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  1. 3g Networks Safe?

    Health danger - wifi radiation - 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CadSeGvR1o&feature=related I am returning my kindle and bought a EMF meter! There is another video out there showing high radiation from underneath your laptops.
  2. 3g Networks Safe?

    Does anybody know whether these are safe? I just bought a kindle to read my e-books and was not sure if the 3g network is safe? There was a dutch study that showed people experienced headaches and nausea, tingling. Myself, felt tingling and weird sensations in my body. Anybody else out there with an amazon kindle? I think I may be returning my kindle...
  3. The Methods of Meditation

    "Chan and Zen Teaching " - Lu Kuan Yu (Charles Luk)
  4. The Methods of Meditation

    if i was to pick 'ism' yes this would be mine it is the most complete system. this is what bodhidarma taught and chan is his baby bodhidarma is descendant of sakamuni. hui neng was last transmitter. good luck
  5. all for corporate profits and greed.
  6. Hermit Video

    I talked to him awhile back and he sent this response: "No, my friend, you do not bother my meditations. Actually, it´s been almost weeks that I was not medtitating as much as I do usually. I am in the capital of bolivia, a city, in the house of my friend. He asked me to help him to make alcoholic drinks like vodka and rom and others - he has his enterprise and I knew him from before. But I´m looking forward to go back to the jungle, the mountains because I miss time with myself. Why do I choose to continue on this plane while I can leave it? It´s not a question that´s easy to answer. Actually, this name I have now - Dolama - could be the answer. Dolama is tibetan diety, a feminie aspect of buddha, tara - the mother of compassion. I could have left for the caves in the himalayas. I was offered a lama name - I could have stayed in tibetan monasteries. I could simply leave this world, cease to exist here and simply go. Not to another world - I do not need other worlds. To me all the worlds are the same now. You are right ..., this one is really limitated and there are worlds that are full of bliss, friendship and freedom, sun.... but I came from there. I chose to be born in this world to uplift consciousness of human beings. I was not so happy to be born here knowing that this world is no fun at all - people are blind and ignorant, there´s so many nonsence like laws and states, countries, all the limitations. All you can do and not, all you can be and not. I wasn´t very happy when I chose to be born here. I did it more of responsibility. There are souls that are born here to teach and to help humanity to transcend but it is a sacrifice - it´s like going to live in a tribe of monkeys. This is what my memories tell me. Memories of my past, memories of my past lives and experiences. But now I do not belong to those memories anymore. I can simply go. Not return to the places I visited before - I do not need other worlds, I do not need other experiences. I can simply go. Dissolve, leave my individuality, leave my soul or spirit. Simply merge with the all and be. But it happens that you are searching for this freedom, this answer, this reality or enlightenment for lifetimes, milions of lifetimes. And even more because there´s no such thing as time. Aeons of experiences you are searching your way out of your prison. And you are so mad in your search that you cannot see the doors that are right here. But... when you wake up, you find the doors open you can go. You are happy, you are free. You say ¨now I will go¨ but a strange feeling comes to you. You realize that you´ve been here, in this cell for such a long time. And now you can go. You think to yourself ¨I´ve been here for so long that I cannot even remember, now I can go. But... let me stay for 5 minutes more - now that I can go, now that I am free, my search had finished - I´m happy. There´s no hurry to run from this prison. At the same time I see other beings, other souls that are still searching for the way out. Okay, I know they will not listen to me - I can point them the doors out but they will not be able to leave yet. But... I will stay here for awhile. I will simply see those people living their lives and I will be among them even though I do not belong here anymore - I´m not a slave anymore. I will be like a king undercover - I will simply stay here for a few moments. Now that I´ve found the doors and I can go and I know I will never come back why not stay with those people I´ve known for lifetimes and lifetimes? Just for awhile and when I´m fed up I will go. YOu realize your freedom and you become free even though you decide to continue for awhile in this world. You still have your body and this body is subject to laws of this world and people still can kill you but, in fact, you are not the body anymore - it´s just your vehicle. So, while to the eyes of the other people you look like a ordinary mortal, you know your freedom, you do not have limitations. with rearlization indivitual ceases to exist. He becomes all and at the same time nothing. Entire universe, entire existence - at the same time nothing. Not being indivitual ¨I¨ anymore he is free. He becomes love itself, life itself, reality and illusion itself. So this is why I am still here. At the same time I´m not here anymore. I do not belong here. People do not see that but I do not care about it - I simply move, smile and there´s nothing more for me, nothing to gain, to expect, nothing to loose. I am and at the same time I am not. simply being. The essence so these are my spontaneous words my brother dolama" You choose To Live - Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/user/Hermit1yoga#p/u/99/qy4UjWFsRQc You choose To Live - Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/user/Hermit1yoga#p/u/98/zi4KgikmvHs
  7. Hermit Video

    I've been following this guy for a while. I think he achieved enlightenment. http://www.youtube.com/user/Hermit1yoga#p/u/68/qNJF-7geeEM
  8. The Methods of Meditation

    Meditation Method: How to Achieve the State of One Mind:
  9. Eye witness accounts of the spirit world

    I had an experience that turned out to be almost, i'm not sure but almost had some bad consequences. I found myself in what I suspect was the other realm or spirit realm that dwag talks about. I could walk around in it. But somehow I ended up slipping out of the state. Once out, I tried to get back in. I was able to get back in, but for some reason, I could not move around in that realm as I wanted. Through struggling I ended up out again. Basically, at the time I was thinking, cool I"m in a different realm, I wonder if I can have my fantansies come true by acting out them here, like pick up a woman and have sexual relations with her to test what was happening. That never happened because I came out of the state. So tried again to get back into that state. The next time I tried, my body went into a seizure. I was spirit in my body watching my body twitch and go into seizure. As I was watching, I was going, oops I think I wasn't supposed to do that. I was still in some trance state when this happened. Eventually I came out of it completely. I"m still ok, but man, I was literally watching or experiencing my body twitching or blockages. Can't really explain it.
  10. I"m not sure it is possible for most people. Its probably possible to have a major awakening,but to obtain that level, which is the hightest, it must be part of your karma. Even Sakyamuni buddha did not obtain that level, as well as others. They had special abilities, but never got to that level.
  11. This article has too many areas with problems. It does not identify what type of orange juice in what state is served. 1. Orange Juice that is processed w/added fructose 2. Organic Non-processed, Fresh squeezed, not-altered. 3. Fresh oranges, you peel Most likely this research is based on orange juice off of the shelf which is full of fructose. Companies try to make as much orange juice as possible by adding fructose. For example, they can take 1 orange and squeeze all the juice out. Normally when you do this, you only get 1 glass of juice or less. But what they do to maximize profits is to take that 1 orange and its contents and add sugar to it, plus water. So instead of getting 100% pure orange juice you only really get 5% orange juice, 95% water, and a shit load of sugar. Its not the natural orange that is bad, its always the business practises that are bad. They know they are screwing people over for profit, but they really don't care, because they all are still diluted themselves.
  12. What type of Daoist are you? -- Part 1

    I believe the buddhas teaching has validity. The problem is not his original teaching, its the number of sects that are teaching inaccurate information and customizing it, thus, the foreseeing that buddhism will also disappear. There are too many sects and too many vehicles. These days, you even find buddhist sects arguing with each other. When another buddha comes around after the decline of buddhism, he may not call it the dharma. Why because the language may be different? It may be called in some different because the dominant language will be different or the buddhas spoken language is no longer sanskrit. Buddhism, Dharma, Sangha, are all labels we have assigned to this time. Even tho the labels will change, the hidden message remains the same. This is why the chinese have Dharma in chinese, the tibetans have it in tibetan. From what I heard, it is not the achieved master who can not teach, but it is because he chooses not to, or not part of his mission. Some who incarnate here have the mission to teach others. I wouldn't say they do not have the capacity to teach. When you have achieved transformational bodies and cultivated to a point where even the body no longer remains, if that is not a buddha or higher, I'll shit my pants. According to the buddha sutras, many do not even transform their bodies to light, but just leave. What about those that do transform their bodies to light. This means they are even higher than the buddha you speak of. In china, there are some who have obtained these levels already. Its not the word that counts. Its the message or meaning behind the word. Not only that, but again, by creating a word for it, you have already limited the thing that cannot really be defined at all, which is absolute. You can tell someone to "Fuck off", but if you say it in a good way or joking way, its still good dharma. haha!
  13. New Interview With Chang's Top Student Jim

    He is one of the first western students. Does not mean he is one of the top students. There are many chinese descent who have already obtained level 4 with John Chang. Chang will not teach you if you are not chinese beyond level 2. I have talked to Jim myself. He is frustrated he has not gone further along the path. Also, Chang is no longer teaching. He has senior students teaching now and have taken his place. He is focusing on his business and other family things I guess, from what I hear.
  14. What type of Daoist are you? -- Part 1

    You've only labeled the triple gem buddhism. He had to call it something. Before the buddha, when there was no buddhism, what would you have called it then? The guidance of the triple gem could have been called something else. Before christ, when there was no label of christ consciousness, what then? Each time period has its new avatars and they all call it something else. Someday, buddhism will disappear, taoism will disappear, christ consciousness will disappear, krishna teaching will disappear, and something else will take its place.
  15. What type of Daoist are you? -- Part 1

    I agree, the Tao should not be named. To name it is to give it limitations and a label. Its boundless. Lao Tzu only named it that because he didn't know what to call it. To say you are this, and that, is just wrong. To say you are a buddhist or a Taoist is no different from saying I am black and you are white. If you understand the teachings, you will know all is the same. Forms are non-existent. There is only the void and the void is not void.