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  1. How Do I Build a Strong Foundation

    Hmm well I would say dont try to do too much. Part of strong foundations is strong routine and if you try and do a lot then perhaps you may not accomplish much at all. Good qi flow would also require good body alignment, and as that related to stretchiness I think yin yoga is also a good place to start as this concentrates on getting your fascia real stretched as you hold the poses for 2-3+ minutes so it gets the fascia. My hypothesis is that energy meridians are essentially points in the fascia, because fascia conducts electricity and it does so faster than nerves.
  2. How are you?

    @dwai Much appreciated, but not sure theres much to be done unfortunately. The systems I need help from continue to spite me with apathetic glee. Been a member here for some time now, and its nice to have a home that I can always return to.
  3. How are you?

    Pretty shit right now. Losing my sanity and losing my body.
  4. How is your nervous system? My intuition and experience on a lot of these highly spiritual practices and people that use them (lets say western seekers here mostly), is that we try to go too high before we're ready because of the foundational nature of the problems we are facing and trauma that is propelling us on the journey. You can meditate and be in your head all you want, but the body needs to be accounted for. Up to the person to figure out the progression of using body, mind, or integration of both practices. I strongly believe that a lot of people's nervous system's are messed and stuck in a sympathetic state, or tend to sympathetic state so easily that they can't get into a parasympathetic state - which is the place where all these mind based meditation practices are so much more effective.
  5. Its become apparent that there is planetary phenomena that is energetically and spiritually impacting me in a big way. The thing is I dont know a thing about astrology. I need help interpreting whats going on, as well as understanding the current conjunction of planetary alignments. Theres so much BS in astrology info so I have no idea where to start. Any recommendations on where to start, schools of thought, etc...?
  6. Astrology Resource Recommendations

    Thanks! Yes its this saturn-jupiter thing!!!! I didn't know anything about astrology and all these symbols and energies came up over the last few months and as I looked them up its all stuff that is going on celestially now. Thanks for the book recommendations! Gonna PM you.
  7. Amoral Dao

    Whats morality?
  8. It was a good introductory book for me when I was getting started in this way of life - spiritual path and health oriented. It introduced me to concepts and gave me some general ideas about what was out there. Its a helpful place to start for learning about food with some mish mash of yin-yang philosophy (i think thats an appropriate name for what he describes). It seems very clearly to me a beginners book. Helpful for referencing things as needed. By no means comprehensive. Its a very general beginners book. I think the web that has no weaver is a very different type of book, but also a great beginners book for actual TCM. Healing with whole foods is not a book about TCM, although it definitely discusses some basic TCM concepts and includes those in its approach. Approach from western colonialism?!?! I guess if you look at life with rose colored sunglasses, everything will look rose colored. There is absolutely nothing in the book that could be remotely related to western colonialism. Its an english book for an english speaking audience, and a beginners book at that (as I already emphasized). I think if anything its more closely aligned with a macrobiotic approach, which is also why I found it helpful. Diets tend to get culty, so I can understand somebody not appreciating a macrobiotic spin, but macrobiotic works for me so I don't mind it, but I am also pretty open minded and am an integrator myself. What that means is I'm typically not threatened by orthodox approaches because I've learned how to carve my own niche and get things from different places to work for me. And maybe that's not for everybody, but that's OK - I respect orthodox approaches for what they are too...hopefully it goes both ways, but often people get threatened if you disagree with their 'system'. HOW COULD YOU DISAGREE WITH MY SYSTEM ITS PERFECT?!?!? Deep fear that they could be doing things wrong and have misplaced their trust, and you are the source of triggering that fear, so anger gets displaced onto the anger triggering object. Just to be clear the book says in the subtitle "Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition". I think this makes it clear this book is not about TCM, and that its a fusion approach. I think any fusion approach characterizes cross cultural integration of a tradition or knowledge from somewhere else. And if you really think the concept of appropriation characterizes this book - think about how that concept applies to buddhism and its spread globally. It went from India to China. The Chinese made it their own. Did they culturally appropriate it from the Indians...or is that just the nature of the history of great ideas. And if they did, I really don't see what problems come from that? And if there are problems from that, I have a hard time understanding how one can think, even united, how all of humanity could plug a hole in the ocean. Best to ride the waves, than be swallowed by them.
  9. the importance of the neck

    @Toni I grabbed this from YJ Care Clinic a korean dentist that deals with such issues. He doesnt believe c-0 and c1 are the major issues, but rather c2. I think below is generally useful info. Check out NUCCA chiropractor as they do xrays on your spine to give you an idea as to whats going on. The dental side of things is more of a mess to deal with, and its difficult to make any recommendations. The meaning of facial asymmetry The meaning of facial asymmetry is as follows: * One with facial asymmetry must have a C2 subluxation proportional to it. * One with facial asymmetry must have an imbalance of the TMJ proportional to it. * One with imbalance TMJ must have a C2 subluxation proportional to it. Conclusions : Triangular relationship between facial asymmetry, C2 subluxation, and TMJ imbalance Therefore, the following conclusions can be drawn: * One with facial asymmetry must have an imbalance in the TMJ, and one with an imbalance in the TMJ must have C2 subluxation. * By balancing the imbalance of the TMJ, facial asymmetry is restored and C2 is restored (aligned) to its normal position. * Therefore, in case of facial asymmetry, the more C2 is aligned to its normal position, the more changes will occur that will make the face more symmetrical. * Facial asymmetry recovery is an incidental result obtained by the balance of the TMJ as the C2 is aligned. * People with C2 subluxation must have problems with their nervous system or spine. In other words, they have various spinal disc diseases due to problems such as neurological disorders, straight neck, hypolordosis, kyphosis, scoliosis, hyper lordosis, and pelvic torsion. * In order to solve spinal and neurological problems, C2 must be aligned to its normal position. In order to align C2, the TMJ must be balanced. * The alignment of C2 cannot be achieved without the balance of the TMJ. The normal recovery of the nervous system or spine is not possible unless C2 is aligned. Even if recovery is taken place, it is only temporary.
  10. the importance of the neck

    I've actually been amazed this topic hasnt been discussed much here. The neck is majorly important because its: -connected to the craniofacial system and that is connected to a ton of nerves going through very very tight spaces. -the upper cervical spine supports vital autonomic function. If your atlas and upper cervical spine are messed up it will compress important things like the brain stem and vagus nerve. This will F you up! The reason inflammation is associated with neck instability is likely because of the vagus nerve being compressed. This nerve innervates a ton of stuff from your head down to near your pelvis, including a bunch of organs and breathing accessories. It is primarily responsible for putting you into a parasympathetic state. If it is compressed your body will tend to be in a sympathetic state. You can look up the various scientific reasons why the vagus nerve will put your body into an inflammatory state, but this is a good start. And there are many reasons why the cervical spine/atlas get messed up, but a major one many people don't know about is because of dentistry. The mandible needs to be in biocompatible position because the mandible is actually an extension of the spine. If you look at how vertebrae have a tripod structure, you will see that c-0 and c-1 do not have this tripod structure. And that is because those 2 vertebrae are needed for rotating and supporting the skull. So the body uses the mandible as the 3rd part of the tripod for those 2 vertebrae to complete the tripod structure that was missing. If you start to view the situation in terms of gravity, dao, and wu wei it will be easy to see how the body is trying to efficiently deal with the issue of keeping the head upright in the most energy efficient way possible. When an idiot dentist messes with your teeth or your jaw they basically just throw a spanner in the efficient equation your body is trying to work out. The result is compensation and long term inefficiencies in your body as it tries to compensate, and this can result in many issues including compressing nerves and brain! Including, the ones I'm talking about, which are some major ones to watch out for. So when you feel qi flowing better after fixing your neck, there are really good reasons for that. Another one I didn't go into is fascia...if somebody is interested why lemme know and I'll drop another rant.
  11. I just picked up a huge bag of kukicha (roasted twig tea) and I'm feeling very wealthy as a result. Tea rich. Tea chamilionaire. Tea bajillion-heir. This stuff is soooo strong and roasty! It's amazing. It gets stuck in my tea sieve due to its low quality construction of metal. I'd like to buy some nicer tea accoutrements. Maybe somebody can share some tea stuff they like. I also really like jasmine tea, but I have a really hard time brewing it consistently well. Very finicky tea. Its floral and feminine, and I like to drink it after a heavy meal or if I eat anything strong tasting to balance me out. The first problem I solved in dealing with jasmine was the water. I had always been a fan of my tap water, but I noticed in the last couple of years something just wasn't the same. This bad taste really was amplified when drinking jasmine tea. It was like drinking a cup of chlorinated water. Really nasty. So I switched to spring water. All of my tea tastes so much better with spring water. Its amazing stuff. Price per cup increased a lot too, but I highly value health, tasty water, and tasty tea so its worth it for me. If I had to use it for a whole family...that would get expensive really fast, but even then the health benefits may be higher than the health bills long term from doing this. I think the next issue with Jasmine tea is the water temp. I know theres an ideal temp and I don't have a thermometer for my kettle. Which is probably the 3rd issue. I think boiling water in a pot is really the best, and then having it boiled on gas or fire even better. I've also tried different cup materials and that has affected the taste as well. Still unsure what the best cup material is.
  12. I've been dealing with neurological issues for a long time, and the brain fog is just...its just the goddam motherfucking worst. It just ruins my life. I mean that in the sense that it keeps me more or less stagnated in my life path. I will however, tip my hat to myself for the sheer tenacity of my masculine energy for pushing my life forward in the ways that I have despite being faced against a seeming impossible situation speckled with an abusive and negligent medical system. A recent observation is that the feeling of this brain fog is that my left and right sides are floated apart. When I feel able to concentrate and use my brain there is this balance and centered feeling in my head specifically. Intuitively the term I came up with was that I am not able to keep hemispheric coherence. As in the electrical signals are not able to stay in sync or communicate with each other, or even perhaps theres a break in the 'form' of how the energy circulates. So I did some googling and that looks pretty accurate with academic terms for what can happen with various neurological issues, and officially called interhemispheric coherence. I am not always in brain fog, but after expending some cognitive effort I am. So it seems to me that I'm unable to maintain the left-right communication or perhaps the container for that communication. Was wondering if this makes sense to anybody? And if so, are there any therapies or like brain entrainment devices I can try to get these things in sync?
  13. @Cleansox I never heard of the glymphatic system before or coherence breathing - can you recommend resources to learn more about both of those things?
  14. I've been having a number of health issues and my research indicates that my psoas is one of the major common denominators. This was an interesting article I found on it. http://bodydivineyoga.wordpress.com/2011/03/23/the-psoas-muscle-of-the-soul/ I haven't done any qi gong, yoga, or physical activity in a while and want to start back up to work on my psoas. Can anyone recommend exercises to lengthen and stretch the psoas? Anyone else has a so' ass?
  15. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    I hate early grey. Sorry Picard.
  16. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    @CCD You are right that putting lots of cream and sugar defeats the purpose. The reason they recommend that is because bigelow is Pißwasser. Of course you'd need to crowd out the taste of garbage in order for it to be palatable.
  17. Any interesting plans for June?

    @silent thundercan you share your haiku of the DDJ?
  18. Autodidactic renaissance man with an eclectic approach to pragmatic problem solving in order to provide innovate solutions that create competitive advantages.
  19. @ralis its hard to tell where the ptsd ends and the effects from injury begin. My nervous system is wrecked from both, but theres a clear physical injury (indirectly impacted due to the trauma) to an important nerve. Dissociation, brain fog, and being stuck in a sympathetic nervous system state are the main issues psychologically. Its a real liver qi stagnation situation. @ezzaI'm glad you felt compelled to share, because thats actually not the type of thing thats on my radar. Its helpful to know about it to keep as something in my backpocket, like as you say as a last resort. Looks promising and a phase 3 clinical trial is pretty serious business. @Master LograyThanks, yes I am familiar with Norman Doidge's work. I'm actually looking now at Joaquin Farias and his movement therapy now that leverages neuroplasticity.
  20. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    Will check those out when I need a tonic! @RaraThe green darjeeling sounds very interesting. Would love to try - where do you recommend looking for this?
  21. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    @Vajra Fist Jiaogulan the poor man's ginseng I've drank my fair share of Jiaogulan in Thailand, and I never found it to be so appealing. To me, it has a taste that is similar to this green super food...I think spirulina? Anyhow its very healthy tea, I just couldn't get into it. The spring dragon mix looks like quite the tonic!
  22. @silent thunder Thanks for sharing. I can definitely relate. @ilumairen I will check out your trusted resources, thanks! @Toni Totally agree with your ockhams razor there. For sure there is deep underlying trauma. The brain fog is due to a traumatic brain injury, which has yet to be properly dealt with despite much efforts.
  23. I have tried binaural beats, but am unsure which ones are legit and what frequency even would be helpful. So it was quite a scattered attempt. Any recommendations on that? I don't think it sounds odd to drink water when it sets in, although I drink water and tea all day and haven't had any changes from that.
  24. Who likes tea? I like tea.

    @SirPalomidesThai ice tea...that stuff slays me. I even have it made without the sugary ingredients and I still feel unwell after!