"Rare tibetan yoga practice"

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It's gTummo.


You bring in red, white drops and the winds at the point of the navel chakra into the central channel. then you increase the fire until it moves up and melts the drop in your hearth chakra. this increases the fire much more.

it's dangerous and high-level practise.

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I first saw this video a couple of years ago and it peaked my interest. It has since been pulled off of youtube but I managed to find a link.


What is this?????



My now wife and I purchased this DVD from a Tibetan store in Evanston Illinois in Spring 07' when we were still dating, along with one on the rivers of Indonesia.


Most of what I see are exponents of Kundalini yoga, and Wei Dan (external) Qigong.

His hang time rivals Michael Jordan though.


Some of his torso dynamics remind me of Hindustani singing



Check out 01:57!


And what are these guys doing at 01:12???



Stumbled on this looking for one of my favorite Tabla players Ustad Tari Khan


I believe this yoga will produce more energy and insight than someone functioning in the mainstream could handle.

This is just my belief having been through rough rides riding the waves.


Aside: After practicing Kundalini yoga with my now wife we made an immediate decision to get married within two weeks of our first Ana and Brett session together.


Peace and stability



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I first saw this video a couple of years ago and it peaked my interest. It has since been pulled off of youtube but I managed to find a link.


What is this?????

Audio it's an exercise in the tibetan vajrayana tradition called Trul khor. It hasn't been pulled from youtube


But it's not advisable to try and learn this from anyone but a qualified master. Don't try and follow along with the video, you'll cause yourself problems.

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From personal experience and research. I feel that this alchemical mystery cannot be encapsulated in any frame (including the "esoteric schools")


I'm reading Sovatsky's "Words from the Soul" and I think he gets to the marrow: this process is much more mysterious and spontaneous than any "technique": a "post-genital puberty" and beyond...


That is called [yogic] action of the body in which reason takes no part and which does not originate as an idea springing up in the mind. To speak simply, yogis perform actions [asanas, “postures”] with their bodies [spontaneously], like the movements of [babies]. (Jnaneshvar, 1987, p. 102)




*Thus the shamanic or dionysian yoga and its bond with mystical

phenomenology maintained in the living moment through oral transmission

in the hoary past (and still, with all manner of attendant

difficulties), arose and then fell into ever more secularized,

scriptural fundamentalisms.*


*The sequence of dionysian yoga’s ‘fall’ /from /dionysian-soteriological

t,t,t,t,* *time and in-the-moment narrative utterances into the

apollonian mundane time and its formalized narratives and histories of

events is as follows:*


* *


*1. the spirit-in-time revealed as a superlative, private bodily

experience (ecstasy or enstasy),*


*2. emergent publicly as presemantic ecstatic-catalytic utterances

and dancing-swaying movements, [spontaneous kriyas, charisms, speaking

in tongues, trance states], then*


*3. languaged orally as sheer descriptions of the experience, then*


*4. memorized and scriptured into an orthodox text or externalized

liturgical commemoration (yoga and meditation as teachings; the

movements classicalized as ritual forms),*


*/5. its lessons fableized for charm (the ancient myths), then*


*6. in search of a genteel purity, its sparkling and sensual

phenomenology put into disembodied descriptions of ‘heaven realms’ or

sheer ‘higher states of consciousnesses,’ and*


*7. as texts and practices exported into the West, formulized for mass

pedagogical ease (the contemporary yoga books and aerobics-like classes,

stress-reduction courses, and other holistic applications or new-age



*8. made abstract or ‘symbolic’ of something else, or ‘primitivized’ by

scholars for learned discourse (the transpersonalist’s synthesizing

schemas),^4 and, at all junctures,*


*9. suppressed or championed by religio-political forces; eroded by

sectarian rivalries and scandals; desiccated as the legalistic, purely

academic word, or scorned as mere superstition.*


* *


*Thus the yogic textual metaphors that paint accurate pictures of

various phases of the inner experience of certain neuroendocrinal

maturations of, for example, ‘fluids raining down from the heavens’

and ‘sacrifices made into further sacrifices,’ referring to the

transmutation of subtle melatonin-like pineal secretions as they /appear

(to the rishika, ’the one who sees the described referent actually

happening’) with the eyes closed in ecstatic witness to their

flickering precipitations as cast ever higher [‘sacrificed and further

sacrificed’] into the ever-spiraling-higher center of the

cathedral-domed craniumís ’Krishna-dark space’ -- were transposed to

the externalized space of the firmament and, ironically, buried within

the homologous brahmanic sacrificial rituals (or myths) which were

meant to be subservient pointers to the inner hormonal developmental

experiences. The ‘higher and higher heavens’ became abstractions,

instead of aesthetic descriptions of how it floatingly actually feels

when the cerebral puberty unfolds meditative glimpses of the infinity of



*Via further translations into the modern pragmatic-scientific

vernacular, instead of an inner awe of wonder and delight, we now speak

of ‘spiritual practices,’ ’visualization techniques,’ yogic ‘states

of consciousness’ and quasi-Newtonian ‘spiritual energies.’ Instead of

a well-mapped but dynamic, esoteric phenomenology of marvelous

fluttering, whorling, meditative experiences of cerebral-hormonal

flowing juices or externalized teachings; the (soma) /and brilliant

sunlight (savitri, a Vedic term for kundalini illuminating the mind

and for which Elizarenkova counts more than fifteen verbs denoting its

brilliance in the Rig Veda) we have the dry brahmanic (Indian or

Western) abstractions or translations depicting only exoteric spritual

libations, transrational evolutionary schemas, tantric visualization

practices, and theonyms for sun worship. The Burning Bush, whether

Western or Eastern, as aptly describing the overwhelming, experienced

glow of kundalini in the cerebrum, is lost in its own metaphor. But

sometimes not, as Allama Prabhu, the tenth-century dionysian bhakti yogi



*Looking for your light[of hope],*

*I went out [into meditation]:*

*it was like a sudden dawn [of eternal ttt]*

*of a million million suns,*

*a ganglion of lightnings [the cerebral puberty] *

*for my wonder [soteriological awe]*


*O Lord of Caves [hearted flesh bodies],*

*if you are light,*

*there can be no metaphor [narrative equivalent].*


* **(Ramanujan, 1973 p. 168)*



*Words from the Soul*

*by Stuart Sovatksy , Ph.D.*

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What is this?????


Later on in the video there is a woman named Amber. I built a stupa with her at Diamond Mountain University in Bowie Arizona. The stupa has a few relics from the masters that gave permission to make this film. One of them is a rock from a cave that Padmasambhava meditated in.


This yoga was useful for working with large groups of monks with in a monastery. The moves are useful for clearing out the channels of those that frequently meditate. It's a monastic tool and not really applicable to an common yoga practice.

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Excellent points Ulises.

Retroengineering experience seems to be a goal of many yogas.

Irony being that no effective distinction between a willed experience and an unwilled one. Except our idea of control and containment?

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"The filming of this demanding practice was permitted with great reluctance" - Cue loud crack of real life thunder B) and we don't get thunderstorms that often here

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