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  1. Pure sources of Kabbalah

    So in each instant different sepheroth come into the forefront.. Each sepheroth is ordered in each instant based on priority.. Categorical imperative which is where the energy is flowing.. And the following of curiosity.. which can be mapped onto the Tree of Life.. Da'at is to know where the sepheroth are in a line of priority/importance.. The string of the sepheroth and the paths on the Kabbalah.. Which ones are in our focus and why..
  2. Is fulfillment a worthwhile goal ?

    So you are basically saying you must come to terms with suffering..? Coming to terms with suffering as it is? Can you change that matter? Yes you can use alchemy to change your suffering.. It's just a stain on your body anyway? But its telled as the truth that you should represent your suffering with your body image.. Makes you look handsome as if from a parting of an ocean perhaps?
  3. But it is you that chooses to keep things?
  4. Everything you think of is filtered..into oncoming and outgoing logic..
  5. Is fulfillment a worthwhile goal ?

    So you want to quit suffering I assume?
  6. Is fulfillment a worthwhile goal ?

    The only thing you want to quit is the unway..?
  7. Is fulfillment a worthwhile goal ?

    The ascetic worth allot in an immortality statement..
  8. Is fulfillment a worthwhile goal ?

    When do you call it quits though?
  9. Is fulfillment a worthwhile goal ?

    To be fulfilled is everything for a young boy.
  10. Discussion On Immortals

    Immortality is one thing... Solving the problem of suffering and pain is another!
  11. blank

    So the conjecture of our understanding of our language does not exist?
  12. The soul and the self

    Does "you are everything" have any logical basis? I am you and you are me..? Where are we disconnected from others...other souls other than ours? Without us controlling them?
  13. The soul and the self

    Everything.. Every unit is its own soul..
  14. What Exactly Is Chi?

    What about the idea that Chi is like air.. air current or pressure...Wind even? Like existing within Vats..or places where there is a hearth stone..a fire place..or an oven, or furnace.. The building up of energy(life energy or chi) goes through many different forms..of lesser density and then of greater density..from 0 to the highest countable number currently..
  15. Taoist Immortal Monarchs: Alchemy in Nature

    Alchemy is changing something.. converting one substance into another.. Thaumaturgy and Theurgy are both ways that existence changes..the quest to understand what things can be changed vs what cannot.. the honest Onion of truth.. is that there is many layers.. skin cells etc.. so the onion of truth is both like a Mustard Seed and a Kernel of Pop Corn(maze). The onion of truth is a current.. a current that cannot end.. without the end of time.. anything that happens is measured within time..