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  1. The problem of language, especially when you write down something, is that it can be misunderstood very easily, for many reasons. However, with all conversations I've had in my life, of all sorts, whenever somebody asks me something, I'm used to answer to the questions, or otherwise I just say I have no idea, or that I'm not interested in that topic if that is the case. And I expect the same, especially when there are important or complex topics to be discussed. I've never tried to be deep, or to make bold statements, especially in the "spirituality area", if these are not backed up from my direct experience. Perhaps I have different habits and that's why for some people it may be normal to invest their time in certain answers, as if they figured out everything. Thanks for all your answers guys. Have a good one
  2. Maybe @ralis could add something to this conversation "What is Enlightenment in Taoism and the "goal" of Taoism concretely? Endless cultivation?"
  3. @Stosh Then maybe if you read the entire post, you would see I specifically said "I'm asking genuinely, these are not rhetorical questions" This is the last time I spend time answering you Stosh. I invite you to notice that anybody else like @nintendao @jadespear and previous replies were all constructive and helpful. Thanks again guys btw. You've actually been the only one who said nothing useful or on the topic of this discussion. If you can't notice that, what can I say... "starting out as if you have questions, and launch into instructions" I don't know what's in your mind, but if a person asks a question, this doesn't mean he/she has to remain silent, or he/she doesn't have to state something, or correct something, or give advices, especially if something is based on his/her experience. That is called freedom of expression as far as I know.
  4. I'm a newbie in thedaobums yes. This doesn't mean anything else. I actually see there are quite some people around here who enjoy wasting their and others time, basically saying nothing, or judging, or assuming, or saying things without any experience to back it up, to say the least. So I'm a newbie here, but I suggest the veterans like you @Stosh to invest their time and words better, because one of the good goals in life, and also in this place, is to help others. You must know that. Therefore please, if you have something useful to add to the conversation, it's awesome and all of us can benefit from that, otherwise a good silence is greater than many words. Your "just saying" and "should" and whatnot are not constructive for any type of conversation. And btw my answer (in particular the one I gave to @Limahong), as anything else, is based on my experience. That is people normally do constructive conversations. Or are you used to "just saying" things based on nothing?
  5. Sure, I agree and I'm grateful every single day to feel that way too. However you can't deny there are some differences between for example Ramana Maharshi and Eckhart Tolle, or between Jesus and Moji, I could go on... Moreover you can't deny there are certain phenomena as well as degrees of depth/abiding/consciousness, even though yes we all agree everything is energy/consciousness, etc. Otherwise we just use Advaita approach and we end the discussion in 1 second, with just one statement. That would be a very narrow perspective, especially once you have the experience of it because, if you are honest towards yourself and others, you recognize that even though everything is consciousness and you abide in Sat-Chit-Ananda, life goes on! And that's precisely the reason why a person, no matter how evolved he/she is, can always improve his/her way to behave for instance, to say the least. And that's precisely the reason why certain saints have some degrees of evolution and a certain behaviour, and others have different ones.
  6. Very well, now we are really talking, and things are getting interesting! This is a fascinating idea. When years ago a boundless ecstasy overwhelmed me, there was light as well. Due to the fact my physical body couldn't handle that ecstasy after a while (and I'll state that I'm pretty sure any physical body can't for long periods, at least at the current stage of evolution) I felt I was fading, so I had to lay down, and other stuff happened. However, I'm also pretty sure rainbow body didn't happen in that case for me. But, there may be some truth in what Ralis is saying, even though I feel it can happen even without going through ecstasy. The sky gazing is a tibetan practice as far as I know, it's super interesting to hear somebody who actually practiced it (and still practice?), now I don't recall the name of it though. I kindly and warmly invite you to discuss it, at least privately with me if you don't wanna do it in public. I can assure you my approach is different to say the least. P.s. I'm not surprised also jesuits are into that coz, as ralis said, they are known (even if I don't know a thing about them) for their perspicacity. And actually there is a connection with Jesus resurrection... @Pilgrim Thx a lot once again for all your inputs and for encouraging ralis to add more of his knowledge at the discussion @ilumairen Thx for that book input! @Taoist Texts It'd be nice if you could add some useful comments or share your experience. Otherwise you are just wasting time.
  7. @ralis lol I just tried to PM you but you can't receive messages. Thx for your response. You seem to know quite some stuff regarding light body and also the traditions where it's mentioned. Would you mind sharing in private (or even in public if you wish) some of your knowledge and/or practice and/or advices? thx a lot
  8. Thx a lot @ilumairen this is also a good and specific answer. And thx for the technical advice, very much appreciated. I dismiss what is generic yes. I'm more like "straight to the point" person, especially after years of practices, etc. And I recognize sometimes I'm demanding towards myself and others. If that is throwing a stone, then I'm guilty. I must say @thelerner did point to something specific like Kunlun, even though he wasn't much convinced. I've heard about Max, and I also don't know what to think to be honest. I'll research what you pointed out, thx again
  9. I'll message you, thx. Anything and anyone who feels to share is welcome! By practical I mean techniques which work energetically in you, through breath and/or mudras and/or movements, etc. Because I may be wrong, but you can't just visualize or imagine or hope or think to stuff in order to develop the so called rainbow body. It's... a thing... a real thing... I mean it also energy wise. Especially in tibetan buddhism. Are you looking for something similar @Taoist Texts or have any tips you feel to share?
  10. Yes in this sense I agree with you that this type of relations do help a lot, no matter the tradition where you come from/the tradition you resonate more with. I'm also interested to add a practical method if possible though Thanks
  11. Thank you very much, that is a good answer Fa Xin. And I'll follow your advice. Yes I've had couple of gurus in the past and had great benefits from each of them. Eventually you need to move on though, in my opinion and in my experience. And that is also what any guru would say. It's very interesting to see that also in Christianity there are certain ways to connect to "higher planes". About light body, yes I'd say it's something so also in my understanding (to higher degrees light takes over the physical body as it's happened to some saints in the past), although it seems there are also physical effects (feeling more energy coming from middle and upper dan tiens, love vibes, increasing of compassion, etc.). So it seems to be something rather real/practical
  12. Wow, I'm speechless. It's interesting to notice how somebody can easily say "Not how it works and totally wrong" without backing it up (and mostly saying you haven't any train nor experience in rainbow body). Does anybody here find that useful? For real? Extremely easy to throw a stone and hide your hand. And utterly useless for others as well. @dawei So far your answer was the most useful one since maybe others could see this post more easily and give useful answers if I knew how to move it. Unfortunately I don't know how
  13. Please tell me exactly from where you deduced that because I didn't offend anybody nor show lack of respect. As a matter of fact please check the answers I have received and tell me what do they actually explain. If a useful answer for you is 10 words or generic references, when we are talking about something quite specific as in this case, then we have 2 different ideas or expectations of answers. As I said other people were more than helpful, I invite you to give a look to my other post so maybe you see what I mean by that, since you seem to have already figured out who I am, how I behave, what's my birthdate, etc. Talking about humility.... Plus if I had my own ideas why do you think I'd ask in this place? To waste our time? What are you guys on today?
  14. Well, if I knew how it worked I wouldn't have asked. And I'm open to anything if anyone care to explain in details, not just writing couple of generic sentences. I'd very much appreciate some to the point answers instead of assumptions or judgments. Because I'm pretty sure we are here not to talk about ourself but more to ask useful questions and expect useful answers. In my other post people were actually helpful and gave appropriate answers... @Earl Grey you are more than welcome to share your knowledge and/or experience Thx