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Hey folks!


I figured there have to be many people with an interesting taste in music here and since I'm always looking for new sounds, I'm starting this thread.


My own tastes are very diverse, my first passion was rock and metal (thrash, death and progressive). Then I started listening to jazz (mostly modern), jazz fusion, electronic music (especially DnB and progressve psytrance), classical and folk/world music.


So I'm pretty much open to any suggestions of what you guys enjoy. Since I have a lot more fast-paced and intense music than slower stuff in my collection, I'm mostly looking for relaxing sounds, though. And I listen to a lot of instrumental music because I find it stimulates my mind differently from the verbal input that's everywhere nowadays.


Looking forward to your input!

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Here is a Swedish metal band named Arch Enemy. They have a female vocalist named Angela Gossow. She's very talented, as is the band. They've been one of my favourite bands since about the year 2000.





Here is a video by the ALL-Female band "Sacralis" from Germany. I uploaded the entire album to youtube, and giving you a taste of the title-track "Infera Destino." It's REALLY good. If you like it, check out the rest of the album from my channel; and rate, and leave comments haha.


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remains the best Qigong music I've yet Found:


Budi Siebert, Qigong (aka Wave Hands like Clouds)


please listen to the sound samples.


and then there's Acid Jazz like this:


Boogaloo Joe Jones - GREAT


lot's of other older Acid Jazz stuff just blows my mind.


And maybe someday you'll get into real blues, stuff like this:


Blues Instrumentals


Blues Jazz


When they sink in, the jazz and the blues just go straight to your belly and stay there. After a while, nothing else satisfies ;)

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