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  1. Intro to Masters

    Perhaps he was hoping to catch someone respected, or maybe he's looking to be the next jesukrishbuddha. Either way, I second his request for thoughts and input on teachers anyone happens to know of in the Los Angeles area. Thank youniverse.
  2. Microcosmic Orbit & Tongue Position

    In Chia induced samadhi, my tongue actually wandered up into kechari mudra of its own accord at one point. The paths to the side of the uvula/center are VASTLY more easy (read: possible) than the center. You must pick a side, but once you do the length and strain are shortened considerably. The tongue eventually lies against the nasal septum from the back side and WHOABOY does the connection it facilitates between the two channels get intense. Eventually, though, other goals may appear for your tongue position, such as realizing that its pointing direction can even be used to laser toward the third eye.
  3. As the most thorough and through and through skeptic imaginable, completely disbelieving of anything "supernatural", imagine my surprise when after smoking cannabis one day a few years after reading Multi-Orgasmic man, qi sensations showed up in the exact manner described (though the sensations were surprisingly different than I had imagined). After playing with them for a few weeks and doing only a portion of the preparatory practices, I managed to utilize union with a lady to supercharge the process and achieve something I've only ever seen referenced in his book Dark Room Enlightenment and possibly Secret of the Golden Flower: endogenous synthesis of MAOIs and eventually DMT. For someone who had no conception of psychedelics at the time, it was an intense and mystifying process (I tripped BALLS on and off for multiple hours at the heights of multiorgasmic ecstasy, and wandered the bardo, and made contact with my higher self [All things I either specifically disbelieved in or had no notions of prior to that day]). The system works, even if people have beef with its flavor. Have genuinely good and pure intent and intentions, practice the foundation exercises extensively, tread slowly and cautiously upon the path, and SMILE.
  4. It's definitely related to the physics concept of magnetic moment...
  5. Tai Chi Chuan and the Higgs Boson particle

    If you look hard enough with the goal of finding particles, eventually, you will find things that give positives for being particles, even if false. The Standard Model's Higgs component cannot make sense, because the Standard Model is, inherently, very very flawed. My favorite flaws lately concern the nature of the "Four Fundamental Forces" of gravity, electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, and weak nuclear force. Strong nuclear is gravity at a scale so tiny within the nucleus that it overcomes the electric repulsion between the particles, and the weak force is the buffer zone between the two where neither is overwhelmingly more powerful. If one begins to look into aether physics and why the Michelson Morley experiment doesn't make a strong case for Occaming the aether away, it becomes much easier to understand the link between electromagravity EDIT: Forgot the whole intended post due to a tangential thought. Dark matter/energy IS TOTAL NONSENSE. Astronomers only posit it because they ignore well understood forces that are predicted to be there based on decades of plasma physics research. ELECTRICITY HOLDS THINGS TOGETHER AND DARK MATTERGY IS AN UNNECESSARY ENTITY. Check out the electric sun/sky/cosmos hypothesis.
  6. Scientific Approach to Practice

    Step 1: Collagen fibers in the extracellular matrix constitute massive bundles that become chains, linking muscles, tendons, etc. in paths that perfectly mirror the Chinese meridian system, or "pathways through which energy supposedly flows". Collagen, being polar, has a field. When stressed mechanically, the poles are warped, the field is warped. Changing magnetic field constitutes electric activity. Specifically, we're talking about piezoelectricity. Any movement induces microcurrents (the body's materials are sensitive to tiiiiny fluctuations; we're impressively sensitive) that ripple through you. Step 2: Each meridian chain's fibers bind and shape the muscles and, as they pass through the torso, so too do they bind and shape the organs. Specific chains lead to specific organs. The crown of the head is where positively polarized chains come together and cross, while the perineum is where the negatively charged ones pinch together before spreading into their respective legs. The dan tien area is where chains of both polarities weave together at your physical center of gravity. Step 3: The ideogram for qi is a bowl of rice with steam rising from it. If "energy" or EMF or what have you is all they were talking about, what a strange character. A lightning bolt would have been much more informative. Perhaps a fire. Why the steam? Because energy is a part and parcel of the idea, but not the whole shebang. The information it carries is also important. Step 4: Piezoelectric action aside, being polar, the collagen fibers also grab water, which thermally insulates them, so that they basically gel and once stressed, the heat inherent in the fibers is readily dissipated into the water, allowing the fibers to accordion outward without snapping or shattering. They also bind apatite (calcium phosphate) crystals to themselves, held in place by tiny copper pegs. Doping and metamaterials, heyo! Step 5: Water, ordered in such a way literally becomes one big resonator, uniting every part of your body into a single puddle, which quite losslessly transmits light in the visible and UV range. Studies have shown that this fiber optic network extends all the way to the skin, and the traditional acupuncture points are indeed the places the fibers reach surface; the points have dramatically lower electrical resistance to the surrounding tissue. Step 6: DNA zips and unzips, releasing photons in the visible and UV range which, when bounced down the spiral (some bounce out and miss this cohering process) become focused into literal lasers. The lasers eventually leave the spiral, make their way to the water scaffold, and proceed to ripple through the body. Step 7: Holograms, and a veritable symphony of information encoded within light, brother. Step the rest: Bacteria's massive proportion to your own cells within the body, lenses (upward facing and spherical, in your head and in your gut, tiny film bright flash super fast shutter and huge spherical 3D film dim diffuse tiny flashes incredibly long exposure), serotonin, the differing rates of DNA change between "human" and "bacterial" cells within your body, whole number musical ratios, sacred geometry within helices, body-temperature superconductors, and evolution. Step bonus: dimethyltryptamine, pinoline, harmine, and harmaline Edited to correct omissions
  7. Scientific Approach to Practice

    Observation and correlation are hallmarks of science, stretching at least as far back as those ancient Chinese hermits experimenting within the crucibles of their own flesh and blood. As above, so below. Indeed, the electric sky notion is an intriguing one, for no reason other than it manages to Occam's razor away such ungrounded (ha!) notions of Dark Matter or quantum weirdness in favor of rectification to classical electrical fields via the plasmic fluid that spans the stars. Galaxies' outer stars should not be keeping up with the inner ones in rotation assuming gravity's effects are not augmented by some mysterious extra and invisible matter, yet they do, and people posit all kinds of notions to explain such away. Happily, though, plasma physicists are beginning to encroach into unenlightened astronomy territory, showing that well understood forces not only easily account for these kinds of shapes and actions, but they also hold tremendous predictive value. It is this last point which elevates good science above simple observation and correlation.
  8. Scientific Approach to Practice

    In regards to the Earth's magnetic field, consider the (much) larger picture. This planet rests in a near, but not total vacuum, the likes of which is populated by an incredibly thin, but still present, fluid, which is comprised mainly of electrons and positive ions streaming our way from the sun and other stars. This plasma, being charged and moving ionic matter, gives rise to fields. The mass of stuff we call home is a likewise charged body, whose field is determined both by its constituent matter but also its charged environment. Molten core or no, the Sun is an oft overlooked component of our field. For further insight, please refer to the Electric Sun/Cosmos hypothesis, which does a great deal to illuminate the situation.
  9. Accessing Higher Dimensions

    Is that a play on the sweet nectar of amrita?
  10. Because the meridians have a correspondence to the chains of piezoelectric, collagen based connective tissues that unite our muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, and organs, the answer to your question is a qualified yes. Each and every movement or micromovement you perform, be it blinking an eye or throwing a punch, throws switches and induces currents in your internal electrical network. Different stances lead to different pressures lead to different electrical patterns, the diagrams for which are generally felt out through practice rather than drawn. The horse stance of wing chun, with its pigeon toes, tucked pelvis, and clenched knees and fists probably has an interesting electrical profile. The shifts between positions create changing polarities and currents, the likes of which most martial practitioners rarely consider.
  11. Scientific Approach to Practice

    Qi is not rote electromagnetic interaction. It is more akin to the information change precipitated by such. EM is only a single manifestation of a much broader phenomenon. At a very rudimentary, oversimplified level, charge flows in the body through the conductive fiber optic network we call fascia. The most important molecules at work here are, primarily, collagen (and its apatite and copper doping) and water. Both are polar, both are conductive, and collagen is actually the scaffold which gives order and structure to the water. Collagen is, among other things, piezoelectric, which means a voltage is created in response to pressure or warping. Each and every movement creates currents which resonate through your network of connective tissues. The water thermally insulates it so, when stressed, it doesn't overheat and break. It allows the fibers to gel, creating, in effect, a liquid crystal. This is but where it starts. Each meridian is composed of chains of connective tissue which bind, shape, and unite the muscles/ligaments/tendons/bones. Similarly, as they pass through your torso, they also bind and shape your organs. This is where the acupuncture and reflexology methods begin. As each organ utilizes, produces, and regulates different chemicals, hormones, enzymes, proteins, signals, charges, and neurotransmitters, the way you move and build up your body through exercise, especially like yoga or qi gong, drastically affects your organ and mental health. The small intestine, for example, houses 90% of the body's serotonin, the most well known neurotransmitter, while only 10% resides in the brain. Do you listen to your gut enough? Can you quiet the noise to even hear it clearly? Movement is not the only thing that induces charge. Attention is another mechanism. Certain larger circuits, such as the centerline channels of the microcosmic/small heavenly orbit/circuit, have interesting side effects. Focusing large amounts of current and progressively passing them through the orbit allows for the activation and subsequent ionization of certain (al)chemical components. Testosterone, serotonin, oxytocin, and histamine are all important for various reasons, and each plays a unique role. With the proper techniques (practices, attitudes, intentions, movements, breath control, a partner or guru), many things are possible. One example is the synthesis from tryptamine/serotonin of melatonin, a UV reactive molecule. Its counterparts are eventually realized as harmine, harmaline, and pinoline. Finally, these MonoAmineOxidase Inhibitors can serve their purpose by blocking the destruction of the end product of 5meo DiMethylTryptamine, an incredibly potent hallucinogen/entheogen. None of this is theoretical. Mantak Chia has a book out about totall darkness retreat meditations and how this process functions, but some of us have accidentally achieved it during lovemaking or meditation, tripped balls, and done years of research in order to understand what had even happened. There is more, vastly more, to it than this simple, crude explanation would make it seem, but this small fragment will hopefully give a start to the answer to your original question.
  12. Does anyone know anything about the Institute of Mentalphysics or its founder, the unfortunately named Edwin J. Dingle? He studied in Tibet, India, and China for 20 years as one of the first westerners in the early 1900s, then founded the Institute when he returned to America. They supposedly teach "8 key breath" exercises designed for pranayama with certain positions, advocate a healthy diet, exercises, meditations, etc. Does anyone have any experience with this system? It's located in the Yucca Valley and apparently all the buildings involve sacred geometry and were designed by the founder, Frank Lloyd Wright, or his son. Very interested and wondering if it's worth making the trip to see.
  13. Over weight qigong masters?

    Suuuuper late post, but Sloppy Zhang, for the record, sprouts take only the room of a glass jar to produce. Multiple jars if you want to make multiple varieties, but no more space than a jug of milk for even the largest jars. Seriously, google it. You won't regret.
  14. I also really enjoy his threads, because much of it, while unorthodox, corresponds well to my exhaustive research. Perhaps his sources are not to your liking, or his manner of speech, but many of us do read his posts with great interest. Moreover, the wealth of material he posts would be problematic if confined to a single thread, despite the correlation of some involved topics. If you don't care to open his threads, don't. Someone claiming to be a teacher of some realization would do well not to make themselves out as childish and petty for such a simple fix.
  15. What is Wu Wei...?

    As posted in the other current wu wei thread: Using the same words as we are wont to do, the linguistic delicacy necessary to suss out the meaning often evades. Action without acting.