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  1. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    Understood. What I am saying is that the I Ching does not contain text. Text has been added to the I Ching over the years by various scholars. But the I Ching is just a bunch of lines, their meanings, and a method to calculate the lines.
  2. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    We can and should look at hexagrams, trigrams, image, text, judgements, and commentaries. They are all related. But keep in mind the I Ching is fundamentally about the lines and their relationships. It's complex (pun intended!).
  3. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    Understood, but keep in mind that the text cannot be separated from the hexagram (and trigram) attributes, since it's those attributes that drove the text originally. After all, King Wen and Confucius wrote the text upon consulting the attributes.
  4. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    That is true if you look at the transition as a whole. If you look at the hexagram components then there are many more interpretations. For example, hex 27 ䷚ I / Nourishment consists of "Keeping Still" over "Arousing". The attributes of keeping still are above/outside and arousing are below/inside. Attributes of keeping still are: standstill, dog, rat, hand, third son, fingers, mountain, path, stones, doors, fruits, seeds, watchmen and eunichs, among others. Attributes of arousing are: movement, dragon, serpent, foot, first son, decisive, vehement, reed/rush, thunder, dark yellow, spread out, great road, bamboo and strong, among others. So if you look at the hexagram attributes instead of (in addition to) the I Ching judgements the then you can see a much larger picture. And if you do this with both hexagrams comprising a single reading then the number of interpretations is phenomenal!
  5. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    Is this like then the Tao Te Ching refers to "cooking a small fish" as a metaphor for ruling a nation? Thus if we see a reference to food or to nourishment we might conclude this is speaking of some form of leader/follower relationship? Is this the sort of thing you are talking about?
  6. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    I think that is exactly what the I Ching does, since it models the changes within the world as we know it. That's more difficult to determine. Whereas science strives for repeatability, the I Ching does not. One can prove science. Proving I Ching is far more difficult.
  7. The Art of Listening

    Work on that a little longer and then, if needed, ask again. I'll set an alarm to wait 73 days and then respond to this again. OK, I'm a few hours early since I need to go to the airport this afternoon and won't be able to post at exactly 4:15 PM. What? Exactly. Ta da! Here's a good lesson for developing the "Art of Listening": Write stuff down!
  8. The Art of Listening

    20 more hours and all will be revealed.
  9. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    There are a finite number of transitions within the I Ching, 4096 to be exact, so all possible situations can be distilled down to one of 4096 scenarios. From that point of view the I Ching, although complicated, can hardly be considered complex, at least according to the Wikipedia definition. But there is more to the I Ching than simply the transitions. Each hexagram consists of two trigrams, and each trigram has many attributes. One can translate the relationships between the attributes in several ways, thus producing highly nuanced interpretations. These interpretations may well be considered complex.
  10. I Ching and the dynamics of complex systems

    Could you explain in layman's terms what you mean by complex systems?
  11. You never know what may work

    You are welcome. Notice the symmetry and elegance. 10,000 posts; Forum and Tech Support. Ah...
  12. New Who?

    If the writing is good then all will be well. If...
  13. New Who?

    Did anyone watch the new Doctor Who? I saw it a couple days ago and must admit that it was really good. They regenerated the Doctor into a female, which I admit is a real SJW kinda thing to do, but Jodie Whittaker seems to be doing a good job. She's channeling the David Tenant Doctor - all manic, talking a mile a minute - which I think is a good move. Peter Capaldi was good but just too dark. I'm looking forward to the new episodes. As long as they can avoid hitting me over the head with the PC message I think I'll be alright.
  14. The Art of Listening

    Only 47 more hours to go before I respond to this thread.
  15. What made so many modern people retards ?

    I hope not.