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  1. @freeform sounds like you're trying to get others to drink the same kool aid as you. Trying to break the fire analogy down like that was an ineffective form of argumentation. People do what they do, with permission or without...that's kind of how were in the situation were in with regards to so many traditions being fractured and the truth being unknown. Those who are meant to know, will know. Teachers are only human, estoric teachings don't have to come from a human.
  2. Well by definition esoteric knowledge is hidden, so what fun would it be to have it all out in the open! False trails and misinformation in esoteric texts is common in esoteric traditions. One review of a book stated how the author informs the reader that he intentionally put in pieces of wrong information, and that those who know the truth will recognize it.
  3. Need Help Interpreting a Dream Symbol

    Thanks @Daniel That sounds like a helpful dream interpretation heuristic. My dreams in the past have been centred around the unconscious trying to ignore the major problems, and also giving me wrong info so I'm inclined to think this was more of a fake out. Thinking about the dream more, the folio had a special blackness to it. Like it was charred black from being in a fire or made in a fire. When faced with the issues my dreams would be about time travel and thus avoiding said problems
  4. Need Help Interpreting a Dream Symbol

    @BindiI've tried and have not had success. @Danielya that sounds about right. Why is it giving it to me like as a gift in the dream though? I need to know the unknown. This will solve my very complex problems.
  5. Need Help Interpreting a Dream Symbol

    @Danielthat sounds like its on the right track. I'm always amazed at getting dream interpretations from other people. Sometimes its things that seem so obvious but I can't see myself. What I don't follow then is what the symbol of a book means here. The basic level it seems to indicate knowledge. @BindiI would agree with that as well. In terms of vehement rejecting, I guess that must be the case. However, the quagmire of a life situation I've been dealt is such that I have to do certain things in a specific order to get out of the situation. These things preclude me from accessing emotional stuff and just anything that would get me close to feminine 'things', let alone a physical embodiment of feminine. So I'm trying to figure out if my dream is just trying to agitate me or poke fun. Lately my subconscious and dreams have been very rude and unhelpful.
  6. I'm going through an extremely trying and paradoxically difficult time right now, and I had this dream last night that I can't figure out that felt timely and important. I can't remember most of the dream unfortunately, I just recall 2 similar symbols in consecutive dreams. In the first dream I was given a set of black books as a gift. I think I was given these books by a celebrity that I look down on and think is a bad comedian. In the 2nd dream I was given a black leather folio. The thing is the folio was a duplicate of my real life leather folio that I use to carry my computer. I highly value this folio. It serves a valuable function for me, it's beautiful, and well constructed. I think before I was given the black version of my folio, there was this whole setup where there was this girl (that I look down and think is stupid), that I went to school with as a kid. I haven't seen this girl in many many years. So this girl had my same folio, the non-black one, but it had her initials very largely inscribed on the cover. And the dream made a point for even the obscure brand of the folio to be mentioned, like its the same brand even. So it was really driving the point home that we have the exact same folio. And then I was given the black version of my folio. The main connections I'm seeing is the stupid people and the blackness being contained to knowledge. With the book symbol and folio being the case for my computer. Any ideas on this?
  7. Bagua teacher in Toronto

    check out spirit wind Sifu Dylan
  8. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    Totally agree about the nervous system issues. Unfortunately, I've been doing that kind of treatment and much much more for many years with no results, although not sure I can comment on if I've done:
  9. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    @Cleansox There are formal diagnoses, but they are broadly just indicating systemic inflammation, which is true. No sleep issues. I do have a bunch of symptoms, but I have a good idea as to why they are occurring. Of course the body has its secrets...
  10. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    @anshino23 The drugs that stopped my symptoms were anti-fungal. I also responded to antibiotics, but not as well. I followed it up with anti-candida supplements to see if that helped and they did. My symptoms are not straightforward. I have pre-existing conditions that got way worse all of a sudden, and I couldn't figure out why. Eventually I started trying antibiotics and they helped, so that led me down the road to check out infections. The infection made my pre-existing symptoms waaaaay worse like neuro symptoms and prostate issues. I've been clawing at this problem like a madman for years. I have very bad ptsd right now because of this and other collateral damage I don't want to go into. I don't think its a thyroid issue. Pretty sure I checked that out a few years ago, but open to ideas. What should I do to check thyroid? I have seen functional medicine doctors.
  11. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    @JohnC As mentioned above, i'm taking undecylinic acid and in particular that Thorne SF-722 (i think its the only one out there). It definitely has helped, but the issue i'm having with it is that its like eating led. I've been really slowly working my way up to a higher dosage, but its tough. I've just gotten to 2 pills 3x per day and its just killed my appetite because its so heavy. I've tried taking inulin with it and if i time it right with the right dosage it def helps some, but ya still a slog. Any ideas on how to handle the SF-77/undeclynic acid better? I also have no idea why it helps GI stuff, let alone candida. Is there anything synergistic to take with it for GI health or candida? @RobBI wish I had a formal diagnosis, but this was discovered via year of trial and error. Had extensive testing, didnt find anything.
  12. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    @RobBI don't eat much carbs except rice. I haven't eaten white sugar or anything close to it in well over a decade. I fundamentally don't believe cutting sugar kills candida, although I'm sure it may assist. I was taking a regular dose of pharma anti-fungal and that didn't do much damage, I only had reduction in symptoms at the max recommended dose. If the regular dose of something that confirms kills candida doesnt do it, and only the max dose does - it makes me quite suspicious of the you must not eat any sugar to beat candida hypothesis. I've also heard from a doctor that regularly treats candida that agreed with my suspicions about it helping but not being an absolute requirement.
  13. I figured out that I've been battling a candida infection for a loooooong time, through a long series of trial and error. This thing has a strong foothold in my system, and I'm confident its stronghold is in my prostate. Unfortunately, taking pharma grade anti-fungals may cause serious problems because of all the other drugs I took that didn't work and just wreaked havoc on me. I have experimented with all sorts of drugs, herbs, and supplements over the years. I did take pharmaceutical anti-fungals earlier this year and they worked well, but I couldn't tolerate them much. Since then the most effective thing I've taken has been anti-candida supplements. I'm taking one called candex (enzymes thats prohibit growth) and another thats some exotic acid extract called undecylinc acid. Both have helped a lot with brain fog, but the underlying infection is quite clearly still going on. I've tried all the popular type of stuff, like olive leaf extract, grapefruit seed, allicin, oregano oil, berberin, silver and more. Also tried this new zealand herb called horopito that helped a bit but not much, and a couple of stephen buhner herbs that are more rare - minimal effect. TCM herbs didn't help. I'm hoping some dao warriors could provide their battle tested solutions for candida, and aid me in accomplishing the heroic feat I need in order to pass this sphinx that has destroyed me in so many ways.
  14. desire in Taoism

    Everything is commodified and value-able at this stage of human development so seems like par for the course. I could say more, but thats not the point of the thread.