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Hi all.


Lately I have been spending my free time listening to Podcasts of interviews performed by Lama Tantrapa.


He has interviewed so many great teachers in his series running for a couple of years now entitled "The secrets of qigong masters"


It has been wonderful to hear the words of wisdom in these teachers own voices.

Tremendously inspiring....AND FREE!!!


Some of my favorites have been

Dr Jerry Alan Johnson, Kumar Frantzis, Ken Cohen, Chunyi Lin, Roger Jahnke, Gary Clyman, Effie Chow.


So many different experiences. So humbling and so mind expanding.


I highly recommend it to one and all.


PS - Yes Lama does plug his own material on almost every show, but he is certainly entitled and it is a small cost of admission to the minds of so many great people.


PPS - More enjoyable then reading TTB so TTFN.


PPPS - Can anyone recommend other great Podcasts??


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Thanks for the Heads Up.


I make use of Noah Levine's talks and guided meditations podcasts available at Against the Stream Meditation Society.


This is Buddhism, not Taoism, and mostly geared for people in recovery. So if you have friends struggling with addiction issues, please spread the word.

Thanks. click on audio - Itunes link

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