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  1. But as the man(or God or Atlantian or etc.)did he write all these ancient works we attribute to him, or are we putting a catch all name to old esoteric writings? If someone that enlightened did in fact exist, wouldn't it be nice to know what is real and what's been misattributed.
  2. Any spiritual techniques to increase intelligence and IQ?

    Stimming is the act of self stimulation. It sounds dirty but it's as simple as using rocking motions, tapping your fingers, or fiddling with a pen. These cause stimulation that is either relaxing or refocusing from a stressful thought process. Untill I learned to control it, my stim used to be rubbing my fingers together whenever I encountered a problem that required long periods of concentration. Until I got older and had more and more of these, then that stim became painful because I was rubbing blisters on to my fingers. For this, I replaced it with rocking on my heels. I have mad calf muscles now tho. Lol. Stimming is seen more with individuals who possess a form of autism, or aspergers. Anyone could have one tho. For those that use stimming, it can be mistaken for a nervous tic, which is not soothing, but also is broght on by stress. A tic is distracting primarily, a stim is calming and helps focus. In a way, it's like an unspoken mantra. Does that help?
  3. Any spiritual techniques to increase intelligence and IQ?

    I'm still looking for one that works for me to be honest. I'm interested in pursuing some more esoteric practices, like those that allow and enhance energy work and other types of energy manipulation. I have had little success with more conventional forms of meditation. But I know that doer's need to be still sometimes and self stimmers need to do something while they meditate. You must do you. I'm sorry I can't be more help.
  4. So I have been looking but I don't think there is a thread on this topic specifically. Who was thoth, how much of what is his is actually his, and has anything that is actually his survived to today? As a sub question, was he aware of eastern practitioners and practices such as Mo pai, energy healing, etc? It just seems that my searches keep popping up the name of Hermes tristmagistus, and I am relatively sure that they are one and the same. There is enough wiggle room in there tho that I'll accept if they are, in fact, not the same.
  5. Any spiritual techniques to increase intelligence and IQ?

    What is it to be intelligent? What kind of intelligence do you wish to develop? You must answer these questions first. There are many different types of intelligence. Some people are book smart, quick studies or have a photographic memory. Others can pick up the forms of their particular chosen martial art faster than their peers. Some instinctively can pick up on social cues and body language to a point where they seem to be psychic. In order to develop any type of intelligence to a higher level, you must develop critical thinking skills. You may already have them. There is no end to how far you can develop that skill so it's always sound advice. A quick or sharp wit is a good sign that you do have these skills, there is no shortage of folks like that here, so the average person here must be pretty smart. Seems like being here at all is a good choice, the best way to sharpen your mind and your wit is to practice. Asking questions such as yours is a good sign because you are asking a critical question. You want to know what tools are available to you to get the job done and what methods that there are. Perhaps your search will result in a whole new method that you can pass on. To sum up, good job. The act of asking the question is part of the solution. PS. I second meditation as another method. Brain = muscle. The more it works, the stronger it gets, but it needs rest to build back up.
  6. Let's Scry!

    You also have to take into account the fact that the eyes are a complex and (when speaking of energy and oxyen,) expensive to opperate. The added stress may also be because your body is not letting the eyes rest like it does when your eyes are closed. Instead, there is something available for it to physically see with its delicate mechanisms, light is entering. You have supplied input for your nogin computer. Your brain does not easily discount that which it has available to it. That is why meditation and other practices are easier with eyes closed. What is left for you now is to continue training untill this is no longer a challenge for you, or to possibly chose a different method of scrying. The idea that someone or something does not want you to see something or anything seems less likely, but still a possibility with enough weight to investigate. I hope that this helps.
  7. Like the name says...

    I chose the name seeker of truth not just for the good book series but also because I am seeking truth. I have ever since I first read the magus of java. I was heart broken when I found out that the subject of the book was no longer taking students from non- Oriental heritage. Since then, my search has yealded little in the way of truth, clues or people willing to help. I turn here in the hope that someone knows something that could help.