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  1. There were no bells or whistles. There was no out-of-body flight or any sensations entering an altered state of consciousness. There was nothing as dramatic as what had happened when I was seven. I only saw a human figure appear in front of me. This was not a specific person but a generic individual, almost like a department store mannequin. It was not a being of Light as I was used to seeing, but seemed sculpted from light that glowed from within itself. It definitely appeared solid and physical, even though radiant with light. It seemed bursting with meaning; so much so that if information were heat and light, it would seem that this individual was standing in front of a furnace. I felt overwhelmed by the insights this figure contained, and could not grasp them all. Almost fifty years later, I'm still unpacking the information it had to offer. But one thing stood out. This figure represented an incarnate person in physical embodiment. It was neither a spiritual nor a non-physical being. It was not an image of what a person might become if he or she left the physical plane or became some kind of ascended master. I t was an image of the spiritual Light contained within and radiating from the act of individuation and personhood. It was the light of being a person. As I watched, the figure changed into a chalice and then became a figure again. It did this three times altogether, as if emphasizing that this person also represented a quality of holding. Afterward, I thought of this figure as "the person who is also a chalice". At the same time this vision unfolded in front of me, I sensed the presence of a group of inner beings in the background, one of whom came to stand behind me. He said quite distinctly, "There is a new spirituality emerging, a spirituality of personhood and incarnation. It will represent a new way of being in the world." ~David Spangler, "Apprenticed to Spirit"
  2. The powerful need to belong to oneself and to belong in the universe are ultimately the same thing: the drive toward wholeness. And since this drive entails a pursuit toward fulfillment of the need to belong sometimes the need to belong is put first and people will join strange societies or cults in order to fulfill this need. However, belonging to a group may be the opposite of pursuing one's wholeness, especially when the requirements of the group are those of obedience and imitation, as is the case with most cults and even organized religions. The availability of a path toward wholeness which is uniquely tailored to the individual has long been lacking, and the thought of it may even sound paradoxical. How could one pursue a path that is uniquely personal, uniquely individual? Where would the feedback come from? How would a person know when they are on such a path and when they are off it? What would the guidelines be? how would one come to arrive at such a path in the first place? Surprisingly, the path has always been there in each of us. The feedback system is in place. And frequently the call is very powerful. And the invitation is simultaneously profound and mysterious, and it exists at the very heart of who we are. Why would it be that everything that grows, each animal, every flower, every tree, is invited and nurtured to grow into wholeness, into its completeness, but not the human being? But each of us has been trained to ignore the path, to fear the call, and to doubt the feedback. And the system of training is called education. It requires conformity, obedience, a giving up of one's will to the teacher,a stepping away from one's true calling, and a learning to ignore the naturalness of the flow of one's own awareness. And an avoidance of one's own interests and a pursuit of commonality. On schedule, of course. For the natural rhythm, the natural sense of timing, the organic beat that is in each of us is subordinated to the tick of the clock. ...The source of the path is in the very seed-kernel of who we are, has been with us from the beginning, and continues to summon and beckon throughout our lives. And all it requires from us is relationship, true relationship, not the contrived obedience and conformity that were instilled in us in the name of child rearing. And true relationship requires being who and where we are and communicating that directly. For relationship is at the heart of coming into wholeness. We cannot get there by ownership, but only by relationship, a deep relationship with our own individual experiences. - Stephen Gallegos, "Into Wholeness"
  3. ...AND I enjoy playing also the qi gongs with form (Wu Ji Gong,aka "taichi for enlightenment", 8 Brocades) but with the clear, gorgeous awareness that I play/being played by the Qi through the form...very paradoxical, being conscious - energetically/emotionally(bliss) - of both foreground/background, so to speak...and I cooldn't agree more with Chunyi Lin: for me, it's all about being moved by the ecstatic Qi of Love
  4. "As children we are told/conditioned from very young age to dismiss our fantasies-to grow out of and grow up from such illusions and get with the "real world" (whose world?). Early educational and social-peer conditioning serves to wire our brain neurons into a particular set: a fixed pattern of receiving and interpreting the world. Thus we are literally hardwired into a specific reality paradigm and social operating system. Within this paradigm any thought of extrasensory perceptions are sneered at as childish nonsense (manufactured social peer pressure). Many of our early expressions of intuition are thus suppressed and stifled and replaced with "normal" thoughts and perceptions. Imaginative insights and visions are usually left to the eccentric artists, mystics, and fringe creative innovators. Much of our modern minds have been denied their left-right brain full function and pulled into a tight left-brain rational functioning that operates as mechanical, linear, competitive, and narrow. The Modernity Project has fashioned a mind-set that is a highly focused and logical narrow-band receiver. This arrangement has been further strengthened by modern social institutions in order to suppress visionary and creative insights and our intuitive capacities. The abstract right brain, with its magical world of creative visionary thinking, has been sidelined. Much of this right-brain activity was the source for indigenous wisdom, shamanic practices, and similar traditions that modern materialism has mercilessly eliminated over the years. We have been conditioned to think of such "magical practices" as primitive, barbaric, and worthy of little more than Western colonialism and imperial rule. The social institutions in our modern materialistic age act to influence us to reject anything extrasensory as a load of nonsense, wishful thinking, or New Age delusion. Thus with our left-hemisphere-dominated brain we live in the everyday world of matter: of material objects and external attractions. We are shown to exist as separate forces, as islands in a chaotic sea of physical and natural impacts, and at the whim of random neutral influences. Yet we now know that this is not the case...." http://www.realitysandwich.com/quantum_consciousness_0
  5. Yes, I've experienced pain/discomfort in parts of my body (mainly in the liver: I suffered minor hepatitis many years ago) while doing the first series of Wu Ji gong (aka "taichi for enlightenment/primordial qigong") which includes the Microcosmic Orbit...I kept doing it day after day, and very quickly the discomfort/pain vanished...
  6. the progress of science is leading to the vision of weird and weirder reality we live in, where the distinctions between the psychic and the "physical", the "objective" and the "subjective" are thinner and thinner...hyper-complexity, "information paradigm" (psychoid:including/trascending the dualism matter/psyche) and so forth and so on...the change of paradigm began a long time ago: http://www.amazon.com/Atom-Archetype-Pauli-Letters-1932-1958/dp/0691012075 http://www.amazon.com/Quantum-Questions-Mystical-Writings-Physicists/dp/1570627681 ...and more exciting paradigmatic change on the way... http://www.i-sis.org.uk/QuantumJazzTaoofBiology.php http://www.thepsilocybinsolution.com/darwins-unfinished-business.html what was the most accurate predictive tool working with clients time and again that Stan Grof and Richard TArnas found...?: Archetypal Astrology! https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&q=cache:-jbPlmXAn8AJ:www.stanislavgrof.com/pdf/Richard%2520Tarnas%2520and%2520Stan%2520Grof.pdf+archetypal+astrology+stan+grof&hl=en&gl=us&pid=bl&srcid=ADGEESiO40pIK3vUmHxOoVJFpTaJo0L_u6rxDvUTzuJISHWQtsMrSQjrPm8bkX09GrqvJXxcf1TY7rbXIUTskEcAUQ8n1P2cr_AIqfKIjOzwAsJe_NSNOcFSg1EATM4U3N8edtRWt80W&sig=AHIEtbTGnfMfSG-J5HYqwayHFcNkDJ8WYw What happened to one of the most brilliant, ground breaking systemic/cybernetician psychologists in the world...?: "Magical" happenings that put Castaneda's to shame.... http://www.dailyom.com/library/000/002/000002572.html We are re-discovering a world that is closer to the definition of "magical" that to any other definition...
  7. let's play with our toys in the Spirit...but no more walls, please...
  8. ' ...are you passing on the shake there, and if so, what method are you using? Bradford Keeney: Well, it's really not a method, other than you can say that we "work the Spirit." The older the tradition, the less protocol, the less ritualistic routine.'
  9. ' TS: Which brings me to one idea you have that I'd like to challenge you on. Let's see how this goes. It seems that you've put meditators in a certain category, that meditators are having controlled, versus wild, experiences. I'm curious if you think it's possible that that kind of shaking, trembling, uncontrolled flow of energy could be happening in a meditator who appears quiet on the outside, but there's actually quite a lot of explosive fire on the inside. What do you think, Brad? Bradford Keeney: Absolutely. Of course it can! Anything can happen! It's the same in the Kalahari. Sometimes you feel the juice inside, it's moving, it's not manifesting itself on the outside. Many, many things can happen. I'm only shaking up people's attachment to thinking there's only one side of the dance. Of course, in an idealized world, we're going to know that. I don't even need to call it "meditation." I'll just call it "deep relaxation" or "deep stillness" or whatever, as opposed to heightened arousal. Certainly shaking and meditation, if we can resurrect those two terms once more, are equally important, and what's most important is that they begin dancing in a relationship to each other. You see, this was the natural way. In the beginning, people felt the drums—because when you get the drums going, and you get the singing going, you're not going to sit still. You're going to move! And when you're moving and you get grabbed by the Spirit, you're going to get danced with. You're going to be worked on. And then, after a while, you collapse. You fall to the ground, and your mind is completely cleared and empty, because it can't track any of that. It can't hold it. There's no category that it can be put in and placed and understood. At that moment, you go straight into the zone that someone working hard in meditation is trying to find. The benefit from going to that is it swings right to the other side. And, of course, you say the same thing. If you really pursue the meditation, it'll swing you into an ecstatic state. What we need is that whole circle. That's the big news. It's that this is the other half. What we've got is Daddy telling everybody to sit still. Well, we need to go back to Mama Africa. Mama Africa says, "Get up and dance! Feel the earth!" So we need both. We need both the mama and father of spirituality, and we've just clipped off our roots to Africa, and really don't know the extent to which it has something to say, as well. So when I say, "Move over, meditation! It's time for shaking medicine!" that's me shaking things up. The heart of it is they're wed together. You can't have one without the other. ' *** "Stillness-Movement shares substantial similarities with Shaolin Wahnam, primarily in that both are systems that emphasize the allowing of qi to flow freely in the body and allowing any movements that manifest to happen (what some call “spontaneous qigong”)." Thank you for your words, ShaktiMama, it happened to me too..before being exposed to any energy work, I experienced spontaneously the circularity of stillness/ spontaneous movement (the coded imagery of Shakti dancing over quiet, still Shiva). Maybe because of that, it's that I'm interested, not in how you move your index finger this way or that way, but: "How do we live in a truly free world where we can relate to each other creatively, as opposed to ritualistically?" We know that, in the living of life, it can either tend to lean towards being an improvisational art, or it can follow the routines of someone's prescribed way of how we should behave with one another. And shaking, ecstatic heart awakening, let people free. It said, "Live life as jazz!" It's improvisational! It moves! It's something that cannot be held, contained, predicted. It is, in the most beautiful sense of the word, wild." I'm sorry,but what I find slightly amusing is this obssesion in drawing absolute differences between "systems" that allow "of qi to flow freely in the body and allowing any movements that manifest to happen": it's like putting fences in the middle of the sea... -other thing is if you are developing it as an aesthetic creation, with the clear awareness that in the end, your framing is nothing but a beautiful abstraction, and you want to be acknowledged for that..I resspect that; but those claims of "this system of spontaneous qigong is TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM ALL THE OTHERS"...come on, please ; )
  10. "shaking medicine", "stillness meditation", "seidr", "spontaneous qigong", seiki-jutsu, davenning, whirling, pizzica, "sahaja yoga"....many labels, kinetic "flavors", etc. same Mystery... That is called [Kundalini yogic developmental kriya] action of the body in which reason takes no part and which does not originate as an idea springing in the mind. To speak simply, yogis perform actions [asanas, mudras, kriyas] with their bodies, like the [innocent] movements of children. Jnaneshvar stuart.kzar.ru/node/48 the common key point, East & West, North & South:allowing your heart to open... "Bushman knowing is inspired by feeling love rather than thinking ideas. The more they feed love – loving the loving in a recursively spun positive feedback loop - the more they amplify its presence and impact on their body. It causes them to tremble and shake, an indication to them that they are awake and in the only state worthy of trustworthy knowing. For them, thinking should serve authentically experienced love rather than the latter being an abstraction for intellectual word play. Bushmen seek to make their “ropes” (a metaphor for relationship) strong. They do so by shooting “arrows” of amplified love into one another. You might be tempted to say that they are “cupid scholars” who hunt for “n/om” (the soulful life force). They work to make themselves “soft” through absurd play and open hearted expression so that the arrows and ropes that enhance relational connectivity may pierce and join. Bushman stories emphasize changes that surprise and trip you into being off guard with any convenient category of understanding. In effect, Bushman knowing is all about letting yourself out of any and all typological grids of abstraction so that the Heraclitean movement of spirited love can dance you into ever shifting relations with life. *** A group of elder women n/om kxaosi were asked what made them so strong in matters of n/om (Keeney 2010). They replied, “we are this way because of the tears we have wept for the ancestors who have passed on.” The deepest longing human beings experience often comes from the loss of a loved one. Rather than trying to emotionally get over it, these Bushman elders keep the longing alive, feeding it until it breaks their hearts wide open in an awakened way, bringing them inside a more expansive and intimate relation with their ancestors. In this connection tears flow along a channel that keeps their relationships strong and permits a never-ending expression of love and soulful guidance. Another intense form of longing is familiar to all lovers who fall deeply in love. In this infinite ocean of Eros we find there is more than simple love. There is loving love. When we become lovers of loving, the ropes are inseparable from us and carry our hearts into the highest realms. ~CIRCULUS: Journal for Creative Transformation. Volume1, Issue 1 "My views on this subject have evolved as I have deepened my personal connection with the universe. My goal is to continue to deepen my connection with the unconditional love of the universe and to live in this love every moment of every day, to live as my friend Marci Shimoff would put it, "Happy for No Reason." Living in unconditional love brings happiness to me every moment. Sharing this love with everyone I encounter deepens this connection even more. This is my ultimate goal and I think it is an excellent goal that everyone will find rewarding in ways we cannot even begin to imagine.... The very best, in my opinion, is connecting with the limitless, unconditional love of the universe and the infinite source. Opening your heart, connecting with this unconditional love is always the best. There simple is no more powerful healing energy than unconditional love. When you open your heart like this you can get into the emptiness/the oneness faster, then the Qi will do what is best for you naturally and spontaneously." Chunyi Lin http://www.thetaobums.com/index.php?/topic/16067-interview-with-chunyi-lin-of-spring-forest-qigong/
  11. highly recommended book... '...But here’s the important esoteric bit, expressed well in this quote from author John Barth’s novel Chimera: “The key to the treasure is the treasure.”... There is only, really, one option: nothing becomes “all this” by virtue of a distinction. Now, you’ll have to stay close as we proceed on this journey, because what we are doing here is trying to illuminate not creation, but the illumination that illuminates creation. We are trying to describe not simply what can possibly be talked about (the “all this”), but are attempting, rather, to describe describing. At its heart, this is ultimately an esoteric task, not a philosophical one. So to begin: the first distinction is THAT OF distinction. As we find out in the very last sentence of the last “official” chapter (before the lengthy notes), LoF p. 76 “We see now that the first distinction, the mark, and the observer are not only interchangeable, but, in the form, identical.” ' ... http://www.spiritalchemy.com/1146/esoteric-laws-of-form-1/
  12. who said that "manliness is violent", that is an absurd cliche!!! again, the (multifaceted) Femenine and Masculine are in all of us, as a palette of colors, a continuum each one (the name of the game is complexity...)but that dosen't mean that there aren't polarities...AND, let's not forget that polarities are part of an unbroken circularity (so we are not doing "groupings", just useful, operative distinctions of a seamless whole: "One Yin, one Yang, that's Tao") http://ciis.academia.edu/RobinRobertson/Papers/146815/Something_from_Nothing_G._Spencer-Browns_Laws_of_Form_cybernetic_version_of_article_
  13. Our body, the window for all beings

    "I am conscious of my body, but I don't mean this (Mother touches her body): I am conscious of THE body - it could be anyone's body! I am conscious of these vibrations of disorder, which come most often in the form of suggestions of disorder: a suggestion of hemorrage for example....The battle begins to be fought...between what we can call "the will to hemorrage" and the reaction of the cells of the body....But suddenly, the body is seized with a very strong determination and proclaims an order, and immediately the effect begins to be felt and everything returns gradually to normal. All this happens in the material consciousness. My body has all the physical sensations except the (actual) hemorrage....A few days later, I receive a letter from someone, and in the letter is the whole story: the attack, the hemorrhage, and suddenly the being is seized with an overpowering determination and hears the words - the very words uttered HERE. In the end he is cured, saved....And so I began to realise that my body is everywhere! You see, it is not just a matter of these cells: they are cells in, who knows how many, perhaps hundreds or thousands of people...It is THE body..."
  14. Our body, the window for all beings