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  1. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    @silent thunder I did receive a ping but I don't think I care enough to read your posts. Sure, if you say so. I am not going to ask WHAT are those achievements and abilities. It is obvious you don't know what you are talking about like in every single sentence you write, but we know what's gonna come next : ↡ A. I know IT but won't be sharing it with you, you don't deserve to learn this sacred knowledge. B. I am not sharing it publicly cuz it is very esoteric and secret information. C. Damo would come himself and say what his abilities are if he would care enough. But as he does not, this information is top secret. D. Moderator - YOU CANNOT ASK SOMEONE ABOUT THEIR ABILITIES THIS IS AGAINST THE RULES. E. Omg, he asked someone about abilities, how dare he force people to reveal their abilities against their will. P.s. Guys much less than cultivation, I seriously doubt your level of intellectual and cognitive development. Anyway, entertainment value for, I might come to check up on you several years later and see how much you have grown.
  2. Money

    There is nothing bad in money, but greed is another thing.
  3. Mysticism

    I am beyond the intellectual level. When you are able to see the true nature of things and pierce through illusions, no mysticism will be left.
  4. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Sounds like you have been bamboozled by Damo Mitchell. His system is more like a spiritual McDonald's and he himself is a third-rate (average) practitioner at best. Not all have a talent for cultivation even if starting at a young age, you just won't progress far.
  5. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    This is not private messaging, wake up, this is an open thread in a public forum you share with everyone. You are very confident, despite having started cultivation recently in 2020...
  6. Your opinion on Damos neigong?

    Exactly. Bullseye. It is comical to me that some people instead of discussing actual fruits of practice, refer to read some book. Read this and you will understand what you gonna get in 20 years of practice... Like no, a book is just paper with words. Nothing that is written there is even real, unlike actual produce of teaching = students. A short talk/discussion on practice with a student/practitioner of any teaching is usually enough to make conclusions.
  7. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    I just checked that you are a newcomer, so yeah... maybe you have nothing to talk about. I am calling bullshit = bullshit. I like to be straight. You told me that there is something so esoteric and spiritual, that you can't say online. How else can be that called? I don't remember when last time I heard anything like that being said, maybe when Western Mopai kids were around? Just to shed your illusions, there is nothing spiritual in the online program you study. Working with Qi and stretching the body is not a spiritual practice. And I don't want to be placed in your shoes, lol. Why would I want that? I am just checking on Damo students and their progress, to see how effective the system is, your inability to write a few coherent sentences and express any experience beyond emotional "Super, Powerful, Potent" is already very telling. I only do it out of curiosity, and to compare to students of other systems and schools.
  8. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    I am not interested in books, I am on a forum and I asked people, what is their personal experience. If you can't talk about it why do you even write here? You are confusing "bad attitude" with "Critical Thinking" and "Questioning Things" Nothing wrong with asking direct questions. It is just your answers don't make any sense. I.e. : You brag that it is extremely potent. But cannot go into any details... It is kind of ridiculous to ask for respect on a forum, where you come unwillingly to share anything. There are very few people I respect, and those earned my respect and it was not granted for free. So far, I cannot see any "potent results" teaching in you, but I can see some Qi Deviation.
  9. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    That's bullshit. You are on an "esoteric" forum. School is public, what it has to do with confidentiality? You can not verbalize your own progress/results? We do not ask you to share the "secret methods you exercise". Ughh, this reminds me of Western Mopai Students. They also said something about their method was working, but could never say what they have even been able to achieve with it.
  10. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Why not? We don't know what the results would be, never seen Damo students.
  11. Mysticism

    I don't believe in mysticism, and there is nothing mystic in magic or occult arts.
  12. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Can't you be more detailed with that? What is a powerful experience for you? What is the value of it? I may not know this, but what is routinely taught in the public domain? So, what is the result after 20 years?
  13. I mean if you want immortality, first find an immortal. As you can't find it, your search is just to waste time. How about starting with newbies exercises like few hours of Zhan Zhuang a day and don't think about any immortality in the next 30 years? Usually, people are obsessed with things they do not have..
  14. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    I see, did not know this, had thought, that he has been teaching for over 2 decades already.