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  1. Kunlun in Austin

    Maynard knows!
  2. Glenn Morris died

    Reflecting on Glenn as the date of his transition is upon us. Just reread this thread and was reminded of how it brought me to this forum! Funny how I get the feeling I know Glenn personally just from reading the books. Thankful I got to spend 04/02/2011 with Santiago in Miami, and 03/31/2012 with Wayne Oliver, Robert V Martin & everybody in Austin! I recognized Wayne from the 3rd JFJKD seminar in Seattle, but was shocked when I realized the guy I had been speaking with for a while was Rob Martin who wrote the intro to Shadow Strategies! Santiago, I can't thank you enough for the family time, keep rockin' ! Good stuff!
  3. What are you listening to?

    Just heard this today! Spun the album twice! (so far) Shortly thereafter I was feelin' this...
  4. Richard Feynman

  5. what is "red Phoenix"

    Anyone who was in Austin knows MAX HAD JUICE! and DR. PEPPER!!! inside joke all kidding aside, he gave it, I got it "Healers die young" I guess you have to... A. Let go B. Need healing or have a specific need for it Read "Pathnotes of An American Ninja Master" to find out what happens when you can't handle the juice Just as cool as meeting Max was getting to hang with everyone else. Chris was super F'n cool to talk to as were Glenn Morris's higher level students cooler yet was the fact that it was the 6th year anniversary of Glenn's passing ( I spent last year with Santi ) enough
  6. http://www.thetaobum...post__p__189822
  7. Who are the top people out there?
  8. You gotta love the republicans...

    Major Republican anti Castro Miami Movement Check this out http://www.theaustra...6-1225894248319 Communist beggars? American Idol ad nausem
  9. What are you listening to?

    Feeling this here and now...
  10. What are you listening to?

    An Addendum to my last post
  11. "Just wanted to start this thread and see what interesting responses are posted." OK... Study on This http://www.thetaobum...post__p__188776 http://www.thetaobum...post__p__189053 http://www.thetaobum...87entry183987 http://www.thetaobum...post__p__191809 Solid