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Found 4 results

  1. Vibration palms from taichi

    Hello fellow cultivators👋 My taichi practice enable one to cultivating vibration palms and I don’t what to do with it? Any moves (yang style) I do, I feel my palms/fingers generated vibration every time I practice. Vibration expressed it’s self Effortlessly. I can sit around and feel light vibration on my palms. Are there any good source other then waysun Liao taichi vibration palms? 1-what happens with vibration if i don’t use it? 2-I don’t want to hurt anyone so what do I need to do prevent it? 3-I want to use it for healing and some martial applications to understand more about it. Thanks
  2. i always knew that these bowls exist but never actually gave them attention when i actually tried one. They amazing tones ! beautiful !! for those who has experience and knowledge in the bowls.. do you think they are able to heal with tones? and do you believe in the water discharging, where you put the water and make the boil sing which creates a fountain (youtube video below) ? Please do tell about your experience with it and how do you use it and how do you choose one since each bowl has a tone. and what is actually the difference between cleansing and healing? Thank you
  3. I know you were all waiting with abated breath, or perhaps weary resignation, for my next thread. Well here it is! I am watching Abraham-Hicks Laying New Pipes. Yes, this is about the Law of Attraction, and is directed to those with some knowledge of this. A member of the audience had a question about love at first sight, and Abraham explained to this person that when they are on their high flying disc, in other words operating at a higher frequency or vibration (you more spiritually realized folks would identify this state as one where you are near or at enlightenment, no longer in pursuit of a female, for example) you would not notice or even hear someone at a much lower frequency or vibration. Or they would be unable to notice or hear you. Well that leaves me with a question... How did Jesus, assuming he existed, ever heal the sick? Obviously if you are sick and paralyzed, with a few rare exceptions, you will be focused on this undesirable state you are in. You don't know your true nature, that your sickness, like everything else, is an illusion. For the most part those presenting a sick state of some sort are operating at a lower frequency or vibration. Maybe not always. I am sure there are enlightened handicapped people, but that would open up some more questions... How does this work, assuming it works this way? If you lower your frequency so you can interact with them, you can't perform what others would percieve to be miracles, but which, likely to you from your advanced/enlightened spiritual state are no different that walking or riding a bicycle. Also, if they are focused on their sickness, how can they become aware of you? I was thinking about this in the kitchen a few minutes ago. I wondered if I stepped back in time, to when I was a Christian and depresed most of the time, if I could look around me from my current higher operating frequency, would I see circumstances, people and situations that I never noticed back then? Are we all walking through life, not even aware of certain other poeple around us, beyond maybe some basic level outside our awareness? People that just don't register in our awarness? Either because they are so much higher in frequency than us, or so much lower? Is it possible that right now, in my unenlightened state, that there are enlightened people here in this little town I live in, maybe doing miracles, maybe walking through walls, walking on water, flying and so on, that I never percieve, because it is so far outside my current operating frequency? Is it sort of like a radio dial, where the only people you can percieve are those within a few numbers of your channel? I was going to see if I even knew about this forum back during the last days of my Chistianity. I don't think I did. I think I became aware of it only afterwards. It makes me wonder what other places on the internet I have never accessed that advanced and enlightened souls gather at all the time. What do you think? Utter bull? Maybe true? True but my understanding is wrong? If my understanding is wrong, please help me understand correctly. It'll be interesting what you all have to say about this.
  4. sometimes... often even... I call not to share some profound thought, or to get your deeply respected opinion on a matter of importance, but for a much more important reason... merely to hear the resonant tones of your voice... to connect with you... to hear you. sometimes... and likely, more often than I'm aware of... the words are almost meaningless and all I need, is the essential vibration that is you, speaking to me. is there any greater gift, than authentic connection? friend to friend, mind to mind, spirit to spirit? to share the connection of one's complete, undivided attention... might be as close as I can come to a reason for my existence. it's so good to hear your voice.