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  1. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    Excellent post! There is so much to digest here. Upon second reading I am so glad you wrote this! _/|\_
  2. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    ... Reading this brings me much joy.
  3. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    But what exactly are we perceiving? Are we perceiving the object that is light years away or are we perceiving the light that has traveled light years from that object as it was in the past to our eyes in the present? If we perceive the former then our perceptions truly are faster than light, but if the latter then not so much.
  4. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    But... um... I don't think it works that way, but since this is the TAO bums, not the PHYSICS bums let's roll with it!
  5. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    An excellent observation! Another excellent observation! [On a purely side note I would caution against use of adjectives like "mere" in statements like the above. Adjectives tend to transform observation and fact into judgement and opinion. It's very subtle but it builds with time and has an effect. In my opinion there is nothing "mere" about our physical bodies, whether they be products of vibration, of light, or any other phenomena]
  6. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    Best quote over.
  7. Why is light always in such a hurry?

    I mean, 186 thousand miles/second is pretty damn fast! What's the rush? Why the hurry?
  8. The power of words and how we deliver them

    This is an example of intention vs perception. One person may intend to convey X as a message, but another person can perceive Y as the actual message. From that point on the two are (from their relative points of view) discussing different topics without knowing it. Much confusion results. Thank you for shedding light on this.
  9. Where are the Taoist Sages?

  10. Flashes of light

    Wisdom. Respect. Glad you survived to tell the tale.
  11. Unfair Karma

    Karma is. To say karma is 'good' or 'bad' is to imply that you (the general you, not the specific you) understand the full range of cause and effect and that you have perfect knowledge of what is happening and why. That's quite a thing to imply! I don't have that knowledge so I try not to judge karma, which reminds me of a guy who had a son with a broken leg that ended up saving his life. I'm sure someone around here knows what I'm talking about.
  12. Where are the Taoist Sages?

    Well said! One thing I notice is that people (myself included) spend a lot of time looking for answers outside of ourselves. It's as if we are still children and we want our parents to tell us what to do. That's a comfortable place to be. It feels safe. But that is not a good place to be if you want to grow, to learn, and to mature. For that you need to put yourself 'out there', to take risks, to make mistakes. You need to get hurt, and to heal, and get hurt over again. I guess this is another way of describing karma. I would love to meet a flesh 'n blood sage, but I don't expect I will, and if I do he'll probably fly right under my radar and I won't even notice him. Please forgive me if I sound confrontational. No offense is meant. It's just one of those times...
  13. Where are the Taoist Sages?

    I .... hmm .... I have so many words lurking beneath the surface, but nothing really worth saying at this time, in this context. In my opinion the I-Ching is a really good place to start.
  14. Kernel of a Thought

    Swirling and unformed, coalescing. It calls to you, wants you to respond. It needs you to complete it, to make it whole.