy Butlin, spoons,

And looking very relaxed, Adolf Hitler on vibes... Nnnnice!


Princess Anne on sousaphone... Mmmm,

Introducing Liberace, clarinet,

With Garner "Ted" Armstrong on vocals,

Lord Snooty and his pals, tap dancing,

In the groove with Harold Wilson, violin,

And Franklin McCormack on harmonica.


Over there, Eric Clapton, ukulele.... Hi Eric!

On my left Sir Kenneth Clark, bass sax.... A great honour, sir.

And specially flown in for us, a session's gorilla on vox humana.

Nice to see Incredible Shrinking Man on euphonium,

Drop out with Peter Scott on duck call,

Hearing from you later Casanova, on horn,

Yeah! Digging General de Gaulle on accordion....

Really wild, General! Thank you, sir.

Roy Rogers on Trigger.


Tune in Wild Man of Borneo on bongos.

Count Basie Orchestra on triangle.... Thank you.

Great to hear the Rawlinsons on trombone,

Back from his recent operation, Dan Druff, harp.

And representing the flower people, Quasimodo on bells.

Edited by GrandmasterP
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