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Found 2 results

  1. Trump talk

    The concentration camp accusations are indeed done to associate the President with Hitler. Don Lemon brought the idea very much to the actual point! ,, the idea is to override rational considerations with a call to emotions about historic events. Smudge unrelated things together into a soup. There is an ongoing propaganda campaign in progress .... associate Trump with Hitler and dehumanize our president ,so as to continue attacking a successful Presidency that has our economy booming ! Wages rising , employment records for Blacks and Hispanics and Women of all shades... and the like Are impossible to argue with directly. What can be offered as a better plan ,when thousands of jobs are being restored ? So they... Brought back Dean, to conflate Big Don, with Nixon and Watergate. It provides cover for Sanders who is Actually promoting the policy of Joseph Stalin.😅 (Stole His Actual Speech!) It sidesteps the sillyness of AOC implying Trump is evil for using Fort Sill ,(EXactly in the same manner as Obama did , same Exact facility! even ... ) 😅 to temporarily house people flooding in , and exceeding the ability of Border Agents to attend. It intends to make cover for Grayson making the absurd claim that the intent of the wall is to trap and enslave meso-americans already inside the US ! who arrived during the Bush administration. 🤣 But most of all, this latest ploy, is to provide confusion , so that when the expected indictments start coming out , it can be spun as an evil act ,to the public ,,fitting the rise of the third Reich... instead-of , having the public finally seeing where they have been gaslighted ,by the bad guys , and the collapse of the propaganda scam.