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  1. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    Totally agree about the nervous system issues. Unfortunately, I've been doing that kind of treatment and much much more for many years with no results, although not sure I can comment on if I've done:
  2. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    @Cleansox There are formal diagnoses, but they are broadly just indicating systemic inflammation, which is true. No sleep issues. I do have a bunch of symptoms, but I have a good idea as to why they are occurring. Of course the body has its secrets...
  3. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    @anshino23 The drugs that stopped my symptoms were anti-fungal. I also responded to antibiotics, but not as well. I followed it up with anti-candida supplements to see if that helped and they did. My symptoms are not straightforward. I have pre-existing conditions that got way worse all of a sudden, and I couldn't figure out why. Eventually I started trying antibiotics and they helped, so that led me down the road to check out infections. The infection made my pre-existing symptoms waaaaay worse like neuro symptoms and prostate issues. I've been clawing at this problem like a madman for years. I have very bad ptsd right now because of this and other collateral damage I don't want to go into. I don't think its a thyroid issue. Pretty sure I checked that out a few years ago, but open to ideas. What should I do to check thyroid? I have seen functional medicine doctors.
  4. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    @JohnC As mentioned above, i'm taking undecylinic acid and in particular that Thorne SF-722 (i think its the only one out there). It definitely has helped, but the issue i'm having with it is that its like eating led. I've been really slowly working my way up to a higher dosage, but its tough. I've just gotten to 2 pills 3x per day and its just killed my appetite because its so heavy. I've tried taking inulin with it and if i time it right with the right dosage it def helps some, but ya still a slog. Any ideas on how to handle the SF-77/undeclynic acid better? I also have no idea why it helps GI stuff, let alone candida. Is there anything synergistic to take with it for GI health or candida? @RobBI wish I had a formal diagnosis, but this was discovered via year of trial and error. Had extensive testing, didnt find anything.
  5. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    @RobBI don't eat much carbs except rice. I haven't eaten white sugar or anything close to it in well over a decade. I fundamentally don't believe cutting sugar kills candida, although I'm sure it may assist. I was taking a regular dose of pharma anti-fungal and that didn't do much damage, I only had reduction in symptoms at the max recommended dose. If the regular dose of something that confirms kills candida doesnt do it, and only the max dose does - it makes me quite suspicious of the you must not eat any sugar to beat candida hypothesis. I've also heard from a doctor that regularly treats candida that agreed with my suspicions about it helping but not being an absolute requirement.
  6. I figured out that I've been battling a candida infection for a loooooong time, through a long series of trial and error. This thing has a strong foothold in my system, and I'm confident its stronghold is in my prostate. Unfortunately, taking pharma grade anti-fungals may cause serious problems because of all the other drugs I took that didn't work and just wreaked havoc on me. I have experimented with all sorts of drugs, herbs, and supplements over the years. I did take pharmaceutical anti-fungals earlier this year and they worked well, but I couldn't tolerate them much. Since then the most effective thing I've taken has been anti-candida supplements. I'm taking one called candex (enzymes thats prohibit growth) and another thats some exotic acid extract called undecylinc acid. Both have helped a lot with brain fog, but the underlying infection is quite clearly still going on. I've tried all the popular type of stuff, like olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed, allicin, oregano oil, berberin, silver and more. Also tried this new zealand herb called horopito that helped a bit but not much, and a couple of stephen buhner herbs that are more rare - minimal effect. TCM herbs didn't help. I'm hoping some dao warriors could provide their battle tested solutions for candida, and aid me in accomplishing the heroic feat I need in order to pass this sphinx that has destroyed me in so many ways.
  7. desire in Taoism

    Everything is commodified and value-able at this stage of human development so seems like par for the course. I could say more, but thats not the point of the thread.
  8. desire in Taoism

    The painting "the vinegar tasting" has the answer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinegar_tasters
  9. Need Help Channeling

    Been feeling for some time that theres this big energy that is trying to channel a message through me. The problem I'm experiencing is that its just so huge and intense, I can't handle it physically. I feel like I am mentally blocking the energy from coming through as a defense mechanism. So when I try to go into a vision state or altered conscious state, my rational mind takes over and just tries to control the vision I'm entering instead of letting things flow through. In the past I've had seizures as this energy tries to express itself through me. Currently, there is a very important message regarding my health it wants to tell me and its imperative I receive it. Debating about micro dosing LSD, which I've never done before to enable the visionary experience. I don't really do drugs, so its not something I am aiming for, but I'm just at a crucial junction in my life for change and am considering all my options. Was wondering if anybody has any experience channeling or can recommend any resources or teachers for this.
  10. Theres a movement thats been around for a long time, but its finally getting mainstream attention. Here is one side of the story: https://onezero.medium.com/our-skulls-are-out-evolving-us-and-that-could-mean-a-public-health-crisis-f950faed696d Kind of the classic story. Western diet screws up the body and is bad for you. But in this case its something thats been going on very slowly since we switched to a softer diet 10,000+ years ago. Jaws not growing big enough because the muscles dictate bone growth, and the muscles are not being exercised enough at a young age because its chewing on easy peasy soft soft food. Theres other factors as well like tongue posture. Anyhow, one consequence of this is the jaw isn't big enough for all the teeth! Hence mass extractions of wisdom teeth, and bicuspids for some - which is really dangerous and bicuspid extractions still happen but not as popular as it used to be. Anyhow, the 'science' says facial growth is 100% genetically determined and thus all the charlatans practicing dentistry and surgery of the face are free to butcher people based on this idea, which is obviously not a scientific fact. This is a pretty huge rabbit hole. So many health issues related to it from neuro, to breathing, to biomechanical. Mass amounts of sleep apnea going on...hmm I wonder why! These idiots operate on people's mouths with the sole concern of making sure teeth are occluding at the cost of anything and everything...and its so goddam obvious that ya you are going to effect people's breathing when you make that hole smaller that goes into the neck, but so it goes. The other side of the story is the biomechanical relations going on and its just the classic situation medical institutions being complete shitheads and digging their heads in the sand. Fascia was only discovered in the mid 20th century and its covers the whole body like a matrix...
  11. Check out neurokinetic therapy to better understand the connections in your body that are creating these issues with your pelvis. Likely related to your jaw or feet imbalancing your system. There are other systems and explanations along the same lines of course, but this one seems good with explaining things. In my opinion a lot of the common types of advice for these issues on this board and in alternative circles will fail to solve the fundamental balance that post modern people have biomechanically and otherwise. Its not because certain ancient systems are inherently bad advice or tactics, its just that they could not have anticipated that in the 20th century we would be at the peak of an evolutionary problem with our faces and jaws. We are in the midst of a black swan event that has been coalescing very very slowly and silently since the dawning of the agrarian age. 20th century life has pushed things past the precipice and many people are suffering as a result unknowningly.
  12. How Do I Build a Strong Foundation

    Hmm well I would say dont try to do too much. Part of strong foundations is strong routine and if you try and do a lot then perhaps you may not accomplish much at all. Good qi flow would also require good body alignment, and as that related to stretchiness I think yin yoga is also a good place to start as this concentrates on getting your fascia real stretched as you hold the poses for 2-3+ minutes so it gets the fascia. My hypothesis is that energy meridians are essentially points in the fascia, because fascia conducts electricity and it does so faster than nerves.
  13. How are you?

    @dwai Much appreciated, but not sure theres much to be done unfortunately. The systems I need help from continue to spite me with apathetic glee. Been a member here for some time now, and its nice to have a home that I can always return to.
  14. How are you?

    Pretty shit right now. Losing my sanity and losing my body.