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  1. Is that all it comes down to? Control the release of dopamine in the brain, and desires are controlled, right? But most traditions say that desire arises from the heart.
  2. But there is no black element. Maybe you mean blue (Water)? It seems the most yin and you said purple is the middle of the two.
  3. I’m trying to learn what the 5 elements are so I can adjust my diet to balance health. If combine two or three or four elements together, does that make a new element? Like in the western idea of 4 elements, if combine fire and water, it makes air. Are some elements opposite to each other? Are some elements complimentary with each other? Do some elements not like other elements? (I’m not sure what the difference is between overacting cycle, destruction cycle and insulting cycle, they sound the same).
  4. Full of vitality. All the organs are full of jing.
  5. I don’t want to practice qigong, taiji, neidan, neigong or all the other related practices. All my intention is, and the reason why I am on this forum in the first place , is to learn how to increase jing throughout all the body and its organs. That is all. I’ve read (though I can’t remember the sources) that about 2 months of no sex (I assume they mean no orgasm) is enough to acquire a good amount of jing. But after just a few weeks of this, all I can think and dream about is sex and beautiful women. If I am on youtube and I accidently see a picture of a beautiful woman then I can almost feel my jing or qi pouring out of my eyes, getting a headache, and all the associated things. Getting to 2 months of no sex is so difficult! People who say that they can do it is because they waste away their jing through lots of exercise and weightlifting, so of course it is easy for them. I used to practice celibacy this way, but it doesn’t matter if all the impulses are ignored. As soon as there is a stimulus (like accidentally seeing a beautiful woman) the mind and body react regardless of the intention of the self to not pay attention to beautiful women, and even if there isn’t a stimulus, every night when one dreams there is usually a beautiful woman, or lots of beautiful women, and one wakes up covered in sweat (wasted jing) or at least poorly rested (wasted jing). I don’t follow his system, but I think he has some interesting things to say sometimes. I want to emphasize that I don’t follow any system or anyone. All I want to do is fill my body with a healthy amount of jing (when I mean healthy, I don’t mean just like the common person, I mean how the ancient Daoists would define healthy as full of vitality, every organ in the body is strong and full of jing, etc. And please don’t tell me about finding a teacher - dozens of people have already told me to fibd a teacher, so I don’t want to be told any more. Thanks for reading.
  6. Do you have an idea on how it is overcome? If I am celibate for a while and I see a beautiful woman on the street, my mental state goes away from being calm and tranquil and it can even give me headaches, and for the next dozen hours my mind thinks about that woman too much and I have too much sexual desire which can result in jing pouring away from my eyes, from pre-ejaculate fluid, etc. Whenever I mention this on this forum, people just tell me to get a girlfriend/wife but I would like to cultivate jing first.
  7. @voidisyinyang you say that the small intestines is the source of qi, but the ancient Daoists say the ming men is the source of qi. Also, do you agree that the source of jing is found in the heart?
  8. In the Neiye it says to keep Jing in the heart. Does Jing originate from the heart then? I didn’t know. I thought it was Shen that originated from the heart.
  9. I couldn’t find anything understandable which I thought was relevant. Thank you anyway.
  10. I’m sure there are a lot of modern teachers teaching how to send excess qi to the lower dantian, but I’m more interested in what the ancient Daoists had to say on the matter. What is the traditional way of sending excess qi flowing through the body to be stored in the lower dantian? Thank you
  11. I thought in Daoist medicine, a blockage in one part of the body corresponds as one type of emotion released, a blockage in another part of the body corresponds to another type of emotion released? That’s why people have differing emotions because different types of mind? It is a block in the pipe. That’s what reiki is all about. The reiki practitioner puts his hands on the affected part of the body and the blockage disappears.
  12. What about lust? Or is that just completely separate? I noticed in the article you linked, they wrote that indulgence in the 5 emotions leads to imbalances, and from that I infer that this imbalance causes the qi to have an unbalanced flow through the body. But lust and other emotions also cause the body to react in distinct ways, such as the shortening of the breath and pressure around the side of the head. Thank you for your response. If I may ask, I assume stress or tension causes this blockage/structure which causes qi to be diverted or mess up its path, but what causes only certain emotions to arise more than others? Some people, for example, get angry very easily when stressed. Some people get a lot of lust when stressed. What causes the different effects of the blockages? If it is that the blockage is in different places, then what part of the body is responsible for each emotion when stress/tension arises in that part of the body? Thank you
  13. Whenever I feel a strong emotion arise, I can usually sense a sudden heat arising from a part of my body, and also a pressure upon parts of my body - especially the head usually. Questions: 1. What is causing this? Is it just standard science like hormones being released into the blood? Or is it a concentration of Jing, which is said to quickly flow to places under stress? Or is it an interruption of the flow of Qi? A blockage in qi in the body is said to cause some sort of tension and heat at first. 2. Does this change of Jing or Qi affect the mind, causing strong emotions to arise, or is it the start of the strong emotion within the mind which causes the change in behaviour in the Jing or Qi? In other words, is it the mind which is first, or the flow of jing or qi?
  14. @voidisyinyang why would I need to purify the mind if I can just do horse stance to release the lecithin back into the body from the prostate?
  15. Thank you for that post @Rocky Lionmouth, it isvery helpful to understand the stance. However unfortunately my knees point inward when my feet are straight so I keep my feet pointing outwards so I can keep my knees straight. This is ok still, right? I found also that my back curves really easily. My lower back learns forward and my upper back leans back. It’s hard to correct this. It’s also really tricky because while doing horse stance i’m doing reverse breathing and moving my hands up and down my body like the other poster recommended. I’m just doing this to maintain celibacy so I have to do everything together. @voidisyinyang unfortunately I haven’t practiced the stance for a couple of days. My prostate area is a little sore because i’m practicing celibacy. Can the lecithin still be expelled from the prostate back into the blood or is there a time limit? Thank you.