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  1. what is human?

    Human is the pattern of human experiences, just as a book is the pattern of words. Human experiences are experiences of humans. Tautology complete.
  2. Make sure you know yourself first. Know what you value and why you value it. Learn the counter opinion. Try to understand why someone would hold a view opposite yours. If you still feel strongly one way or another then own it, otherwise perhaps political discourse is not your thing. That's OK too.
  3. what is next

    What I'm hearing here is "my cultivation includes the discontinuation of cultivation." Was this what you meant to say? If so, I think this is a discussion topic worthy of discussion.
  4. Your favourite translation?

    Huang and Wilhelm are my go-to translations.
  5. Yijing for meditation

    There is a correspondence between the trigrams and specific body parts/organs. You can use this connection to help collect information about illness and possible cures. I'm sure someone here is skilled at TCM and can give you a detailed description. I tend towards the cerebral in my practice. That's something I am continuously struggling to avoid. That said, the I Ching provides a nice balance between cerebral and visceral experience. It's not uncommon for me to spend many hours pouring over a reading, letting the hexagram sit with me as I turn the images, judgments, and changing lines over in my mind while allowing myself to feel the relationships between the component trigrams and individual lines. I suppose you could call that a form of meditation. Wilhelm's version of the I Ching is quite detailed and includes much supplemental data. If you don't have a copy of that translation in your library then I highly recommend getting a copy.
  6. I descend to walk among mortals

    Welcome! I look forward to learning more about you in the days to come.
  7. This is worthy of repeating (emphasis added by me): No, human kind can't fathom the full complexity of ultimate truth, but we can fathom its approximate complexity. This is the role that the I Ching plays. It reminds us that we are floating in a river of forces that we cannot control, and helps us to orient ourselves with the flow rather than fight it. This lesson, regardless of one's religion, is invaluable. It helps ground us so we don't sink into despair and nihilism over our state in the cosmos.
  8. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    Must... resist... urge...
  9. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    I still can't tell the difference between a "Sweet Potato" and a "Yam." I think the guy at Whole Foods is pulling my leg.
  10. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

  11. This is so true. To the outsider, walking along the spiritual path looks like a path of roses; to the one walking the path, each rose has a thorn, the underbrush is strewn with thistles, and the invisible insects just love to bite; so my advice to anyone outside looking in is this: be careful what you ask for. That said, @2ndchance you need to start small. Don't focus on the "end-game," that's too far off. You'll only drive yourself crazy if that's your focus. Instead, focus on what is right before you. Focus on today. Focus on now. Focus on what you are doing at this exact moment. Focus on what you are feeling in this exact moment. Listen to your own heart beat. Feel your own breath. Feel your own emotions as they well up inside you then crash like waves against a jetty and flow back to the sea. Don't try to be the best for all time. Simply do a good job today.
  12. Saving the World & Solar Energy

    Cold beer in 3... 2... 1...
  13. Call to Vikings!

    What picture is this? Who painted it? I would absolutely buy a print of this to hang on the wall if possible.
  14. Light and Dark

    I have wrapped myself in shadow. I called it intelligence. I called it sarcasm. I called it righteous indignation. In reality it was fear. It was the cry of a small child, calling out to his mother in the night.
  15. Light and Dark

    Ta Chuan / The Great Treatise CHAPTER VI. On the Nature of the Book of Changes in General 1. The Master said: The Creative and the Receptive are indeed the gateway to the Changes. The Creative is the representative of the light things and the Receptive of dark things. In that the natures of the dark and the light are joined, the firm and the yielding receive form. Thus do the relationships of heaven and earth take shape, and we enter into relation with the nature of the light of the gods. (Wilhelm/Baynes, The I Ching, 1950 Bollingen Foundation, Inc. pps. 343-344) So much good stuff is packed into this single paragraph. I don't know where to begin. Wilhelm gives his own interpretation, which is quite good. One item that I don't see Wilhelm comment upon specifically is the wording light things and dark things. I find it odd that there are things with the quality of light and dark. Light and dark are not things in themselves. It's not The Light or The Dark, rather it is something else to which light and dark are attributes or descriptors. This harkens back to DDJ chapter one where Lao Tsu says "The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name." (Feng/English, Tao Te Ching, 1972 Vintage Books) In DDJ Tao is also a descriptor. It's not the thing itself but rather a placeholder for the thing that has no name. This is basic stuff but easy to overlook and easier to forget.
  16. Light and Dark

    Let's see if we can resurrect this thread... Light and Shadow: the shadow is a hardening, a coalescing of will around a kernel of fear that grows, nurtured by ego. Shadows collects shadow, gathers likeness to itself. It looks away from Light, afraid of what it sees. It hides itself in the shade of its own creation, tells itself lies until it no longer knows truth.
  17. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    The seemingly chaotic influence of many individuals operating upon each other can seem orchestrated when looked at from the outside, but that is not necessarily the case. Take, for example, the formation of birds flying in unison. They appear to be following a central leader, but in reality it's just thousands of individual birds.
  18. Big Brother Really Has Arrived!!!

    Marblehead's influence on this forum was strong. Losing him has caused a shift. A new balance is forming and no one can say what that balance will be. I do not see it that way at all. The owners of this site are allowing the members to interact as they will. It is the members who are steering the site.
  19. Saving the World & Solar Energy

    Oh, the humanity! Warm beer for three decades... That's cruel, even for an Aussie.
  20. 4 Mindfulness Tips to Increase your Zen

    I take a lesson from Thich Nhat Hahn in his book "How to Walk"; Every time I encounter stairs I pause and say to myself "thank you for this opportunity to be present" before I continue up or down them.
  21. Gender and Nature of the Holy Spirit in the Christian Bible

    The notion of gendered words is foreign to the speaker of English, but the entire concept of gendered things is not. A good example would be vehicles, in particular boats. It is understood that all boats are female. "She is a great ship", for example. One would never say "it is a great ship". Relating this to the text of the Bible is an excellent insight. Thank you for starting this topic.
  22. Working on Archetypes in 2019

    Excellent topic. It might get more traction were it in the general conversation.
  23. Eye A or A I

    I miss Marbles...
  24. Interesting video. Highly relevant to many of the conversations here.