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  1. Thanks so much for sharing @silent thunder. This is your home sleep setup? If you don't mind, Aren't you concerned you roll around during sleep? Doesn't the setup look much different in the morning? Ta
  2. Where do negative thoughts come from.

    If you don't mind, how did you come to realise these things? I find it hard enough to drag my real self away from my endless intellectualizing for more than asingle moment. Did you ever struggle to go beyond your thoughts and if so what did you do to help separate yourself from them? Cheers GL
  3. Ai on population growth

    I am sure there are already technologies avaialble to clean both the air and seas. Bottom line is that those things will destroy the oil business which means less money for those elite greedy few at the top. Hence I believe it starts with each person finding and feeling happiness in their lives. When we are happy greed is not necessary. The war and conflicts that rages in the world will end. But the war inside a human being, can go on for their whole life and not be resolved. Unresolved human beings are the biggest cause of the worlds problems, regardless of population.
  4. I've learnt tonnes of stuff. But whether I implement it, is another matter... The best thing for me of daobums is feeling supported when I ask a question respectfully about a relevant topic. I hope that the "elder" daobums stick around many more years to share their unique wisdom that this current generation often does not have the privelege to learn. And hope that the daobum newcomers don't be shy to share their stories and struggles, because doing so not only helps others but helps yourself. GL
  5. Still eagerly awaiting pics. (Of the mattress set up. Not your wife.) XP
  6. Thanks for sharing this, wonderful info. (And hey, maybe you have lived in a male body in a previous lifetime ) Yet I noticed you never mentioned what mattress helps you have the best sleep? Yeah interesting you mention army sleeping since I recently read a book by Bear Gryllis where he says, he was so tired once that he fell asleep while walking. (...and dreamt he fell off a cliff !!!) I've had a look but can't seem to find a high quality coconut mattress. I've find hybrid mattress of coconut / latex / spring, etc., but that's it. I'll keep looking.
  7. Doesn't that cause neck blockages? Your neck is twisted to the side while the rest of your body is basically face-down? I've googled the answer to this but as always, the first bunch of results I get are stupid Western medical sites which offer me numbers rather than first-hand experience. Having said that I just read about sleeping face down benefits. This wonderful and gorgeous chiropractor writes an interesting article about it. (She also writes how women make better leaders because of the way their brains are wired compared to men, and that women need twice as much sex as men. Good news for women and women's lib, bad news for daobums who overvalue semen retention XD)
  8. As long as you don't do it too often if you don't mind me sayin'. A loved one I know has been doing this, every night for most of his/her life, and they look so weak and their brain is slow and fuddled, I feel sorry for them. I read a good article which I can't find now that long-term marijuana use drains the Lung Qi and then eventually the Yin Qi chronically. Apparently if you reach a point where you feel like you are "swimming underwater", you have gone too far with your blazin'. The danger of weed is that it lets you down easy. You don't actually realise how much damage is done until you stop, and the drug is out of your system for awhile, and you can think clear again. Why not try a hot cup of organic decaf coffee for your drug of choice. Besides, nature, food, a good loving relationship, these are much, much better drugs, than weed, coke, or E, could ever be (and i've tried 'em all...)
  9. Hi Rodeforever, Awesome post you made on page 2. But with the above I am not sure it does mean this. Maybe they did understand their own realisation, but its just that others were not open and willing enough to understand... Its like, how do you tell a self-absorbed person they are self-absorbed?? In chi-kung terms it is called a (huge) mental blockage. It is only when you remove the blockage, that you realise it is was there in the way. And there is a LOT in the way for most of us... Cheers GL
  10. Lucid Dreaming- Dream affirmations and meditations

    Thanks Jeff, I PM'd you about this since I don't want to hijack this thread. But in the interest of helping others I realised it may be better to post your answer publicly, feel free. Cheers GL
  11. Lucid Dreaming

    Hi Apech, Do you practice lucid dreaming? How was it helped you in your life? Do you still get a good night's sleep? Cheers Gl
  12. Lucid Dreaming- Dream affirmations and meditations

    Hi Immortal4life, Sorry to hijack your thread but I couldn't PM you, I have had sleep problems. Your post about how to phrase an affirmation opened my eyes that maybe my sleep affirmations are not phrased correctly. If it suits I would like to humbly ask you how to best phrase what I want to do. What I want to do is have my unconscious tell me how to have the best nights sleep. Best mattress, best internal health, best nighttime ritual. So far I am just saying "I will have the best nights sleep, every night and my unconscious will tell me how". Thanks mate and thanks for this post. Please also let us know your lucid dreaming goes.
  13. Shaking, Jerking & Spontaneous Movements

    Sorry to necro and I'm sure you've found your answers to this but in the interest of posterity I will add, why not trying standing and allowing the sensations occur, in a form of spontaneous nei gong or chi flow? This is what I am taught with our chi kung - that it is the chi flow that brings the benefit to your body.
  14. Did he also teach you how to paint the fence, and wax his car??