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  1. Something i'm slowly peeling away at is the knowledge that there is a natural Heart-Sacral channel in the body which when opened connects our desires of merging with the opposite sex with the heart center. It opens a bridge of communication between these centers and once it's open it's very difficult to ever going back to superficial lust. It's like these 2 styles of consciousness in the body merge for harmonious expression. Still playing with it, working on opening and healing this channel.....but those are my experiences so far.
  2. astral travel

    My thoughts run along similar lines of spotless. These are very advanced techniques, your out of your league so to speak.
  3. astral travel

    Nothing is permanent....save consciousness itself.
  4. astral travel

    They talk a bit about it here. It's supposedly a similar practice to the Buddhist phowa techniques. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phowa
  5. astral travel

    Also within the 8 Yogas of Naropa there is a method that talks about projecting one's consciousness into another being in the last moments before death.
  6. astral travel

    Please do share.
  7. astral travel

    Energetic merging is the closest i've come to this. I recall Seth Ananda mentioned something about having experience with switching bodies. Eventually your going to leave this body as it decays and travel elsewhere.....it's just a temporary vessel. I wouldn't get overly caught up in what the "correct" body is for you....there is no "correct" body. What i think is you may have some karmic energies to work out with that person and you should focus on dissolving that which is creating the situation to begin with....just my 2 cents.
  8. Intense, deep shit.
  9. So relevant to the path.
  10. Lovely interview
  11. Welcome to TDB. I would stay away from Mantak Chi...his techniques can cause such problems. PM me if you'd like some help.
  12. Welcome to TDB. There is a lot of discussion on Flying Phoenix here. Enjoy.
  13. Welcome to TDB.
  14. Welcome to TTB.