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  1. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    editing takes forever.... its a very tedious process involving rereading your books multiple times...
  2. Pyramid Power!

    The video is right about Sarapeum. That place is extremely interesting and could be more than meets the eye.
  3. Pyramid Power!

    Nice! Valley of the Kings was great! I didnt pay extra to see King Tut or Seti though unfortunately. Did you visit Hatshepsut temple? I got a strange vibe when i entered the courtyard at the top of the stairs. Yeah and I guess some of the newer pyramids actually look alot older and more worn down because they were made with sandstone, so people might think they are older.
  4. Pyramid Power!

    There are no carvings inside the tunnels in the great pyramid or in the kings chamber. Which is different than the tombs I went to. Although, most of the tombs uncovered are about 3k years old, while the pyramids are 5k years old. so there is a big time difference. we are talking old kingdom vs new kingdom.
  5. Pyramid Power!

    i was just in egypt at the great pyramid. it is very fantastic. you can still go inside the great pyramid all the way to the kings chamber. its very impressive.
  6. Im trying to gain weight too. But I'm mostly a vegan. So what protein and milk /ghee are a no go... I think having a job helps people gain weight. When I don't have a job I get skinny as a straw.
  7. It is kind of interesting how the Egyptians have a snake emerging from the forehead. Almost like the kundalini reaching the third eye.
  8. On a side note i think creating music is connected to the pineal gland activation (among many other activities requiring concentration and feeling/animal brain). So in theory, looking at musicians should give you some insight if cultivation leads to youthfulness. However, as my friend argues many musicians wear make up and have fake hair, so its hard to tell. Taka is 30 These guys are in there 40s
  9. My belief is that youthfulness is a result of kundalini. I would assume youthfulness should be some type of marker for pineal activation. Iv never heard of pineal gland transplantation. (Very interesting though, considering some believe it to be the seat of the soul) Many systems believe cultivation leads to youthfulness and to be connected with healing. Witch Doctor, Medicine Man, Healing Master, Buddha Healing. Buddhas are often compared to children so even their state of being is something like a child. Full belly laughing.
  10. Arnt the most "awakened" people in the deepest states of relaxation? Which ancient paintings are you referring to?
  11. The kundalini should be the greatest mechanism for stimulating and purifying the pineal gland.
  12. Teeth are directly related to jing and reflect physical vitality. Slave traders would inspect teeth to gain insight of health. I also use flouride free toothpaste. It took me a few months though before I could make the transition and my teeth feel fine now.
  13. Water above Fire

    i dont get it.
  14. Water above Fire

    Jing, the vital life energy, is a liquid. If you are ever able to feel it, it is a hot liquid. Fire in alchemy generally is what cooks the jing into more subtle forms of life energy.
  15. On Mo Pai

    Condensing the LTD and breaking the cords as a part of Mo Pai is pretty farfetched