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  1. Zhan Zhuang and Damp-Heat Syndrome

    @gerard I enjoy your posts but I gotta mention a subtle point. State of mind is important for so much, but I dont think you can outright claim that cheese is not to blame. You yourself may be able to eat cheese daily, but there are many people of course who are lactose and dairy-intolerant. Would someone who was always carefree, in a zen-like state of mind, and regulated their daily and seasonal activities; never have any issues with eating any food products that would otherwise be fine for their body according to TCM dietary principles? - possibly. But 99.9% of us will never reach that state or even close to it, so for me, I would start at the ground up; eliminating food intolerances until a decent state of health is achieved. edit - sorry if this sounds flagrant
  2. Zhan Zhuang and Damp-Heat Syndrome

    It can be a very fast process if someone practices high-level qi gong ))
  3. Zhan Zhuang and Damp-Heat Syndrome

    Hi Pedro, I am no expert but from what I read before about damp-heat, greasy diet and processed foods can also be big contributor to the condition (and milk as previously mentioned). One way to help with this, and also to help determine possible food allergies / sensitivities, is to try the whole30 diet. Basically you eat nothing but meat, fruit, vegetables, and nuts, for 30 days, and then you can gradually introduce other foods to help isolate foods or food groups that cause you problems. There are meal plans and recipes over at the whole30 forum, you can make some delicious meals and food combinations with it. Another thing the whole30 diet does is you only use ghee for cooking. Cooking oils can be problematic for a lot of peoople.
  4. Hearing Loss

    Sorry to necro, I remember reading a book called Superlearning 2000 once (outstanding book), they had an entire chapter on sound therapy and mentioned the opera singer Caruso (spelling) who had gone deaf, but using this special ear device which had a combination of high pitched shrieks and whistles, they restored his hearing completely.
  5. Is turning 40 all downhill?

    Thank you guys for all the kind and generous replies. Will reply on more detail shortly. I don't actually feel that much different since turning 40. I guess my main concern was with dating. A lot of the dating sites I have seen, the younger girls state that they don't want to date any guys over 40, while the ladies in my age range mostly look like they haven't taken good care of themselves! But maybe I am choosing the worst way to meet healthy girls near my own age.
  6. Hi everyone. I've just turned 40. All the medical and tcm articled I've read have said that your testosterone starts declining and your jing starts declining. Is this true? I don't know exactly why, this makes me feel really depressed. I suppose because I'd like to be in a healthy sexual relationship with a partner and not have to worry about Jing loss or other problems and then she break up with me. Especially Any Daobums males who have turned 40 and feel like sharing their thoughts and experiences would be most appreciated . Regards Gl
  7. Super sleep

    Slow and steady indeed, thanks so much mate. I do keep a log also. Try to air my bedding regularly. I was just thinking, maybe it is cyclical mould thing. Ill look up thre life cycle of mould now. Glad to hear you got a setup that works, will look into wedge pillow myself. YOu probably know this stuff but snoring can also be due to dampness in TCM. Damp spleen, etc. From memory eating less fried and processed foods and more steamed veg and also help naturally prevent phlegm and damp accumulation.
  8. Super sleep

    thank you virtue i'm not worried. For those that have such power, and want to use it for negative things, they would know two things: that I am an incredibly positive and kind person, and the universal law, that whatever negative action you choose to perform on another human being, will come back to you tenfold. Of course I am not inviting psychic penetration, unless it is mutually agreed and beneficial.
  9. Super sleep

    Thanks for sharing ilumairen. The thing is, if it was seasonal allergies it would affect me outside the house, and bedroom, which it never does. Its only when I walk into the bedroom sometimes. They are cyclical in the sense that I am getting affected very often, like 3 bad sleeps followed by 4 good (at best), it just I try not to post too often as I don't want to spam the forums. But this cycle needs to end. I deserve good sleep, I want to do good things and help others heal themsevles.
  10. Super sleep

    Also,is there any easy way to tell if mould has penetrated the walls of my bedroom? And/or remove mold from walls?
  11. Super sleep

    Hmm will look into a UV lamp, Ozium,, and and Ion generator, thank you sincerely. Is Ozium a natural product?
  12. Super sleep

    Thanks everyone its always nice to receive such kind thoughtful messages and sorry for the delay. I was sleeping amazing again but just now it has "flared up". I forgot to also ask, is there any people out there with "open third eye" who could help me determine what it is in this room that is flaring up? It seems so strange huh, that these are the following things I know about it: - even with the windows wide open, the toxin doesn't clear -it takes 2-3 days usually for the toxin to clear -it does not have a smell but I sense it with the above reactions in my original post -I get an INSTANT reaction. INstant gas, instant blooshot eyes, instant runny nose ALso , I am wondering if there are any daobums out there who are open third eye enough to be willing to even penetrate my psyche and help me determine what it is. Perhaps my subconscious already knows. I would be willing to pay you for your efforts, if it solves the problem. I am a man of my word. Thanks
  13. Super sleep

    Hi there, I am so close to super sleep. I have a comfrotable organic mattress and mattress topper. I have experienced times where I sleep so well, I wake feeling super energised. I even have a chi flow sometimes just from lying down!! (thanks to chi kung practice and open energy channels I guess) But then at bad times, I get this reaction when I walk in the room. I am getting it now. I keep wanting to cough, I have runny nose, am farting, and I know I will probably sleep terrible tonight. My room is clean and hygenic and I keep it ventilated and nice temperature. I just want to know if there is something else I am missing. I don't think its something wrong with me (althoug I could definitely be healthier..), since when I am in other areas of the house I feel fine. I"ve even sealed up the air vents in my room totally air tight. I know i've posted here in the past but just want to check there isn't something I missed. I don't want to watch my life go by with up and down sleeps, i've missed work and study because of this its the worst thing. Edit: for those TCM buffs, I also feel a pinching in my kidneys when the room flares up like this. Thanks gl
  14. what does a yawn mean (yin-deficiency)

    I swore I wouldn't go down the rabbit hole of household air (the less I have to worry about, the better), but I want to understand this, so I will do what it takes. While I was reading your wonderful post I thought of my housemates. They uuse fabric softener a lot, and also, dye their hair and use various chemicals for hair and skin, and sometimes I can smell it through the ducted air ducts. INterestingly, I tried sealing up both of the ducts the other day. At first, it felt better, but then, I felt like was choking in the back of my throat, and had tonne of mucus once I left the room. So I unsealed them, and felt much better. This makes me think it may be the carpet as you mentioned. So how can you properly clean a toxic carpet?? Besides just air purifiers, What about: vacuums with hepa filters covering the carpet near the bed with a thick rug raising the bed (temporary solution) using a gas mask during sleep I will try each of these and report results/. Hopefully help other sleep / indoor sufferers. Also, does any Daobum know by any chance of some cheap ways of detecting invisimble mould and mildew in a house?? GL
  15. Not overthinking or worry is a key to good Qi Gong and health, too. You want to get to a state where do you don't have to worry excessively about such things. :)) Sex between two healthy people who love each other will be harmonious, and the energy loss will be minimal. So you don't have to worry about semen creation, kidney Qi leakage, or can be just spontaneous and allow things to flow. You have a curious mind that wants to understand and that is awesome and will get you far :)0 But, the mind can only take you so far, whereas the heart can take you anywhere and everywhere... :))