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  1. Domancic healing method

    If I remember correctly, Zdenko traveled around learning many healing methods and then developed his own method. There was a woman energy healer in Russia he studied with, but I don't recall her name. If I find it, I'll post back here.
  2. Domancic healing method

    Zoran learned directly from Zdenko Domancic. He also made the documentary "Think About It", about Zdenko and his method. Zoran spent about two years at Zdenko's bioenergy clinic and took the training many, many times. The only person who had more training than Zoran is Zdenko's son.
  3. Domancic healing method

    I took the level 1 and 2 training several years ago. It's excellent! Easy to learn. I've been able to help a lot of people. I highly recommend taking the training, and Zoran is an excellent teacher.
  4. I spoke with Max

    I would like to learn this as well! Too funny!
  5. New daughter kicking butt

    Very cute! Congratulations, Scott. She's beautiful.
  6. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?
  7. What are you listening to? Describes the awakened state.
  8. Song about awakening

    Great song performed by Nina Simone, called Feeling Good. Listen to the lyrics. It has a taoist flavor in my opinion. Feeling Good