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  1. Art and Realization

    much of spiritual aspirations throughout time stems from the very neuroses that practitioners seek to uproot it's the fuel for the fire that keeps one moving, suffering to me some of the most beautiful and inspiring art is that with a wailing vibe to it, as it fuels that very fire about realizED persons making art... to me, spiritual scriptures are art, they make me very high as i tune into them nature is art also, much of great art(in it's smaller definition) comes from spiritual places, from temporary realized states of mind as creativity itself is a vehicle to go to those places, especially music (where does creativity arise?)
  2. DDC Chapter 6: 谷神不死是谓玄牝。

    i'll call it "the supreme vagina" then thanks i have some questions on my mind now i'd like to ask is 玄牝 what get's usually translated as the mysterious female, the mysterious pass, the valley spirit and the center? what would be other unconventional ways of translating that phrase? (i think a chinese member of this forum translated it as "the secret door") and what means 玄 in the context of lao tzu's time?
  3. The Relationship between Effort and Power

    a technical approach is, even tho' it takes a lot more time and energy, more comfortable than letting go of one's believes and self and jumping into the unknown maybe just the willingness to do so is the difference "the fear of flying"
  4. dancing

    wow, i'm suprised that the search didn't spit out much on this, as i see it as something very much connected to spirituality and chi arts i'm wondering how those here that are more energy sensetive (and everyone else) would translate their experience of dancing into words (i'm recently getting deeper into it and am looking for some inspiration)
  5. Are Secrets Really Necessary . . . (?)

    besides those safety points - what is the value of HAVING a secret? what did u mean to say with that last sentence, marblehead? i've read an interview with bob dylan where he said he started early on developing the habit of keeping things that worked well for him to himself, and for whatever reason that random statement sticked with me what i can think of is that secrecy gives a sense of romanticism, which increases the ammount of energy and attention that flows into it and therefore makes it more powerful, psychologically also, i am open to the possibility of a thought, spell, technique, feeling, song, poem... being sort of an entity of itself, which may loose some of it's power when shared (or gain, depending on who it is shared with). in a similiar way a place with it's atmosphere is kind of an entity of itself. but i am also very open to the possibility of that being complete bullshit but none of those explanations are very satisfying
  6. Taoism and Hedonism

    for one to practice one has to have a motivation, which on a deeper level is, as starjumper suggested, imho always hedonistic: enjoying chi, silence, balance, emptiness, whatever so in this sense many taoists are hedonists but lao tzus words, i think, aim at evocing a mindset that sees through this game so one enters open spirit, non-doing, non-seeking in which cultivation happens naturally so i that sense taoism isn't hedonistic just some thoughts. i haven't read much of lao tzu yet
  7. Explain "flow" to laymans

    i'd say life is flow and if one is "in the flow" one is in harmony, in synchronicity with life no control just listening, openness, surrendering melting into... melting with... flowing with... life
  8. The Relationship between Effort and Power

    beautiful! thanks for sharing
  9. 玄牝之門The secret door

    i was not talking about THE universe i was talking about consciousness also, i never suggested the existence of a central location "i don't think that such a center really exists" "the center is the totality of creation" from my post... all i was trying to do is help those here who hadn't had a taste of it yet, to get a feeling for it, and those who had, to deepen the connection, by sharing my experiences in a more hearty than heady way... but for that u'd have to listen also from the same place, that's why i wrote don't react with concepts... this is out of reach of the intellect, so the only point of theorising here is intellectual satisfaction u express concepts, voidisyinyang, i don't think it does any good that picture of silent thunder is awesome, this is sharing in a constructive way, as it is a direct felt expression of actual experience, and one can tune into that which this thread is pointing at it is practical that's the direction i was hoping to stir this thread at, away from all the idle philosophizing that happened the last 7 pages, which to me is just mental masturbation about feeling into the middle between the aspects of consciousness (seeing, hearing, thinking, sensing, etc.) ... this, to me, was just an entry to learning to connect to spirit, or the center after the feeling becomes familiar, u can directly access it, melt into it i was sharing my route of discovery because it might be helpful for some people also, this beautiful quote is powerful "when you are present somewhere, you are absent somewhere else. when the mind has no particular location, there is nowhere it is not" it basically does exactly the same to one's mind as referring to the center of consciousness probably because it doesn't exist
  10. 玄牝之門The secret door

    this whole thread seems a little off topic to me basically she explained what the secret door is here the secret door is the door between heaven and earth. between creation and the creative between formlessness and form... light, and color silence and sound waves & the ocean consciousness and it's contents the transition from one to another - birth and death what is more important i think is how to "open" it i will share some of my experience i'm sure there are many routes tho'. when sufis talk of seing their beloved in everything, i'm sure they r looking thru the same door don't get hung up on my definitions. it's just words. i try to share my FEELING, so don't react with concepts and how mine crash with yours... there's nothing to understand here, it's a mystery i've read somewhere "sages just used the word center to point out the opening of the mysterious pass. this "center" is it" this matches my experience this is practical so i talk of the secret door(or mysterious pass) in terms of the center i've read at some point about the center of the body, and how one feels the whole body when feeling that center, the lower dan tian some years later i've read about the center. it clearly wasn't in a physical or energetical context i didn't get it... then some years later, it suddenly hit me. so simple... it's the center of the spiritual body. the center of consciousness, the center of the body of awareness so where is the middle between visual perceptions, accoustic ones, thoughts, feelings, body, energy...? i don't think there's really such a center, but trying to feel into it, all just melts into one bubble. there's no difference between seeing, hearing, thinking, sensing... it's just one picture, made of many colors, but all colors just being different parts of the frequency spectrum of light. one body of awareness. so here the secret door is already opened to a small degree, there's a dark sense of creativity the longer the abiding in it, the deeper it gets i've had a few moments of clear perception of arising and descending to me, the greatest value of this center is that as i connect to it, the center of being shifts from a mental, psychological center, or ego, to a center in spirit. detachment naturally and instantly happens, as mental phenomena is from this perspective seen as no different than ANY other perception it's all just energy manifesting in different shapes dancing, transforming, shapeshifting and melting back into it's substance also, to me, this notion of different centerS is wrong sure, there is the lower dan tian, and the heart center, and probably more that i don't know of but it's not just another one... the ldt & heart center are a part of creation... the "third eye", the spine, those "apertures", too even the most subtle, high frequency energy is a part of creation but the center is the totality of creation
  11. My hi

    Hi i've been trying to rise since my first totally unexpected shining experience with 17 I never followed any systems or techniques but mostly just followed my instincts, which negate all mental framework from which to work from and just jump directly into my untouchable essence I reckon that's why i feel drawn to taoism in it's simplicity, the chan inspired puristic taoism that i know from thomas cleary's selections of translations, the secret of the golden flower mainly as i have started from the top from the very beginning and also because of my life situation and past i feel very ungrounded, which is why i came here to learn about ways that start at the bottom, find one that suits me well and practice it (without dropping my direct way) mainly for the sake of having a space for effective grounding, stabilizing, solodifying, connecting to and rooting in life on the more coarse levels which i have neglected too much with that bottom top talk i refer to that jing qui shen model i don't know what else to say for now, sorry i have some questions on my mind i'd like to ask, where would i put them? <3