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  1. Why do people go bald?

    I would attribute your full head of hair to a lack of nerve damage.
  2. Why do people go bald?

    Then yes, you do less thinking than most people. Think of an accountant, or a salesman and how much thinking they are forced to do on a daily basis.
  3. Why do people go bald?

    What is your profession?
  4. Your talking about messing up energy grids in meditation. That is a red flag to me. My advice would be to have a stable job and cultivate a stable mind. In my experience people who dont have stable lives, have less stable minds, and can convince themselves of problems they dont have. Fear makes us prey to illusion.
  5. A concernable injury resulting in energy leakage is very rare. You would need to have accumulated more than is natural, and the only place to do that is the lower dan tien. Which takes a lot of training. So to even be a candidate for a serious injury is very rare. If you somehow rupture a nadi or something like that, the issue is resolved and doesn't have any real implications. Energy is very subtle, so injuries relating to energy are also very subtle, i.e. pointless to dwell on. Like I said, there is really only one major injury relating to energy work and it takes hard and consistent work to even be a candidate for it.
  6. Is it possible for castrated person to cultivate?

    found some reading material....
  7. Is it possible for castrated person to cultivate?

    kundalini is powered by the lower dantien. I dont see why castration would empty the lower dantien.
  8. Never lie. Never steal. Never borrow. Always provide for yourself and don't make a habit of relying on others. Not to say I needed all of this advice. But knowing what I know now, I understand how important each of them is. Religion is merely a walking stick.
  9. Thoughts are binary. Reality isn't.

    Because an idea can never be completely right or completely wrong... disagreeing completely with a person is falling prey to a form of illusion. One that leads an individual to want to dislike or attack that person, which leads to self-harm. Giving one's time towards trying to make another suffer is neither productive and leads the other to respond is a double negative. The ego is the root of illusion. It makes a person want to be binary... it is for attention. The ego also wants one to self-sacrifice for another to suffer. Falling prey to illusion only leads to time wasted on creating things which lead to harm.
  10. Thoughts are binary. Reality isn't.

    i think im sensing some emotional energy in your words too.
  11. Thoughts are binary. Reality isn't.

    “Study,” he said, “is of no use in gaining true knowledge, it is rather an obstacle. All that we learn in that way is in vain. In fact, one only knows one’s own ideas and one’s own visions. As for the real causes, that have generated these ideas, they remain inaccessible to us. When we try to grasp them we only seize the ideas that we, ourselves, have elaborated about these causes.” -Sakyong (David-Neel, 1971), pg. 55 In Indian philosophy, experiential wisdom is known as jnana: a cognitive event which is recognized when experienced. It is knowledge inseparable from the total experience of reality, especially a total or divine reality.
  12. Thoughts are binary. Reality isn't.

    “Relative and absolute, these the two truths (which) are declared to be. The absolute is not within the reach of the intellect, for the intellect is grounded in the relative.” –Shantideva 9.2
  13. Thoughts are binary. Reality isn't.

    But can anything actually "be" a polarity?
  14. Thoughts are binary. Reality isn't.

    Well if you completely agreed with me, I would have to disagree with you. But, since you completely disagree with me (a binary stance), I would still have to disagree with you. I dont think anyone's ideas can be completely right because then they would be perfect. Anything that is perfect never changes, by definition. And since everything changes, nothing is perfect.
  15. What are you listening to?