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  1. Nothing could ever piss me off more than reading this right there
  2. It`s sad to look at Westerners

    It's decided, we need a new war
  3. It`s sad to look at Westerners

    I'm going to sound pretty awful but I freaking hate the "primitives" cue to stop reading lol I hate how a great project needs to be stopped somewhere because some schmucks were living "on the land" for generations. Move, damn it! A dam and an oil line are more important than culture or some crap.Look at this The way the story is framed, I should be on their side and all. But I can't stop thinking about the future. The future can't happen if all the ancient culture people are taking up space. I hate thinking that a thousand years from now we might still have to deal with this crap just because we still think that the more old something is, more valuable it becomes. "Ohhh we lived on this land for generations, and we're going to sit here indefinitely." or until everyone moves to the city They want you to care about their culture but I freaking can't. I care way more about technology than this. And it's such a cliche captain planet villain thinking that it's funny, but that's still how I am Another funny thing is that back when I was still all spiritual and stuff, I was still kinda thinking that way The difference now is that I'm going to college to learn about engineering, and the odds are, I will be kicking them off their land someday myself. If I'm lucky
  4. I write a whole wall of text about double talk and then this happens
  5. You know what they say, "if you meet a Buddha, kill him." Maybe that's why it's so hard to find these
  6. Not me, I'm so anti-spiritual that I do the opposite lol
  7. "When on the crossroads of life, use the turn signal"
  8. What are you listening to?

  9. hohohoo, I hear that truth will set you free But, what is enlightenment, indeed? Maybe it was a made up concept all along and not something that can be achieved. Something that people from stories can achieve but normal people can't. What if you met someone whom you thought to be an enlightened master but you made a mistake. Without knowing the truth you went ahead with their practice. You wanted an enlightened master and you made one yourself in their image. You wanted to do this yourself and it was your choice to go along with them. But is there really freedom in a delusion like that? How much time would you waste on them until you realize something? What if the right person was someone else but you couldn't tell the difference? How should masters be judged? What is the test to to find one? There are so many thing protecting phonies that are taken for granted. The are so powerful, but they're too humble to show their power. They are unique, but they don't stand out. They have knowledge they want to share, but they seclude themselves. I'm basically describing mo pai, but everyone is tired of talking about that lol But better than defense, they have the best offence. Imagine this, you're walking on the streets in India and you see a half-naked old man sitting by the side of the road. You see him there every day and you conclude that he has nowhere else to go. Maybe he is homeless and really has nothing. But if he has nothing, then why does he look happy every time you see him? Maybe he has something that makes him happy. If he really has nothing, than that something isn't material. He can be happy with nothing but you can be happy while having something. Being in India also fits the enlightened stereotype. And just like that you must know his secret. This is the fun part, you ask him and he teaches you. If he is a fraud, he might take something from you and leave. You are confident that you can catch him if that happens. But what if you never catch him and you take his place as the half-naked old man on the side of the road? What if you sit there and never in your life know that you've been scammed? What if someone approaches you like you once did and that person takes your place? What if that cycle continues until someone catches one of the old men and exposes the fraud? The fraud is real, but the person performing it doesn't know it. Thus we have 3 types of master: True enlightened one, Fraud one, and The Victim. The victim is way scarier than the fraud, he has the technique with no results but it creates dedication in the person doing it to keep doing it. There are so many practices flying all over the forum but can you be sure most of them are real? What if you already taught someone something that is not real? I have a few suspicions here and there but I don't want to move without knowing the truth. What is fake and what is the truth? Truth is the most important thing, but the masters can only reveal it in prose and weird double talk. What they say has two meaning and maybe more. It's not their job to reveal it, but for us to find it. All they can do is point the finger in the right direction, then it's our job to begin the journey and earn the truth ourselves. What if we are pointed in the wrong direction but find the right answer? It's right because we worked so hard to find it and it feels so good to finally have it. It's all worth it even if we were pointed into the abyss. We're falling to our death but it's still true. Other people don't understand it because they haven't been through what we've been. If only we haven't took the journey we would have known that this is death. If it wasn't us, then it would be them falling. But we're no different from them, everyone thinks they're special and would never be caught by the old man. But he's still there. BEWAAAAAAAAAAARE!!!!!!!!!! just sayin
  10. Maybe these who assume them to be enlightened are the wrong ones
  11. Who cares what they think or what words they use, the only thing that matters is what evidence they have. If you ask me, there really is one thing that they would all agree on. They would agree on being enlightened, but just because they think that, it doesn't mean that they are right. hehe
  12. Realize vs Experience of SELF

    Everything fades
  13. What are you watching on Youtube?

    I dedicate this video to everyone practicing retention lol