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  1. Weather Magick

    Thanks, everyone!
  2. Greetings Everyone

    Thanks, Steve! I appreciate your kind words.
  3. Weather Magick

    Hi, there's a lot to get through here but I'll do my best. I'm not opposed to Earthly teachers, I've just never encountered any that I could learn with because my interests are obscure and niche. As soon as the right one comes along, I'll act accordingly. That being said, I do consider myself a student of Kongming (Zhuge Liang) and I have had a close relationship with him since 2007. In all the years that he has been a part of my life, I've never felt mislead, misguided or harmed by his teachings. I have certainly felt uncomfortable and apprehensive but in hindsight, I now see that as the essential growth period needed to move onto the next stage of my spiritual journey, and I believe growing pains are necessary. I don't have a cult or a sect, I run fan sites for Zhuge Liang. People forget that Kongming was more than just an Occultist, he was a writer, an inventor, a diplomat, an engineer, a general, a strategist. I cover ALL avenues of his work from top to bottom. I have viewers who don't believe in the supernatural but seek to learn from Kongming's "Mastering The Art of War" book, I analyze his battle tactics on my YouTube channel from a historical point of view with no mysticism involved. Lots of Western entrepreneurs use his teachings for business today. To call it a cult is extreme because it implies there is an organization or a hierarchy of power, there isn't, its simply admiring the man's legacy, ensuring that it does not fade into obscurity. I'm not even an important piece of the puzzle, before me, there were those who loved him, after me, there will be loads more. My only hope is that I can spread that love. I help Westerners understand who Kongming is, I teach his history and his folklore, I don't profit or gain anything from it but the satisfaction of knowing I am doing what he expects of me. Our deal back in 2007 was just that. He would teach me and guide me, in return I would spread his name to everyone I would come across. I was hospitalized in 2018 with a life threatening illness, I was potentially looking at the end of my journey, so I spent time telling all of the doctors, nurses, and staff about Kongming, they were fascinated. Kongming means more to me than Taoism does. If Taoism does not accept me, that does not bother me. I don't look for acceptance from Taoists. I am learning Chinese because of him, I'm learning to play the Guqin, I carry a feather fan, I have memorized all of his written work. I cannot prove that I am speaking to Kongming, I cannot provide any evidence to the claim but I'm comfortable knowing that I'm correct. You can choose to believe me or not, it doesn't change my experience, I am not a believer, I am a knower. No disrespect to anyone on this forum but Zhuge Liang has achieved more than anyone on this entire website combined. Nobody will remember who we are almost two thousand years in the future, Kongming is eternal. I enjoy learning from others, I respect all of your knowledge, you obviously have priceless wisdom that has been obtained over many years, I appreciate it, I like to listen and absorb some of it but in my eyes, Kongmings word is final. As for the Rabbi neighbour Lol, welcome to the crazy world that I live in. I'm on BALG (Become A Living God Forum) A place for Western Left-Hand Path Occultists. I hear all kinds of stories that make mine seem tame, I'm desensitized to all of it at this point. I don't disbelieve what people tell me because I've had my fair share of paranormal experiences, if you told me that you heard a voice, I wouldn't consider you delusional or crazy or lying, I'd take it at face value because I've been there, I can relate. I read the books because I'm guided to read them, I then use the knowledge in the books out in the field, if it works then I consider it a success and yes it does work. Am I gifted? I don't think so but I am dedicated. I don't play with magick, I am very careful and considerate. I constantly provide warnings in the intros of my videos. As you say, why would Kongming's spirit need me? You've got it backwards, I need him! As I mentioned in my video, life before him was grim, after having the door opened it became bliss. I feel happy and free, in that regard, I am extremely blessed. As for the cultural appropriation, this is the first time anyone has ever said this to me. I'm friends with a lot of Chinese Three Kingdoms historians, they love it. I've had no complaints from them with the way I dress. You can't please everyone! Take care.
  4. Greetings Everyone

    Thank you.
  5. Weather Magick

    I have none.
  6. Weather Magick

    I thought you might like to see. This is my altar called "The Altar of The Seven Stars" used for weather magick, meditation, evocations, and invocations. It is basically an outdoor platform constructed in my garden, elevated from the ground, it faces South, the direction of The Red Vermillion Bird. I've used it now for about 10 years. It would probably make an ideal place to practice Zhan Zhuang. I practice a lot of Feng Shui as well.
  7. Weather Magick

    I see. I've heard things about Mantak but then again, I've heard things about everyone. I get lumped in the Taoist crackpot category along with Mak Jo Si of Tin Yat. The wider Occult community has the same issues, scammers and con artists. As of right now, my interests are mostly weather magick and natural spirituality. Maybe one day we could Skype, I'd be up for that.
  8. Weather Magick

    A while ago I did a dissection of the Tao Te Ching. I'm sure some of you will find it interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7aqPZWQbNQ
  9. Weather Magick

    Not much qigong at the moment really. I haven't had access to any teachers so the information I've found is purely from books. I've tried some of the healing methods that Mantak Chia teaches. "The Six Healing Sounds" and I've enjoyed working on that path. I never knew martial arts could be so mystical as you say. I haven't heard of Zhan Zhuang before. I know this is unrelated but I do practice Bugang, Pacing The Seven Stars. Do you have a YouTube channel or a website where I could read/watch?
  10. Weather Magick

    A grunge rocker? Nice! You've done some voice-over work as well? That's great. I sure could use some healing methods. I've never been into martial arts but I respect it.
  11. Weather Magick

    Hi, interesting. I do agree with what you say about the memories. Personally, I feel one should not attempt to "forget" those "negative" experiences but instead create an agreement with them. I acknowledge that I have them but I don't let them disempower me, think of it as an agreement with one's regrets, traumas, emotional suffering. It cannot be undone but it can be laid to rest. I'm not a Master of this by any means, I just experiment and wander mostly for my own inner benefit. Great pictures. I also rush out to collect various creations of nature. I keep jars of stormwater around the house. You might be interested in an exercise I'm currently doing, known as "Eating Vapor" It is traditionally performed at sunrise, a time when Yin energy gives rise to Yang. Mists, fog and clouds carry with them vital energies that can be beneficial for absorption, one can "energetically eat" fog to purify/heal/activate parts of the body. Mist that travels through pine forests and pine trees is known to be very auspicious. As it passes through the trees, it becomes enhanced or charged with more qi. I spend about 35 minutes every morning gathering power from the fog. Here in Britain, especially in Winter, it is always foggy. I live in a rural area so the pollution here is almost nonexistent. Not all mist and fog are safe to absorb though. One should not meditate in a swamp area, this energy is considered toxic and it can cause stagnation of qi within the channels and meridians. Moisture builds up in the lungs and this may result in sickness. Generally speaking, if you see lofty fog, rising high in the sky, if it looks light and ethereal, it is safe. If you see heavy, dark, slow-moving fog which is low on the ground, it should be avoided. Each weather type can be broken up into Yin and Yang categories, Yin is not inherently inauspicious and Yang is not inherently auspicious, they only become so when directly compared. So, an example of Yin wind would be a wind that is strong, intense, freezing cold, unsettling, this type of wind drains qi from a physical landscape which means it could also drain you. Yang wind is warm, gentle, quiet and refreshing. It often blows over oceans and large bodies of water, it has qualities of healing and dispelling of negative spirits. I consecrate a lot of my own talismans by invoking the powers of a certain direction of wind, I then allow the wind to blow over the object to turn it into a ritual tool. It isn't that difficult, even for a novice. I try to explain it in ways people will understand.
  12. Weather Magick

    No, I'm not associated with him at all. It depends on how you define "powerful" Casting spells with one's physical appearance can be viewed as altering the perception of the one perceiving you, first impressions do count. You shouldn't judge a book by its cover but take it from me, everyone does. Some mystics, shamans, practitioners prefer to be subtle but that isn't my style. It has nothing to do with my Taoist path but my own personal philosophy on clothing. I've found through many years of experience, viewers will either really enjoy it and resonate with it or really dislike it and they cannot look past the outfit I am wearing, even if the information I am presenting is solid and accurate. I see it as a filter, it filters out the ones who can look beyond the glittery exterior to see what may exist on a deeper level. In my friendship group, none of my friends dress like me but my clothes are rarely brought up, they have gotten past the stage of wondering why I dress the way I do.
  13. Weather Magick

    I believe a lot of people who are just beginning to research this topic, tend to misunderstand the goals of weather magick. There are really two camps, those who see the practice as simply "controlling" the weather (summoning storms, wind, rain, etc) and those who see the deeper meanings. Every type and condition of weather corresponds to an emotion, just as there are external storms there are also internal ones that exist within the mind and body of man "As Within So Without" Practicing magick to suppress an external storm may be used as a meditation exercise to quell or overcome ones "inner demons" For example, one could work with the wind to blow away bad luck or blow away self-destructive patterns of behavior such as addictions. One could work with rain to wash away the old therefore bringing in the new (manifesting new opportunities, jobs, meeting new people, having new experiences) When working with snow, ice or frost, one of the most amazing things you can do is self-heal traumatic memories. Within my system, snow is linked to memories and the past. The practitioner should go outside and begin energetically projecting their traumatic experiences into a concentrated area of snow on the ground. One should visualize the most uncomfortable and disturbing things they have ever been through in their lives, imagining that it is being imbued into the external world. Then, the practitioner will begin the exercise to heat the snow by projecting qi into the area. Eventually, the heat will melt the snow and this represents the memories being dissolved into nothingness. I created this spell for my own benefit and I can say, for me, it does work very well. It is also worth mentioning that hail is viewed as a creation which is the result of Yin and Yang colliding together, I always that was fascinating. If a Taoist wished to “Call The Winds” he or she would make use of magical hand gestures known as “Hand Seals” There are eight different hand gestures that control the eight different directions of the wind, each seal corresponds to a trigram within the Bagua. For example, to invoke the powers of the Southeastern wind, the practitioner would attempt to re-create the trigram of "Xun" (Wind/Air) with his or her fingers. As the hand gesture is performed, an incantation should accompany it, there is more to it of course but you get a general idea.
  14. Weather Magick

    Thank you for complimenting my photos. I believe creativity and magick go hand in hand. Taoism is not the only focus of my life, I have many other interests and goals which have little to do with ritualism. That being said, I have dedicated a lot of my energy, money and time into Taoist Occultism. I'm currently enjoying the book "The Teachings of Taoist Master Chuang" I'm quite impressed with the information within that book. I am tied to many things, that is true, but these ties give me pleasure and purpose. I don't know a whole lot about this forum having just joined very recently but I'm no stranger to various forums. I'm on the Become A Living God page which is mostly for Left-Hand Path Occultists. I'd hesitate to call them "my people" as I usually feel like an alien in pretty much every community, not complaining about that either. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.
  15. Weather Magick

    That's right, I have read Johnson's books but I haven't met him. I don't have any in-person teacher at this time.