Toothless Ruth

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Taoist assignment:


Seek the beauty in the women above...


Her left eyeball (to my right) really brings out her youth, and reflects the inner soul of whomever looks upon it. Like an endless spiral of life within the eternal blackness of the pupil.

The grey sprout of hair on the right side of her right eyebrow curves beautifully around her face like an inverse S shape and forms a nice contrast to her natural skin color.

The palm of her left hand seems to be soft depending on what your standards are.

Her tounge still has its original color if you can look beyond its shape.


Oh yeah, I forgot... She has a huge smile on her face! :lol:


The beauty of innocence, because her smile kinda gives away some shyness or naivite. Depending on which side of the spectrum with realism/idealism you find yourself in. You can witness this beauty to its fullest potential if you find your self being more idealistic of nature. Or maybe if you have schizophrenia or something, that would work too. I woulden't suggest using alcohol for this task though, your logics would then make even less sense then a schizoid patient. Unless you don't mind that...


I got it! The beauty in this women is her attractiveness to every gorilla on the earth. She is obviously pre-selected and we should feel attracted to her spontaneously! There are alot of gorilla's out there! Or is that the beauty of nature? I'm sure she has a nature aswell... She is a human afterall... Right? Right?! :blink:


Now I think I really got it... She caught the attention of the most brilliant photographer on planet earth. Thats sexy... I love her. :wub:

Can anyone hook me up?


No really, I like this women... My practice on here allows me to be really sincere when I do witness uncommon bauty in my life. :)

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She seems like fun. :D


And she smiled without thinking about how she should smile. How natural is that?

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