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  1. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    The majority of us are all center leaning slightly left or right. But anyone expressing sentiments for communism and anarchism.... Anarchism will lead to communism. But anarchists really aren't that bright so they will be used by the communists for their political goals.
  2. Trump talk

    Imagine had HRC won. The Islamo-fascists would have been able to expand and entrench their networks even more in the US. And a lot of which we wouldn't even know about until too late.
  3. Are there any other leftists here? 👀

    That's the only way left wing dipshits can win. Through censoring, bullying and violence. "How dare you have a different opinion than me. I'm in a mood and you say something I don't like I'm going to clock you over the head with a bicycle lock you fascist!" The tides are turning. And the left wing dipshits will be forced back underground where they belong.
  4. Center Dantian

    What is this strong sensation I feel in my heart area while cultivating? It's not bad by any means. What I'm wondering is this leading up to something, or will it eventually become the new normal and unnoticed?
  5. Trump talk

    Leftist cult hive mind. They have a role. They know their role. They serve their master.
  6. Trump talk

    The Forces of Doom are doing acceptance testing and marketing studies. All of the leftward candidates are selling poison, but different varieties of poison. It might appear too ridiculous if Candidate A and B were each peddling 15 different destructive ideas. If Candidate L is trying to gain acceptance for Universal Basic Income (UBI), the purpose L serves is as a method of introducing to the larger public an idea. Then the popularity of that idea can be measured. Candidate M may be trying to gain acceptance for gun confiscation. And not only can the popularity of that idea be measured, but it can be compared and contrasted with the public's acceptance of Candidate B's ideas on common sense gun control. 20 candidates can get more concepts out to the general public than three or four candidates. Now the statisticians behind the scenes have a lot more data to work with and can really hone in on the buzzwords that blind people of their critical thinking skills.
  7. Trump talk

    Many of them would be tickled pink if the United States was toppled. They know what they are doing. Some men just want to watch the world burn.
  8. Trump talk

    That's the idea. And that's why I hate the left, and despise liberals because they are too f'd in the head to see it.
  9. Trump talk

    I'm always reminded of the Twilight Zone episode with Billy Mummy when a politician is speaking about Israel. I see on his Twitter handle that he's a 2020 candidate.
  10. Trump talk

    We are for equality of opportunity. Not equality of outcome. Equality of outcome is a political tool to cause social discord and create a society of victims all vying to out do each other on the hierarchy of the victim totem pole. Not all victims are equal. And by the left's own totem pole of victimhood, they have proven that equality of outcome is impossible.
  11. Dealing with my woman's crazy ex

    There are so many layers of wrong wrapped up in this one sentence. The short story is if you want to "win" is to elevate your frame high enough that this woman cuts the games and devotes herself to you. The longer story is if you were to do this you'd most likely lose attraction for her because you'd be able to see the games she is playing.
  12. Trump talk

    It's the nature of the left to wriggle into every nook and cranny and attempt to corrupt. Media, politics, government, education, and science wasn't enough. The left is like water. They'll find a way in. Even into a Trump Talk thread. And it all goes back to the Garden of Eden when the left slithered in and corrupted man.
  13. Trump talk

    This quote probably applies to all the people that believe in the Russian Collusion hoax. By the way, whatever happened to that story? It sort of fell off the radar. Wasn't Mueller looking into that or something? I can't keep straight all the left's conspiracy theories.
  14. Trump talk

    This is true. But don't discount 40 + years of propaganda from the education industry complex that has effectively brainwashed at least 2 or 3 generations that without a college degree you're a waste of skin degenerate loser who will never amount to anything but a burger flipper at McDs. (plus outsourcing of jobs that don't require a degree) Then was able to get the gov't into the student loan business. And continually raised tuition rates much quicker than the rate of inflation. And convinced 18 year old kids AND their parents that kids need to follow their dreams and get that liberal arts degree in sociology. We have a large population group right now starting out life with a huge debt burden. And there are people in their 40s that I'm aware of still paying off student loans. I don't know what the answer to the student loan problem is, but whatever the education industry is doing right now is not sustainable for much longer. And a gov't bailout of student loans will just continue the problem.
  15. Trump talk

    No. The left is still the party of Sodom and Gomorrah.