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  1. Hello, everyone

    Hello everyone. I've been a long time fan of the dao bums. I don't usually participate in forums but there were some topics I couldn't get access to so here I am. I have a question too. I think I've read all posts about standing meditation. Most say you shouldn't push yourself too much and make a distinction between muscle burn and joint pain. However I most of the times end my session due to pain at the bottom of the feet. It's not ankle pain nor pain at the bones of the feet. It's like my right heel is inflated between bone and floor which feels ok , and my left is a flat tire and the pressure on the bone is just too much. I don't feel this only during meditation but generally when i'm tired. Also I've read on this site something along the lines of "blue feet can cause a stroke". So my question is, if I decided to stand through the pain does it sound to you that something nasty would happen? Thanks, i'm happy to be part of the team.