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  1. No more right-wing bullshit.

    Your point practically transcends every possible obstacle of the mind and it's reasons to be pro or against any wordly matters, no matter how creative it could be. 😀 The effect of your words is a relief, calm, warm and light feeling, a solution to the urge to protect the already established wall/fence/shield of the personal belief system, no matter what it is. 💚
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    The most beautiful flowers Grow On the graves of the heart's Spirit. Author
  3. Levels of conscious mind residing...

    Reasonable, well said, truthfully, open hearted. Cool 😀
  4. Levels of conscious mind residing...

    in the name of the spirit itself: LOL! When you are not responsible for your actions and choices and let yourself fly as a leaf on a wind so you can say and do whatever comes through your personal filter which you call 'I' , then you can blame someone for something that 'happens to you'. The only thing that you are doing in that case is drama. It's not even reason. This is the usual level of consciousness that we all are in. And the group of people will probably operate in this level of consciousness if just one of the members is in it. Do you want to change that? Be responsible if you do. The truth is that everything that exists / is alive is energy itself and that everything has some kind of impact on everything whether you feel / see / know / like it or not. I mean, do you have control over what you think or do, or you have to depend on someone/something?
  5. Levels of conscious mind residing...

    I edited my post, look again the last sentence and the meaning of what I said will fit. I'm on my phone so maybe that is the problem with possibility of deleting the post. I will check it.
  6. Levels of conscious mind residing...

    You can't delete a post on this forum?! Change that please. I wanted to post a reply to this qoute but changed my mind so I posted this. 😀
  7. Levels of conscious mind residing...

    What invitation?
  8. Levels of conscious mind residing...

    Forum is a place where people speak. I mean, you write your opinion on something or your experience and you probably won't be understood by everyone because words are confusing when you're not in the same line with somebody. So, one really has to put effort to be understandable. If there is no effort, you feel some kind of a trick in it, something is hidden and you want it to be revealed. If you're in the same line with the words being said, everything will have sense and you will be affected somehow by them. Best communication is achieved when you know someone's dictionary (meaning words that carry a meaning and which when combined make a concept that you want to share and highlight - with members of this forum), than you understand. The question that I ask myself when talking/writing about something is: with this said, do I expect that everyone understands my dictionary? Am I projecting something I didn't say anything about really? Or I really want to share something so that I can see someone understood what I was TRYING to share. For example in your post, everything you wrote before: "Just thought you might be interested." for me is actually similar to a longer version of a headline in some Hollywood magazine. You know, it attracts my curiosity but it doesn't mean anything actually. So, if it doesn't mean anything and it's just news, it is normal that I want to know one more little thing: a name/nickname/avatar of 'our' member! Because what else do I have to say about it and what else does anyone has to say about it if you expect that everyone understands your concept (are in the line with you). We could all just agree with it and our normal, boring, not in Hollywood life goes on. With that said, I feel your point of this post was achieved. I understood that 'Jeff ' is in state of some PERSONAL good feeling about some member who achieved some not zero level of some consciousness that 'Jeff' metaphorically measured as 'moonlike' in comparison to 'mountaintoplike' and he wanted to share that good news because he thought I might be interested. And it's ok! I see the heart in it. But also (in this personal thing) it seems that 'Jeff' could have some sort of problem with some 'zero levels' and 'relative form layers and astral stuff' and 'super guru stuff' because he used words that project those things as being not good enough as 'living on the moon'. And I could also ask myself (if I choose to go with it as I believe 'Jeff'), why the hell this "member is now back to residing more at the higher end of form layers (super guru stuff)" if 'Jeff' believes that 'formless levels' are qualified as being best, the only and main goal, last and only true conscious residence (because this is news about great achievement)? With this said, it seems that 'Jeff' definitely has to put some effort in all this, there could be some mess in his own belief system. Please, correct me if I'm wrong about your quality measured system of levels of consciousness. All in all is confusing. For me, conscious beings are all in one with every state of consciousness that has it's own qualities. In dreaming, I consciously saw and visited different worlds and levels of existence and there is definitely no measure of better or worse. There is just what it is. I would say it is freedom, personal and at the same time nonpersonal choice, a path that one chooses to go on and achieve. It's about the spirit, the heart, the death, the energy, the will, the intent, the responsibility and impeccability and every other word I could use to touch the heart of it's mysteriousness. If 'moonlike' state of consciousness includes all possible states then that 'member' could know all it's qualities and astral won't be 'stuff' but residence of it's own, simple as that. So 'favorite guru' state has it's own quality state and if you say it like that, you definitely have some personal judgement that I'm not familiar with. Do you want to break my belief in my 'super guru stuff' by making it less worth and show me something better? Please say if it's so. And, who the heck is the man? Is he traveling through different states of consciousness? How is he doing that? Is he the 'super super guru stuff'? If there are no words to describe it, then you can just do it. Ok, I came to an end of my words. Thanks for paying attention.
  9. Hi!

  10. Hi!

    A friend told me about this forum so I decided to see how it is. :-)
  11. Hi!

    thank you :-)
  12. Hi!

    Hi everyone, nice to be here