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  1. What came first a belief or an experience?

    I think experience is first, but as we grow older, our beliefs begin to shape our experience. A lot of Buddhists compare themselves to children when talking about an enlightened state.
  2. I asked for a Baklava and got a Bhavacakra instead...

    The whole image is a representation of the path to Enlightenment. Some people believe Buddha himself made this illustration. The demon is Mara, he is something like an illusion which keeps you spinning and from reaching enlightenment (the moon at the top left). The three animals in the middle are really the most important, they represent Greed, Lust, and Hatred (Some say Ignorance). They keep beings spinning in the wheel. Notice how each animal is connected to the other like a circle. The six realms are mental states a person can be in and each have their own advantages and disadvantages. You will also notice each realm has a buddha in it, meaning beings in each realm can reach enlightenment. (To some tibetans the realms are literal). Animals are always in lust and fear. Hungry ghosts can eat and eat but never be satisfied. The gods are always lazy(cant think of the right word at the moment) and out of touch with reality, letting time slip by. The demi-gods are always jealous. You might find some more information here:
  3. Teachers who accept money vs. teachers who teach for free

    I think Wang Liping is a good mention for this thread.
  4. The owner could have just got lazy and photoshopped out the bird and the tai chi man.
  5. I like how the dogs are subtle and not overpowering the aesthetic of the website. good job.
  6. There are a lot of group practices for healing that I have come across. Others involve circles of people holding hands, which seem interesting.
  7. It's called click bait. that guy wasnt in the actual video.
  8. I think giants could be real; there are a lot of interesting fossils that have been found.
  9. What about alternating by seasons? Some small farms will have their "culling" in the winter and eat meat in the winter. But not eat meat during the summer, spring, fall.
  10. I think as people get older the effects of meat become more profound on the body. Children and athletes have strong chi, so i can see how meat doesnt effect them as much.
  11. These guys are pretty big.Escpecially number one and two.
  12. This isnt from a movie? Are there any books about this? Additional reading material...i will scour the web... bummer, "that giant footage is a scene from a film played by Japanese comedian Matsumoto Hitoshi in "Big Man Japan". "
  13. The fats in vegan food are good fats, usually your body is absorbing bad fats with most commercial meats. Ultimately I think raw vegan diet is the best:
  14. I am a vegan because meat and dairy make me tired. I have asked others, and it also makes them tired. Einstein has mentioned that vegan diets are the most profound. Also, Daoists advocate it. I love how I feel after eating vegan food.