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Cancer a modern disease

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Research shows that the level of cancer has risen drastically in modern world by looking at mummies from Egypt and South America.


Researchers looking at almost a thousand mummies from ancient Egypt and South America found only a handful suffered from cancer when now it accounts for nearly one in three deaths.

The findings suggest that it is modern lifestyles and pollution levels caused by industry that are the main cause of the disease and that it is not a naturally occurring condition.


Cancer in ancient world

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As well, it likely relates to the rise of processed, out of season, non-local foodstuffs. People are no longer getting the cancer preventative nutrition; they simply don't make the correlation very readily, addicted as they are to that which is engineered to be addictive.

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I`ll buy the main theory but did the mummified people live long enough for a fair comparison? You`d have to look at cancer numbers below the average age of the mummies. Well, perhaps not teh age of the mummies as they are thousands of years old but the mummified people when they died.

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I`ll buy the main theory but did the mummified people live long enough for a fair comparison? You`d have to look at cancer numbers below the average age of the mummies. Well, perhaps not teh age of the mummies as they are thousands of years old but the mummified people when they died.


Yes I thought of that - but I presume (but don't know for sure) that they compare statistical distributions for the age range 25-50 then and now to come to this conclusion.

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Our bodies are not used to a sedentary lifestyle. Millions of years of hunter-gatherer existence is a hard "habit" to break over the course of a few thousand years (the span of time civilized society has existed for). So for there to be increased levels of disease is not surprising.


Recently I had this idea that increased rates in cancer as well as other disease are a symptom of humanity's growing pains of transitioning from nomads to sedentary/ant-like colonialism.

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I believe cancers to be energetc malfunctions caused by unnatural and exponentially higher occurances of electromagnetic radiation, waves, frequencies and vibrations caused by communication formats; radio, TV, cell phones, microvaves, etc.. the the leaked energies from electric currents, the nearly constant immersion in these artificially manipulated energies interferes with the natural functions of biological systems.. the cure will need to come from the same sources..


Be well..

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I believe cancers to be energetc malfunctions caused by unnatural and exponentially higher occurances of electromagnetic radiation, waves, frequencies and vibrations caused by communication formats; radio, TV, cell phones, microvaves, etc.. the the leaked energies from electric currents, the nearly constant immersion in these artificially manipulated energies interferes with the natural functions of biological systems.. the cure will need to come from the same sources..


Be well..


I think cancer can also be caused by viruses. I believe "many" of these viruses are intentially

created and designed by evil people, so our immune system can not fight back. Just think, many cancers knows where to go first... it hits the key immune areas first (lymph nodes). This is almost a targeted attack

and not really some cell that has gone out of control. Its like they are programmed to destroy

and they know how to do it.


When I think about the mode of killing cancer that also concerns me, especially for cultivators. I know many monks who die of cancer. To kill cancer modern ways requires radiation. I read somewhere that radiation is actually bad for our soul bodies. So for someone with Chi, or someone cultivating their spirit bodies, radiation might just destroy the soul body as well.

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I'm no oncologist, but it's worth looking into the research on Vitamin D and cancer. The basic theory is that we evolved to spend a lot of time in the sun, and since we don't anymore, there is a widespread Vitamin D deficiency. Adequate Vitamin D is proven to fight cancer and many other diseases. The research is suggesting that very few people in modern society get adequate Vitamin D.


Here's a good place to start:


Will popping Vitamin D pills prevent cancer? I don't know if we can go that far, but it does look like it may be one big part of the puzzle.

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Cancer = increased human activity due to the Industrial Revolution which turned humans into robots rather than spiritual beings and deviating from the Traditional Way (nurturing the Earth, being in harmony with natural cyles, and not following the Daoist precepts of: good food, good water, good air, good Qi, good heart and good mind).


This says it all.


OK, let me upload another great article by the wise "Rat" Daniel Reid:


"Diet coke and cellphones will kill you. Tofu is “deadly.” That’s according to American-born health professional and author Daniel Reid, who is currently in Bali holding detoxification programs with his Taiwanese wife Snow, a healer, at The Balé luxury boutique hotel in the upmarket Nusa Dua area. The Australia-based 58-year-old, whose childhood was spent in Africa and has spent most of his life in Asia, is a passionate believer in the concept of “you are what you eat” and urges people to fast to eliminate toxins and restore themselves to optimal health. Reid, who has just published his latest book, The Tao of Detox, spoke this week to The Bali Times’ managing editor, William J. Furney


Researchers are now pointing to diet as one of the leading causes of cancer. Just what is it that people are eating that’s killing them?


Well, it’s not actually the food per se; it’s what happens in your body. It accumulates acid waste – when you digest and metabolize it. Because we’re eating the wrong kind of food and not eliminating properly, you get a buildup of acid waste. The basic cause of cancer was discovered in 1931. Dr. Otto Warburg, a German scientist – he got the Nobel prize for medicine – he found out that everything that causes cancer, without exception, has two basic conditions: there’s too much acid in the tissue and there’s not enough oxygen. We all know what happens with the waste product of breathing and respiration: you burn the oxygen leave the carbon dioxide, and when you metabolize, you burn sugar, you burn protein, fat. What’s the waste product? It’s acid. It’s so simple. It’s simple science.


So when you eat food that produces far too much acid – sugar, dairy products, and any kind of chemical: preservatives, pesticides, food additives, food coloring, pharmaceutical drugs, aspartame, synthetic this, synthetic that, any chemical – it produces a tremendous amount of acid.


If you put that together with what Dr. Warburg discovered, and got a Nobel prize for medicine for, it’s very obvious the way we eat today, we’re producing a lot of acid waste in our bodies and we’re not getting enough oxygen, especially with pollution.


So why don’t people know what they should eat to be healthy?


Because they’re not told. In fact, they’re told the total opposite – it’s advertising. I [still do] blame the manufacturing companies, obviously. But if you set people free to make money they’ll do anything they can to make money – they’ll sell you arsenic if you’re willing to pay for it.


I do in a way blame the irresponsibility of the manufacturers. Government agencies don’t protect people; they protect corporations.


I finally, in the end, blame the individual. It’s like when you go to court for breaking the law and the judge says ignorance is no excuse when you say you didn’t know it was against the law.


The basic problem: why now, instead of one in 100 people getting cancer, in 1913, one in three gets it. How many trillions of dollars [have been spent] on the war on cancer and it just keeps getting worse. None of the cures they have [work]. Chemotherapy – please! There’s nothing more poisonous or acid-forming than chemotherapy, which is exactly contributing to the main cause of cancer.


So if a doctor says to a cancer patient they’ve got to have a course of chemotherapy, what are the alternatives?


Oh, God! I can tell you a dozen alternatives, and the first one is detox. The alternatives are very simple: first of all, inform yourself. The basic cause of cancer – and, in toxicity, cancer is the final stage, and what’s happening basically is your tissues are fermenting, rapid growth of cells, tumors forming; it’s fermentation. I mean, how does it work? Fermenting beer, wine, yoghurt, cheese. You ask anyone who makes these things: What do you do? You close the container so no air gets in, no oxygen. Number two: you need an acid environment. Then it’ll ferment.


So what’s happening in the tissues of cancer is you’ve got so much acid and a total lack of oxygen that the tissues ferment and that’s cancer.


Do you know of documented cases of cancer suffers having shunned chemotherapy in favor of detoxification and been cured?



So if that’s the way to go, why isn’t everyone doing it?


I’ll tell you why. The statistics show – and it’s absolutely 100 percent true, and I say this in all my books – people who get cancer and do absolutely nothing about it, including not changing their diet – smokers don’t quit smoking; drinkers don’t stop drinking; people who eat sugar and meat and don’t stop that – live longer than those who go to the doctor and take the mainstream treatment, which increases the basic underlying cause. Temporarily it works because it kills cancer but it kills the liver and everything else, too. So when you stop you’re in even worse condition.


Now why don’t people do this (detoxification)?


People are scared [to death] by their doctors. They go to their doctor and he says: You are going to die next month unless you come in tomorrow.


What do you make of the alarming rise in obesity in countries like the United States, Britain and Australia?


They’re starving. They’re starving. The fat people are starving. Now figure that one out. You want to know what I mean by starving?


They’re not getting the proper nutrients.


Exactly. Your brain has an appetite-control center. You’re hungry not when you’ve run out of food – you can go 60 days without eating – but when your body needs certain nutrients: you’re out of protein; you’re out of vitamins, minerals. So you’re hungry and you start eating. But if you eat food that has no nutrition – junk food: chips, white bread, all these packaged things, cookies, blah, blah, blah – you will keep eating and even though you’ve had a massive amount of food – you watch these people eat and say: How did you fit all that in your stomach and you’re huge – but the brain is saying: Hey, I haven’t gotten my basic nutrients, so keep eating.


You claim that food giants can more or less do what they want, even if their products are harmful to human health. But if that’s the case, how can they get away with it? Surely the public is protected by the various government agencies.


The health authorities protect them (the food giants). The most corrupt organization in the American government is the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Now they decide what food and drugs you’re allowed to consume or be prescribed. They let things like aspartame go on the market, which is what they put in Diet Coke. It’s a deadly poison. It causes brain cancer.


But people aren’t dropping dead because they’re drinking Diet Coke.


They are, but slowly. They’re dying slowly. I know two men who died of brain cancer. They were surfers in Australia, in the sun every day and considered they ate healthily. It turns out both these guys were addicted to Diet Coke, and they admitted it and said they couldn’t stop drinking it. They were drinking eight, nine cans a day.


Ordinary Coke has other problems: it’s nine teaspoons of white sugar for a 12-ounce bottle. Phosphoric acid is its basic agreement. Drinking Coca-Cola is the most acid-forming thing you can possibly do. What you’re doing is creating the fundamental underlying conditions for any cancer.


Where do you stand on meat in the diet?


Today I recommend that people who eat meat to only eat one kind of meat, and that’s lamb. Pork, basically, is hard to digest and is very acid-forming anyway, under the best of circumstances.


The problem with meat today is the way the animal is raised – hormones, antibiotics, steroids, and what they feed them: (ground up) dead cows.


Many environments are polluted with emissions from vehicles, power plants and other sources, which naturally leads to health problems, but you see another form of pollution, one you call “invisible”: TV and radio transmissions, microwave towers for cellphone use. Are these really that bad?


Deadly. [Around my neck I wear a] Tesla’s, a molecularly alerted titanium plate, which is the only product I’ve found in my research which actually works (to change the wave pattern of electromagnetic energy). They ( make little buttons for cellphones and computers, too.


The effect of [cellphones] is producing cancers, suppressing the immune system, nervous-system problems.


Everyone has a cellphone...


I don’t.


...apart from you, even in developing countries like this, people are addicted to them...


They’re killing themselves. Anywhere within a meter of a cellphone you’re going to get the same radiation, so it doesn’t matter if you’re texting, have the phone up to your ear or are using a hands-free earpiece. Tens times worse, by the way, in a car – because the metal frame acts as an amplifier. in five, 10 years’ time, what kind of medical-related problems do you expect to see?


You’re going to have a massive, massive incidence of brain cancer. Guaranteed. The cellphone companies are going to be sued, and then their position is: Well, the government allowed it; at that time the standards were set by the government and they’re going to point the finger at the government, and the government is going to point the finger at the studies that said it was okay, which were funded by industry and so it’s going to around in circles and people are just going to die of brain cancer. And they (cellphones) will be banned. Or they’ll make them safe.


Moving back to diet: what do you typically eat?


I’ve given up grains, because grains aren’t fit foods for human beings. The test for a food being suitable for human beings is can you eat it raw. You can’t eat raw rice, wheat – it’ll actually poison you.


Hundreds of millions of people in Indonesia and all around Southeast Asia live on white rice. It can’t be that bad.


They have a lot of health problems – pancreatic cancer, bowel problems. When we stopped being hunter-gatherers and nomads and settled down in places, the only way to feed that many people was by growing grains. But grains are inedible, unless you process them – in this case, cook them. I’m not telling other people you can’t eat grains – you asked me what my diet is. I discovered two years ago, after doing a big detox, that I couldn’t eat grains anymore. They made me throw up; my body stopped accepting them. They’re highly acid-forming, by the way.


Snow and I eat a lot of nuts and seeds, particularly almonds and sunflower seeds. You can’t digest them dry, so the secret to making this the best food on the planet – it’s a seed; it can grow into a tree. Imagine what it can do for you – is to soak them overnight in water, because otherwise it’s got a natural preservative, which is why a seed or a nut can sit in room temperature for 10 years and not rot. It’s not digestible [raw]. How do you plant a seed? You plant it in the ground and water it. It’s a living food, and is the best food in the world.


Besides that I eat vegetables, fruits and fish, lamb and organic eggs.


What about what’s called “nature’s wonder food,” tofu? It’s supposed to be extremely good for you.


Oh, now you’ve really opened up a can of worms. Soybeans are not good for you; they’re bad for you. It’s a myth that Chinese and Japanese used to eat a lot of soy; they only had it in times of famine. Any soy product today – I don’t care what it is: tofu, soybean milk – is deadly.




Deadly, and I’ll tell you why. It’s got bioestrogen, a plant form of estrogen, the female hormone. You feed it to baby boys and they grow breasts and their genitals don’t grow, and there are thousands of them around. In girls: breasts aged eight, getting pregnant at 10. A lot of it has to do with a so-called health food: soy. It’s immuno-suppressive.


Drinking soymilk every day – men, women, children – is like taking five birth-control pills a day; that’s how much estrogen you’re getting.


So why is it pushed as this super-healthy food?


Because it’s dirt-cheap to produce. And big corporations like MonSanto grow hundreds of millions of acres of soy, and it’s in everything. It’s been shown to have cancer-producing properties and it’ll kill you. It completely messes up your endocrine system and it suppresses the thyroid gland. Don’t eat soy.


You advocate fasting as part of your detox program. How long should you do it for?


The ideal detox fast for cleansing your body is seven days; that’s how long it takes your body to completely purify its own bloodstream. But because most people don’t have the time, and because after three days it becomes intense because of the toxins being released, you can do it in three days, with colonic irrigation.


Fasting is the way the body is designed to cleanse and heal itself. Primitive societies used to have what they called a sick house. When you got sick you were put in the sick house and you were not allowed to eat until you got better. It’s just a natural mechanism, but today people say, Oh, I can’t go even half a day without food, and I understand that. However, anyone who does our program, you feel so much better after three days and when you see what comes out of your body, it’s so shocking.


What about alcoholic drinks? Are they a no-no?


I’m not a purist, or a monk. I like to drink a little bit sometimes; I like a cigar once in a while. Red wine and beer are not good, because they’re fermented. They’re highly acid-forming. The antioxidant excuse is just an excuse to drink red wine. There are many other antioxidants. I recommend distilled drinks like vodka, white rum, gin. The best is anything clear, which is the purest and easiest for your body.


What’s your take on anti-aging, which is becoming increasingly popular with its human growth hormones, Botox injections and the general whole-body approach it adopts to extending lives?


There’s no such thing as anti-aging. All you can do is slow down the aging process. All it is is a cosmetic thing. Let me tell you about growth hormone: yes, it’s remarkable. Seventy-five-year-old men suddenly have 20-year-old girlfriends and the hair’s growing back. It’s US$10,000-15,000 a year to take the shots. You stop the shots, you go right back where you were.


However, you know what triggers growth-hormone production in your pituitary gland? Fasting. Why do you think fasting works? It’s a self-healing thing. Not only does it detoxify you; when you stop eating, your pituitary gland gets a signal and out comes the growth hormone – free. So if you fast on a regular basis, you secrete growth hormone, you repair all the damage in your body and you’ve done anti-aging. But people don’t want to do it that way. They want to go and have a shot in the afternoon and then go out and have a fancy dinner at a steakhouse that night. They don’t want to interrupt their lifestyle.


Botox is insane – and they’ve even got the word in there, tox. It’s a bacteria toxin and reduced to a rate that won’t outright kill you. The way it works is it paralyzes the muscles. I tell you something, injecting something into your face that paralyzes your muscles, a poison, is that called anti-aging? It’ll kill you in the long run.


One of the fundamentals of Tao is that women are sexually superior to men, who are perceived as being the weaker of the sexes and are generally only around to fertilize women’s eggs. Some see this apparent inequality – where man attempts to assert his superiority – as the ongoing battle of the sexes. Is that a fair assessment?


Correct, especially on a sexual basis. Nature’s built that way: man provides the seed and becomes dispensable. The woman gets pregnant, so there’s no more sex, and during that time the man protects that cave from the saber-toothed tigers. And then if he dies after that, or because of sexual depletion, it doesn’t matter; the woman’s already had the children. That’s nature.


Women are stronger by nature because they are the ones that have to bear children, so you know, their hormones, their immune system – they live longer than men. Nature has built the woman in a stronger way. Whether they’re superior in any other way – in values or morals – that’s a different issue.


In this battle, then, are men therefore inherently misogynistic, despising women because in the back of their minds they know women are superior?


I think it has a lot to do with fear of women’s power and that they (men) don’t want to take responsibility with dealing with the facts of life.


So why are women treated as second-class citizens in some countries, and why are all countries male-dominated societies?


Women used to be in charge, and men got jealous, whatever. They’re stronger and subdued women physically. They made them second-class citizens. They created marriage as a way of saying: This belongs to me; this woman belongs to me. It didn’t stop the man from having other women or from having 10 – they all belong to me. The stronger you are, the [richer] you are, the more women you can have, but it’s not nature’s way.


What do you think of the way women are treated in Saudi Arabia, for example?


It’s an extreme example of male chauvinism, of men thinking that they’re superior; in fact, they’re not. Men have a few advantages over women, naturally: they’re very creative, inventive. Let the women run the show and just put the man in a hut with a bunch of tools and he’ll invent almost anything. Men have a remarkable ability to focus the mind – concentration. Superior to women in that respect.


The more macho the man, the greater his desire to express his dominance over women?


That’s absolutely true. What I would say is learn to respect female energy and respect women for what they are and respect their power and benefit from it – especially during sex.


What three basic things would you say to someone reading this who is not feeling all that well?


Drink alkaline water. (Bottled water is not alkaline.)


Stop eating anything that won’t rot.



Edited by Gerard

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