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  1. On Drugs

    So isn't the right to freedom and happiness a true allowance of the use of drugs? Who are you or any person to tell another person what they can and can't put in their body.. There is a part of humanity that likes to ingest things for psycho-spiritual benefit.. ^Like shamans and shamanism.. But with today's technology we can go even further involved with spirituality.. Should one be able to follow their curiosity? Well of course!
  2. What is the Taoist religion?

    Being a TAOIST...means you believe in a way..or something that is true without effort..and true without way,... it is a way all of in itself is the Tao...and the mystery to behold the Tao! Tao is like the way a circle works as wheel..all you do is hook it to a socket..and the wheels will spin..and move in a direction..forward or backward...depending on perspective..Taoist priests have a maxim.. That is either in the way or not..and then we degree upon the decibels and decimals of the out of behavioural pattern... So 100% means the way is fully speaking in terms of existential speech...and in existential terms..the healing of the atrocity of the eternal knot about living for ever..without always in terms of Eve's natural feels..and talents..which are good to go in any of the ways of the city for example!
  3. Where do negative thoughts come from.

    Negative thoughts happened when the natural space for good thoughts is blocked..
  4. Is emptiness as a concept..equal to nothingness?
  5. Time and Qi

    The way of life is through energy.. You know the dharma, it talks allot.. What is karma other than that which we are doing? The way is tao.. and it is true! The window of oppourtinity is the window of Zen! The reaches of the farthest things all come from an icy grip.. And to poison that by way of fire.. is water in the temporal meditation! Temporal meditation is made to be work.. and yet it is not work! The easier going way is with chapters and verses.. But there is as well.. a higher notion of life.. (โ—The Zohar) Each of us is noticeable differences.. Determinism is true about cause and effect! Reason is a determination via a window of novelty.. Which is where we are all going..! Textures are worn for a reason! Your clear and plainly true! Each disciple is a having device that needs to be honoured! Relentless truth.. is easier in ideal, rather than necesary anarchy/hirearchy.. Relentless searching is true.. and is shown through a straight and curved path in a maze! Relentless truth is true and is the way of the warrior! Elena is more beautiful than beauty it self.. Same with Margaret Long..each long thing and short thing is be able to distinguish is true! Aeon flux is about fractals.. 1/0 price cost odds.. an allowance of the truth is like a river... via that rapids which are particles vibrating in time. An ointcloth is both for Yeshua and Yaweh! All things are healed through The Knowledge of Yaweh. Marcel Proust
  6. Making sense of "Yin" and "Yang" . . .

    6 Yins and Six Yangs...sounds like I-Ching to me.. Even with the seed being the changing line(s) Yellow gold for example..
  7. Making sense of "Yin" and "Yang" . . .

    What about the difference between what you have to eat, think etc...and then sending a line into the future which encompasses all the times you eat, sleep and think... Then the other line is one where you have do new things..or the same things in the future...but it is a projection from the now.. The yin is that which we are receptive to because we cant do anything other than that..its a "must have" or "must do" Yang is the other type of action..which is actually choosing to do something in this your being..which is open ended and free...and takes pure freewill to complete...
  8. Why does one lose their awareness?

    I think that's what the middle path is all about.. With the right or left being teaching(leading) and following
  9. Kundalini vs Microcosmic Orbit

    That truth is one of life essences.. Just reading about your post sends shivers up my spine.. This is very tactful and tactual.. tacitly explaining what is the meaning of life..? You have to understand that your thoughts are grand, they are very large.. and have a tremendous effect on your chi, and energy storage.. You should embrace these glorious feelings.. just like the Emperors of Rome did.
  10. Why does one lose their awareness?

    Lol, I see a bit of reflection in that..Like a mirror...except we see ourselves only in relation to others...Which is why we follow..or why we teach .. We can also see ourselves in relation to our memories..or projections into the future... I think we have an innate sense of what we are..even if we don't look in the mirror...but we do these things to stimulate our consciousness...Which is one of the primary driving forces in existence...Motion..change...refreshing, and renewal..time and the fulfilling of transience..for ever and ever..
  11. The Daoist Way of Liberation

    I would think The Buddha had a slightly higher attainment than Jesus.. But both seemed to have had amazing miraculous power.. Although when it comes down to it.. Buddha wanted people to be able to attain what he did, via the 8 fold path and cessation of suffering.. While Jesus figured he would be always the one to look up to.. and pray for.. as The Son of God.. The man on top of the pyramid so to speak.. Though there are branches of christianity like Gnosticism that proclaimed the belief that any one could attain Christhood... also The Course in Miracles is of this belief.. and supposedly has Jesus Christ as the narrator. Last but not least are the prophets... Moses probably had one of the biggest miracles in history of our time of civilization with the parting of the Red Sea..
  12. The Daoist Way of Liberation

    So is there a person who lived recently.. or lives now who embodies the ideal of liberation? Also is it possible to measure the amount of liberation a man has attained? If it is.. I personally feel I'm in the 70-80% range.. And that is with Teh, and compassion for all living beings.. And btw, can someone be liberated through compassion alone?
  13. Why does one lose their awareness?

    Yes, I'm beginning to see... Thanks guys! So the self is always there.. but goes through different stages and processes.. So all I have to do.. is realize I am one permanent self.. I wonder if it's good to understand what level you are on.. or should one let go completely?
  14. The Daoist Way of Liberation

    My teaching is What do you want? Therefore you have attained.. or no?
  15. Why does one lose their awareness?

    Yeah, the wuwei factor!