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  1. And now for something completely different... Learn something new every day!
  2. Psychic Attack

  3. Psychic Attack

    Oh, yes! So true! Fear is perhaps the most misunderstood emotion. Fear is a kind of power, like electricity, and like electricity it can make you move against your will. Perhaps I'll make a thread on that at another time...
  4. Hello !

    Welcome! Green apples are great! I like mine with a bit of salt. So good...
  5. Psychic Attack

    Thank you! I like how you phrase this, "the more you clear away the more light that shines through." I can see the value in this. This could also be a way to grow closer to God for those who approach spirit matters from that perspective. Clearing away could mean clearing away that which separates from God, and allowing light to shine through could mean allowing the love and light of God into our lives. But I'm derailing my own thread. That's another topic...
  6. Psychic Attack

    This was the first time that happened. I don't actually get "attacked" that much. Usually it's just people clinging to me for whatever reason. I'll feel my energy levels dropping over time and then realize what's happening and send the hitchhikers back home. This event was very different. If I had been alone I probably wouldn't have recognized it for what it was but fortunately I was sitting with a clairvoyant who was able to observe more clearly than I.
  7. Psychic Attack

    There is a lot here to think about. Summarizing the responses so far: A) Shields don't really work, at least not in the long run since they A1) Give power to the attacker and A2) A strong enough force can always smash them and A3) They require maintenance B ) Calling upon higher powers is dodgy because B1) You may receive a response from an entity that is pretending to be the higher power (spiritual identity theft!) C) Building a more robust energy body is the way to go since it C1) Raises your overall energetic strength, making it harder to attack you and C2) Increases your ability to perceive, recognize and address attacks head on and C3) Reflects the attackers efforts back on to them if they don't cease and desist Have I missed anything?
  8. Psychic Attack

    OMG! That is super cool! How do you read it?
  9. Psychic Attack

    It was someone I used to know who really doesn't like me and whom I can't stand either. I'm sure it's related to money, or lack thereof. Nothing to see here, move along...
  10. Psychic Attack

    Thank you for the offer. I'm not ready to consider that now but may be open to it in the future. I do like what you write about the conscious mind vs subconscious as relates to translating data. I've been learning about scrying at it is really helping me connect to my unconscious in a way that silent meditation has not been able to.
  11. Psychic Attack

    On a side-note my fingertips are positively sparkling right now. It feel like I'm holding wires to a 9 volt battery. This thread definitely caught someone's attention. (I mean this in a good way)
  12. Psychic Attack

    Before I met her I was too dense to understand my feelings. She has helped me lighten up in this regard. I imagine I do feel a connection to her in this regard, but I don't have the subtlety of perception to always understand what I feel. I tend to have a more cerebral approach to these matters.
  13. Psychic Attack

    It's a constant occurrence. When she was a kid she had a difficult time telling the living from the dead. Her parents and teachers thought she was mentally challenged because she would speak to nothing (from their point of view). As an adult she has learned to "turn it off" but sometimes images come through. She treats it like a flashlight ( torch for the limey's over the pond ) and can turn it on and off now. Edit. Are the attacks constant? Heavens no! They happen every few months. Most are quite innocent.
  14. Psychic Attack

    I don't mind at all. Yes, calling higher beings helps, but it's important to have an established relationship beforehand. Higher beings will help you if you call out of the blue but they still prefer it if you have a proper relationship. As for my wife, that's a double edged sword. She rarely opens up publicly about her gift. People tend to misunderstand it. Either they don't believe and think she's weird, or they do believe and ask her to give them readings all the time. I tend to leave it alone so when I do ask she knows it's important. As for the goal? That could be anything. Sometimes it's a family member who wants help but won't ask so they send psychic bombs instead of picking up the phone. Sometimes it's just a curious kid who is roaming the astral plane while dreaming or day dreaming. Sometimes it's malicious in intent, either someone in this life who is angry or an aggrieved spirit from a past life.There are so many things it could be...
  15. Psychic Attack

    That's a good question! I suppose there is no one-size-fits-all answer. In my case it manifests as a sudden, sharp, piercing pain. For instance I was at lunch yesterday when I felt a stab in my right eye. My wife is sensitive to energy. She was sitting across from me and saw me touch my eye. She squinted and said "you have a shadow figure behind you." I told her about the pain and she nodded. She already knew what had happened.