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  1. Rideforever, thanks but to be honest, since doing all the blood tests, sleep study, allergy test, visit naturopath... I have come to believe the major issue is environmental. That doesn't mean I want to dismiss internal aspects. If I was healthier, doing yoga, could stop overthinking at will, was getting the reported benefits from my daily chi kung, and not as sensitive to chemicals as I probably am...then I have no doubt this would help. But the fact that I have had amazing sleeps just after moving to a new house and new mattress (literally amazing, I had girls stare at me as they walked past), what else can I believe but it is the environment? Maybe I just need to air my mattress every two or three days. I will try that and update. gl
  2. Everything, that is the funniest thing I have ever read. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt. Thanks
  3. Thanks kind daobums. \Can't open a window, it drops to freezing temps at night. I've seen a doctor, done a sleep study, I don't have sleep apnea. Done blood tests, I don't have any diseases or allergies as far I know. Slept a little better last night, don't feel as frantic. I had dreams. If I could just understand, why some times I have good sleep and sometimes horrid (like when I wrote my first post), I could have some control over it. I even lost my job thanks to unreliable sleep lol. And how the f*ck does it change so easily, its so volatile. Anyway, perhaps a part of me secretely hoped that someone here would have some near-psychic insight into my problems and/or have some relevant experience with it, and I apologise to all you Dao Bums for approaching it this way. I have at least made progress since a decade ago when this first happened, and I am determined to keep posting any new insights I have for posterity. gl
  4. Yes it could be, but honestly, after sleeping so amazingly well in this current place I thought I had made it. Even with my doubts at first about sleep I still slept well. I don't mean to bother this forum. I am just really tired and appreciate a bit of extra help. I am so tired I cannot relax lol.
  5. Hi daobums, Again I implore your help. I was sleeping well, but then something happened in the room, I started getting severe reactions - dry, bloodshot eyes, nightmares, wet dreams, even though in the rest of my daily life I try to live it with my health in mind. So I took the mattress out and didn't get those reactions. Unfortunately, without the mattress I sleep even worse since I am unsupported. I am beginnning to feel hopeless. How can I figure out what it is I am reacting to, and then, how can I deal with it? (Do I need to wear industrial gas masks while sleeping lol). I am sick of watching my life go by while I struggle with unrestful sleep every day, walking around like a zombie. I have tried many things: visit doctor, blood test, using air-cleaning pot plants, etc. I feel I am simply running out of things to try, and/or don't have the resources to try them. Why do we not have the friggin technology in almost the year 2020 to allow our fellow man to sleep well? On average 3.5 million people a year die as a direct result of indoor air pollution, according to the WHO. We should feel refreshed after spending time indoors, not fuken cancerous and sick. I swear I would make a business creating healthy, proper, inexpensive breathing masks for people to live and sleep, its a joke that we don';t have clean air and it makes me angry. If anyone is interested in helping me with getting this business started, I will drive it all the way, I will help heal our fellow man I just need your backing. Air quality indoor and outdoor is only getting worse in the future. Every human being should have access to clean air, clean water, and clean food. No compromise. Its time for a change. Regards GL
  6. Call to Vikings!

    I feel the pull always. I don't think I even have any direct viking lineage (except my british blood, with U.K being invaded by Viking). I enjoy culture and mythology, but then Nordic mythology is another level for me. When I was kid I dressed up as a warrior with sword and shield, I would fight for injustice and save the world!!! (And still want to). That's why the pull. I would love to learn the ways of viking battle, weaponcraft, ship-building. If I believe in nothing else, I would believe in the power of one man to charge into the fray, regardless of enemy, that fortune would favour him, and even if he lose, that his bravery would inspire others to take up the cause, and have a similar measure of courage (what some would call foolishness). Please continue this great thread.
  7. Good point, the mind is powerful. But the thing is, I wasn't thinking about it much before the bad sleeps begun happening. It just crept in.
  8. Hi there daobums, I once again moved house, and at first was sleeping amaazing. Amazing, saw beauty in everything, felt relaxed and open and talkative. I remember thinking, as I laid on the bed "this is so comfortable, there is no shaking in my body compared to previous beds, ahhhh". And I was sleeping so well I felt potent!! (As opposed to im-potent lol). Girls were showing interest in me and I was showing more interest in them. I was having long dreams that I remember almost all parts of them and were really refreshing. Anyway, I don't know what happened, but after two-three weeks, I had some not-nice sleeps here. I woke with bloodshot eyes. Lately I have even been waking feeling anxious and fearful and doubtful of myself. Yet I do not have bad habits, do hard drugs, and I eat well and do chi kung regularly. So here is the thing that I don't understand. How can my sleep go from 10/10 amazing, to 2/10 feeling insecure, unrested and fearful, in the space of such a short time? The only other clues I have are that like I mentioned my eyes have felt bloodshot at times. I use my laptop lying in bed sometimes, maybe I will stop doing that for now and see what happens, do a bit of minimalism. See, even while typing this I feel a liquidy feeling in my kidneys, which I did not feel when I was sleeping amazing. Here is another weird clue. I laid on the bed yesterday arvo to have a short nap, in a different way to before, and even though I didn't nap, I felt absolutely amazing, after just lying there for a few minutes. I got up and had a warm engaging chat with my housemate, that turned into a 10minute chat! Perhaps there are certain sweet spots in the bed who knows, but even if there were, it must have been pretty lucky that I hit those sweet spots for the first two entire weeks that I slept there?? *** I will update and edit this post for posterity. **** (Edit 14/1) - Just realised, could it all be because the bed has wooden slats??, and there are gaps. So I wonder, when I lay in a way which might cause a blockage in my pressure points where I lie, such as the hips and shoulders...could this cause a blockage / contribute to more difficulties? Is sore eyes related to any acupuncture channels in the arm / shoulder?? Cheers Goldleaf
  9. Thanks so much for sharing @silent thunder. This is your home sleep setup? If you don't mind, Aren't you concerned you roll around during sleep? Doesn't the setup look much different in the morning? Ta
  10. Where do negative thoughts come from.

    If you don't mind, how did you come to realise these things? I find it hard enough to drag my real self away from my endless intellectualizing for more than asingle moment. Did you ever struggle to go beyond your thoughts and if so what did you do to help separate yourself from them? Cheers GL
  11. Ai on population growth

    I am sure there are already technologies avaialble to clean both the air and seas. Bottom line is that those things will destroy the oil business which means less money for those elite greedy few at the top. Hence I believe it starts with each person finding and feeling happiness in their lives. When we are happy greed is not necessary. The war and conflicts that rages in the world will end. But the war inside a human being, can go on for their whole life and not be resolved. Unresolved human beings are the biggest cause of the worlds problems, regardless of population.
  12. I've learnt tonnes of stuff. But whether I implement it, is another matter... The best thing for me of daobums is feeling supported when I ask a question respectfully about a relevant topic. I hope that the "elder" daobums stick around many more years to share their unique wisdom that this current generation often does not have the privelege to learn. And hope that the daobum newcomers don't be shy to share their stories and struggles, because doing so not only helps others but helps yourself. GL
  13. Still eagerly awaiting pics. (Of the mattress set up. Not your wife.) XP
  14. Thanks for sharing this, wonderful info. (And hey, maybe you have lived in a male body in a previous lifetime ) Yet I noticed you never mentioned what mattress helps you have the best sleep? Yeah interesting you mention army sleeping since I recently read a book by Bear Gryllis where he says, he was so tired once that he fell asleep while walking. (...and dreamt he fell off a cliff !!!) I've had a look but can't seem to find a high quality coconut mattress. I've find hybrid mattress of coconut / latex / spring, etc., but that's it. I'll keep looking.