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  1. Bullshit Mr Han man!

    The second I know is a brilliant mystic, but who is the first?
  2. Salutations

    Welkome to TDB!
  3. A few personalities

    Past years, spent many hours a day practicing some qigongs and meditations stuff. A few days ago decided to do some simple wuji posture standing. After 40m it was quite uncomfortable. Had to give in at 1h20m. I had expected it to be much easier. So that was quite a reality check. I like to think I practiced with sincerity during that period. And I believe the practices I did were as good as most things one can find on this subject. But can see a few of my mistakes a little bit better now. At one point, I hope to not make those mistakes anymore. So can take a while to see through the delusion (or the deception), and then comes the next one ...
  4. need help, chi deviation

    But still, as @Lairg is saying, there are perhaps people that can establish such things remotely. I'm certainly open to this. So yea, maybe asking on forum is not such a bad idea after all.
  5. need help, chi deviation

    @Takingcharge I wish I could, but unfortunately no, don't know anyone to recommend at the moment. You know, perhaps I retract my advice from few post earlier. I've learned myself the hard way how western medicine, good for some stuff but for other stuff, they totally have no idea what their doing. Alternative medicine, I'm sure there can be lot's of good stuff but probably also lot's of people there that have no idea. So I guess you have to be lucky to know someone or to know someone who knows someone. So I come to conclusion, sure, why not asks here on forums for ideas, directions to look. But still, why are you so sure this issue has nothing to do with the mental aspect? How can you trust yourself to see things clearly? I have to admit that from your post, you seem a little bit in a confused state. Your writing seems quite incoherent. Of course there can be other reasons for this but for me it certainly indicates that mental aspect is perhaps involved in your problem. How can we be sure then that what you write here matches with reality? So that's why perhaps it's better to see someone in real life.
  6. need help, chi deviation

    Perhaps you really have some condition, but looking at your post, it could just as well be that you suffer from anxiety or some psychological condition. How can we establish this over the internet via forum messages? So my advice is to go seek more real doctors. Western and/or alternative medicine type. And if really can't find anything, perhaps consider seeing psychologist or something, to rule out the mental aspect.
  7. Correct tongue position

    The idea of correction and maintaining form has it's place in practice, just as much as the idea of letting go. Does letting go and being natural have much meaning, if it is not preceded by correction?
  8. Amazing how much followers he managed to amass. And he seems to have huge influence and does lot's of good stuff in the world. His Joe Roegan interview is interesting though, especially towards the end. Shows me that he is still human.
  9. Qigong for Big Heart

    Same thing for me. Some days I feel amazing during and after my practice, some days I already know before my practice that it's going to be worthless. I would say it's normal, and can probably take quite some years to stabilize. I just keep practicing everyday . On the other hand, if you're not sure if the training system you are following is the best for you, I guess you can always try something else. If you decide to try out some system, I guess it's important to stick with it for some time. But after that, if you still have doubts, probably better to move on. When you find some system and/or teacher that pleases you of course you need to commit to it for a longer period. Only then does your practice really start! No more doubting. No more yesterday it feel good why today feel bad? Simply the practice. Everyday. And if you reach this point, you will see that it possible that your practice has a positive effect on your daily life. Because every day you return to this practice. You had an argument with some family member or a hard day at work, but you know when you return home you will do your practice and it's all okay. It takes a while to reach this point and requires confidence in the system you are practicing. All decent all around qigong systems develop the qi and this will have an overall positive effect on the system. So probably not necessary to do some qigong specific for heart or specific for whatever(certainly not in the beginning). Any decent system will do. There are a few recommendations on the forums
  10. Qigong for Big Heart

    Qigong/meditations systems specifically for the heart are very interesting to discus. I'm curious to know if people here have had interesting experiences with that. However, I doubt it would give you much benefit to practice these in your current situation. Your anxiety might not go away from practicing this and might even become worse. Qigong and practice are nice but if you don't fix your daily life problems, practice, whatever benefit it may give you, will be nullified when you go back to your everyday problems. You cannot run away from these. So fixing everyday problems is also an important part of the path! Sometimes, hard decisions have to be made ... Do you already have a regular practice going on?
  11. Maybe I understand what you mean. Looking at some stuff and some ramblings here, can get a bit wacky sometimes, haha! (and I haven't looked around that much) But a little bit of wackiness is perhaps good, and like you say, also good stuff yea. Ahhm, not sure I share the same view. Or better said ... I like to think things are somewhat in their proper place. Perhaps you are just grumpy and old. Or perhaps I'm just young(I'm not that young though) and naive.
  12. Seems like you have a rather pessimistic view about this place
  13. Group based practices and magicks seem interesting to discuss yes. Simply the fact that indeed you can connect and synchronize with each other. If done well I would think it would open lots of new possibilities.
  14. @Nungali From what I understand from reading books and listening to stuff, magic works better when certain conditions are already set in the physical/material world and/or when your actions support whatever you wish to manifest. I would think then think that one super important condition is being connected to the rest of the world. The spirits from the invisible, yes of course, but also the people. Can it work if you are only connected to the non-manifested? Is the idea of some occult master sitting isolated in his lair and influencing the world only though his army of spirits realistic? I would think that the ultimate practitioner has achieved perfect balance in standing both in the invisible and the mundane. Now of course, for your small type of magick manifestation like finding a job, finding girlfriend, perhaps not super important to be super connected. But I was thinking big. Magick for influencing events on a global scale type of stuff. The internet and technology is what allows us to be connected to the rest of the world in a way that was not possible before. So I would think that there will also be new magicks that were not possible before. Unfortunately I don't know much details about how magick works, and no practical experience whatsoever . So this is only my fantasy of how it could work.
  15. Sleeping qigong and lucid dreaming

    @Nuralshamal Thanks for sharing! Seems you put in amazing effort and consistency with the hindu practices, and now perhaps getting the rewards from that. For me, some things also seem to point at liver problems from TCM point of view (but some to others also) + the waking up at night and no longer able to sleep. But I've been practicing for a while now. There is slow process going on, and I think I will be able to fix it eventually. Gonna check out that book!