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  1. I've had a string of dreams lately with animals in them, and in the most recent one there was an owl with a peacock on its right shoulder/wing. The owl was walking on the ground. It was brown with some grey. I think the wings were tucked in, but the peacock was like sitting on it somehow. The peacock looked kind of dour? It's tail was closed. I'm pretty flummoxed as to the meaning here. I know these birds are used as symbols of very powerful spiritual forces, but not really too sure about which ones, and even less sure about the meaning of the peacock sitting on the owl. The thing is, this animal was not the main focus in the dream. It was more like this subtle detail that was there while a bunch of other stuff was going on. Yet, it feels like this was actually the major symbol in the dream, but it also didnt want to like draw attention to itself. I've had a similar occurrence with another dream I'll describe below. In this other dream, there was actually a bunch of important things going on, but basically there was this small snake that came out of a small hole and was entirely inconsequential to the rest of what was going on in the dream, yet I knew it was very important. Then some week or so later, I had another dream that was completely serpent oriented. There was a large black snake, very wide and it had the head of lion. The snake had the blackest black scales, but had a white mane and other facial features were white. I feel like the small snake dream was a pre-cursor to this dream. I'm aware of the connection to different ancient gods that feature a lion's head with a snake, although I think this more closely must be yaldabaoth. I'm mostly curious as to the owl-peacock symbol. Any ideas on this?
  2. Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD

    @yeq88 Agreed on Dave Asprey. His materials require discernment there are good and bad in what he promotes. That being said these blocks are commonly done, so it's not really avante garde at this point in time. He doesn't make money off of this, as it's done in office by doctors. I've done EMDR with little effect because there was underlying medical issues that weren't resolved, including nerve compression in head/neck. Yes, hydrodissection done for compressed nerves. What it really is is they shoot some medication at the nerve. In this case it's usually dextrose for the vagus nerve, but I think the underlying idea is that it stimulates the nerve as well. Same concept is use for nerve neuralgias.
  3. Stellate Ganglion Block for PTSD

    All good recommendations, but I guess you haven't dealt with higher level complex problems.
  4. Curious to know if anybody has experience getting a stellate ganglion block for ptsd? https://daveasprey.com/stellate-ganglion-block-ptsd/ I saw in this article the dr also hydrodissected the vagus nerve which also seems like that would be very beneficial.
  5. Post-covid sleep disorder

    I had post covid sleeping issues as well. Consult with TCM herbalist. Herbs turned me around miraculously.
  6. Advice for magic/talisman for bad timing

    @Nungali could I pm you about my chart?
  7. Advice for magic/talisman for bad timing

    @Nungalithe girl stuff is just something that seems to happen at points, theres other common patterns/events. It's not a fixation, although theres def stuck sexual energy from all my other issues. I just thought it was notable and relatable more so than the complex and more specifically unrelatable and long to explain other issues. Hmmm ya mercury sounds interesting. The problem I thought was saturn, so jupiter i thought was the cure, but that talisman was an epic failure.
  8. Advice for magic/talisman for bad timing

    No worries. Despite getting good recommendations, I've failed to find people to offer much help. The best I got, which was true, was that I'm basically just going to suffer for a particularly long period of time, which may come to end of that process in the next 6 - 24 months. That predication was made about 2 years ago, and I've already been well into the pit of shit. That guy was otherwise wrong about everything else he said, so not sure what to believe. I've gotten a lot of fake outs. Like things look like theyre about to change and then it just all shits the bed. Its comedic b/c the exact same events transpire each time, and fail differently each time. Like it looks like im about to heal my illnesses or im on a path to do so, i meet a girl and then it all falls apart within some short time period.
  9. Advice for magic/talisman for bad timing

    @mcoolio I appreciate the humility in deleting your post. No idea what bazi is. Assuming YiJing is another user? I'm at this point where I've done everything I can. I'm not a noob in that sense and I've been at this for many many years. That's why the only thing left I can think of is astrology, which I learned aligns with my path. I guess people have different underlying concept of what luck means, which is fair. For me luck is the manifestation of astrological probabilities and fate.
  10. Advice for magic/talisman for bad timing

    @NungaliI actually am super interested in the astrological component. My spiritual visions led me to the realization of Saturn for me, and how much my life is just straight up under control from the planets. I dont know if its that I went to lame astrologers or if I'm just so attuned to my spiritual path that I didnt learn anything. Generally, I tend not to learn much from people unless theyre the best of the best of the best. Not a brag, and it applies to regular non-spiritual stuff as well. Just the conclusion after many years of being a seeker and problem solver. I'm familiar with liz green's psychological astrology if that's what you are referring to. She wrote a couple of absolutely amazing and academically phenomenal books on Jung that I recommend (but are expensive and worth every penny).
  11. Advice for magic/talisman for bad timing

    @Nungali have had a couple of natal astrological readings, but I didnt learn anything about myself that I didnt already know through all my extensive spiritual work that didnt involve astrology. I was told I have a very difficult chart. It doesnt really seem like anything I do helps all that much, its just a very very slow march of minimal progress. What would be useful perhaps is somebody who could help me make decisions based on whatever the current configurations are that are involved in my current decision and how my decision could change or what it could change in my future. I find astrological study daunting, and I'm no slouch to esoteric study. There's just so much who knows what out there, and seems like a guessing game with all the different schools etc...Yes general themes can be extracted but getting specifics accurately is obviously the holy grail that seems to be non-existent.
  12. Advice for magic/talisman for bad timing

    @Nungali I'm not involved in any such work. I've realized this kind of thing has just been happening my whole life, but has really crystallized over the last number of years and in the last year taken to extremes that cannot be ignored. I dont know much about astrology. Any recommendations on how to learn/where to go to for decision making advice regarding timing?
  13. Advice for magic/talisman for bad timing

    I disagree on luck. Could be a perception on patterns. Having luck is being fortunate that the non-random patterns have graced you in a beneficial way. In my case its become clear that I'm a sacrifice, magnet, or channel for collective level stuff from my family and beyond. Not really sure how to get around that as it infests my personal level problems so it makes it unavoidable that I have to solve both.
  14. I'm going through a process that has been extremely long and excruciatingly painful on all levels of my being, and hoping there is some uhhh magic solution to try that someone more knowledgable in this area would know. A key component of it is timing and making the wrong choice that then sets of a long sequence of events that somehow manage to get intertwined even if the original issue was unrelated. Now in this choice making errors, there's really nothing to go off of. It's just a by chance best estimate as to what could be the best option at the point in time, which inevitably turns out to create lots of other problems that I could no way have anticipated, thought of, or even known about. Another aspect of these thematic tribulations is that I'm kept in stasis waiting for things to happen. I get stuck in places where I can't make decisions because I have to wait so long for the next thing to happen, which when it does happen always draws out the process in some totally unexpected and extreme way. This has been going on for years, and its not like I haven't been making amazing efforts. It seems no matter what I do, the same underlying patterns continue to occur. Last year I bought a jupiter astrological talisman, as I thought the problem was perhaps just bad luck. There's certainly been only bad luck. However, the bad luck is the kind that keeps things going enough so I'm not totally destroyed, although now its basically at the crossroads where there are simply no options at my disposal except for starting every endeavour and facet of my life from scratch. So I thought perhaps the problem I'm dealing with is bad timing, some astrological fate of mine I think. If timing worked out better then things wouldnt be in these prolonged states, I would have more info at my disposal to make actual informed decisions, and so on. There's overall just been so much subtle stuff going on to throw things into chaos that its clear this is some spiritual/magic/astrological/other worldly problem. I have massively failed to fix it despite astounding efforts. Was wondering if anybody had ideas here on how to deal with this? If the issue is timing, is there any magic or talisman or something that will help me get better timing of events?
  15. @freeform sounds like you're trying to get others to drink the same kool aid as you. Trying to break the fire analogy down like that was an ineffective form of argumentation. People do what they do, with permission or without...that's kind of how were in the situation were in with regards to so many traditions being fractured and the truth being unknown. Those who are meant to know, will know. Teachers are only human, estoric teachings don't have to come from a human.