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  1. An end to the intellect?

    I understand why you are asking this question, but it's a little bit misguided. The purpose of cultivation in most higher level systems isn't to stop thinking, but it's to awaken the mind-body to the wisdom of the soul. Eventually the mind/ego comes into alignment with the soul body and begins to carry out its wishes. The mind/ego then becomes of service. You can never really stop the mind, you can only channel it into better uses. A lot of modern twists on traditional systems demonize the mind and this is a big mistake. The mind-body is the vessel through which the divine projects its infinite energy into a finite, experienceable form. The the divine, which is non-dual and not experiencing anything, gets to experience its own illumination through the projection of that mind-body. It's a gift, really. The problem is when the mind is given superiority and preference over everything else, such that faith in the mind becomes priority. This is when societies get ill and start to blame the mind for everything. The problem isn't the existence of mind, it's the misattribution of the mind's purpose and function.
  2. The promise of Advaita Vedanta

    I enjoy Vedanta because it's really paired down and simple, yet it's not an easy system. You have to come at it already awakened to the samsara we live in, as well as the nature of presence as being different from the dualistic ego. They don't hold your hand through those basic realizations; they assume that you already have most of your preliminary spiritual "shit" dealt with. Vedanta is really the road map for once you've done all the personal psychospiritual drama and trauma work of the mind-body, and now you are on the actual pre-requisite road to enlightenment. This weeds out a lot of weaklings, woo woo new agers, and people who would otherwise suck too much energy from the tradition due to their basic-ness. The other thing that I really value is that you can approach this system using the intellect because the mind is seen as a technology that can be used for the intervention of enlightenment, rather than being seen as an enemy to be silenced. You can bring all your questioning, all your intellectual ideas, and they will be met. Because Brahman is projecting himself through a mind-body and experiencing himself-as-that-person, the mind is a legitimate tool for tracking back to Reality, if you know how to use it. The few high level cultivars I've come across in this tradition, they really emanated... stronger than other traditions I've seen. The difficulty with Vedanta is that because it can get deeply intellectual, it allows some minds to mimic awakening, even though they haven't attained it. I have seen this over and over in online videos of various gurus talking, often white western ones. Their words seem right, but nothing about the energy feels like, "This person's got it." But there's no other real way to tell other than to rely upon the guidance of resonance or dissonance which you feel in your own core reality.
  3. Hey there

    Sounds a bit airy fairy, if you ask me
  4. Hey there

    I don't do isms
  5. A Science of Wu Wei?

    What's the point of realizing and observing wu wei if you can't learn your place in it? It creates a hollowed out reality where nothing is happening to anyone. And technically that is true - there is no person experiencing anything, but you can't just jump to that and spiritually bypass the person. The person, through the experience level, has to be brought into resonance with the truth of his/her own abdication. The route can be one of utter torment or bliss, depending on the methods. A good example is telling someone not to intellectualize because the mind is not connected to reality. That's not true. Reality consciousness (or wu wei) is seeing itself through a mind-body that it has illuminated with itself. The product of this in infancy is that the individuated wu wei accidentally associates with and believes it is the mind-body, resulting in the formation of "personhood", which is also the level of the experiencer. This happens to everyone born, it's unavoidable. Wu Wei isn't actually experiencing anything, only the "person" is. No person = no experience possible. Wu Wei never changes. The mind, the body, the emotions, they are all an outpouring of wu wei, experiencing itself through those faculties. It's why I find a lot of the Daoist discussions rather wooden and hollow. You see people whose vitality is actually waning and their unresolved tendencies leaking out of them as they abdicate themselves to the Absolute. They do things like jing conservation and other techniques yet they won't embrace the bliss of core reality that is already inside them, and illuminates them, and IS them. They are rejecting "I" instead of acknowledging that there is a misattributed "I" and a real "I" talking. One is the personality identification, and one is core consciousness conveying reality. Most people fall into the former, few into the latter. The whole point of the correct speech and other modalities is to evoke mind-body into recognizing the source of its illumination, done by correcting the thoughts, speech and actions that reinforce misattribution. You can sit there all day meditating on Wu Wei but once the meditation ends, you get up and stub your toe, and then you get angry, and then you're back in the mind-body rabbit hole. The language of the Daoist texts is also incredibly outdated and linked to lineages. You have people in the 21st century running around using old (and translated) language with the utter conviction that the undefiled word is the only way to go. And yet Daoism is steeped in right speech, right physical practice, and all the things that are meant to guide you toward the key realizations. Those things are happening NOW. To me, the point of Daoism is not to abdicate the mind-body to Wu Wei, but to dwell in the very presence that is illuminating them, without misattribution, here and now. Only then can the "person" come into resonance with what already is and be self-abdicated. Please, let's use modern language? We're talking about reality consciousness illuminating a mind-body to see itself, that through misattribution believes it is the mind-body (person/experience). The point isn't to toss out the person, it is to show the person the blissful resonance of the true reality so that it no longer has to cling to its own temporary form as the only way to the truth. The point is to realize the real you that is attached to a false "you", which our language fails to differentiate because almost nobody has the recognition and most old-world spiritual systems are focused on total Absolutism.
  6. Hey there

    Some advanced Vedanta teachings I've heard come the closest to describing what I've realized in the past 4 years. Every other system I've looked at is incredibly heady (at least, in the way it's taught and discussed), and fails to address core reality consciousness in a personified being. Most systems just address "oneness" or the Absolute, and the extraneous intellectualism is all about discussing variations of that. I have not come across a system yet that is prepared to discuss Brahman experiencing itself through an individual, and the technology to work with that - except Vadanta. The other issue is that most systems are steeped in human hierarchies wherein you're not permitted to receive certain teachings or have questions answered until you achieve a certain level or kiss enough asses; whereas Vedanta expects you to already have the basic work of sorting the ego done before you can do the real work. I don't want to worship gurus, or sort out my childhood trauma, masturbate about the nature of reality all day, or "feel better". I want THE TRUTH. For this reason, I recommend Vedanta. You have to have some entry level realization before you can really get what they're talking about, which is another thing I like about it. They don't do hand-holding for people who want to debate about whether or not Samsara is a thing or not, or who can't differentiate their own minds from reality consciousness. It's for people who are already awake and now are going about the task of possibly enlightening.
  7. I've worked a lot with tinnitus in my practice. If it's one sided, then the most common reason is skull bone misalignment, particularly of the temporal bones. Craniosacral practitioners and osteopaths are the ones to see to get the subtle adjustments to alleviate the cranial nerves, in those cases. I wouldn't bother with a chiropractor because their adjustments are too gross and lack that micro-specificity of the other practitioners. If you have a doctor of osteopathic medicine you could go see, I'd do that. They can be pricey but it's worth it. I once had a horrible 3 week migraine that nothing was fixing - I was even giving acupuncture to myself - and an osteo fixed it by adjusting the bones in the roof of my mouth. It was pretty remarkable. If the ringing is in both ears, then it points to a blood issue... like blood toxicity. You said you're doing some kind of detox, so that could be involved, potentially. The reason why the ears and the kidneys are connected in Eastern medicine is because if the kidneys are off kilter at all in their filtering of the blood or they're overburdened (like by a herx), the auditory nerves are the first to suffer distortions. It can also point to hormonal or electrolyte imbalances, again both of which are governed by the kidneys. Tinnitus is very common during menopause, for example. But... you did say it was left ear only. Yes, excessive upper chakra work can make the energy want to habitually go there, and this too can cause tinnitus, but persistent ringing no matter if you're meditating or not sounds like a physical problem to me rather than an esoteric one. If at the end of the day the problem seems more energetic, then I'd recommend acupuncture above all else. The practitioner would probably work on your kidney meridians to get the energy going downward. Tinnitus can be temporary or permanent. Generally, the longer a person has it, the less likely it's going to go away.
  8. What happens to suicides

    Like any ghost, it depends on the person. I imagine that someone who killed themselves in order to escape tyranny, torture or political injustice would perhaps have done so with greater resolve, knowing that the alternative was bleak. Compare that to someone who kills themselves in a moment of haste because of an intense emotional situation. Just because you die doesn't mean you suddenly become enlightened. Dead people are just as messed up as when they were alive, if not more so. That's why it's important to try and deal with your issues and imbalances while you're alive. Death itself can be traumatic but I think if you die at a point where you've made peace with your life, it's less likely to mess you up. Of course, not everyone is so lucky when it comes to the circumstances of their death. That said... all deads reside in the Earth plane. The only difference is whether or not they're at peace. The ones not at peace never fully dissolve and so they become errant spirits. I think that's the "purgatory" that various wisdom traditions refer to. It's not an alternate dimension it's just a place of unrest. The Earth is always going to accept them into stillness and silence, but if they are messed up or unresolved then they won't be able to rest. The part of us that is Divine always moves on and returns to the Source, regardless. The part of us that is doing the immortal work doesn't get stuck, it just learns lessons and proceeds through the ages. It's the human body and its corporeal soul that has to deal with any stuckness.
  9. What is so "special" about full lotus?

    Your seating position doesn't matter as long as you're doing the inner work. Personally I have always found half lotus a lot more comfortable than crossed legs or full lotus. I have naturally very narrow hips so it's more accommodating to let one leg swing a bit looser. There's not much point in being attached to classical imagery of what meditation "should look like". Yes, it's true, some positions offer better energetic structures, but on the whole it can be a little proscribed if you're not careful. I've had some wonderful meditations from sitting in chairs an even on couches with soft backings that you sink right into.
  10. Teachers who accept money vs. teachers who teach for free

    And the award for missing the point goes to...
  11. Teachers who accept money vs. teachers who teach for free

    It's because money has destroyed so many lives and caused so much suffering over the years that as an energy form it is very loaded. I feel like even when people can afford something, involving money as the energy exchange immediately downgrades whatever process is about to happen. It's a low vibration energy. That's why when people can, it may be worthwhile to try to exchange in other ways, or rely on Source to replenish them.
  12. Teachers who accept money vs. teachers who teach for free

    If money were no object, I would teach for free, but I would screen my students. It has nothing to do with one's social standing but their potential to have insight. I understand that money is real and it's also a form of energy. When we pay for a service (like a teaching), it's trading energy (teachings) for energy (money). At some point though it becomes a bit much... like when teachers are obviously gouging students in order to pad their luxury lifestyles. When I pay a teacher, if my funds are going toward their further development on the path, which in turn becomes of benefit to everyone, then I am okay with that, within reason. Some people are just selfish and have no ethics. They think their teachings are solid gold and they don't care if their students live in poverty in order to learn them. To me, a teacher who is self-realized will have a compassionate nature and have workarounds for this. Maybe we can do an exchange. Maybe I can do grunt work for them for a while. Or maybe they just see that I'm worth it and will teach me because the higher power (or whatever you want to call it) is directing them to teach me. I've met people like that... who are so difficult, but I know they MUST know something I know and therefore I should stick around. But there are a lot of teachers out there who don't look beyond the material and see those kinds of virtues. They think about their lives, their immediate gain... there's no understanding of Source and universal regeneration. I find that the more generous I am, the more I am given to, even if it's not from the person I just gave to. Some other aspect of life comes through. Giving and receiving are part of the same channel. Denying one is denying both. Too bad capitalism doesn't see it that way.
  13. Is anal sex unhealthy?

    Keep in mind that Daoist practices have still been governed by the same heteronormative crap over hundreds of years that teachings in the western world have. It's not like there were homosexual institutions in the ancient Daoist world. Men were having sex with men in their society but as usual straight people were making sure everyone knew that it wasn't quite as balanced as their sanctified hetero fucking. I can tell you from personal experience that tantric union is totally possible between two men and is fucking incredible with the right partner. No, two men doing it does not equal too much yang. I am tired of hearing this because it shows a fundamental misunderstanding of how yin/yang theory works. Yes if you divide the sexes, women are yin and men are yang. However if you take any individual, they have yin and yang within them. Some men have more yin energy and some more yang. It's not tied to sex but to individuality. It's how you sense into energy and how you use energy with your partner that matters. Yes I have been with men who were too yang for me but I have also had a lovely balance with some other men. Our two energies melded together nicely. It's about compatibility of your energy with another's, whether they are man or woman is irrelevant. The same stuff plays out in platonic friendships, romantic love, and anything else. Energy imbalances wreak havoc. Anyone who says that two men can't have tantric union because of X Y Z is either ignorant, too traditional, or just plain homophobic. I'm personally celibate at this point because I am too energy sensitive to other people's crap and I like to conserve my jing. IMO if you are trying to make yourself feel righteous because you have heterosexual sex, then you're delusional because you're still depleting your jing reservoir. Sorry if I'm being rude I am just fed up with the traditionalists in this particular area. We live in a world that hates and actively shuns homosexuals so of course they are going to make up stories that are reasonable-sounding for why two men are energetically imbalance. But it's a total lie. And FYI lots of hetero people are having anal sex. I have personally met lots of straight guys who like vaginal intercourse but if their girlfriend invites them to penetrate them anally they are over the moon and it makes them even more in love with their GF. Some guys also enjoy being anally stimulated by their woman. If you're a man who's straight and not wanting to get fucked by a guy then that's no problem but if you have never tried stimulating your own prostate then you are seriously missing out on a great method of converting jing to healthy qi. Not to mention it's pleasurable as hell. When I used to be sexually active, if I went long periods without having sex masturbation never usually satisfied me unless I could have a g-spot orgasm. In that case I felt super grounded for a long time and less antsy. Of course now it's irrelevant because I don't need that kind of sexual release but if you're going to have a release at all you might as well go for the best one possible. Just my $0.02 The whole anal sex thing needs to be demystified in general and Daoism is no exception. The fact that you can access the prostate, which is essentially the physical component of your lifegate, by simply putting a finger in a certain place, is amazing to me. A lot of women spend their whole lives never finding their g-spot but for men it's right there and it can unleash so much energy.
  14. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    I wouldn't. That's basically g-spot stimulation which is no different than masturbating, as you're activating the same apparatus. What part of "this is an energetic practice" is not sinking in? Again, if you already have the orbit down pat, then anal stimulation or anal sex can be used for tantric practice... but I wouldn't start by going there. Prostatitis is usually due to estrogen dominance and the decline of testosterone after middle age. Most men gain relief through supplementing with small amounts of progesterone, which in turn antagonizes estrogen and testosterone, and then adding testosterone back to balance it out. The goal is to make estrogen less and testosterone more. Modern medicine is so woefully behind in understanding bio-identical hormone therapy that it's no wonder some might think that sticking a finger up their butt is the only way to help themselves. Supplementing zinc is helpful too because it inhibits aromatase and keeps more bioavailable testosterone in circulation. The prostate relies heavily on zinc which is why it's a mineral very crucial to male health, more so than female.
  15. Ejaculation frequency for a 23 year old male

    I'm afraid I can't offer much heterosexual advice as I'm a homosexual man so my tantric experiences all relate to that. I know the principles are the same energetically but I don't want to assume everything is equivalent and potentially mislead you. Good luck.