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  1. There is a point in meditation where reality floods in. This complete observance is the dissolution of self. What happens to "you" at that point, well it isn't surprising if the body stops breathing. Thought is what perpetuates breath; the autonomic systems of the body can actually be controlled.
  2. Interesting native americans knew that rubber soles make people sick. You dont even need to believe in energy, the physical science is there.
  3. Still having trouble finding good grounding shoes..
  4. CUltivation is largely aimed towards males, especially ancient chinese and Tibetan... SOoo its better to be a man duh? more resources at hand.
  5. Link doesnt seem to work
  6. People talk about these "great changes" and "alien invasion" "nuclear war" because they have lost and are secretly praying for a reset button.
  7. lower dantien is the den for the the kundalini serpent!
  8. iv been a vegetarian and use flouride free tooth paste and havent had any problems. But i guess cheese and dairy have calcium. Anyways, the teeth are associated with jing.
  9. Any thoughts on Tibetan martial arts? Have any of your systems been influenced by Tibet? Exercising the kidneys sounds interesting to me. I can see that being beneficial, I believe sitting a lot is bad for the kidneys, which most modern people do. I wonder if your teachers describe the experience of opening the third eye? Who is this BO MA..? Bhodhidharma?
  10. If anyone wants to save the world they will start being a vegan. The meat and dairy industry have the biggest impacts
  11. Wim hof and Tadashi Kanzawa fake too? Just because you can make fire with chemicals that means bio energy isnt real? I think not.