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  1. I don't know him personally and I have already ignored his handle Limahong so please refrain in trying to connect me with him if this is what you are doing, I understand he is someone dear to you so please just leave it at that or I am gonna ignore your account too, there is no need for that.
  2. I have no idea who are you talking about. Also how would someone with a broken heart be able to help anyone for their benefit really? Nobody needs to get in anyone's face for whatever reason they feel like, its an invasion of personal space and there is really no need for that. Take care.
  3. No worries there is quite some tolerance on my ignore list for him and alike As for how someones mind works I know everyone has his own talents I'm not here to correct anyone in person really, yet if you manage to contact me trough this forum and respond to it then well I'm inclined to respond too if I feel so and even correct. As for Limahong I never wrote anything to him first nor used his writings to respond as he did with me. First contact says a lot about you really especially on how you start and there is also a goodbye* and this is how I go about it. We are all free to respect each other and like whatever we want regarding anything anyone says and there is a forum feature for this and so is a ignore feature here for the very same reason. People come with a wide variety of backgrounds here definitely agree and thanks for bringing that up Actually I know one of them that didn't really get skipped as he "scanned" around here free as he can be. Can't remember if any of the people here actually met him but whatever I guess.. Best to ignore trolls IMO as they tend to invade privacy space!
  4. So what about it? He's charming alright, like seeing a grown up man actually trying to swim in a shallow stream of water, this is how charming it he is and he is sort of inviting me to chime in and relate to it and I'm like please don't this is just too crazy for me but he continues. Typical clown. I relate to coherent ideas and expressing it in coherent ways lets call them philosophical ways. Clowns are the people everyone just wants to punch in the face and even kids look down on them. There is always some type of "king" around them you don't really wanna meet imo experience. Clowns give some tidbits that are supposed to be self explanatory even for larger topics but this can't be taken as serious as they want it to be so. In the end I really can't have a serious conversation ever with a clown persona no matter how enlightened they think they are and if any conversation on their level happens it will happen only when I feel like it period but since most just can't stop but insist on their way over and over I'm inclined to ignore them. If you enjoy their company sure go ahead have fun I just don't feel like it at the moment. Also IMO it would be way better if he created a topic of discussion for whatever he wanted to discuss and not just troll around for snippets in whole posts. I responded to Ilumairen's whole post according to the topic at hand that was taking place. If you think my effort to actually sit down and write something longer then just a couple of pictures and words is a joke then OK you will be ignored if you show it in any way. This is how I'm going about things from now on. Take care.
  5. If you ask me nope This isn't a joke. But since you seem unsure from post to post maybe you don't care about knowing really? No need to answer. Debatable. Not everyone is the same and not everyone has the same inclinations. I don't ask every question in public and if you think otherwise is better OK I don't. Anyway... Live long and prosper!
  6. It was just conversational... and energy needs to be conserve? Yes/no? Still conversational? Let us have a conversation on conservation? Looking at the history of these posts here even when asked to stop with his trolling this Limahong user obviously just can't help himself but to continue posting his incoherent bullshit. It's like trying to build a house from manure and somehow manage to post from that house right here on this forum lol. Of course on the internet forum trolls like him can pretend they never initiated a conversation as to explain something in person without being asked for a conversation to start with, they sort of manage to get away with it on public place on the forum but in reality this wouldn't really play out this way since they would be confronted with their stupidity right away. Trolls like him aren't really able to talk in pictures outside the virtual internet world but to make up for it they will instead make stupid funny sad faces while talking like the clowns they are and since they can't really stop this rather obsessive behavior which only serves so they can endlessly use talking as some kind of an achievement there is nothing more I can do for them but to put them on my ignore list which I enjoy very much doing! From there they can lurk as much as they like whatever and however I post here Here is just a reminder for all those that somewhat think I'm supposed to give in to their worldview or be confined by it in any way: If any of you gets some stupid trash idea that I'm sort of inclined to hold your hand and cooperate in your self indulgence and incompetence I have to tell you that I don't do any free readings nor am I at "public service" for money or whatever else as I only follow the Spirit and not the "common world" and its rules by any government, internet space, forum, dialogue, reason, nicknames or whatever "god" most of you bow and are confined to. W.
  7. Haven't read something as stupid as this on the forum in a long time. If this is the type of nonsense you are busy with please spare your time and don't quote me, write me or address me in any way as I'm not in the faintest interested in anything you have to say or post. It's just amazing how these clowns keep appearing in every thread with the same bullshit trolling posts without ever being noticed for what they are exactly.
  8. Thank you for sharing your past life recollections here! What is an 'magical altar ' without a magician himself! Seems to me this 'magician' here is rather constructive in his works.. Nice home life btw! I was really looking forward hearing from you on PM these days. We already had an exchange trough PM's in the past but since my PM contained a quote from the public part of the forum this time I was not sure if you are willing to discuss at all trough PM hence I sort of got reactive but was hoping you will recognize my intent! Thanks on that! LOL was joking Have had quite a few serious magic practitioners friends! Good advice dunno how I didn't thought of that in the first place.. Really have to check your posts without getting drowned in numbers hopefully I'll manage to salvage something here. We can continue about it on the PM since there are quite a few subjects I'm interested regarding magic which I wanted to discuss if ya will?
  9. This is serious.
  10. How about this instead.. Still conversational?
  11. I don't support this type of behavior expressed here at all. I'm pretty much against it. For me to understand anything else regarding the matter I would have to know you more.. How you felt with everything and so on. and Jeff for that matter if I really want to judge the whole situation correctly.. This would also require the other party to know me better as well.. All this takes a lot of dedication, time and energy and sort of happens on its own accord if it even does. My account is just really a bridge just as anyone's else is and since we are all multidimensional beings lots of connections take place and managing trough all that is an art. Sometimes people don't even know what are they attracted to what type of energy and for me this is all what is it about, knowing where you go what you seek and who you seek from an energetic stand point as energy comes together with awareness they are inseparable. Also I don't think anyone should trust any person but rather just rely on energy and awareness because this is all they can really have control of which puts them right where they need to be in the drivers seat. Ilum if the same idiocy ever finds its way to you then I say fight back until you are sure it never appears again in your own experience. This way everyone can know what energies and focus they want and what can't ever come your way whatever moment it may be in time of experience. Just my take on it. I've been in this place. I know how it feels like since I have been in the similar situation. How I dealt with it and what happened is another story and I rarely talk about it. If it ever happens again I know what to do. In the end I say go away with the damn fucktards they are gonna end up right where they are going anyway. Not at all, wouldn't think or believe that after getting to know you this far. Was speaking generally given the fact that I have an impression Jeff worked with a wide variety of people and seems to accept anyone for that matter. I bet some of the folks gladly jumped in with their sexual fantasies Thank you for noticing.
  12. That is why when you go away instead of run away we call you Nuggie as you leave wise chunkie nuggets behind you Also where did these fights took place really and where is this magical altar of yours located? Is your PM inbox also included in this game fantasy of yours and is the reason you used your magical "dynamic time" teleporter wand to teleport yourself to the forum and fight challenges from there? Is this how this game is played did I get it correctly?
  13. Don't pull the trigger yet son. Wait for daddy As far as I remember this Pilgrim jumped like a little rabbit together with Karen and Dawei on Trump's thread admiring Trump's troll jokes while trying to bully ralis for days. Now actual threats even ready to follow you. Just amazing how insane he is.
  14. I don't feel you got my point which was mainly for you so I agree with what you said (mostly). Thanks for answering. Also a small correction Not my group! Hope you are not gonna ask for my ban just because I scanned a person on this topic?