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  1. Taobums creator

    Hello my name is Ethan Singh I once saw a post saying that there is a founder of taobums. Is that person the one who created Taobums. If so then what is his full name so maybe I could go and greet him and say thanks for making this website as it has really opened up a whole other world of possibilities for me
  2. Hello everyone my name is Ethan Singh I am looking for the best Taoist internal alchemy text translation recommendations in books I can buy on Amazon I am coming here for help because just like most people I don’t have the money to buy every single translated Taoist internal alchemy text book on the western market but narrowing down my choice to the top ten books of this kind with your guys help would be most helpful and appreciated I would like recommendations on the best books in English that most throughly describe how internal alchemy works in as much detail as possible if you guys want we can have people on this topic make lists of the top ten Taoist internal alchemy translated texts if you want if not then that that’s ok but I still think making a list of the best books on Taoist internal alchemy for other beginners on their internal alchemy journey would be a good idea I hear that genuine and authentic practitioners of internal alchemy sometimes recommend to their disciples Taoist textbooks on internal alchemy that they can start out with
  3. Hello everyone it’s me Ethan Singh I was wondering can anybody refer to me books that contain the best translations of Taoist internal alchemy texts made before the cultural revolution it could be historical or not it does not matter please recommend anything other than the Tao Te Ching I am on a budget so I cannot afford to buy every single book on taoism available on Amazon If I did then I would probably have to buy hundreds of books most of which would probably turn out to be rip offs Which I absolutely cannot do To help others of their internal alchemy journey please recommend the top ten books you can think off Everyone is encouraged to participate and make their own lists individually so that people on here can compare those lists put down here so that they can make their own informed decisions on what they would like to buy I think doing this would be very helpful for beginners I myself am also a beginner Looking forward to what our Taoist seniors have to say
  4. Different types of xian

    Hello everyone my name is Ethan Singh I hope to learn more about this topic from you guys apart of me learning is me asking questions to improve my understanding I read that there are two different types of xian which are long lived Dixian ( earth xian ) who specialize in yangsheng and immortal tianxian ( heaven xian ) who specialize in alchemy I am more interested in dixian than tianxian because the more and more I read up on immortality in taoism the more and more they begin to strongly imply that you have to die to achieve immortality and that immortality can only be achieved via a spiritual body ( which is totally understandable anything else would sound crazy for obvious reasons ) dixian can manage longevity by cultivating natural life ( yangsheng ) ingesting medicines is the root of longevity when one ingests Shendan ( divine elixir ) and jingye ( golden liquor ) one may achieve real longevity I mean longevity by Taoist standards ( supposedly skilled taoists can regularly live to be 150 while more skilled taoists ( the exceptional ones can live to be over 250 years old ) Even if one practices breathing, diet, meditation, and exercise then all they are doing is delaying their death by a few decades at most For example if you take very good care of your health then one may live from 85 years old which is about the average lifespan worldwide to perhaps 115 years old but this will be their limit For if one wishes to live far beyond this age ( for example 200 to 300 years of old of which I have found several historical Chinese accounts of people living this long ) then they must obtain the divine elixir and golden liquor can someone please explain what the divine elixir and golden liquor are and in particular how to achieve it I already have some idea about what all of this above might mean but as a deep thinker myself I am not stupid enough to think that I know everything ( which I do not ) so rather I wish to be more well informed by those who are more experienced in these kinds of things Seniors please impart your knowledge and wisdom upon me
  5. Authentic golden body

    Does anyone know of this Is it called something else Based on my research devraha baba A 250 year old man knew of this practice It rejuvenates the body via the blood and oxygen By the way earl gray you are being rude and disrespectful to me your junior who is only trying to learn more about this
  6. Authentic golden body

    Hello everyone I must say again that the golden body has nothing to do with the Shaolin golden bell cover or any practices involving training the body for self defense or combat The golden body I refer to is the same transformation experienced by very advanced authentic kriya yoga practitioners that rejuvenates their body keeping it or making them young It is a true human body phenomena that allows them to live for well over 200 years or much longer
  7. Authentic golden body

    Can someone just suggest me to someone who can teach me like how someone said rudi was a good option to go to for gods sake can anyone be normal on this topic remember rudi does not teach any practices leading to golden body
  8. Authentic golden body

    Funny I was not talking about that at all man people really think I am a newbie I was referring to the fact that the Tibetan rainbow body for the most part only occurs upon death not always but most of the time and I was not referring to anything else
  9. Authentic golden body

    Does anyone out their have any other suggestions
  10. Authentic golden body

    Unlike the rainbow body
  11. Authentic golden body

    I forgot to add that one big difference is that with the golden body you don’t physically need to die
  12. Authentic golden body

    Actually I have already been suggested to go to rudi but he unfortunately does not teach the golden body in taoism you see the golden body I refer to is the same rainbow body that is widely known among Tibetans the golden body I refer to is the same as achievement of becoming a golden immortal and using golden wave energy rudi does teach what is probably widely known as the real life equivalent of a Qi blast from the popular dragon ball Z anime it actually is just electric current as rudi states it is I am not looking for such a thing and as hard as that might be to believe it is true
  13. Authentic golden body

    Hi it’s me mr singh umm does anyone wish to help me if so please say something
  14. Authentic golden body

    Then what a cruel fate god has given me anyway if their is anyone who truly wishes to teach me the correct practices leading to the golden body but cannot due to the publicity simply email me on Taobums or request for me to contact you and we will work something out
  15. Authentic kriya yoga

    Anyone who is reading this please go to authentic golden body topic by me I accidentally made two topics but the authentic golden body is the right one