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  1. LOL no That's how it has been interpreted for educated westerners (bulk of the 'daoist' crowd). I used to watch movies and documentaries, and suggest people do the same when they first start, it's really a torture, especially after you get past the first 20 minutes or so. After a few months to a year or so you can stand without distraction. Don't be greedy, wanting to get ALL the benefit all at once, It'll get you in your body regardless, you need some distraction to bear away the pain.
  2. I've started experimenting, practicing the 99 form taolu (yes, Stig, it's the one you know, Chen Weiming lineage, learned here in China from a good teacher, actually I've been meaning to talk to you about the training, hope we can chat on messenger?), I'm doing it fast, certain motions are slow, others explosive, still other piercing or crushing. The monkey man is right, fights aren't slow.
  3. second phrase: the birth (creation) of all men and things have this Qi as [point of] origin
  4. I have to read Sun Lutang now
  5. LOL In truth every form of the taiji (it's made out of individual shapes, 24, 36, 85, 99, 108...) is so complex in it's articulation, learning taiji is like learning to walk again. Differently.
  6. garlic, well good, I was just preparing a special tincture
  7. Someone close to me, an elderly person, is suffering from shortness of breath and exhaustion. Thinking of buying some Cordiceps, it alegedly improves this condition. The first mention of the 'kidneys failing to graps the qi' just rang a bell for some reason. I'll study more into it.
  8. Is self defense egotistical?

    It doesn't mean anything, it's an umbrella.
  9. Interesting. I would love to hear more.
  10. 太极十年不出门
  11. Is self defense egotistical?

    Call me Little1, Marbles. Somebody's enjoying my twisted humour, lol.
  12. Is self defense egotistical?

    It is, absolutely egotistical, the spiritual thing to do is to let the other one mugg you, rape you, stab you or shoot you, because it's your Karma. Don't worry, the Universe will take care of him, and if he kills you, your Karma is transferred to him, saving you countless rebirths, how neat is that! Don't worry, just dissolve into the Light, brother. Plus you're freed from this meat cage, free to fly away and be with the angels on the higher planes. Which I hope you actually do, you and all the people posting simmilar questions...
  13. what is it exactly, from TCM point of view?
  14. Choosing Between Daoism and Buddhism

    pfff, you make it sound like it's the same type of choice one makes between a ham sandwich and a cheeseburger, a turtle neck or a sweater, pasta or pizza... damn consumerism
  15. Guide to Chinese Herbology

    Good thread. Are you familiar with Chinese spagyric methods, other than making simple teas or tinctures?