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  1. True Yin and True Yang

    The other 'it'.
  2. True Yin and True Yang

  3. True Yin and True Yang

    I don't know. I think those texts are all esoteric in nature, means I can only understand as much as I have already discovered inside myself.
  4. True Yin and True Yang

    Never said that. I just answered your question on how True Lead is to be found, based on my experience.
  5. True Yin and True Yang

    Yes, that is how I found it. But let me redefine yin in this context as stillness. As in, no thoughts, no ego, no control, no knowledge, no understanding, no desire, no seeking, no intent, no meditation, no meditator, no concepts, no philosophy. There is nothing left to see for awareness other than itself. Once you've become familiar with it, the stillness is no longer necessary tho'.
  6. True Yin and True Yang

    seeking true lead with diligence = turning the light arround
  7. Buddhist emptiness refers to spirit, daoist emptiness to energy in primordial state.
  8. learning to access emptiness is just the beginning. it is like having a baby, you have to be there for it 24/7, and it will grow stillnes/an empty mind is not emptiness
  9. The master looked the bandit up and down and then asked him what he was good at. "Nothing." replied the bandit. "Nothing?" barked the master. "You must be good at something!" The bandit was silent for a while, and eventually admitted "Actually, there is one thing i have talent for, and that's stealing." The master chuckled: "Good! That's exactly the skill you'll need now. Go to a quiet place and rob all your perceptions, steal all the stars and planets in the sky, and dissolve them into the belly of emptiness, the all-encompassing space of the nature of mind." Within twenty-one days the bandit had realized the nature of his mind, and eventually became one of the great saints of india."
  10. from my experience, our true essence is no different from negative emotions and mental patterns, so it can be seen with them present and even in them themself once seen once it becomes possible to recognize it in and as everything it is impossible to destroy or damage it, we just get absorbed in externals i believe seeing essence within perceptions with just the right balance of the 2 poles is the most powerful way of purification but the work is much easier with a peaceful mind what do you guys mean when you say shen?
  11. Art and Realization

    much of spiritual aspirations throughout time stems from the very neuroses that practitioners seek to uproot it's the fuel for the fire that keeps one moving, suffering to me some of the most beautiful and inspiring art is that with a wailing vibe to it, as it fuels that very fire about realizED persons making art... to me, spiritual scriptures are art, they make me very high as i tune into them nature is art also, much of great art(in it's smaller definition) comes from spiritual places, from temporary realized states of mind as creativity itself is a vehicle to go to those places, especially music (where does creativity arise?)
  12. DDC Chapter 6: 谷神不死是谓玄牝。

    i'll call it "the supreme vagina" then thanks i have some questions on my mind now i'd like to ask is 玄牝 what get's usually translated as the mysterious female, the mysterious pass, the valley spirit and the center? what would be other unconventional ways of translating that phrase? (i think a chinese member of this forum translated it as "the secret door") and what means 玄 in the context of lao tzu's time?
  13. The Relationship between Effort and Power

    a technical approach is, even tho' it takes a lot more time and energy, more comfortable than letting go of one's believes and self and jumping into the unknown maybe just the willingness to do so is the difference "the fear of flying"
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