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  1. Wander the world

    I assume that they are true, as when one gets deep in meditation, it is certainly hard to see the outside world. I used to go into traces for hours on end, only breaking out of them when my parents would try to talk to me. It's also reasonable to note that due to training, at this point, I'm in a near constant state of mind similar to what is achieved via meditation, though, my state isn't quite the same as meditation. I've had contact with beings that I've been informed were taoist immortals before. As I've not confirmed their powers, I can't say for sure, but the beings I have been in contact with did not assume a physical form. They were a presence akin to ghosts or local deities, but much more powerful and pure. One visited my home for a time and scared my cat quite a lot.
  2. How to deal with feelings of unreality?

    I've honestly always viewed life as closer to a game than most people would care to agree with. Dealing with these feelings of reality being mistaken is something that you should be extremely careful with, as it can lead you down some rather dark paths. I will vouch that such a view is more true than not, but it is indeed something rather hard to get used to for most. I've personally found that there's no going back to the "normal" side of things after you've opened this door, so I believe that attempting to accept things as they are is probably the wisest course of action for you. As for methods of improving the emotions around such an existence, I would suggest looking into Buddhist compassion meditation. A simple one that I personally practice is as follows: Relax and quiet the mind. Call up a memory of the feeling of compassion, and attempt to embody said memory. Try to focus on the compassion, eventually beginning to feel the emotion itself, without a memory. Once you begin feeling full compassion, focus on it for as long as possible. I don't quite remember where I learned this, but it has helped me stabilize myself after going too far in some metaphysical searches before. One other meditation to look into is "tree of life" meditation, but I do not have a good enough script for that for you. Best of luck in figuring this out!
  3. Inequality

    I'm not the most "Daoist" person out there, as I've only studied the DDJ shortly, but what I've seen said can be traced directly back to the DDJ. That said, where I believe most of Daoism's value lies is the practices and thought-processes behind those practices. I tend to stick to Daoist-based practices as they feel best for me, so perhaps I could be considered Daoist, but perhaps not. This is the version of the DDJ that I'm most familiar with. Give it a listen while you relax, and you may find the answers you're looking for.
  4. Inequality

    The "problems" of the modern world are no different to Taoists than the "problems" of the ancient world. What you are describing as "problem", Taoists see as "natural". It is not wise to attempt to "solve" nature, so those with power and wisdom will not attempt to solve the "problems" of today. To me, it sounds like what you are asking for is some specific Taoist dogma. While I'm sure that Taoist dogma exists in many different forms, I'm not entirely sure why you would seek dogma in the first place, and I'm not sure if you'll find the answer you are looking for among dogma. In regards to the answer you are seeking, you have gotten plenty of responses that have the same message, but it doesn't seem that that message is what you are looking for, as you simply ask the same question once again. I would suggest emptying your mind of preconceived notions, ideals, and desires, and reading the responses of Riversnake, Wu Ming Jen, thelerner, liminal_luke, Freeform, and Mithras once more. All of these fine folks have been saying something that seems to answer your question over and over again, but the message seems to be lost because it is not what you want to hear.
  5. Inequality

    Then you are simply not ready to understand what I am conveying. That is okay, as everyone has to progress gradually, but you won't find your answer until you are ready to understand your answer. I hope that someone gains at least some understanding from my posts, whether it be you, me, or someone else.
  6. Inequality

    Children find many things unfair that adults do not see as such, and if looked at rationally, are indeed fair. I have found children who can accurately identify inequalities to be rare, but indeed they do exist. These children are often more mature than their peers mentally. That said, there are plenty who think it unfair that they do not have the same toy that another child has, and attempt to take that toy by force. All things are connected. I still question my sanity, given my involvement with magic and cultivation, but every time I attempt to test whether my theories or ideas are true or not, it is always proven to be true. I would say that such testing is the only logical way to confirm the unseen, but logic only serves as training wheels, and never the actual skill or mindset. Most people attempt to judge things with logic and emotion, both you and I included. Unfortunately, not everything can accurately be judged by those metrics. In fact, the very idea of "judgement" or "truth" is a concept that only works when we're rooted in the physical. The folks who are fully aware and awake spiritually (such as highly advanced practitioners from most spiritual practices, or folks with much older souls, to name a few examples) are those that do not think from the physical, and thus generally will not see most things as unfair. Those that they do see as truly unfair are seen as natural, and something that is not a problem as it is natural. As our debate is getting slightly off-topic, I would like to remind you of the classic phrase: "look not at the finger, but at the moon it is pointing to." I do hope that I've helped shed some light on the concept, no pun intended!
  7. Inequality

    Children have a hard time understanding many adult concepts because they are not mentally developed enough yet. What we're referring to as "one light", is really simply a state. I've not heard it by that name before, but it sounds like the state I know of. You can think of that state as the spiritual equivalent to "growing up", much like when we grow from children to adults, we suddenly gain the ability to understand and learn more things. For better or worse, not everyone reaches this state of spiritual maturity during their lifetime; I have met elderly men who have the spiritual maturity of a twelve-year-old, and I have met people in their twenties and thirties who have already grown up spiritually. It truly depends on one's experiences and talents.
  8. Inequality

    I find that the more progress I make spiritually, the less I care about inequality, injustices, or political issues. I used to be extremely militant about wanting equality, a fair system, and good leadership; I was probably *too* extreme back then, actually. However, as my awareness of the world outside the physical grows, so too does my awareness of circumstance. I find it hard to condemn those that do "evil" deeds, and even harder to hate such individuals. Afterall, if I had taken a different path, I could have easily ended up being worse than they. It truly is an amusing paradox that as one gains more true power, one has less desire to use that power. From what I understand of what @Wu Ming Jen is referring to, it's not something that functions on logic, nor does it function on emotion. What is meant by "one light", is mostly a state of being. It exists outside of human perspective, which is why those that enter it no longer perceive most things as inequalities. Words will not do this state justice, no matter how many are used. Humans and animals will die, no matter who does what. If seen from these animals' perspectives, it could indeed been seen as "unfair" to die in the way that they do, but from outside that perspective, where is the inequality?
  9. A Question on Spiritualism

    From my experience, terminology for these things is somewhat inconsistent, so I'll try to be clearer by referring to the things we talk to as "spirits", and the source of those things as "souls". I wouldn't really call them two separate things, rather, the spirit is simply a facet of the soul. In my previous post, I tried to use one word, "spirit", to describe both of these, so it may have come off a bit unclear. "Spirit", in the phenomena that we see that is often classified as "ghost", "haunting", etc. is basically just a leftover record of the initial "soul" that was there before. The soul itself is outside of spacetime, whereas the spirit, as a manifestation, can be either in or out of spacetime. If we think of a cut jewel, with many faces, the jewel as a whole would be comparable to the soul, whereas the faces would be comparable to what we're referring to as a spirit. If we think of a river, the river itself would be comparable to the soul, whereas the droplets are comparable to spirits. The thing that was seanced with was a "spirit", while the person whose past life it was also has a different "spirit". If we use these terms, the thing that links the two of them is the "soul", as each spirit is a different manifestation of the soul.
  10. A Question on Spiritualism

    From what I understand, spirits that we consult are closer to "records", or perhaps "pre-programmed responses", rather than the initial source. Technically speaking, you could probably seance with spirits of people from the future, as long as you had connection enough to actually contact them. This is because what we call "spirit" is above the constraints of space and time; this is also why it is possible for one person to have multiple incarnations in the same world in the same timeframe. I hope this helps answer your question!
  11. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    I don't exactly know if I'd have what other practitioners call a "fully developed" dantian, but I do have my LDT developed to the point of being able to store energy there. It feels almost like a lead ball, about 2 inches diameter when I focus attention on it. If I lightly listen, it will feel like sunlight, taking up around three quarters of my abdomen. The biggest thing I would personally emphasize about these sensations is that they are never painful for me. When I run my qi, it will get "hot", but it won't be "burning" me. It feels much like sunshine feels, when one is sunbathing; a fuzzy kind of heat. The system I follow is different from Damo's, and I generally use his as either supplement or reference material. That said, I used Damo's method to get the MCO running quite nicely, and still practice it for expansion of my MCO, as I know it is not fully open yet. You can find more info on the dantians in a topic that I started awhile back; I found the responses and conversations quite helpful: Be extremely careful on mixing practices. This goes for basically all internal arts. On the video, I have not watched it, but I agree with everything Trunks said. Be *especially* wary of any sexual-based arts that you find on the internet. While I will acknowledge that valid sexual practices exist, they are hard to find and even harder to verify for someone that knows little, myself included. Sexual practices can mess you up in several major ways. You can find a number of threads on this forum regarding those kinds of practices, including semen retention. Quite a few of these threads started as "help, I messed myself up" threads. I would like to reiterate that I personally view most people on this forum as more knowledgeable about these things than I am, as I have only started martial arts a bit less than five years ago. In addition, I was only introduced to the internal arts last summer, a bit over a year ago. Take my words with a grain of salt, and feel free to question basically anything I say.
  12. LDT method: hui yin <-> navel

    @Trunk @Goku76 To clarify even further, if it is the one from Damo Mitchell's MCO, it should be the one he calls "Harvesting the Yang". Even though I have said this, I would still personally suggest going through the entire series if you have not got a handle on the basics, or even if you do have a handle, as it goes into theory a bit more than most public material does.
  13. SFQ Spirit Guides ??

    I can't speak for SFQ, but you speak as if people don't already have spirit guides available to them before joining these systems. This is not the case, as people will literally *always* have a spirit guide available; it's kind of what spirit guides do, afterall. From my personal experience, the one that I am in contact with will generally help me in cultivation, and she was not "unlocked" through any lineage, rather, she has always been available to me from the time I began looking for my spirit guide. I would agree that folks are somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of an unseen hand, but that is exactly why they don't tell you about the deeper aspects of these systems when you first join. If someone is not ready for the knowledge, it can certainly destroy their progress. I don't believe it is unethical to not say anything about these, no matter how little "comfort" someone may have with the idea. Using external help from benevolent entities is never wrong, no matter what religion or system you practice in. If you do not have a good teacher, it becomes extremely hard to progress. The key phrase here, however, is "benevolent entities". Spirit guides and angels are classified as such, even though not all gods are benevolent; this is why it can be risky working with unknown gods, but it is not risky to work with unknown guides or angels. As a short example, I often call upon the archangel Michael for assistance in some of my tasks, but I am not part of any of the faiths that have him in their pantheon. I get the help, thank him for his assistance, and move on.
  14. What makes a good day for you?

    If I can genuinely smile at the end of the day, it has been a good day.
  15. Mona Lisa mark under lip

    The question was on the topic of past lives and the significance of this life. I would not like to go into details here, but it was kickstarted by remembering a past death in full detail. I remember the time from waking up to the point of death and shortly after. I recall the heat, the sensations of death, and the brief confusion that consumed my past mind before dying. Overnight, I went from ridiculing anyone who thought that there was anything beyond death to fully believing that there was. It started a search to find "exactly" what I was before, how I ended up remembering said past life, and why such things existed in the first place. My answer was found after a lot of emptiness meditation, talking with spirit guides, diving through tarot, and mental projection. I wouldn't recommend my path to another person, but I found that letting go of my desire to learn actually ended up letting me learn more than before. I did get an answer on why I could remember past lives, as well as the inner workings of the cycle, but it would be impossible to convey this answer in words. While I don't know how much of this particular story you will believe, nor do I know how much it will help you, I do hope it has helped somewhat.