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  1. Negativity...

    I second that. As long as you are still living and breathing you WILL experience emotions. What happens next after they arise...this is the question worth considering.
  2. ...the tremendous importance of cumulative practice. Love RobB's reply Suggestion: Take whatever practice you currently are doing and challenge yourself to due some minimum quantity of it daily for 49 days. This will cement whatever practice you are doing thoroughly in your system. Then you will know what I'm referring to. Craig
  3. DUDE!!! It is obvious you don't see because you don't want to see. You have a simplistic and limited view and you cling to it continuously without any attempt to further your knowledge base by educated people. Wow! Do you have any idea who Jerry Alan Johnson is!! Do some research. He is a serious authority of medical qigong as well as Taoist priest. OMG. are you here merely to dumb down everyone with your constant reduction to abodominal breathing and other vast oversimplifications?? This is what I mean by disinformation. Just keep filling the forum up with your fundamentalist view formed from ...what? Oh yeah, you studied with some people and then decided that old written works in the original chinese would tell you better than living people ever could. I guess you cannot investigate Jerry A Johnson because he is a white guy, right? arrrrgggghhhh done now. have a nice day. Craig
  4. Cultivating the Tao in China

    Xi'an is nice. Check out the Moslem market. Huge open air market for all types of trinkets, curios, clothes, etc, etc. If you make it ti Xian you should find some way to get the Huashan. Highly reccomend it. skip the Terra Cotta warriors. Craig
  5. Seth Ananda needing to be banned

    I support suspensions of 7 days for Seth and Scotty. I support suspending Scotty for an addittional 7 days for each of the following. Scotty 2000, Scotty 3000, Scotty 4000. Clear and direct insults at the moderators. So I support an additional 28 days for Scotty as well as permanently banning all permutations of his persona. If he keeps going I support moving directly to 45 day suspension. AFter that.... I really hate banning. I would support allowing Starjumper7 to return even. I would hate to see Scotty go that way but he seems to be trying for it at the moment. Craig
  6. Artificial Meat (?) What's your thoughts

    Oh yeah, PETA, they are a very rational and trustworthy source for what we should or should not eat. acckkk gaggghhh kaff (sorry, hairball)
  7. Artificial Meat (?) What's your thoughts

    OMFG!!! Am I the only one retching at the thought of giving my body over to man made franken food. Sure, no problem, they know everything the body needs to thrive. Trust them. Better living through chemistry. arrrrrgggghhhhh. Help! Run away....
  8. Ejaculation frequency

    Hey No need to attack. He told the OP to disregard everyone with the exception of a few he named. Logically that means to disregard him as well...
  9. Sky Dancers

    Apech I support Stig in this. It's a question of balance. Stigs point. Things are AFU. Stig's idea. Things are AFU because of excess Yang. Actually I see it as false yang. ie, if yin is suppressed Yang will appear overpowering in comparison while Yang itself may actually deficient, the suppression of Yin makes Yang dominant, ie holding more power in comparison. If Yang were to relax the suppression of Yin this may lead to a new level of flourishing Yin AND Yang, ie a higher order energetic state in which both are stronger through allowing true nature to be expressed. Stig's points about Womens power (perceived or real) are relevant anthropologically when one seeks to understand how we arrived where we are today. IMO it has been fairly well established that women were seen as Stig has expressed it, and that Men did in fact in many societies respond to this perceived power by overcontrolling it. This includes what has become modern western society. Also, IMO, to look at the sexes in modern society and see their roles as balanced is really wrong. Just as it is wrong to view the modern world and see it as balanced. Koyaanisqatsi Craig
  10. Sky Dancers

    Thanks stig. I was almost ready to admonish you for an earlier post where you appeared a bit passive aggressive on this yinyang subject. I admire that you did exactly what I was hoping for and recognize there is an interesting kernel in the subject matter, but yes VMarco should really drop that which does not fit traditional models of yinyang or at least acknowledge what his interpretation is, ie, His OWN and not derived from Taoism directly. Hey, at least VMarco has something of interest to bring forward, a perspective. And he is definitely not at the kindergarten level when it comes to his knowledge. Unlike QiDragon (sorry, does that count as a personal attack?) AS for me, I do find the idea of digging into myth and comparitive religion to be fruitful. Also I like to see other people react to VMarco's work. He is really good at rocking EVERYONE's boat, Taoist, Buddhist, Christians, Jews. I'm sure there will be something soon for Muslims to react to , but maybe no one here feels the need to defend that faith. Oh, I left out shamans. Any shamans upset by VMarco yet? Not me. Craig
  11. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. Ralph Waldo Emerson PS - Your Weiqi for deflecting constructive criticism is well developed sir!
  12. Chakra and Micro cosmic orbit

    This is precisely the teaching that I have been receiving very recently. each energy center (less culturally charged term) is connected to a certain state of consciousness. And also that it is possible to learn how to choose between states of consciousness at will and move skillfully between them for a variety of purposes. In my view Chakras and Tantiens/meridians/acu points exist on different planes, or different vibrational densities. Do you hold a similar view? ie Tantien/Meridians/acu-points are qi related and therefore closer to the physical body vibration and Chakras represent less dense energy of consciousness? I also resonate with what Effilang said about the systems being constructs which are merely accretions upon the true root of reality. These are indeed tools to work with the pure energy of the universe, which may also be termed the pure energy of consciousness. Is it possible to go directly to the root? Maybe, but more easy for most to use certain tools of perception to move towards the ultimate root of reality. Lately I have been working with the concept of exploring without trying to make things happen. IOW how do you have an energetic experience without trying to make something happen? The majority of qigong and neigung as far as I know are interested in working with energies. There is some Intention to make things happen. Open a meridian. Cook alchemical ingredients in the cauldron. Transmit qi, transmute jing to qi to shen. These are mainly doing practices. Is there a way to work directly with Qi. Is there a way to perceive the flow of energy and learn how to flow with what energy you resonate with? Are forms necessary? Where do forms come from ? Maybe will start another thread soon to expand on the above. Mike, can you comment more about the relationship between the chakras and different states of consciousness? Thanks for hanging in there. Craig
  13. Chakra and Micro cosmic orbit

    Sorry Informer: You come out looking silly IMO in this argument. 5ET seemed perfectly willing to provide a space for discussion. You made absolutist statements and refused to provide any real basis. I am sure you will call out my bias as I respect 5ET and have demonstrated it on the forum. Doesn't change the fact that you made yourself look foolish. My opinion, but I believe 5ET deserves credit for trying to have civil discourse. Craig