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  1. Yeah, I don't think many people in the world care about this except you and few other people here and maybe Mantak Chia himself. From a business standpoint, if the guy would share his tuition fee with a girlfriend or someone, the Damo would get 40$ a month, now you discouraged him, he will get 0$, so you have made it worse for the "school of internal arts". You also made it worse for him (Poor Student), as he could develop, and now he will do some other stuff, who knows what is it gonna be drugs? All due to someones inflated moralism and ego centrism, with a carebear attitude towards insignificant things in life that will pass.
  2. Tbh I like Damo, but I feel like what you have here built is more of a religious zealous sect and not a group of free-thinking cultivators.
  3. You have already proven you don't know what you are talking about when confused ethereal legs and arms with "imagination". I don't know what is left to talk here. I might visit your teacher mb.. Strawman argument. Don't put words in my mouth I have not said, just disrespectful. Yes, it is easy, when you apply to academy there are no "exams" no "tests". Complex things are impossible to do for the majority of people. They are not taught online, moreover in prerecorded form or shape.
  4. I have done something much more complex and dangerous and can compare. May be for people in Daoist tradition those practices are deep and hard. This is so easy anyone can do this.
  5. Yep, if you think stretches and basics of meditation cost 200 quadrillion dollars, delusion is quite deep. Afaik.
  6. You don't imagine you actually move it. Its called skill. Seems like you cannot do it.
  7. As I see it while the platform can be useful for some people, the same things are being repeated 100 times, and once you get one principle, you get it all already. Daoist practices use the same principles over and over again. It is not rocket science or anything complicated. In fact, neigong and qigong are probably the easiest cultivation practices in the world.
  8. This is only your own mental conditioning, it has nothing to do with cultivation, with the world, and with the reality itself. Such thinking is actually a sign of the mundane mind, as u need stimulation to be able to do anything. If 7 billion humans would pay Damo for his academy, he would have right now, sitting at 2 trillions dollars a year of pure income out of thin air. When things go online and massively spread they get the inappropriate amount of funding and money, like those rockstars and pop singers. Whatever they produce is not worth the millions they make. The actual "sacrifice and return" works the opposite way from what you think.
  9. Jing / Energy Loss - Regain

    Don't watch, think, look, and masturbate for 2 weeks. Tell us how you feel after then. --- By big draw, you mean Mantak Chia big draw?
  10. This journey has been longer than I remember.
  11. You could move your ethereal legs and arms. I usually don't do physical forms I use energy body to do forms without moving the physical vessel. It is quite easy to do.
  12. I am not a student, I am over 15 years into spiritual practice.