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Found 5 results

  1. I'm going through an extremely trying and paradoxically difficult time right now, and I had this dream last night that I can't figure out that felt timely and important. I can't remember most of the dream unfortunately, I just recall 2 similar symbols in consecutive dreams. In the first dream I was given a set of black books as a gift. I think I was given these books by a celebrity that I look down on and think is a bad comedian. In the 2nd dream I was given a black leather folio. The thing is the folio was a duplicate of my real life leather folio that I use to carry my computer. I highly value this folio. It serves a valuable function for me, it's beautiful, and well constructed. I think before I was given the black version of my folio, there was this whole setup where there was this girl (that I look down and think is stupid), that I went to school with as a kid. I haven't seen this girl in many many years. So this girl had my same folio, the non-black one, but it had her initials very largely inscribed on the cover. And the dream made a point for even the obscure brand of the folio to be mentioned, like its the same brand even. So it was really driving the point home that we have the exact same folio. And then I was given the black version of my folio. The main connections I'm seeing is the stupid people and the blackness being contained to knowledge. With the book symbol and folio being the case for my computer. Any ideas on this?
  2. Ancient Symbols

    Hi, in my personal practice journal, I started a science of sound discussion. I just modified a function, and this picture was the result: To me at least, it looks like a heart shaped tai chi tu. Does anyone else here believe that ancient people were actually very advanced, and modern people are for the most part primitive?
  3. Pattern recognition is one of the things we do quite naturally. I see from studies (will try to remember to post some of those another time) that we almost automatically "bundle" things together in our mental images. We actually create things in order to complete patterns or visual information in our brains. In any case, my pattern recognition brain seems to remember that certain symbols seemed odd, and filed them away as strange zig zag lines, wondering why they were chosen as magical symbols to represent things. One day I was looking at the trace pattern over time of the planets and stars in the sky, and "bingo", I see some of these same symbols. So there was a representation of the planet, by tracing the pattern as seen from the Earth's surface, at a given place on the planet. How many symbols and shapes are either planetary, or atomic, and how did primitive culture find these and put so much significance on them?
  4. T`ai Chi Tu and Fish

    Please pardon me if this topic is considered political. I tend to take anonymous interactions lightly. Blending separate ideas in my mind, I've created my profile picture while reading a T`ai Chi Ch`uan and meditation book and studying the Christian bible at my church. We were reading the book of Mark in the Gospel, and the pastor mentioned that the early Christian's used the fish symbol as a code. If two men met traveling, one would draw an arc in the sand, and the other would complete the arc so both men knew each other was Christian. In the T`ai Chi Ch`uan meditation book, it describes the diagram of the supreme ultimate or T`ai Chi Tu symbol as a double fish symbol which originated from observing the shadow of the sun from the main pillar of a home while the sun rose and set. 'The design [T`ai Chi Tu] is also described [as a] "pair of fishes nestling head to tail against each other".' - I was not alive 2000 years ago, yet am able, through film, to imagine the struggles of early Christians; I am also of western descent. Yet, browsing, I find this particularly interesting: Read from the bottom right, up one over one. Shield pattern of the Western Roman infantry unit Armigeri Defensores Seniores (ca. AD 430).[6] Is this there some ancient connection here?
  5. For your delight and delectation here are some colour images of the Magical Calendar: These can be expanded to a decent size: There is a translation and commentary: Also this site has a plethora of symbolic images and emblems: Enjoy!