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  1. Bare feet! Now, that pretty much sums it up, doesn't it? "By pure acceptance without enabling clinging energy, conditioned energy is worn away naturally without accumulating more." Thank you for this gem, DB!
  2. "Because the world is verrrry greedy and it wants your ass; all of it, every time— even though it does nothing with it except kill it in the end." So true, welcome back!
  3. And since you brought it up, you (the OP) have an energetic weakness or problem with "alien abduction" especially "repeated abductions".
  4. If you put belief and opinion aside for a moment, it's possible to discern the difference based on the energy (as Jeff mentioned). Now, I don't go so far as saying "these things exist" but people DO have energetic weaknesses to spirits, entities, demons, aliens, and so on. In fact, alien life experiences (as energetic weaknesses) are not uncommon either. Typically when I hear someone say they have an entity or a spirit attachment, it's usually not the case but a misinterpretation.
  5. Belly breathing and anxiety questions

    In reading your post, one thing that really jumped out at me was the word "waves". All breathing and meditation aside, I felt a big energetic weakness around that word (as in the energy not supporting you). So anything that comes in "waves" would need to be strengthened on your midline (for example, there's definitely a weakness to "attacking waves of soldiers" as in being "attacked in the night"). You're welcome to PM me if you'd like some energetic strengthening for the anxiety and insomnia.
  6. As CT mentioned, advice is fairly well impotent and not just online either! But since you are asking for guidance, I will share some of what I see. For the rest, you can PM me. I won't comment much on the qigong, only to say that what I've seen happen (in so many cases) is the qigong can trigger spiritual experiences. It doesn't have to have to be the qigong either. Some of these things can be cleared if you have a competent teacher who has some insight. However, if you are having issues/problems, don't expect the qigong to resolve them! That's not to say there's anything wrong with doing qigong (in general). Now, a few things I see going on at the energetic level. Spirit attachments (attached to you). The depression you mentioned felt more like your were being "smothered" by spirits (wanting payback and revenge). Also, much confusion, misinterpretation, and uncertainty about what's really going on. When I asked about the "smothering energy" I felt (when I say 'felt" I mean it was a weakness for you) surrounding you, the answer was a karma of doing it to others (and spirits wanting to get even for what you did to them). So I gave you a strengthening for the spirit attachments and the choking/smothering energy which was weakening you so much. Now, that should help "clear the air" some for you and your family!
  7. Waking up prisoners in the night and disturbing their sleep, interrogation weakness from your spiritual experiences (military karma), deleted. Delete the weakness to now knowing the answer and the cumulative effect of not knowing. Re-integrate spirit, mind, body. Boundaries between the spirit and the mind were weak, deleted.
  8. ...

    Also, you could be "holding onto tears" only because you have some kind of "fear of loss". I asked about "loss" for you and it was very weak, deleted. Along with the fear of loss is some weakness in the kidneys, deleted. Delete all the weakening effect around emotions that were too much to handle, from the past. Strengthen thinking, emotions, feeling; then sensations, emotions, reactions. And then the six levels of influence (esp. emotional and spiritual to others). Then strengthen and delete all the weak relationship energy from the past. Re-integrate spirit, mind, body.
  9. Voice loss - can it be spiritually caused?

    I'm not sure I would call it clairvoyant, but I do see things in that way very often, yes. In this case, when people write or use words, I can feel the weakness behind the words. Once you find the weakness, you keep following the trail and strengthening (and deleting) what you find is weak until the problem or condition shifts or changes. If you want to know more about strong and weak and the Yuen Method, you can do a search here or go to my website (click on my profile, the link is in there). It's based on the principle of neutrality. Being neutral to a weakness doesn't mean you are numb, it just means it doesn't have any weakening effect on you (which means there's no reaction). You remove the weaknesses by strengthening and deleting them on your midline. The feeling of what's strong is supported and full; what's weak the energy kind of drops out or sags. So strong (yang) means an unbroken line, weak (yin) is a broken line. The feeling is supported by perception and intuition. This is insight, realization, or direct perception. It is the skill that nobody has!
  10. Voice loss - can it be spiritually caused?

    When you mentioned "peeled off" I got a very weak "hit" on spiritual experiences of being skinned alive, disentangled and deleted. The doctors are not going to find the non-physical weaknesses. You do have some karma with the doctors and the medical establishment in general. The word "surrounded" brings up "experimentation" weakness, cleared. When I ask if there's more to clear, the answer is "yes". For example, your spiritual experiences of operating on others (surgical), especially on the brain and central nervous system (coming from the future and another dimension). Disentangle and delete the lobotomy weakness. Delete all the excess influence of the mind and spirit in the physical body. Re-integrate spirit, mind, body. Forget about hope, strengthen and delete your weaknesses instead!
  11. Psoas - looking for some advice

    Link: (Liz Koch and the Psoas Book) What kind of health issues? You're welcome to PM if it's 'personal' or whatever.
  12. Voice loss - can it be spiritually caused?

    I found you had a fair bit of weakness in the cranial nerves and tri-geminal nerve as well (in addition to the non-physcal weaknesses). Also, a complete strengthening for your central nervous system and a few other things that felt weak (both physical and non-physical). Glad to hear that things are shifting for you!
  13. Voice loss - can it be spiritually caused?

    Yes, it can (be spiritually caused). For example, if I ask about your voice, loss, and negative life experiences, I feel a lot of energetic weakness there. If i ask about past experiences (from the spiritual experiences) of saying things, making speeches, and suffering the consequences for "saying the wrong" thing, again there's more weakness (specifically to a trauma of throat cutting). It' almost always the case that these kinds of sticky problems have their roots in psychic and spiritual weaknesses (with the mental, emotional, and psychological kind of layered on top). And yet so often we assume that these problems are physical. So my 2 cents says this has little or nothing to do with acid reflux symptoms. And delete the weakness to "last chances" because that kind of makes you even more desperate (all your last chances from the past). Strengthen spirit, mind, body (for coming together, separating, boundaries, and dynamics).
  14. Primal rage, inner critic, self-image

    And for anyone 'entering' this thread, let's strengthen everyone for loneliness so it doesn't weaken us. This includes karma of making other people lonely (and our ancestors, descendants, spiritual experiences, and collective humanity). 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 18, 36, 64, all combinations of loneliness, disentangle and delete. Also, disentangle and delete the weakness for anyone who uses problems to get attention. Strengthen unconditional acceptance, seeing things clearly (very weak for future generations), and improving quickly (weak for the multiple personalities). Strengthen everyone for 'receiving help' so there's no weakness to helplessness.
  15. Please help me understand this!

    The way to understanding is to start deleting some of your thinking. All of the questions being asked by your thinking and getting no answers creates more uncertainty, confusion, misinterpretation, and desperation. If your really want to 'understand,' get into your intuition, perception, and your feeling (which is your inner compass, NOT your emotions). You could give some of chris d's entrainments a go: Real understanding doesn't come from thinking or conceptualizing!