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  1. Organ meditations

    Great to hear your experience! Which book do you suggest from Gilles Marin to learn this exercises?
  2. Taiji Master fighting MMA guy

    This is Deng Ming-Dao
  3. You can find some good description in this blog http://longmenpai.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/personal-guidance-part-3.html Here is called SHO, Small Heavenly Orbit
  4. Taiji Master fighting MMA guy

    I have found this comment on the same video on Youtube. What do you think about that?
  5. Yes Spotless, this is the reason why I enquired because if someone has not the ability to see/feel the energy shift then is not good. Master Wang has of course this (and much more) abilities so he organized everything in the way that works. I've read that also his bed is full of magnets and a normal person cannot sleep in it because it feels to energetic. I guess that we live in a world where it's very rare to be able to go to the mountain and meditate for weeks, months or even years so we try to do our best using the good thing that sometime our modern techonology offers.
  6. Thank you very much Superfaz29! Can you provide the link for buying the magnets or specify how many gauss they are? If you want to discuss a bit of the theory I will be very interested (not bored at all)!
  7. Hello everyone, Do you know about the use of magnets in the mat to improve the sitting practice? I just read it in a longemen pai blog written by a member called Ken that was part of this forum few years before, here is a quote: Would be great to have this "boosted" mat or reproduce it just by buying magnets and place them in a right pattern to create the right energetic field. Any comment or suggestions about this will be appreciated!
  8. These videos are not available anymore...
  9. It seems that synchronicities happen more and more after we start focusing on them, that is the same that happens when we want remember dreams or have a lucid dreams. For example years ago after watching The Celestine Prophecy I began to experience lot of "coincidences" much more than before. I don't know if that is because we just notice them or because we "create" them in a way or something else to do like with quantum field connection, everything is one and all that stuff.
  10. Hello, Few years ago I was researching a lot about hollow earth. One day I found out reading online that among the few accesses that are considered to bring to the hollow earth one is in Mato Grosso, Brazil. After I finished reading I look out of the window next to the desk and I see a huge label "Mato Grosso" on a truck parked just in front of the house. I was shocked! Never ever seen before and since.
  11. Breathing into LDT

    I did reverse breathing into LDT for few days, and I started having a bit of stomach ache and a general bad feeling. Can they be correlated? That didn't happen when I was doing the natural breathing.
  12. How much money should a master charge

    Thanks to all the great replies! Yeh the private session was for healing. She didn't mention any particular pathology that needed to be cure but I guess that everyone would give it a go after all the show and advertising of healing benefits (maybe no if the price was revelead in advance LOL) About the practice lot of masters say that in the presence of him there are much more improvements that practicing alone as his energetic fields allow some changes in our energetic body. I think this is true but again I don't know what is the line between helping people and taking advantage over people in relation to the money asked.
  13. Hello, Yesterday I found out a video of Sifu Zhou that shows the external powers reached through the practice I found out to have a friend on facebook that met him and she reported that even if she was impressed by his ability shown on the stage then she went to have a private session with him the next day and he asked her 300€ per 20 minutes and she was quite deluded about it. What do you think about it? I think that everyone needs money, so the fact is not that someone should not charge, but that if there is a line between helping people and taking advantage over people.
  14. Breathing into LDT

    Yeh I don't know how much is productive imagination in Daoist practice. Focus and breathing is the practice or there is something else to add to the cultivation of the LDT?
  15. Breathing into LDT

    I have read that is 1.3 inch below the belly button, but then John Chang said that everyone has a different position for the LDT, for example he mentioned that indians have upper/lower (i don't remember which one of these) than the chinese. I still don't feel it, but i focus in the area under the belly button.. so as you said with the practice it should reveal to me soon or later