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  1. Immortals are White as ice

    Why do most people do no research. It baffles me to this day.
  2. Getting pretty Spammy in here

    Id say spam insults false claims and so on is on the rise.... There is a decline of well read experienced practitioners here. What you do have is a lot of arguements and claims and so on. Why has nazri never been banned? We all know he has no permission to teach mo pai. Why do people get to openly sell products they bought from other qigong systems on here? Why doenst the mods question questionable claims? like reaching mo pai level 13? Why do threads go into the pit before someone is banned and then why isnt all the bad post that breaks forum rules removed from said thread(sometimes there is good info in the threads that goes to the pit)? Why are some members allowed without question to spam the forum? Why are some members allowed to insult others without end and still not get banned? The forum is a reflection of how its being ran. If the forum is attracting more spam then that means that the people who should be getting banned are not getting banned and there energy is attracting those like them....
  3. Done. This forum is so fucking stupid. An i mean that.

    I wasnt stating in absolute truth. i was just giving a suggestion.

    Since you did flying phoenix for a long time it just may take longer for you to feel the effects. The SYG creates amazing mental serenity. i know for me and others it creates some pretty cool psychic imagery. Like this It creates a deep calm. In time it creates a powerful vibration and heat. You will feel the circuit path for the mudra open up and the mco will open up as well. Even if you were doing the level 1 mudra with no breath percentage you should still feel heat. For SYG and red dragon shares the first seated mudra. Red dragon has no breath percentage.
  6. Questionable Mak Tin Si Sect

    I came across his thunder palm awhile ago. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wjsqw25JkO8 He seems knowledgeable but theres something off about him. But thats just a vibe i get he could be a great guy.
  7. Ascension thru inner power

    Thats interesting.... I find that most people do things on impulse alone without ever questioning why am i doing this? But thats another issue. Listen only heaven has the true power. Mankind only has the power of destruction. Example "If you dont do what i want ill destroy you!" Heaven has that power to. Heaven also has the power of life. Example "If you dont adhere to me or attune to me you will self destruct." The way of heaven is the way of virtue. Humans who want to walk the virtueous path of heaven will have the power of life. Heaven's power of destruction is when you chose to destroy yourself. An you walked further and further away from virtue. The commandment of heaven is the commandment of life just like the sky controls the earth. Following the way of heaven is the path.
  8. Ascension thru inner power

    I saw this being talked about in another thread so id like to address it here because its related to the OP of this thread. Pre Heaven and Post Heaven chi and the MCO Preheaven chi is the chi that came from the tao/heaven when you were forming in your mom's womb. This heaven essence gave birth to your water essence. Then you started to take form via the mco route first your spine then your head then down to your legs and so on. It is the power of heaven that created you. Post heaven chi is human heavenly chi. Or the heaven chi of the human being. Now for the taoist or cultivator post heaven chi is not attained until it is restored in the ldt. When the power of heaven is restored in the ldt it will circulate in all circulations that were used to create you. Then tru alchemy can take place. The original power or Zhen Qi is spreading to every cell in your body healing you correcting you. Now the practices that do the mco before this happens is doing so in an attempt to awaken the shen When you do normal breathing the path of the mco is reversed. When you do reverse breathing the mco flows up the spine and down the front. Now cultivators try to conserve their water essence and circulate the mco in a attempt to recreate the prebirth conditions to awaken the the shen so this awakened shen can activate the power of heaven in the body. Only the awakened shen can awaken what you were unaware or lost touch of. If the alchemy has no transformation of the shen then it is not spiritual alchemy. the awakened spirit is the true agent of change. The awakened shen cultivates all 3 dantians.
  9. Ascension thru inner power

    Letting go to all that ties you to the earth... Transforming the body into pure radiant spirit and ascending to the 9th level of heaven on a ray of light isnt easy. Takes dedication to the path.
  10. Ascension thru inner power

    If there is no shen cultivation then there is no alchemy. The ever awakening shen is the alchemical agent. Remember this. Bringing awareness and spirit to forgotten parts of your self and unknotting them awakening them. Restoring the original power of heaven in you so your original signal is strong enough so you communicate your essence with the 9 constellations more easily and be free from their influence.
  11. Ascension thru inner power

    Alchemy is not about condensing chi and vibrating it or generating fields or internal power. Its about being made whole.
  12. Ascension thru inner power

    So what i understand from this to be true. Is that if you work with heavenly chi this will cultivate the shen more quickly, strengthen the jing and thus the chi, leading to restoring the original spark of life and the awareness of. Once awakened can be accessed from that point. All taoist alchemy is actually about the transformation of the shen. The restoring of the original power/destiny given to you by heaven. is just part of the alchemy process of the shen.
  13. Ascension thru inner power

    Quoted from here http://www.ichikung.com/html/dantians.php
  14. Ascension thru inner power

    Quoted from here http://silenttao.com/2010/03/cultivating-xing-and-ming/