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  1. Hello everybody! I was lazy, lazy in eating the good food, lazy in moving, and way too busy with my mind. With the years I developed damp-heat and a lot of symptoms followed, like teeth grinding and toothache (dentist could not find anything, said I have healthy teeth), nervousness, panic attacks in the middle of the night. The only thing that made me feel good was my short Zhan Zhuang sessions. But with time I noticed that after the ZZ I felt overheated and my pains become worse. Naturally I went to get some help, one energetic therapist helped me with the peak of the pain, and acupuncture is now the therapy that slowly continues to treat the damp-heat syndrome. Additionally I changed my diet, eating only "cool" foods and took some herbs against the damp-heat syndrome. Yesterday I tried again Zhan Zhuang and this time it did not make me feel overheated. I indeed felt very relaxed. I even felt energy pulsing through the points my acupuncturist treated. Could it be that when you are in the middle of a damp-heat aggravation, the Zhan Zhuang training adds more energy and makes the "heat" aspect worse? I believe that my diet was the cause of all the problems. Too much milk products, adding to much dampness.