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  1. Taoist Immortal Monarchs: Alchemy in Nature

    Alchemy is changing something.. converting one substance into another.. Thaumaturgy and Theurgy are both ways that existence changes..the quest to understand what things can be changed vs what cannot.. the honest Onion of truth.. is that there is many layers.. skin cells etc.. so the onion of truth is both like a Mustard Seed and a Kernel of Pop Corn(maze). The onion of truth is a current.. a current that cannot end.. without the end of time.. anything that happens is measured within time..
  2. Gnosis comes about by experiences of course.. But what are the specific sequences of experience that are conducive to gnosis? Or otherwise 100% knowledge..
  3. I know gnosis is about knowledge.. But how can we acquire it? Is this where Scientology comes into play? Knowing how to know?
  4. The Will is a trap

    The will is always to power..and managing power is what we do in our daily lives.. So therefore the will a trap..but that may not be a bad thing.. We are both free but trapped to exist with purpose and meaning for all of eternity.. So the degrees of power are experiences and opportunities that we will always have..the degrees of freedom as depth and effort that we express every day..
  5. Vedantic Spirituality - A roadmap to Enlightenment

    I think we need a valid definition of the precise workings of enlightenment before we can teach and attain it..
  6. How to succeed in spiritual life

    Effort is not the first thing..the first things is to align your values..and stay devoted.. After devotion happens..effort with follow fruitfully..
  7. What is after spiritually liberated? Spiritual Supreme? Spiritual Brahman? Spiritual God..or Goddess? Deity perhaps?
  8. Dharma in the time of COVID

    Keeping prayer circles going... Worshiping and meditation.. Also prayers and magical rituals all about ending Covid!
  9. The End of Time / Malachor Five / Black Wine

    Ends of one thing..are just beginnings of another..
  10. Essence of the mind

    Therefore everything?
  11. Does the soul know the difference?

    So do any of the colors..have more density or information in them..then others? Like a color might be projecting a certain quality...that has a quantitative amount? So like.. Red is 2...for example? 3 is blue.. 1 is white 0 is black.. etc?
  12. Our original nature is not tampered.. or is it?
  13. Theory by Bruce Lee

    So the real philosophy is person to person based.. Or is it any category at all.. based on what you think of..? The Chesed of category is in your relation to the thing it self.. or otherwise existence and your presence in it..
  14. Does the soul know the difference?

    So what colors are yin and yang.. and why? Does 0 equate to being grey? I think 0 is black.. maybe yin black is zero and yang white is 1? Like on and off switches.. These control the nodes of chi in the body.
  15. Theory by Bruce Lee

    So.. after this battle.. I've come to the conclusion that everything is percent based.. What I am saying is that there is not likely anything in existence that is 0% useful.. just that it may have a low percent of usefulness.. So we seek to find the place of everything and any thing.. and work and promote the things that are MORE useful!