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  1. What do you put in your congee?

    For replenishing a kidney, heart and liver yin qi deficiency, or a blood qi deficiency, is congee better than porridge? If so, why? Porridge and congee seem to be basically the same to me.
  2. So what everyone is saying is that if there isn’t physical attraction to begin with, then there can be no attraction (or potential to date each other) in the future?
  3. Hey, sorry if this website isn’t the place to ask for dating advice, but I don’t really use other websites and it seems a lot of men here have a wife, which is surprising. Anyway, I’m friends with a woman and we get along really well, by that I mean we share the same interests and personalities. I know sometimes in this situation, the woman may start to fall in love with the man who she is friends with. But that seems to be the case only if she was physically attracted to him in the first place. In most cases, I think she would reject his romantic gestures and decide to only be friends. Am I right in my assumption? That if she isn’t initially physically attracted to her male friend, it is unlikely they will start dating in the future, even if they get along as friends? Thank you.
  4. According to traditional chinese medicine, I have a deficiency in yin, resulting in symptoms displaying a deficiency of yin. To replenish yin, most doctors give herbs. Could it instead be replenished with Buddhist meditation?
  5. @vonkrankenhaus you say less volatile foods and more foods with substance, but aren’t most vegetables yang? And you and others also said to eat soup, but would soup be considered food with substance?
  6. Meat isn’t unhealthy. I saw her last year but now she doesn’t practice anymore so I can’t visit her.
  7. A traditional chinese medicine practitioner says I have a kidney yin deficiency by checking my pulse and tongue. I’ve never heard of goji berries and I doubt I’ll find them in my supermarket.
  8. I likely have a (kidney) yin deficiency from birth, since I have always shown symptoms of it (always being underweight, finding it hard to gain weight, always have a dry mouth, dry skin, etc), and this is what a qualified traditional chinese medicine practitioner thought I have. My diet for most of my life has always had less salt than average because I always cook homemade meals, adding only a small amount of salt. Since it’s seasonal to have meat and salt during winter, and there is only 1 month of winter left, would having a lot of meat, dairy, salty foods and drinking a lot of warm water during this month cure my yin deficiency?
  9. To make it crystal clear, because some people are obviously stupid, this thread has always been concerning the topic of romantic love, which is the feeling a man feels when he looks at a beautiful woman, and the heart beats fast, one loses their breath and so on. The reason I made this thread is to ask, why does such physical effects happen just by the eyes looking at an attractive female appearance? So stop having a debate on what love is and isn’t, and return to the subject of what was originally discussed please. Thanks.
  10. I didn’t know about that, but I don’t really think that’s true. Homosexual sex happened frequently all around the ancient world and in ancient Greece, but it certainly doesn’t seem common. Socrates, Plato, Archimedes, Aristotle, and all the other famous ancient Greeks didn’t seem to be involved in that. Also I looked up the definition of Eros in the dictionary to make sure, and it didn’t mention all the things you mention.
  11. Not literally of course, but I am diagnosed to have a kidney yin deficiency. For all my life, I have always: Woken up each morning thirsty or with a dry mouth, Sleep late or have trouble sleeping, I have a lot of trouble gaining weight (I am tall and thin), My tongue has always been red. However, these are also the symptoms of hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid). I had my thyroid tested 2 years ago, and 2 years before that, because thyroid problems run in the family. But my thyroid has always been fine. But I display all the symptoms of an overactive thyroid so a lot of people always ask me to get my thyroid checked.