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This is a response to a PM concerning the term "all is mind".


I often hear the phrase: "It is all mind". There are times when I completely get that... and then when I think about my own personal energy work, the goal is to develop, connect to, and rely on the innate (lower brain in the LDT)... which seems to negate the idea about 'all mind'.


So I am not sure if that means it is 'all mind' when:

1. The mind is engaging the world... which is really most of the time as our senses feed all sensory perceptions to our brain.

2. It also applies to the lower brain as that is what engages the world too.





The essence is unattributable. Mind is light. Reality is seeing essence by virtue of the light inherent in creation, this universe. Seeing does not derive power from self or other. This is transcendent power.


In my view, "All is mind" isn't so much a reference to the capacity or type of cognition in the sense that clarification of self is unification of the totality of the self when one sees the absolute and witnesses the obviation of creation.


It's just that mind to mind is light itself; this is no one. When essence reverts to itself, what could there possibly be?


On the other hand, in discussing the matrix of consciousness functions comprising the individual organism as well as in terms of the vastness of creation, it is not so much of leaving anything (self, other, physical, mental, emotional, psychic, etc.) out, in terms of the clusters of awarenesses, but rather not being deluded by them. Delusion is mind, certainly, but not to an "effective" degree of wholeness of human being which is the point of the authentic teachings and their lineages.


By not being deluded by "them" I mean that transcendent awareness doesn't identify as the matrix of "clusters of habit-consciousness knowledge" comprising the various aspects of the organism throughout time immemorial. Transcendent awareness is just that which sees through everything to the degree that it is seeing reality as is. To the degree that real knowledge is actively aware, that much of the organism's enlightening function is comprising the totality of the being that is going to die.


The term "all is mind" doesn't necessarily differentiate between activated real and false consciousness. "All is mind" includes the totality of reality without differentiation or discrimination. Mind is neither existent nor non-existent, mental nor not-mental in terms of creation. In terms of the absolute, that there is no thing does not depend on degree or origination.


The human mentality engages, but it's already an inadequate function in terms of enlightening activity (or any activity, for that matter)… haha, just kidding.❤


In the process of the sense organ "feeding perceptions" [to mind]… it is only mind perceiving. The view that mind is being fed perceptions is what must be reversed. The organ only senses and talks; mind is independently, selflessly aware. It is a most peculiar affair.


Those who begin to see this mind begin to enter the mystery immediately. Grain by grain, they gather the potential by not using this mind to follow creation. Not-using this mind to follow creation is following the light in reverse to shine on its source. Following the light in reverse is gathering potential without gathering anything. Not following creation with the mind is the immortalist's take-over of creation, naturally arriving within the source of awareness by selfless adaption in ordinary affairs. This is using the world to transcend the world.


"All is mind" is just seeing this mind. The subtle spiritual function is "all at once". The fact that this activity is effortless is due to "all is mind", yet the reason no one does this is due to ingrained habits of false awareness.


Ordinarily, the human mentality becomes an habitual craving-function for "being fed by the sense-organ". So there is no independent aspect of mind in that the sense-organ at the service of perception takes over the control of open awareness as real knowledge sinks out of reach of the organism. This can only result in the independently aware nature losing its power, only to become the vassal of the sense-organs along with the conditional identities and compulsive functions and patterns of the deluded organism.


The thing to ferret out is that to the degree that independence is surreptitiously reclaimed by gradual refinement processes by the will to nonpsychological open sincerity, "all is mind" is an imperceptible reversion to an independent awareness functioning outside the influence of the ego-matrix of the instinctual intellectual-emotional patterns being "fed" by sensory-perception.


This can continue indefinitely in terms of lifetimes of enlightening reversion or in going along with creation.


By going in reverse, one can interrupt consciousness and die before the body dies, releasing the inherent spiritual potential to unify with the uncreate. Eventually, after returning to life, this evolves into having a body outside of the body which has no location or origination. Seeing this is planting the seed of the embryo of immortality and is the same as sudden enlightenment whereby one then again takes up gradual practice in ordinary situations to solidify in human time(s) the achievement of the celestial time.


So the degree of freedom one realizes through gradual self-refinement to be perceiving reality as is is independent of the celestial event because mind itself IS the celestial. All of it. There is only one mind, not two. This is another meaning of "all is mind".


The ability to see reality as mind itself and not as things is indicative of the degree of authentic overall clarification that has been realized by the individual. Only to that degree can one say, "all is mind". So it isn't really "all is mind" until you can see it in fact, even if you know it and believe it …and that takes time, patience and will.


Even so, this is not a matter of sudden enlightenment. The fact of Complete Reality is simply the matter of single-minded dedication to now by not entertaining the whims of the psychological apparatus for the rest of your life. This requires an unbending intent resting in the knowledge of the basic good of ordinary existence void of even the most (spiritually) subtle craving in order to observe this apparatus without ever letting up for any reason until it suddenly poofs of itself without any effort or anticipation on your part.


To the degree you can observe this apparatus without following its illusions which are the stuff of karma, this is, in fact, an entry into immediate enlightening being forever free without beginning.


Planting lotuses in fire, going through endless transformations, eventually to enter the Tao in Reality, sublimated physically and spiritually: you know the real human with no status.






ed note: add "Reality is seeing essence by virtue of the light inherent in creation, this universe. Seeing does not derive power from self or other. This is transcendent power." to opening line; italicize "it is only mind perceiving" in 8th paragraph; add "even the most (spiritually) subtle" in the second-to-last paragraph

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Thank you Decibelle ... interesting read.


I think there may be a problem generally when people say 'all in the mind' because they don't know what they mean by mind or 'Mind'. In Sanskrit there are several candidates like manas and citta ... but in the west by mind I think we mean the rational, thinking bit of us ... so 'all in the mind' means subjective, imaginary, unreal ... not sure what the answer is ...

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Ya, I'll get into it as best I can~


The PM originally included the term "All is the mind", but no one said "all in your mind". That mind won't transcend its own eyelids. This is not about a "yours". It is you, you are not it. But I'll talk about "your" mind a bit.


The term (and the title of this thread), is "All is mind". This mind, which is the source of all minds (including the principally "your" mind), has no mentality, nor inside or outside, self, other, beginning, end, before, after, good or bad. Ultimately, there IS no other mind to mind. Having cited several distinctions in terms of the psychological apparatus as over against the complete aspect of one's inherent spiritual living aware immaterial spirit constituting the power of perception above, I'll see if I can comb it in another way …but sometimes even I can't do a thing with my hair, Apech!!❤


This mind has no "your". If you still say "your", you can't even begin to enter beyond the two extremes. "Your" mind is still the personality's numberless thinking, feeling sources of confused and conflicting streams of vicious thieving that has usurped the mastery of the organism of inherent real knowledge. People can't let the "your" mind go because it's got them by the balls.


Complete, perfect enlightenment in which nothing is gained, is arrived at in the instant of forgetting this "your" mind. Even arriving here, one still must grind, polish and put away the remnants of lifetimes of karmic residue. The saying is, "It is easy to forget the body, but almost impossible to forget one's opinions." Opinions are the bulwark of the psychological apparatus. The opinion that one's personal identity is existent being the principal delusion.


In forgetting one's intellectual identity the switch to the Unborn is instantaneously seamless. I am not necessarily referring to sudden enlightenment. This is how we know there are no two minds. Forgetting "your" mind is all anyone need do. Why can't people conceive of this mind? Not simply because it is inconceivable— they simply cannot bear to conceive of giving up this greedy, petty, domineering ego-mentality for an instant, that's why. Why? Because this "your" mind is in charge of the organism. It is utterly afraid of relinquishing its self-created invention beyond the valid functions it serves..


This is why I said "… independence is surreptitiously reclaimed by gradual refinement processes by the will to nonpsychological open sincerity…". YA GOTTA WANT IT ENOUGH TO TAKE IT BACK.


By the way, the eastern cultures have never had a leg-up on the west in terms of reclaiming the source of sanity in this regard— in spite of their being "ready" for its ancient and continuous flowering in order to finally re-introduce its wisdom teachings to the west of late. This is the only reason for the world's bobbing esoteric schools in the first place— to keep the knowledge alive. Reality shouldn't be a mystery, but it is …and no one really knows why.


But it's true, people other than spiritual adepts don't know what they themselves mean by mind outside of the human mentality— if at all, with any kind of effective analytical knowledge of experience. Freud and Jung thought they were pioneers in this regard and in their study of the eastern classics (without any effective merit of grounding in those ancient cultures), had no idea that the "east" had the "west" beat in the field of "deep psychology" by a few millennia (and here I consider the roots of Pharonic Egypt "east").


That's not the fault of the Greek&Roman thing— or even the Christian thing. Constantine's world power at the crossroads of east and west which finally put a certain strain of Christianity in the mainstream was very effective in killing (literally) the authentic mystery teachings embedded in the west's spiritual lexicon (again including Egypt's as well as the Fertile Crescent's embedded underlying traditions in that mix. Militant Islam seems to have done its best to have cleaned up the rest outside of the Sufi schools.


Even in the Eastern hemisphere, which has ageless traditions of mind-sciences imbedded in its cultures (and insane population densities rimming their land-masses), haven't ever and aren't presently about to ever benefit from this seeming "advantage".


It is simply because it is not possible to pursue the craving psychotic mentality and rest in sane energy at the same time.


No culture has a monopoly on delusion. I don't even bother to differentiate in terms east/west. My eyes aren't slanted and I had no problem at all sinking into and penetrating the mystery outside of waiting and willing. I don't cut anyone any slack in that regard. The standard is enlightenment.


There has never been any other mind.


The answer is: East Mountain walks on water, yet still we mount an ass in order to find it.❤






ed note: fix last line

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Makes me think of Alexander Pope: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind



All is mind... Mind is Light... includes the totality of reality without differentiation or discrimination....

Our mind trying to make sense of this as:

It is all mind

all in the mind

all in your mind


Forgetting "your" mind is all anyone need do.

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It seems so simple.


Bankei never changed his tune or spiced up his message of the Unborn during his entire life. Just this mind is it. Bankei told the people during one of his Ryumon-ji sermons:



Therefore, you must thoroughly understand about not transforming the Buddha-mind into other things. As I told you before, not a single one of you in attendance here today is an unenlightened person. You are a gathering of unborn Buddha-minds. If anyone thinks, "No I'm not. I'm not enlightened," I want him to step forward. Tell me: What is it that makes a person unenlightened?


As the fatherless son of a masterless samurai, Bankei's mother sent him to a Confucian teacher to study the Great Learning by rote.



When I came to the place where it says that the "way of great learning lies in clarifying bright virtue," I was brought to a stop by the words "bright virtue." I just couldn't understand what they meant.


The quest to understand Confucius' term "bright virtue" led him to totally disregard anything else for years, including his health which he eventually learned wasn't necessary at all. In fact he almost died of his own neglect of his health due to the conditions he felt he must endure in order to find out the truth.


At one point, he realized that he was going to die, and his only regret was never having gotten any nearer to understanding the meaning of bright virtue since he had first stumbled over it.



Suddenly, just at that moment, it came to me. I realized what it was that had escaped me until now: All things are perfectly​ resolved in the Unborn.


It is possible to forget your own selfishly inclined mind by just seeing through the Unborn. It doesn't require some sort of special all-at-once out-of-body cosmic experience to function with the eye of the unborn mind. Your own mind is already it.


Even Shakyamuni Buddha lamented his useless deprivations before vowing to sit under the bodhi tree until he saw this mind.


The only deprivation anyone need employ is toward feeding the craving mentality of time immemorial. Right now it is like a running sore. If you give it a few seconds thought about what you are sensing right now before going on mindlessly to the next sensational stimulus, just reflect on how much you already know all about it without even thinking and how much you already knew about it before abandoning your senses to it in the first place. Or, reflect for an instant on the fact that there is absolutely nothing to know about any random meaningless object you habitually give yourself over to in the first place and that you already knew that: i.e., that it is random and meaningless; that you already knew that; that there is nothing to know about it; that you already knew that; you already knew that you were mindlessly giving yourself over to vacuous stimulus and that you did it anyway. Now watch your own internal dialogue and realize you know that it is useless and even harmful— yet even if you can admit it in the moment, you already know that YOU DO NOT WANT TO STOP.


The mind that immediately already knows without a single judgement is it.


It seems so simple.❤

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It seems so simple.


Bankei... his message of the Unborn








Ah... nothing to seek. nothing to strive for... it is there before we are born and yet inborn... here and now.


Thanks Deci.

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You already know my thoughts on Bankei, deci belle.

One reading of his words will change the way you view yourself, and the world forever.

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That all things are perfectly resolved in the Unborn doesn't require mental reflection. There is no way to understand it. Just avoid changing it into other states of consciousness unawares.







ed note: add last line "That all things…"

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