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  1. Daoist Altar

    I agree that devotional altars are a special breed, very much feel that the installation is not personal property, it is more as a caretaker than an owner that I keep their house. Offerings abound, though! I burned a pile of aloeswood when opening, but now give three lakawood incense sticks morning & evening as well as two candles. I'm keeping fresh flowers & fruit there as well. Tangelos are the perfect size for the offering dishes. I'm still feeling my way through it, but I'm inclined to feel that it's somewhat like digging a well. The water's there, but if you seek it out & make space for it then it nourishes life, makes an oasis.
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." - C.G. Jung
  3. Hey guys

    I don't have any advice, just wanted to say that I love your honesty. Welcome!
  4. The Cool Picture Thread

    Caring Hand of Glarus.
  5. Haiku Chain

    Not from suffering Does tea release its nectar Be one with water
  6. The power of words and how we deliver them

    It's a good point, but I don't think that we have to know how the watch works to give the time. We should start where we are, choose as best we can with the information we have available & learn as we grow. A point that's unclear, that perhaps I'm reading meaning that isn't there is "acknowledge the complex" &c. The meaning is that we become aware of & dissolve the complexity in a process of simplification that gradually unveils the light, yes?
  7. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    I'm going to dissent here. It takes time for the light to reach the eye, the eye then encodes & transmits the information, the sensory information is filtered through the various gateways in the brain, stitched together in a scene that makes sense, then the brain must recall the information regarding socks from memory & associate it with the image of reality it has created. It only appears to be instant because our experience of it is "instant" when in actuality even the image of reality our brain has stitched together & used to come to this conclusion is based on data from several microseconds in the past.
  8. The power of words and how we deliver them

    "Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” -Victor Frankl I don't know that we can help when people automatically react, the burden of observing, pausing, & responding lies with them. We can, however, take responsibility for our own response. We can choose not to respond in kind, we can choose to yield like water, we can choose to understand that they are not reacting to the person that is in front of them but to something inside of them. It is compassion & kindness we can offer in response, because in our pause we get to choose the kind of person we want to be.
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "I felt like a monster reincarnation of Horatio Alger: A man on the move, and just sick enough to be totally confident." -Samesies
  10. Dealing with some sort of awakening of the subconscious?

    I can't really know your mind, & this is probably just another entanglement for me, but I've been reading & rereading the Zuowang lun these past few weeks. Naturally that means I can see parallels in what you describe so I'll post some excerpts that maybe you can relate to, the text alongside others describing Zuowang can be found in its entirety in Kohn's Sitting in Oblivion. "3. Taming the Mind The mind is the master of the body-self, the master of the hundred spirits. When still it gives rise to insight, when agitated to confusion. Delightedly straying in delusions and projected reality, it speaks of obligations and enjoys to be in the midst of action. Who would awaken to see this empty and wrong? Yet, as one realizes one's derangement of mind and consciousness being largely due to one's place of residence, one chooses a new neighborhood and goes to live there. This is already a great improvement. By careful choice of friends one will profit even more. How much more should this process apply when the body-self leaves the realm of birth and death and the mind comes to rest in the center of perfect Dao? Without giving up the former, how could one ever attain the latter? Therefore when one first begins to study the Dao one must sit calmly and tame the mind, let go of projected reality and abide in nonexistence ... However, if one gives free reign to the all mental arising and does not attempt to tame and control it, then one is not really different from ordinary people. ... Any confused deviance or disturbing fantasy should be eliminated as soon as one becomes aware of it. Upon hearing slander or praise, or anything good or bad, one should just radically cut it all out and not admit it into the mind at all. This because if anything is taken in, the mind will be full. With a full mind, Dao has no place to go. Whatever one may see or hear, it should be like one had not seen or heard at all. Then right and wrong, good and evil cannot enter the mind. When the mind does not receive anything from outside, we call it an empty mind. When it does mit pursue anything on the outside, we call it a mind at peace. In a mind at peace that is always kept empty Dao will come to stay of itself. On the inside there is nothing the mind is attached to, on the outside there is nothing one would actively do. One is no longer pure or defiled, which is why slander or praise no longer arise. One is neither wise nor ignorant, which is why profit and loss no longer appear." Maybe you're just aware of the perverse workings of the ordinary mind, its automaticity, a reality built from scraps of sensory data, reacting to stimuli without any awareness. Maybe you've become aware that the ordinary mind runs on delusions & projected reality, that the ordinary functioning of mind is deeply flawed, that this situation is no longer tolerable & you must find a way to discard this way of being. Maybe you've gone crazy or maybe you can now see how crazy you've always been. I can't tell you, neither does this replace any advice from your doctor, but I can say with certainty that insight into our suffering is the first step towards freedom from that suffering. Be still, δΈƒ
  11. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    β€œOne of the most freeing things we learn in life is that we don’t like everyone, everyone doesn’t like us, and that’s okay.” David Bohl, Parallel Universes. (I may post too many quotes!)
  12. Where are the Taoist Sages?

    I like what ChiForce has to say. People are only sages insofar as they make themselves mirrors for the Dao, right? Maybe a trite technicality when we're asking specifically about living sages, but it occurs to me that maybe despite their multifarious manifestations there's never been & never can be more than one sage present every when & every where. Reminds me of my favorite poem by Rumi,
  13. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "The eternal stars shine out again, so soon as it is dark enough." Thomas Carlyle.
  14. The Cool Picture Thread

    Denali National Park.
  15. Flashes of light

    Oy, sucks to be there but the post was a damned funny narrative.