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  1. Interview with Serge Augier

    I actually have the full movie. Did you see the full movie or just this 1 minute vid? Based on that movie I would think that he is a decent martial artist. Don't know much about martial arts though. Also, got a few books of that author. One of them has a short section about the history of that school. Seems like around that date a number of clans and their masters united into one bigger organisation of sorts. No names though. Also mentions how at multiple points in history, this school changed names a lot to stay hidden. In fact, if you know french, you can read that entire section in the sample editionédie-pratique-Tao-bien-être-French-ebook/dp/B07J1Y2DTB?ref_=ast_author_dp
  2. There is a lot of emphasis on lower dantien work all over online and in these forums, but from what I have been reading lately in books, seems like heart is really the key that makes all of this work ...
  3. Newcomer Seeeking Answers

    That's quite the claim. Care to explain?
  4. I've been training on my own for a while now. In the beginning I was really thinking about how I need to find a teacher. But to be honest, I love trying to figure things out on my own. For me, the practice is like a kind of research. There must be some people in the world for who going teacherless is the way. Maybe I'm one of them ... I modified my original post such that instead of only sitting, I mean just practice and study all kinds of spirituality stuff. That might of course include periods of only sitting meditation, but in general, I like to study all kinds of stuff. Also, it doesn't have to be a solo venture per se. Another idea would be to live together with 1 or 2 other people that are also practicing spirituality. Or some other kind of spirituality community type of thing where you still have freedom to practice your own stuff and where you at least have your own room to retreat into. Anybody got experiences with that? (@C T your idea is not bad at all, gonna explore that a bit as well)
  5. Anyone ever say, fuck it. And just go somewhere in a quiet place and do nothing but practice and study spirituality stuff for at least a year or more. So I guess what I mean is a retreat or something. Edit: Okay, after thinking about it a little bit more, maybe a long solo retreat is not necessarily the best option. So what I'm really looking for is to take a significant time of from working. Probably leave my home country, been here to long. And I want to go deeper into spirituality. I have to admit that I'd rather do some exploration on my own rather than have some teacher, but I know that's probably a dumb idea. So yea, solo retreat seems like an obvious option but there might be other good ways to do this. Any ideas is appreciated.
  6. So NOW you are asking me ? I dont think I can answer the more 'interesting' question though as I have have never had more than two people in a couple relationship . Well, no ..., but you may answer :D! And not more then 2 in a couple, but do more with (2) in a couple. What a great pick-up line ! " Hey baby , wanna help me anchor a star system to planet Earth ? " I bet fake gurus use pickup lines similar to this all the time
  7. Ummmm .... yes . I found it hard to take the question seriously and that someone would NOT know about this .... also that 'divine usage' can be with a single person . But yes .... It's obvious that the divine can use a single person to 'do stuff'. But for me then the interesting question was simply what it can do with 2 people that it cannot do with only one and even more interesting, what could it then do more with 2 people in a couple relationship. I agree that it seems like dumb question, don't care. Ls answer was cool. Gonna look for female now and anchor star systems to planet earth .
  8. Ummmm .... yes . I found it hard to take the question seriously ... Well I didn't ask you
  9. Okay cool, so there is specific ways that 2 (or perhaps more) people in a close couple relationship can be used by the divine towards achieving higher purpose?
  10. Interesting. How can close relationships be part of someone's work?
  11. Recommendable and not legit systems

    Well, gotta admit that whatever happened there, could have just as well been induced by my own enthousiasm going into a new system. I do have the impression that everytime I do a new practice, it always starts pretty strong and then weakens a little bit to then slowly grow stronger over time. Still, I am suspicious ...
  12. Recommendable and not legit systems

    Makes me think about something else to be wary of. Having suspiciously strong energetic sensations that stay only for a short while and especially when this happens in the beginning when starting out in some school. Very easy to get hooked in by this. Suddenly having your channels open or whatever mechanism working correctly for a week or 2. No more sensations of cold or heat, feeling of having rocket boosters in your legs, ... And then having these sensations fall away as mysteriously as they came. Can be both good and bad I guess. Something like this happened for me. Was a blessing and a curse. Blessing because it made me aware that there is an energetic aspect to life that was completely unknown to me before that. Curse because it got me hooked into a system in a way that is certainly not healthy. So yea, it's not all bad, but experiences like these do not mean that some school is good. Still need to see if you can achieve some actual sustained transformation in the system (probably takes a while), look at how the teacher and other students behave, ....
  13. Recommendable and not legit systems

    Can't see how this is a sound logical argument Transfer of (healing) qi doesn't imply that the patient will actually get better. But even if someone would be able to transfer some qi into a patient such that it could cure, that doesn't mean that the healer is able to revert certain fundamental processes in his own body (or in the patients body). I'd think that would be a little bit more difficult.
  14. Recommendable and not legit systems

    this is surprising. Please tell us more.
  15. Ahhhh, I see now Your posts from the past weeks, ... very insightful. (not in terms of shared knowledge about dao and spirituality though) Yea, why not simply close up the whole forum. These things just cannot be discussed rationally, right?