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  1. Breath

    Yes he is probably talking about mindfulness of breathing. That was my point. I'm not saying he IS referring to the pelvic floor. I am asking. He is using the words lower abdomen and diaphragm to refer to a place in the body. Is there a diaphragm in the lower abdomen? If you are saying that he means it sequentially as in "put your awareness in the diaphragm and THEN to the lower abdomen" the sensations he describes are still reverse aren't they? Thanks for your post.
  2. Breath

    Hi everyone. This is a quote from a guided meditation of Shinzen Young, called "Break through pain". "Bring your awareness to the diaphragm, the lower abdomen. As you breathe in, you may detect a kind of pulling in, or contraction in that area. Likewise as you breathe out, you may detect a sensation of expanding and releasing in the diaphragm." He does not mention this explicitly but I suppose he is referring to the normal breath which is breath in expand, breath out contract. I think reverse breathing is a relatively advanced technique for him to be referring to that. Also he talks about it in the sense of observing what is there, and so chances are he refers to normal breathing. Is this a mistake? Is he talking about the pelvic floor? Is the pelvic floor considered lower abdomen? If he's talking about the pelvic floor isn't it releasing on in breath and contracting on out breath? I've heard of gently pulling the perineum on in breath but in the context of some technique not as a casual function of the body. Anyone wishing to elaborate? Thanks.
  3. Kwa

    Thanks, any advises on the method?
  4. Kwa

    Hi everyone. For some months now I have a strange irritation in the kwa area. It is internal, nothing I can touch. It is a ball like energy that may rich just above the knee in the front part of the leg. It is not exactly painful. It is the feeling I get when I've had too much coffee, but just in the kwa area. I don't get it every night but when I do it wakes me up even from the deepest sleep and I actually seem not to be able to do anything about it. A strange thing is that most of the time it doesn't wake me up like a horrendous pain would do. It just leaves me there tortured half awake half asleep. At first I thought hip tendinitis but I don't do activities that would suggest this, and generally it seems to me that it's not that kind of thing. Sometimes I get the feeling that a psoas stretch would help but it does not quite work in practice. Has anyone felt anything like that before? Is it something common I am missing out? Thanks
  5. Hello, everyone

    Hello everyone. I've been a long time fan of the dao bums. I don't usually participate in forums but there were some topics I couldn't get access to so here I am. I have a question too. I think I've read all posts about standing meditation. Most say you shouldn't push yourself too much and make a distinction between muscle burn and joint pain. However I most of the times end my session due to pain at the bottom of the feet. It's not ankle pain nor pain at the bones of the feet. It's like my right heel is inflated between bone and floor which feels ok , and my left is a flat tire and the pressure on the bone is just too much. I don't feel this only during meditation but generally when i'm tired. Also I've read on this site something along the lines of "blue feet can cause a stroke". So my question is, if I decided to stand through the pain does it sound to you that something nasty would happen? Thanks, i'm happy to be part of the team.