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  1. Your Life Has Already Died

    It seems to be acknowledging that all that has ever happened, is happening, and will happen is occurring simultaneously. Therefore nothing in the 'here and now' matters because it's all going to fade away. While this may be true, it can also simultaneously not be true and the here and now would matter very much.
  2. Your Life Has Already Died

    Seems like a depressing view of the world. I don't think this is a healthy perspective.
  3. Evening practice can keep me up

    A simple visualization may be helpful. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. Hold your attention on a red object. How about a red apple for 30 seconds or so. Let it fade away and then visualize an orange for 30 seconds. Then onto a lemon, a green apple, blueberries, and if you haven't fallen asleep by now an eggplant.
  4. Reiki

    There's a place near me that does free Reiki every Tuesday night. Free as in they don't charge. I'm not quite sure what the catch is. It's at a church, so perhaps they are just volunteering for good karma. I went there tonight, and the reiki woman was fairly strong. Interestingly, noticed my breathing rate dramatically dropped. I was counting up to 25 seconds between breaths. All in all, my mood took a massive turn for the better.
  5. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    Maybe even four then. What's that thing women are talking about when they say a man is thinking with his little head?
  6. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    I'm tracking. I remember pondering something like this a long time ago when every cell in my body was "screaming" for a cigarette. I was imagining the withdrawals and cravings were the sum total of each cells need for the nicotine stimulation. There are two minds. One is known as the gut. Gut instinct. Sort of a parallel process, but ultimately feeds into the overall mind. But is it the intelligence of the gut bacteria, or something else?
  7. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    So what we perceive as our self, is really a projection of the sum of every cell in the body?
  8. Personality Traits.

    Thanks all. I'm probably moving too fast. And I'll need to make a conscious effort to cultivate more patience and understanding. Volunteering would probably be beneficial for me.
  9. Personality Traits.

    I've been pondering this for awhile. Over the past several months of energy cultivation I've seemingly been able to acquire quite a bit. My previous pot and half a day coffee habit is down to less than half a pot. So as my energy has increased all of my personality qualities positive/negative have increased as well. Especially that of a complete lack of patience/understanding towards the dumber people who walk amongst us. Those who keep hitting their thumb with a hammer but can't quite figure out why it hurts crowd. I can spot them. I can tell by how they dress, their unkempt appearance, empty eyes. And then they'll say something dumb like , "Beef and dairy need to be eliminated because cows produce CO2 ", and my organic facial recognition software will register a slight dopamine rush because once again, it was right. This loser truly is an idiot. I have a good life. But these idiots are multiplying, because of all the propaganda in the media right now they are too idiotic to recognize, and beginning to encroach upon my sphere. Is there any special QiGong I should be aware of that helps to cultivate understanding and empathy for the "Not so Bright"?
  10. This symbol have any meaning?

    It's most likely a utility locate of some sort.
  11. This symbol have any meaning?

    Is it a Swedish Rune?
  12. The Doomsday Scenario

    The panel represents a transfer of data from a higher intelligence to a lower.
  13. Strengthening the Blood

  14. It's true. Now you know why a strong foundation of organized religion is important for strong family units and a strong societies. You know the joke about red headed step children? Most males do not want to raise another man's children. There is no reason to be upset by your realization. It is what it is. But now that you know, utilize the information to your advantage.
  15. A clear explanation of neidan

    When should this be done?
  16. Mystical Christian Thread

    http://time.com/3461485/how-previous-sexual-partners-affect-offspring/ I think it's saying if a woman has sex with 99 men, and gets pregnant from # 100, the baby will have genetic traits from all 100. I'm extrapolating that the mechanism in the above article applies to humans. Even though the article states, "“It’s something we definitely don’t want to speculate about yet with humans,”
  17. My intro

    While active duty in the early 2000s I was exposed to something and became very ill. I mostly recovered in the years right after getting out of the military. But the aftermath of the illness left me severely depleted. That I never fully recovered from. And not because of lack of attempt. I tried various modalities, all or most with some degree of success. Around ten to twelve years ago I wrote a note to myself in one of those flip top spiral notebooks to 'look into qigong'. A couple months ago I was cleaning some junk out of the house, found that notebook, and as I was flipping through it I came to that page. Then a few youtube videos later, some books, and practice I've at a minimum have awakened the qi. I've had a few 'wow' chigong experiences. The first was a vibrating qi ball feeling in what I think may have been my thymus. It was unlike anything I've ever felt. The others my vocabulary is lacking to explain. I've seen some very interesting discussions on here and look forward to going deeper in.
  18. My intro

    Thank you for having me.