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  1. On Mo Pai

    Condensing the LTD and breaking the cords as a part of Mo Pai is pretty farfetched
  2. I used to be able to sit in meditation and see moving geometric figures. I was always amazed there was geometric figures inside my mind and that they are somehow not man-made shapes. wang liping talks about seeing images in enter the dragon gate.

    There are pros and cons to living in California. But anyways, No, I don't think anyone can tell you what the hell is going on. maybe you have to learn to "see" for yourself?
  4. work hard, sleep hard. I have been interested in latex mattress. It is supposed to be an all natural material if manufactured in such a way. im thinking if it isnt an insulator, I could put grounding material under it and it will give best sleep ever. ever.
  5. Significance of the Wu-Liu Pai

    Any summaries or insight about these principles?
  6. healer John chang

    I think in other threads people were saying John Chang died?
  7. Shoes without rubber soles? (grounding)

    Awesome recommendation Seatle! I will buy a pair of those to try them out. Just an update I have resorted to making my own rope-sole shoes. they are still under construction...
  8. Why do people go bald?

    I would attribute your full head of hair to a lack of nerve damage.
  9. Why do people go bald?

    Then yes, you do less thinking than most people. Think of an accountant, or a salesman and how much thinking they are forced to do on a daily basis.
  10. Why do people go bald?

    What is your profession?
  11. Is it possible for castrated person to cultivate?

    found some reading material....
  12. Is it possible for castrated person to cultivate?

    kundalini is powered by the lower dantien. I dont see why castration would empty the lower dantien.
  13. Never lie. Never steal. Never borrow. Always provide for yourself and don't make a habit of relying on others. Not to say I needed all of this advice. But knowing what I know now, I understand how important each of them is. Religion is merely a walking stick.
  14. Thoughts are binary. Reality isn't.

    Because an idea can never be completely right or completely wrong... disagreeing completely with a person is falling prey to a form of illusion. One that leads an individual to want to dislike or attack that person, which leads to self-harm. Giving one's time towards trying to make another suffer is neither productive and leads the other to respond is a double negative. The ego is the root of illusion. It makes a person want to be binary... it is for attention. The ego also wants one to self-sacrifice for another to suffer. Falling prey to illusion only leads to time wasted on creating things which lead to harm.