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  1. ית אש בר , בראשית

  2. Telekinesis

    Of course. I forgot. Please forgive me.
  3. Telekinesis

    That's one way of viewing it. Another way is to as "what is human?" The replicants may simply be the next step in human evolution. After all, they are conscious, and what is more important, the process of creation of the fact of creation?
  4. Mair 13:8

    Future generations will have the dregs of Tailor Swift. Lucky us, we get the swill. (No offense against Tailor Swift. Substitute your preferred pop star)
  5. Mair 13:8

    Yes, I consider him to have been a Sage. A man of great wisdom. He is gone but his words linger on. To die but be remembered - that's a long life. I'm looking at Mair's Tao Te Ching book (1) and in that he defines Sage as follows: Interesting stuff. 1. Tao Te Ching, The Classic Book of Integrity and the Way. Lao Tzu. Translation and commentary by Victor H. Mair. p. 137
  6. Telekinesis

    I love that movie! I still can't walk through doors without first opening them but I keep trying.
  7. ית אש בר , בראשית

    Um.... My brain hurts. I'm sorry, but I can't go there.
  8. Daoist Alchemy

    Ok, I'll do that. Thanks!
  9. Daoist Alchemy

    Thank you! I am not an acupuncturist but I have a couple friends who are. My wife receives acupuncture once a month and says it is very good. I'm curious to learn more about acupuncture from a layman's point of view, for example how it is used to clear blocked energy and how it stimulates the body's natural healing, etc.
  10. The Good, The Bad and the Self-aware

    That's nice. "So, what is Good, while one goes from being ignorant, to becoming One with Knowledge? Anything that holds the attention to, and points back to the True Nature. What then is Bad? Anything that takes the attention away from the Self, and leads the mind back to the World of objects. " Would not "[taking] the attention away from the Self" be in the self's own nature? If it were not then we would need a meta-definition of good/bad. P.S. you made me look up "soteriology". That's a fun word!
  11. The perfect square has no corners?

    Which makes the particular shape of I ching divination coins make a lot more sense!
  12. The perfect square has no corners?

    Speaking of squares... This cosmography is known as gai tian. Fragments of a Chinese poem written about 300 BGC detail it: Gai tian cosmography seems to have deep historical roots in Chinese culture. Interesting stuff. Very interesting. https://www.purplemotes.net/2010/12/05/earths-a-square-heaven-a-circle/
  13. Daoist Alchemy

    Hi Mickey, Are you an acupuncturist? That's a subject I don't see a lot of on this forum. I would be very interested to learn about it as compared to other healing arts. Lost in Translation
  14. The perfect square has no corners?

    The perfect square is no-square: it does not exist.
  15. The perfect square has no corners?

    Keep in mind that "perfect" doesn't always mean "cannot be improved", sometimes it just means "not gonna do any more".