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  1. Essence of the mind

    Therefore everything?
  2. Does the soul know the difference?

    So do any of the colors..have more density or information in them..then others? Like a color might be projecting a certain quality...that has a quantitative amount? So like.. Red is 2...for example? 3 is blue.. 1 is white 0 is black.. etc?
  3. Our original nature is not tampered.. or is it?
  4. Theory by Bruce Lee

    So the real philosophy is person to person based.. Or is it any category at all.. based on what you think of..? The Chesed of category is in your relation to the thing it self.. or otherwise existence and your presence in it..
  5. Does the soul know the difference?

    So what colors are yin and yang.. and why? Does 0 equate to being grey? I think 0 is black.. maybe yin black is zero and yang white is 1? Like on and off switches.. These control the nodes of chi in the body.
  6. Theory by Bruce Lee

    So.. after this battle.. I've come to the conclusion that everything is percent based.. What I am saying is that there is not likely anything in existence that is 0% useful.. just that it may have a low percent of usefulness.. So we seek to find the place of everything and any thing.. and work and promote the things that are MORE useful!
  7. Theory by Bruce Lee

    I have heard once the Great Master having said..: Absorb what is useful Neglect or discard what is not.. Is this the true heart of Daosim in a nutshell? If you agree do you have any thoughts to add...? Like the ideas or concepts, structures that you find useful..on your quest to Find or continue the path of the Tao? If you disagree that this is at the heart of Daoism..then what do you think is a simple truth that you think is universally true for a Daoist?
  8. Mantras

    Ask a guru for a mantra.. Or try asking the people here.. I would suggest.. Ram...for one And God for another(any name of God will do)
  9. Does the soul know the difference?

    It is my contention that duality is but only an extension from the true and one holy thing.. Thus...all things are extentions of the true and Holy thing..
  10. Does the soul know the difference?

    Etched in eternity.. These waves do divide... Amongst the waves of time... \ Tides of darkness...(Dark matter, Dark energy).. Aetherial Sermonstration.. Reasons about the holocaust...and you give something of your self to another and they loose it for you.. Ideas are all the rage these days/logos flower of heaven...even the biter blue bitter blossom..
  11. Does the soul know the difference?

    There is a state of the ground of being that knows everything.. or else how would you know? How would you learn?
  12. Pissing contest who's got the best

    Being in a state of constant samadhi.. Developing and attaining a photographic memory and projection that goes along with thinking.. Having winning strategies at games... Learned how to be good at martial arts and dancing...but both I think are about flow of moment I think..
  13. Another reason to practice

    When your chi is too high, insects and bugs start to ignore you..
  14. IMA and Awakening

    I think being open mindedness is honestly allowing the most powerful truth that works for you to be evident... Not really much point in saying I am open minded enough to allow loss worry and suffering into my life.. But being also opening to curing that^ if so necessary..
  15. IMA and Awakening

    So there is form... But there is also the knowledge of changing into another form.. A set flow is a good kata.. And an open mind is a good self defense strategy..