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  1. Diyu The Chinese Hell

    The Chinese Hell of Diyu is a maze of underground chambers, courts, and corridors. This purgatory is full of horror and torture but unlike other hells, sinners do not stay in Diyu for eternity, rather it is a place for reincarnation.
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Those who are skilled in combat do not become angered, those who are skilled at winning do not become afraid. Thus the wise win before they fight, while the ignorant fight to win" - Zhuge Liang
  3. What Exactly Is Chi?

    Not entirely sure how I would define it, I allow it to define itself to me in the moment, and this changes often.
  4. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    Hi gang. How's everyone holding up? Something else that I think needs to be brought up. I see a lot of people making videos about their signature talismans, when they show them they tend to look brand new, like they have either never been used before or look like they’ve just arrived fresh from Amazon. You can tell a lot by a sorcerers talisman, their personality, culture, magical path, and most importantly experience. I find it hard to believe that someone can use a sacred object on a regular basis and yet it remains in pristine condition. I’ve been using this fan for over ten years, the gold trigrams are all wearing out and turning black from almost constant use, the paint on the handle is fading, the feathers have been bleached by the sun and have many “imperfections” This fan is well worn and I’d honestly never change a thing about it. It’s had a journey, a history and a life of its own. I once met with an old Taoist master via email who carried a completely battered feather fan that looked disheveled and untidy. I asked him, “why carry such an old tired talisman? If you create a new one, surely that would work better” he responded “on the contrary, this fan is an extension of my physical and emotional path, we grow old together” A naive Lord Josh didn’t get it at the time, now about seven years later, my fan shows its age and I understand it completely.
  5. Weather Magick

    Due to the lockdown, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about conducting experiments with magick. Rather than just accepting it, I’ve been challenging the idea of why it works in the first place. In this video, I cover spirits, artificial intelligence, why magick and science are one of the same, why technology works like a “god” and how we can lift the veil.
  6. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    Not true. Self-hypnosis has given me many benefits, some superficial others more important. I use to suffer from extremely bad IBS and dyspepsia, I visited every doctor you could visit, I tried a lot of "conventional" methods and it never helped so I paid a visit to a professional hypnotist as an experiment. It didn't completely cure it, I still have flare-ups from time to time but its much better than it was. After a year's worth of sessions, he gave me the tools to learn how to self hypnotize and I've been doing it ever since to keep my condition under control. No harm can come from it unless you are purposely being self-destructive.
  7. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    Indeed I have done it, not very ethical I know but I assure you nobody has ever been harmed by it. Most do not even know it is happening, subtle hypnosis isn't going to hurt anyone but it has its perks. The power of suggestion and the power of persuasion are things we tap into every day. We exercise our influence over others via conversation, writing, etc. The fan's rhythmic motion works like a traditional black and white hypnosis spiral. If the bearer waves it back and forth slow enough for it not to look overly noticeable but fast enough for it to catch the eye of the subconscious, that's when the "spell" begins to work. Success depends on walking that fine line. Catch the attention of the subconscious mind and avoid the attention of the conscious one. The technique is all in the wrist and never the arm. Avoid jerky movements and sudden changes in motion, this will "snap" the observer out of the trance state. If you can maintain a consistent motion, the onlooker will become susceptible to suggestion which will give you a degree of authority over them. Like a pendulum swinging, the waves of a fan is soothing to the mind. When the person is in trance, you can either plant, rearrange, or remove thoughts and ideas. Depending on your own personal beliefs about "magick" and "altered states of consciousness" you may believe that the fan has supernatural powers that can change a person's thoughts or you may believe that the fan is merely a tool for a powerful technique that changes a person's behavior via focused attention. Either way, it works and that is all I really care about. If I know that my subject is "superstitious" and is naturally magically inclined, I will exploit that and use it to my advantage by telling the subject that "otherwordly" forces are at work. If I'm dealing with someone who has no belief in the paranormal, it does not change anything but my approach. The technique remains the same. It works better if you don't tell them. Nobody is ever aware that I'm doing it, I've never had a single person pick up on it. I've had heated debates with people online without a webcam and its difficult to get them to agree with you, when I turn my camera on and use the fan, within less than 10 minutes they are agreeing with whatever I am saying even if it is entirely the opposite to what they believe. It is only after we depart, they start to regain their senses but they never know why. Some call this "charisma" but charisma, charm, and magnetism are all forms of hypnotherapy. I've been making videos for years and only recently have I made this information public, for example in this video here, I joked that I changed the graphics to hypnotize the viewer. Such a joke plays mind games with viewers, I got bored that nobody had ever figured it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofmFk7hFRRs
  8. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    My apologies, I have only just logged onto this forum after being away for a while. I have had many experiences yes. You can buy these fans from a lot of different places. I bought that fan from a site called "China-Cart" they sell a large selection of various feather fans of all shapes, colours and sizes. They will even custom make you one, as is the case with mine. Its use depends on your intention, what would you like to accomplish with the fan? What is your desired outcome or goal?
  9. The Taoist Sorcerer Zuo Ci

    A lot of you know about Lao Tze, Master Chuang, Zhang Jiao, Zhuge Liang, etc. Here I have a much lesser-known Taoist figure that doesn’t get the exposure he deserves. The powerful sorcerer Zuo Ci, courtesy name Yuanfang, otherwise known as Master Black Horn. He was a master of Fenshen multi-location, divination and Neidan. He was well educated in Confucian literature and astrology. People say he could live for extremely long periods without eating and he supposedly lived to the incredible age of 300. Master Black Horn was an expert who knew how to “Contract The Land” this ancient Taoist spell allows the mystic to grow, expand, shrink and contract landscapes in order to travel long distances in only a few small steps. In the historical novel, Romance of The Three Kingdoms, Zuo learned his arts from a book called "The Book of Concealing Method" of three volumes, consisting of "Concealing Man, Concealing Earth, and Concealing Heaven" He also studied on Mount Emei. Zuo Ci became somewhat well known after he went to visit Cao Cao of the Wei kingdom. It was said that even Cao had an interest in the Taoist arts of longevity. The Wei warlord granted Zuo Ci a pension to practice his magick in the imperial court. Whilst in the court, Zuo performed a variety of spells. He caught an exotic fish from an empty copper pan and teleported to far distant places to bring back ginger used for cooking. Cao Cao and Zuo had a feud which resulted in many arcane tricks, Zuo walked through walls to escape the Wei army, he shapeshifter into a goat, he duplicated himself into many copies before finally retiring from the world to live in the mountains. Zuo Ci was a student of the Taoist Feng Heng and he eventually passed down his knowledge to the famed Ge Xuan. I go into much more detail in my video. An incredible individual who has always fascinated me.
  10. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    Ever since the days of Zhuge Liang, the Kongming Fan has come to represent strategy, wit, foresight, wisdom, preparation, and resourcefulness. It is also often considered a regal object, something that belongs to a ruler or man of authority. Back in ancient China. It was very common for civil servants to carry feather fans that had been blessed by imperial court magicians. It was a sign of rank within the Emperor's court. This site here mentions the word "Illuminati" I can't say I really agree with this wording but I understand what the person means, they are talking about government and powerful people in high positions. Heres something fascinating. After Kongming died, it became custom for many years that warlords would refer to their advisors as "The White Fan" In Occult circles, fans were used as shields to protect oneself from harmful qi. In ancient China, women would carry fans for protection at events like funerals. Waving and fanning the unwanted qi away from the person. Metal fans were used to wave away qi that had been created by angry people. Completely red fans were used to create a forcefield of qi around the person's aura. A golden fan was used as a charm/amulet to attract good fortune. In a lot of Taoist mythology, the feather fan represents Necromancy, for example, one of The Eight Immortals Zhongli Quan carries a fan which he uses to revive the dead. This type of fan would usually consist of crane feathers, the crane, of course, is symbolic of longevity and it relates to the water element within Wu Xing. A lot of ancient Chinese people had the belief that by carrying the wing of a crane, they would never get exhausted or tired because the bird is/was known for its effortless and untiring nature during flight. I'm really into Feng Shui, a lot of practitioners use a method known as "fanning" its as simple as it sounds, for example, if you cut your leg and you want to direct some positive Yang qi into the wound, you would wave your fan and direct qi to that exact place. Honestly, there are so many methods and techniques involving fans.
  11. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    Wow, that is a badass history. No diversion at all, they make it look so easy in that video. I did find a video once of a gentleman using a Kongming fan, here it is, perhaps you would know what this is. Is it Tai Chi?
  12. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    I've seen those daggers before but I've never bought one, do they originate in Buddhism? Sadly I'm not very skilled at making things like fans, I have attempted to in the past but I just don't have the talent to pull it off. I've even had a decent number of my viewers suggest that I open an online shop to sell Kongming Fans but my own creations are only adequate for my use. My fan in the pictures was made for me by a proper artist who's made fans for years. I had it custom made to suit my specifications. I do agree though, if you can make it yourself you absolutely should.
  13. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    Love that, it would look great on a fan.
  14. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    Definitely. I'm not sure about the laws where you live but in some places, feathers from eagles, hawks, and birds of prey are forbidden unless you have a license to use them for ceremonial purposes. Some Native American tribes get away with it. Thankfully goose feathers are fine. I personally think it is bullshit, I understand animal rights but I think they've taken it too far.
  15. The Most Powerful "Talisman"

    Thank you.