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Whats in a Name???

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I Feel ya...


But there is alot in a name that affects the greater aspects of the Collective



For instance you seem to have a good feeling about the name.


But thinking of the WHOLE....

How do you really think this name potrays us to the WHOLE....


You may be enlightened and can see through words...

But does this go for the WHOLE...

And how a name like Taobums potrays us to the non elightened...


From this perspective you may see that it degrades us!

Because not everybody is enlightened...

I would say the MAJORITY of the WHOLE is not Elightened...


Merging with the WHOLE...

I got to say, this IS the Key aspect of the DAO...

I THINK this name causes secularation!

Which is not in line with the DAO...


Bringing your Awareness to the Level of the Collective and Deciding from

there is not easy...


You got to go through the WHOLE alchemical processes to get it.


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Bums...I have actually been a little negative about the word. When "The Dharma Bums" was written, I think bumming around wasn't such a bad thing, but a bum now does have more negative connontations.


I suggest we move the cultural reference from the 1950s up to the 1970s and 1980s with this new name: TAO Adventurers Overdrive, with TAO as the acronym.


The references?

Overdrive for the 1970s group "Bachman Turner Overdrive", and many members of this group are certainly in overdrive!


The 1980s reference is from "Godel, Escher and Bach" and the idea of a recursive acronym. TAO is a recursive acronym - TAO stands for TAO Adventurers Overdrive with teh TAO in that name standing for TAO Adventurers Overdrive. In GEB, the acronym was GOD (GOD Over Djinn etc.).


Only half serious!



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I like the name and connotation of bums, in the best sense of the word that is. The sense of being relaxed, not following the tic toc world. Not masters, not servants, just looking for a path and a smile.


Taking the world as it is, maybe peering a bit beneath it. Nothing special, just bumming around w/ this time we have on the earth.



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Crazy Taoist Fucking Secrets


That's a good one!!! How about


.org perhaps



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the name is sort of a minor guardian of the threshold, i guess. in intiatic work, especially the western variety, each level of work is protected by a guardian of the threshold you have to get past to enter that level. they're often terrifying beasts or ordeals. if you don't really want it, you won't really try.


could we say the same of plato's scat porn on taobum? infintile transgression, or cleverly connived guardian?


amazing how thought provoking scatporn can be sometimes :lol:

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