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  1. Weather Magick

    That’s certainly where my ‘new Jaguar’ money would be going... Most of my teachers have followed this example. Including refusing any ‘grandmaster’ type titles - even shifu was too much for most... Although I’ve also had a teacher with a slightly more flamboyant nature - he liked to dress up... but rather than ‘spiritual garb’ - it usually manifested in wonderfully obscure ways - this very Chinese-Vietnamese teacher absolutely loved the 80’s Texan-cowboy-turned-oil-tycoon look - with hilarious results, obviously - the hilarity was not lost on him either...
  2. I think it’s a disservice to ourselves to think this way. Preference has a way of destabilising the natural resilience of a balanced system. We prefer love to fear and that exemplifies part of the problem... There is nothing ‘wrong’ with fear when it is in balance... equally love out of balance is just as destructive... Greed when balanced is clearly useful... In a well balanced ecosystem there are no ‘weeds’... When an ecosystem is out of balance suddenly a ‘noxious weed’ might take over and create disharmony... Of course consciousness and will have a certain destabilising effect - also our acquired nature and developmental experiences will have destabilising elements and things are complicated... But I think it’s wrong to think that the classically ‘good’ emotions should be preferred to the classically ‘bad’ ones... everything has its place. We all prefer a sunny day - but we need rain too.
  3. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Thats known as “the striking of Ling” - it begins in the inner vision and then usually manifests as something like a lightning strike in front of the person experiencing it - and it’s completely visible to witnesses. This is the start of the stage after the blissful awakening stage. Equivalent to achieving (an experience of) 2nd Jhanna
  4. Weather Magick

    Fear, survival instinct and addictions - water element - Zhi - circulating/turning movement Frustration, anger, stress, self dislike - wood - Hun - upward movement Hyper, giddy, excited - fire - Shen - expanding movement Over thinking, neurotic, worrying - earth - Yi - up then down circulation Sadness, attachment, grief - metal - Po - inwardly contracting movement The movements signify how Qi moves in the body and in nature - might be relevant for weather patterns?
  5. Weather Magick

    Lightning strikes in close proximity are pretty shocking aren’t they!
  6. Weather Magick

    When I was looking for teachers years back, I was introduced to a Daoist ‘master’ in Hong Kong who tried to sell me an empowerment for $40K (and I had to officially become his ‘disciple’... apparently a great marketing campaign to have a capable western student). He did produce a thunderstorm on a clear sunny day - within about 10 minutes of quietly reciting some mantra and holding a mudra while talking with me outside. I refused. Politely 😅 Later discovered that he’s been fucking every western girl who showed interest in his tricks. No idea where he is now - but I heard a rumour that he was killed because he repeatedly ‘stole rain’ from one village and sold it to another in the mainland. No fancy hats like you though Josh! He did have a beard and a topknot... apparently it’s obligatory if you want to fuck impressionable western girls.
  7. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Exactly... One of my teachers always seems to begin re-examining the intricacies of shoulder alignment (rather painfully) after getting questions about ascension and the like My personal opinion is that (in general) teachers who haven't reached the pitfall stage are in fact less dangerous than ones who have and think they've 'arrived'. There's an increase in 'charisma', there is indeed some ability but the undercurrent of baseness remains hidden by bliss and contentment... and the potential for immoral action is increased because many of 'protective' emotions have been released and masked by bliss - I'm thinking of people like Osho... Once the 'moral barrier' is pierced all kinds of other immoral behaviour can arise - all in the name of spirituality of course. Why should petty human morality stand in the way of enlightenment! It's fine to be a teacher... but it's important to differentiate a 'spiritual' teacher from an 'internal arts' teacher for example... Don't over-shoot where you are. Your students will subtly elevate you past your actual accomplishment, and sometimes it's hard to resist. In a world where a certain design on a necklace can be considered spiritual, it's worth remembering just how reverently these things were treated in the past. There is a massive responsibility to being a spiritual teacher! Yes - from what I remember - at this stage you can choose when and as whom you incarnate within a span of like 3000 years... All the spiritual practices seem to be a preparation for death
  8. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Many Daoists would disagree with this statement, and say an awakening to reality is little more than a taste of one's potential if it is not embodied. Yes. I think this is precisely where the views of our lines of cultivation divert, Dwai. This is exactly what I've been taught... A non-rotting body upon death signifies development up to a certain point... Disappearing into a rainbow body upon death is still also considered 'incomplete' - in the sense that the '5 lights' have not been transformed yet - and one would have to reincarnate within about 30,000 years Disappearing in a flash of pure white light is a sign of 'finally arriving' - meaning there is no need to return... but one can come and go as one pleases. Yes Except that, I think it's important to talk about the earlier stages of awakening - because they are very much accessible to many people. And it's worth knowing the 'dangers' of achieving these states and not having a teacher (or leaving a teacher)... And it's worth knowing (if one has an interest in these traditions) - that in Daoism at least, awakening is considered a 'start' on the spiritual path - a great blessing, but also the biggest pitfall/dead-end if you get stuck there. This is a continuing theme from my teacher... as many students achieve this awakening - and with all the bliss, love, compassion, stillness and serene equanimity that comes with this stage - they tend to stop training, or leave and even start teaching. In fact, there is a move to delay awakening of this kind until the conditions for the next stage have also been developed - so that one moves as fast as possible through the blissful awakening onto the next stage.
  9. Taoist Enlightenment : UG Krishnamurti

    Classically there's a stage very much like that... It just means he had a certain level of awakening - and not complete enlightenment. With a decent teacher and lineage behind him he could've gone quite a bit further it seems.
  10. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Oh I meant it very much with tongue in cheek Yes - I think I understand your perspective. So body-mind unit would be considered dualistic in your scenario?
  11. Xing and Ming cultivation

    I know I'm in trouble when Dwai leaves a laughing emoji on my post! We keep going round in circles primarily because you don't seem to accept that I 100% agree with you on this. You're not debating a materialist Dwai. You keep pressing this point - that 'reality' fundamentally is 'consciousness' and materiality arises from that or is subject to that. I keep saying yes - I agree - this is clearly the case as stated quite clearly in Daoist philosophy and quite apparent experientially in meditation. So let's try again. Yes - I agree, Dwai Precisely. I'd make a slight edit before I agree... after one embodies one's True Nature... And the test for having fully embodied your True Nature and no longer operating from the 'old vantage point' - is when your teacher swings at you with his stick, he 'hits' nothing but light. Another way of saying this is: from the Daoist perspective (and from the esoteric Buddhist line I'm familiar with) materiality isn't a plane of existence apart from consciousness - it is consciousness. It is one part of the full spectrum of consciousness. Matter isn't just subject to consciousness - it IS consciousness. Consciousness doesn't just have 'primacy over materiality' - they are one and the same thing. Physicality is like - say the blue wavelength within the full spectrum of pure light. So 'full enlightenment' from that perspective is both spiritual and physical - because they are one and the same thing. It can't not be physical - (unless it's not full enlightenment.) So when one realises their True Self but remains physically unaltered - this simply means that what has been achieved is an awakening - but not a full transformation. Full transformation includes physicality and much more. The confusing thing is that the 'mechanics' of achieving this are basically the same... Absorb - let go -> absorb - let go -> absorb - let go. It's another thing that seems to confound Xing-only cultivators... despite what it might seem like, the way Daoist practice achieves all of this is through absorbing and letting go. Not by adding - not by 'creating' - not by developing - not by building... even though these concepts are used as mental models for a utilitarian understanding of the process. The fundamental principles are Ting - absorption and Song - letting go (or release). There's 100X more 'self-realized' individuals who are right this moment manipulating, abusing and sexually exploiting their followers. This is one reason that knowing the different levels of awakening is crucial. Many people have had awakenings - and full of genuinely benevolent intentions go ahead and become 'spiritual teachers'... But their transformation is far from complete (even though 'completeness' and a sense of having 'finally arrived' is a hallmark of their personal experience at these stages). Completely blind to this (and usually having left their teacher) they slowly but surely succumb to their 'human animal' drives - usually with all sorts of complex machinations to obscure the truth and perpetuate willful ignorance... both in their followers and usually in themselves too. That's what I mean by 'haughty spiritual states'. Haughty because the personal experiences are full of bliss, compassion and equanimity - but under the surface, there is much that is left to transform. And the behaviour that can result from this sort of awakened person (if they stop further spiritual growth) can be quite horrific - (partly because socially protective emotions like guilt and shame have been let go of... and partly because as there is 'more light' in the system, the untransformed aspects create a much darker, deeper shadow than before) So to make this discussion a discussion and not a reactive back and forth - before you mark this post with that dreaded laughing emoji and then line by line try to discredit what I say with technicalities - why don't you feed back to me what I said in your own words. Just so I can see whether you understand what I'm trying to explain or not. Only if you wish to discuss this further, of course! I personally think it's a helpful discussion for the people reading along!
  12. Xing and Ming cultivation

    People that come to Daoism from a Xing perspective often see Ming as the 'support' for Xing... This sort of thinking underpins that idea. The Daoist response would be a swift wack to the head. The premise being - that it may be "true" that form is an illusion - but that is not the case for you and your throbbing head. At certain stages form (even physical form) does become "illusion" - in the sense that it becomes as malleable as a mental form... exemplified by handprints and footprints in granite stone and other 'siddhi' - like physically transforming into light and so on. Most Xing - based cultivators are quick to denigrate these siddhi as examples of seeking powers instead of spiritual growth... But in fact, from the perspective of Xing-Ming cultivation - exactly the opposite is true. The siddhi are merely a demonstration of one's true depth of absorption into the underlying fundamentally spiritual reality. The spectrum of consciousness is not limited to some haughty spiritual planes - the spectrum includes everything - including the gross physical reality. Sometimes that wack to the head is not a teaching tool - but a test to see whether 'substance is also illusion' is actually true for you now.
  13. Xing and Ming cultivation

    The basic idea is that your channels must be relatively free of pathogenic qualities, the ‘container’ for the Dantien must be built, and you must have at least some ‘extra’ Qi and a reasonably still mind. (This is in relation to the start of the alchemical process.) These prerequisites are certainly achievable. In a retreat setting - with full time 8hrs daily practice you could even get there in “100 days”... It’s probably very individual for each person... there are always some physical, mental, emotional and even karmic impediments. Type 1 diabetes might not be as bad as say a tendency to constantly zone out with your mind for example... So whatever the situation - if you have a teacher that thinks it’s ok for you to do the training - then it’s worth giving it a try. These are not ‘healing arts’ in themselves - they are spiritual arts with a byproduct of healing (because a healthy body and mind are more efficient vehicles for spiritual practice!) There are healing arts too... Like chinese medicine or Qi emission healing or herbs... The best healers work on the level of Ming (or the karmic level)... they will have ‘causal insight’ into an illness and know straight away if the illness is healable or ‘destiny’. But even if it’s healable - there is no guarantee that it’ll be healed. And conversely - sometimes the most unlikely conditions are indeed healable...
  14. Xing and Ming cultivation

    'Making it' might be next to impossible - but there is a great payoff in making the earlier levels - payoffs both in this life and the next... It's a tricky hypothetical - Ming works in mysterious ways... Sometimes Ming (as the unfoldment of your life path) can be transformed spontaneously through practice. I simply don't have the insight - but teachers who are fully absorbed in their 'causal body' can tell what is good for a student and what isn't... they sometimes turn away very promising students and put great effort into seemingly ungifted students. Incidentally - Buddhism has Ming methods too... this isn't the Buddhist practices that we (or even most monks) have access to.
  15. Xing and Ming cultivation

    I agree with you. But it's important to understand that Ming is more than internal power. Power is one aspect of it... Consciousness without substance is transitory beyond certain formless realms. Qi is the mediator between heaven and earth. When you met your Daoist teacher you got a taste of Ming. I can't say more than "keep going!"