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  1. it was my general impression of marbleheads perspective. that whole buddhism vs taoism, emptiness vs fullness debate that's what i responded to with this post - to express my point of view that they are 2 ways of looking at the same thing.
  2. sure!! i never disagreed to it. ok. i recognize my agreement to the existence of objective reality as a belief. if we take one step backwards then it's just thought. one more step - now it's just mental perception. movements of awareness. one more step and there isn't even a difference between mental perception, visual perception, physical perception --------- one big landscape of perception. Perception. the dividing is work of the discriminating mind, but we have left that behind, didn't we? it's just one bubble of consciousness, one body of awareness. the deeper you dive in there, the less it becomes a bubble of moving colors, the more it becomes a bubble of shining, dancing lightconstellations --- until it's just... i don't know. i'm not there yet but there is this sense of creativity
  3. are things empty because they are in essence the same? or is essence full because it gives birth to all things? is the glass half empty or half full?
  4. but then you are taking about everything i have said in this thread out of the context in which i have said it, and therefore are responding to something i haven't said i don't disagree with anything you say i'm just trying to point at the underlying reality within what you call subjective reality
  5. and what is the difference between different perceptions, beyond the discriminating minds differentiations? is there a border between the tree that we see and the surrounding air? and is there a border between visual perceptions as a whole and accoustic ones and mental ones? or is the totality of perception just one bubble? one bubble of what?
  6. so everything we perceive are perceptions, right? and all perceptions are created by consciousness/brain, right? what are the perceptions themself made of? is the perception of a dream-tree made of something different than the perception of a real-tree? or of a thought?
  7. which includes the interpretation/thought/concept/belief "outer reality" what's reality?
  8. i see it like this. with silence the digging just starts but i don't mean silence as no thoughts present, but as a being silent here is an analogy. consciousness is the universe, the earth is the safe, familiar and known domain of thinking. exploring consciousness through thinking is like exploring the universe without leaving planet earth. we can't take the earth with us, we have to leave it but that doesn't require the earth to dissppear, it doesn't require thoughts to cease. it requires us to step out of thinking
  9. imho, it is only valueable if it is dangerous yes, that's the best way to answere it - and maybe even the only way. to really look for the answere, through looking, not through thinking. exploring reality
  10. i have asked myself that kind of question years before, and it resulted over time in valueable, deeply transforming realisations. so it might be of value for others, too? it is also connected to this thread it is a dangerous question, tho
  11. maybe i should have rather sent marblehead a pm i didn't expect that question to stir so many posts in return. but what i try to say is still connected to emptiness huh? i'm not sure what you are trying to say, sorry
  12. this has already been answered before