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  1. No more right-wing bullshit.

    You do it because I already know he's a real gentleman that will never turn down a fine woman like you no matter your ppd size is
  2. No more right-wing bullshit.

    I believe nobody here would want this to happen to you. What I want you to consider is that this is Sean's forum and he's paying for it while you are having a free ride here just like everyone else. You can create your own forum without leaving no worries it was just a suggestion since I believe everyone should have their own forum if they are interested in spirituality. There was a guy here that had 1000 post but didn't know who's the forum owner until just recently, this is just like getting drunk without knowing who's paying for the drinks. You just gotta love this forum As for the mini forum I meant - all the topics and subsets of the whole forum in small subset format. Is that the case here with PPD's? If so then maybe PPD is a completely wrong name for that space, in fact it seems quite misleading and prone to interpretations.
  3. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Nothing would change here this is what I meant, a mod in their own space which can't ban anyone but can delete or hide posts. I would add a new rule suggestion that only people that have their own PPD opened up can post in that area while other members of the forum that didn't request a PPD can just read there but not post. I believe this is OK. You don't seem to get what I meant. Owner and Admins/Staff do the banning part and moderate accordingly if someone breaks the forum rules be it either in PPD or whichever part of the forum, its their job. More work? I wouldn't say so since PPD is mostly report free since everyone is mostly respecting each others privacy which will help if politics get to be allowed only in that part of the forum and not on the main forum. This way we will minimize the reports on politics to the main staff so they will have more work on administrating the main forum. Look at this way when people are allowed only to talk about politics in their own private space most of the people that have a PPD won't even engage in it and the only reason everyone got engaged discussing politics that much in the main forum is because everyone started trolling each other since they liked fighting each other. This created toxicity. If a person is rude to the owner Sean after getting a chance to have a PPD then the person should be banned. PPD is not just free given to new members but you get it on request after having a certain amount of posts for new members. Likewise I would also suggest adding a rule that if you are only to post in PPD about random stuff and don't contribute to Daoism, Buddhism or whatever your practice is - which IMO should belong to the main forum as this is a discussion forum then you get your personal area closed for the time being until you engage more in the main forum so you can again request a PPD. For example if your last 300 posts are about politics and few posts about your opinion on practices then I don't really get what is your membership about here.. I meant disrespecting Sean. New rule I suggested in PPD would be if you create a thread in your own PPD on why is some person wrong and if this person writes something on your PPD topic that you don't like and you delete his posts because of it, and still continues to post after seeing the delete, or if he continues to post after you say to him he's not welcome then you just report him to the staff (or no report but staff does it themselves after seeing the rule break) and he just gets his PPD closed for future use and can't post there anymore. Also if a person breaks major forum rules then he/she is supposed to be banned from the forum just like on any other forum. That was my point. Exactly my thoughts on bringing people together, Ilum is a great example for doing so, just imagine friends talk politics in PPD's in a similar fashion. Sure do what you want but if you want to create a complete miniforum in your own PPD then maybe its time you create your own forum instead. The whole point of what I said was to sort of more focus on practices and experiences of people rather then focusing so much on debating on various topics such as politics. Those are just some basic ideas, its not perfect and can be further developed but I believe its a fair compromise. The sad truth is that people want drama and don't really want solutions since drama is their life, change that and they won't like since they got addicted to it but in my opinion it is for their own benefit. Nice seeing you too
  4. No more right-wing bullshit.

    There might be a solution to this dilemma, its just around the corner. My suggestion for the sake of all people that are interested in Daoism, Spirituality, Buddhism etc. is as follows and pertains to the owner. I suggest transforming the "Personal Practice Discussion" (PPD) into "Personal Area" where everyone is free to express their own personal opinions, views on politics and pretty much anything else. Give everyone moderation option here so everyone can act as mods in their own space. Everyone would be free comment on everyone else in their own space and also everyone is free to respond in everyone's space but if you stop respecting someone else's private space after they delete your content which they don't approve or just say you are unwelcome then a new rule that I would suggest is that board owner/admins disable the personal area for the person doing so. In their own personal area people would be more free to express themselves just as they were off grid but also as long as they don't give in the hate or disrespect the board owner since having a personal area space would be considered a privilege and that alone should provoke at least respect toward the board owner. If someone repeatedly posts content in either personal area or the main forum that isn't approved by board owner admins or disrespects, insults, threatens them etc. should be banned. If you have a problem with house/forum rules then you are free to to create your own forum space where you can preach your own ideas and opinions but expecting to get more then someone gave you as if you have birth right to it is downright insane. So far PPD has served more as a personal diary for people rather then a discussion area on personal practice's and I believe personal practice should belong more in the main part of the forum. If someone wants to write a personal diary they can just continue doing it in the "Personal Area" (or Personal Diary). This way people will start to focus more on the practice and respectful approach instead of expressing their personal opinions most of the time which are in fact just personal judgments which will lead to egomania, exactly what happened to this forum on a large scale. The problem with topics on politics is that everyone sat at the same table and you just don't put cats and dogs all together. Having your own personal space where you can express or comment politics will attract like minded people which will create a friendly environment and keep the trolling at bay so this is one good thing about it. Another suggestion to support the above since this is a Daoist, Buddhist & spiritual forum is that if members mostly start to post in the personal area on politics and therefore don't contribute on the forum with anything but their personal opinions on other stuff then it would be best if the mods just close the personal area for them since the forum isn't meant to be a forum on politics but a forum on spirituality. If this forum is a politics discussion forum rather then a spiritual one honestly I as a member will feel cheated on since I didn't sign up for that and I believe this is the case for every other member as well. Looking from the bright side doing so will make people focus more on the spiritual side of the forum and the main discussion area. If people had a clear sense on what is the main focus here then there should be no problems, the only problem here was when everyone wanted to fit drama with spirituality and this just jibe together as we can witness from experience. If the forum really changes for the positive this will most probably be a deal breaker for everyone that got addicted to the ongoing drama for the past recent years and honestly if that is what is happening to you then you are spiritually stuck no matter how much you think highly of yourself and your practice. Still I think that most people no matter how they identify themselves as came here just as people and I think its great if someone that is a right wing is in search of spirituality since that is a huge rarity and its a rarity overall for people to pursue metaphysics. All it takes to have a belief in something is to see the good about it and that's all, this is how it works for everyone. I'm saying this because there are quite a few members of this forum that are quite advanced in their practice and even tho they have their political views different than being far left they are definitely not from yesterday and are worth hearing out especially on topics like meditation. There will most probably be a lot of younger people joining the forum in search for knowledge with some prior views on politics so I would rather have an open heart for them as everybody can change, there is always a possibility for that. There was a claim here that politics is somewhat hard wired with spirituality, I'd really like to hear how this goes for you since that oughta say you have quite stable spiritual background, you know experiences in silencing the internal dialogue, visiting other realms, having contact with entities, knowing your lineage, God, Tao etc. If not well then you might consider chilling out with politics because how you deal with all these metaphysical concepts determines your path and if you are busy with just earthly matters you will hardly get anywhere regarding these topics. My personal choice is regarding these matters is freedom, freedom to perceive everything possible while retaining my humanity and being my true self. The concept of freedom comes from the higher realms and unfortunately here on earth is just abused by the mind since egomania is twisting it just as it does to the concept of love and so far whichever political option supports the concept of freedom in a peaceful way gets my voice since I know it originally comes from the heart. I want to say something about Trump and what he did so far that nobody else mentioned here. His main influence is that he made most of the people in US fight each other, people fight in their homes, families, streets, internet etc the brawl is just everywhere. Why? Because he never intended to bring people together that's why. Simply put all that energy that is wasted on the fights is wasted on the persona of Trump. For everyone that got hooked on it my suggestion is to save energy for the better and focus on that and things will just slowly fit where they belong to and since we all influence each other energetically this will slowly change the world but if we just give ourselves to egomania and hate we will just partake in it. Racism develops when too much emphasis is given to any group whatever it is about. Its the very root of egomania, egocentrism and pride and its a universal issue not just a earthly political one. To stop it you must intend to be silent you must stop your internal dialogue, just being smart is not enough. In the end however is to be on this forum will be shown effective or not and so far things changed as they didn't work out as supposed its obvious not everyone was happy and this should concern you if you are friendly and want to share the good with people. Well that's about it regarding suggestions!
  5. What happens to suicides?

    Its hard to say what would the actual repercussions be since its your life you are talking about here and so far you know the best how it is you are living it. Making bad choices in life gives us a bad life even if we have the same things and live in the same world as others. I guess people make these choices with awareness that they could live with them once they make them but once they realize they can't they search for new solutions. Thus we come to the death option.. But what is death? And here is the catch.. How we live our life also greatly affects how will we relate to our own death. This in itself doesn't really explain what death is and what happens in stages after it happens but its still important because the different ways of life can take you to different destinations in afterlife since they have a different approach to death momentum. In reality death is an energetic happening that happens to everyone and most people die in a way what is considered today a "regular death" an energy process which they have no control of to what is happening to them which leads to a stage process of reincarnation but since energetically most of the population isn't 100% human before incarnating back to this world as human they get to first incarnate back to the world they came from as whatever energy being they existed as and after spending a lifetime there they can incarnate back again here. The human self part that people dream about splits and travels permanently to a location to continue dreaming an unconscious dream for the time's being. This location is a dreaming version of the waking Earth world we live in which all people naturally inhabit and have access trough dreaming when asleep where they either have lucid dreams or they dream with other people dreaming bodies resolving their subconscious issues. The fake identity part that people consider themselves to be coupled with the petty internal dialogue that follows it isn't even real to begin with as such and isn't a part of our being and therefore as such just continues to plague on everyone living in this world like it already is. Since it isn't real and listening to it only creates illusions taking its advice's regarding life and death would be a bad choice since it doesn't lead to a better solution but rather to a miserable life with just more problems to deal with. This gets us back to the question is death really liberating? I would say that death itself since it is a powerful energy moment in our life touches our whole being in such a way that makes us realize what it feels like to be touched by God again and this is truly liberating but since for most people it happens in an uncontrollable manner and last for just a few seconds before the stages of reincarnations take place leading you to different worlds which are mostly worlds that everyone just wants to break free from, any other strong energetic momentum that takes you away from the mind dialogue and away from your usual self will have the same effect on you, momentum's like meditation, internal silence, lucid dreaming, energy practices, even drugs or power plant medicine. They are all good for your well being if used as such and there is always time for death it happens eventually anyway. And if you get proficient at it and face death as an energy being instead of facing it unprepared you will have to option of keeping the best of your humanity with you on your journey in the afterlife being transformed into a new kind of being, a being that is able to choose its own destination which is truly what freedom is about. This is the point where your fate transcends your purpose. Now if you want to know the abouts of the world you came back from you can find it and experience it for yourself trough consciously controlled lucid dreaming with the little help of the energy beings that live in a near by dimension which can be met trough the avenue of dreaming. This exploration will put you on a path itself. The question is will you want to live there when you see the problems of the very world you came from which the inhabitants experience coupled with a prolonged life span which can seem like long suffering instead. There are also plenty of paths that cover life and death in their own way and the very modern life of a man is also one of them, my point is that everyone is trying to live their life according to the options they know about and if we knew more we would respond accordingly whatever beliefs we have. This is just how I have been taught and why I choose Nagualism as my path since it covers all of the above I've written. If interested Carlos Castaneda covers and writes on Nagualism in his books as the teachings of Don Juan. On the personal side what I like about you is the strength you have and that can be felt behind your decisions all the way from the moment you came on this forum. I also saw that your thinking is still muddled by petty thoughts which I assume is due to being quite young and no much experience on regular work on silencing the mind. Nevertheless this strength is the reason I wrote back because there is a type of intelligence behind it that moved me and make me respond since I wouldn't otherwise, I just couldn't disregard it and be the same. Life has its ups and downs it flows like a wave and after it hits bottom it raises to its glory Wish you well.
  6. Wooden slats.. No.. they are in the WALLS! Kidding of course Seriously have you checked/changed your washing detergent and softener that you use for washing sheets, pillow? I started using cheap washing powder and a vinegar solution instead of a softener, works great. Before that I was using ariel that caused allergy reactions just by being near it and was using the supposedly certified expensive no allergy softener which caused allergies like runny nose and itchy eyes.
  7. Hello you fine people

  8. Hi Edward M, all of us have learned what reality is from young age - the very magical act in itself. When everything fails to help this is our safety valve even if it doesn't seem much of an accomplishment. Get real bro, get real.. Fk it fk everything just get real.. The storm will pass anyway.. Listen to yourself you know the best! Wizz
  9. Has anyone dealt with insomnia?

    Insomnia.. I'll tell you a story.. This really happened.. The girl I met was called Insomnia.. and boy she was nasty.. She almost made me loose my soul! Couldn't understand her at that time.. Wanted to tell her how to behave, to control her.. I tried to force my ideas of the world onto her but that nasty vampire didn't want to respect me for that instead she constantly judged me. I closed myself off in my room in hopes she won't disturb me since I wanted to have a so much deserved rest in my life.. But she didn't stop and insisted on interfering in my life pointing all my flaws, all the time and all my failures. She seemed bigger then me, bigger then my life and all of her nasty remarks made me suffer badly.. I forgot that once was a time I actually didn't fucking care about this type of negativity.. I even forgot that I was always free to say "it was crazy exciting to meet you I really tried to do my best with you but I have to continue with my best with the world now, I can't forever just stay here with you, there is so much good people that wish me good and so many I wish good to and.. life is incredible! so.. farewell!" but I slowly started to remember.. Remembering.. You know I want to tell you about this brother of mine such a great man really, we had so much fun together laughed like crazy when everything seemed so boring.. Haven't seen him in a long since times changed and he did seem to change as well just as me.. but I wanted to see him, talk to him, share stories on the couch and enjoy it once more as if time stopped deep in the night.. So we finally got around to get together and started talking about all kinds of things and since I started to feel good enough that I can trust him as I always trusted him I opened up.. He listened as a best friend could, he was there for me so and it was very easy for me to tell him my story.. Since I trusted him so much when I started talking I really gave my whole attention to narrating the troubling events I was experiencing. In the end I told him I do feel kind of lost and he understood this.. He asked me if I want to solve this and I kindly replied yes as I missed my good self back so much this is all I really wanted.. He said he might have a solution for this problem! So he asked me.. "do you remember that summer time when you I and Fini where at the river jumping in and Fini decided to get naked so we followed and laughed mindlessly at our peckers?" I said yes while laughing and chuckling with him as reliving the moment again.. "we should get together and have some fun he said it was really a long time that we didn't!" I agreed this seemed a great idea since I always liked hanging out together with him and Fini as we would always tell ourselves some good jokes and have hell of a good time laughing! So we did.. and we had a great time.. I forgot I had any problems while hanging out with my brothers.. As time went by I met my dear honey.. She has been here for me ever since!.. and I met my new buddies Val and Mel.. But this wasn't a solution.. I felt this deep inside me.. Then one day.. Suddenly someone banged on my door! It was Insomnia! When I opened boy she shocked me! She looked so different now as if another person is standing in front of me! Another makeup, another haircut, her eyes looked different and the more I looked the more I couldn't comprehend whats actually happening. I got dizzy everything seemed to spin for a second so grabbed the door.. With a sly smile she remarked that I look as if I'm gonna fall down.. She seemed right as I was feeling as if I'm gonna loose it any time soon.. I felt so tired so exhausted that I thought the best thing would be for me to get some rest.. How could this be I thought? I already told her to leave me alone in the past as I wanted to get rid of her, who wouldn't I thought.. She had so many friends that they all drove me mad in the past I definitely didn't want this to happen again.. I didn't feel ready for this and the more I looked into her eyes the more mesmerized she became.. I started thinking she was a demon, a ghost an evil apparition.. Her friends didn't look that different then my friends but they sure didn't feel like so.. If this wasn't hell I don't know what was.. I even forgot when it was that I actually met her.. I thought there must be some lesson here for me to learn but the more I investigated by looking into her the more it seemed I'm falling under her spell.. This called for fast action and solution! I remembered some distant information of some student getting teached by a great man of knowledge.. I gathered up my attention to find this student just to realize he wrote a book.. It was about a teaching he had with this man which he called the "Art of Attention". So I got the book and started reading it and as I liked reading good stories this book was full of it! Dramatic encounters with nasty persons as the ones I was having problems with were a big concern in this book so I was avidly reading.. It was also full of jokes and funny anecdotes similar to those that I shared with my brothers in life.. Then something rather unusual happened..This one night I left the book beside my bed and the book opened up all by itself!! As if I wasn't surprised enough a small magical man appeared as if a real hologram just got invented in front of me! Holly shit I thought!! I really didn't know what to expect and yet it all felt so magical and intriguing.. He started talking and at first I couldn't hear him quite well but since I wanted to understand him I started hearing him better and better. What he told me is that STORY TELLING is used in the teachings as it is a way of hooking our FULL ATTENTION!! then he stopped here for a moment as if he was trying to let me understand what he just said.. I thought wow nice no wonder I had felt free of Insomnia while reading these interesting stories!! He nodded and added that not only reading hooks up our attention but talking them and writing them down does too! It made a lot of sense but I couldn't really understand what was he saying so I asked him "What do you mean?" ... Suddenly he enlarged himself and stretched his hands as if he was holding up a green rainbow cloud in his chest and asked me to look inside it. I did just to realize I'm looking at the situation with my brother on the couch... I clearly saw how much attention I gave into narrating my story to him!! While I was talking I wasn't really having any insomnia problems even tho I was being able to carry these problems in my consciousness. The more I looked the more I started realizing the very power of my FULL ATTENTION!! I started feeling it! I also saw my brother in special light how much he listened, how much good he was, how much he was helping me by just listening me, as if he is letting me develop my FULL ATTENTION! Then the great sorcerer told me putting special emphasis on wording .. "The secret of everything is in ones ATTENTION!!" This is the most incredible thing there is in this universe!.. ..at that moment something happened .. I remembered!! I remembered how to say farewell!! I knew farewell is said with love! and love never ends!! If we meet again I'll embrace you as I once did! Nothing is real as love! ... I knew that there are many like me, many people that live with insomnia and we never really give "her" full attention as this attention is only reserved for our True Selves, the one I have been missing so much.. Nothing is holding us to love people and give them full attention! We are all brothers and sisters even if you believe you are alone I assure you are not! human beings are kind and still live on this earth! We laugh together we talk together we live together... The wise sorcerer nodded smiling and said: "The only way to STOP THE MIND is with the power of your FULL ATTENTION!! This attention originates from your heart and will make you accept everything and everybody on your path as you go in life! Nothing is certain anymore everything is a surprise a shock!!! A shock of awe!! You can find this ATTENTION in all those sincere acts of giving yourself to a moment of beauty and it is possible to prolong these moments by INTENDING them which will lead you to most powerful and avidly seeked state of the spirit **SILENCE**
  10. Has anyone dealt with insomnia?

    I wrote something for you
  11. Has anyone dealt with insomnia?

    Hehe I remember those days of tossing in the bed staying awake until morning just to get a few hours of sleep.. That was many years ago and I sleep like a baby since! Also what I noticed that helps is a comfortable body position (searching for comfortable and not looking for how uncomfortable you are), especially the one that opens up the navel area or the 2nd Chakra since this is where the dreaming attention comes from. This chakra naturally expands every night and invigorates our mind and brain thus making us feel dreamy and sleepy. It replenishes the body during sleep and can be used as a vehicle in dreaming as a dreaming body if intended. Happens to everyone every night and its up to you to be aware of it or not. Also one of the common position everyone assumes in bed during this chakra expansion is a natural upward pull of one leg/knee.
  12. Has anyone dealt with insomnia?

    Yes! Stop your internal dialog and you will start dreaming, you will fall asleep! Nothing else helped me besides that and once I managed to do it in the midst of the mind storm I never really had much insomnia again. The trick is to be persistent even if it seems you are still awake suddenly your dreaming attention will appear and take over. Silence is the key!
  13. Yes of course! Trust me one day you will be free if you really intend it so, the universe works in magnificent ways! The best way is to stop thinking, to stop being your regular self and since the regular self is compromised of chakra experiences you could start to learn about them before you can transform them and be free of their mechanical perpetual motion that makes you run in circles. There are 4 ways you can battle fear using different daily experiences or chakras which are the seats of experience. 1. using Reason 2. using Clarity 3. using Ego 4. using Heart The first way is what cowards use and they spend endless time hiding behind reason avoiding the fact that they are afraid and reason is what makes them keep walking in the daily world of mankind, keeps them organized. Its also what makes them complain a lot seeking endless solutions that the reason provides. The second way is what fools use to cope with fear trough using mentally positive affirmations, these are the people that think they know everything even without having any prior experience on the matter. The third way to battle fear is by using ego and it is what makes people too self centered striving for power which in the end turns them into ravaging tyrants. The fourth way is using the power of giving, sharing and love that comes from the heart, its called wisdom and usually is attained at old age and this is where fear easily dissolves but one is yet not completely free from the worry of predicting future events that time brings as its a lot to take in. When one gives from the heart he feels good about himself and without this ego satisfaction the love one gives is rather a mentally positive construct. The 5th way is using Transcedence to stop the internal dialog and its about using Intent directly, its the tool of the universe and the thing that transforms your chakra experience into something beyond them. Once you reach this you are free from fear! But the next battle awaits.. Most people naturally belong to either of these 4 types and there is not a big difference between them as all of them belong to the society - the very thing that makes people agitated in the first place. By using any of these levels of correspondence activates one of your first four chakras to the point that you can feel them tighten at the corresponding spots. If you don't know where chakras are putting crystals or rocks on these spots will tell you how this tightening feeling feels like. So whenever you share or give from your heart and stabilize there over a longer period of time the center of your chest will tighten energetically all because you are focusing on being a wise loving man. Even tho these experiences are positive in nature they still belong to your regular self and everyone has experienced giving and sharing periodically in their life - what those experiences consist of everyone knows best for themselves. To stop being your regular self means to release the tightening and the tiring focus of your attention. This will lead you to internal silence and your Other True Self! Most people jump from one tightening to another as a type of shielding but in the end there will always come someone who has bigger stronger shields and when this happens most people become attached to them in some way turning them into social or a type of antisocial being. The simple exercises I gave are to develop your focus further more as its already naturally there. Its all up to you in the end and as far as I can see you already intended to be a different person then just a regular guy and this is what the universe has provided you with as fast as lightning! The only question is how much time will it take for you to get where you intended to! Also if you insist with your troubles I would go with the 4th way of being respectful and loving at all times not for any other reason but for your well being which in the end will make other people feel well too and this is always good! Its also the path where you can accept others for what they are more easily. Maybe its not perfect but its good! This is the level where you feel grown up - something I thought I'll never attain as I was so full of fears, demons and self pitty I thought I'll be forever doomed even tho I had the most powerful system of knowledge at hand.. The universe is indeed marvelous! The best of luck!
  14. I liked your post Tryingtodobetter as I see you are trying to be as clear as you can! This is all good and I'll expand on it if you allow! Learn not to think, center yourself and learn to reside here. This happens whenever you fall asleep as your mind withdraws within, observe this state so you can learn how does it feel, its the state that you experience all your life, nothing new to be learned here so its perfectly safe and natural. The same goes for taking a long walk it will make you really feel better. The mental energy body is making you feel agitated but you have another energy body that is silent by default and you reach this energy body when you stop thinking and center yourself. Try making a distinction between these two as most people miss it for what it is and just think its the same energy body and if they feel bad you try to discard all energy work, this won't help and you will need meds to ease your mental/physical energy body which again isn't a perfect solution. Try focusing gently on the center in front of your Solar Power Chakra an inch above the navel (or at the diaphragm or few inches below navel center all 3 are centers for silence). You can put a little weight there to experience what feeling you should look for when focusing gently. Then stay here center yourself make a continuity from this feeling and see the difference between this energy and the mental emotional energy that gets so easily agitated and dizzy. Mental energy body always seems agitated its just that regular persons have lots of shields that sort of makes them numb to these feelings and once you take drugs or do some energy work those shields become weaker and you feel problems more then before. Nothing new really happened its just that your mind now is giving you lots of suggestions (you heard a lot of stuff) feeding off the mental energy body (emotional energy) on what is happening most being just false or over-exaggerated. From your center you will strengthen your focus, do it when the storm begins there is no where you can really go but here. Its very subtle but this is your other self, its a real self that is with you all your life and expresses itself still daily in some simple tasks especially when you do some discipline task whatever that may be. It activates when you are honest such as when writing your initial post, this self gave you the strength when writing every word, it made a continuity out of your intent. Its you. Try being aware of this "place" as you. Also its probably the self that made you take drugs in a honest fashion, the period when you liked something about it. Nothing is that bad unless you have too much mind, that is when stuff starts to get weird. At first focus on not thinking which is done by centering - just don't allow the mind to take over 100% and then when you get the feel for it from this point on you will be able to look at all the situations with a different outlook and then you can slowly do something about it, you can even use a sweeping motion with your hand to sort of clear them out. You'll know what to do. Best of luck! Hope this will safe you time!
  15. How can you appreciate being alive if you can't appreciate death for what it is? You do go to work and do care for your family right? If its not so important and you are still doing it then you might as well develop your astral body and turn into a immortal and stick around for some more time then what is expected in this modern age.