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  1. Buddhist Practices vs Taoist Practices

    I dunno, honestly I'd say that the main difference is in the view, methods and fruit. Some may say that both just use different words describing the same thing. That might be possible, however I am very sceptical towards that.
  2. Lord of Death

    Death is coming? Well quite frankly it can't do me worse things than life has done. Soo I'll be here drinking tea and enjoying some butter biscuits and getting a head, while you run buddy. There is no running away from the death, buddy. But damn biscuits and bjs are not so out of reach if you are polite, handsome and/or have money.
  3. LoneMan Pai

    Its a "I can't believe somebody is doing this seriously" wow. I think it is mostly parlor tricks compared to the real "magick" and that is mind transformation. But hey that is just me being too buddhist.
  4. Semen Yang Energy and oral transfer.

    Dunno, I have never felt energyzed after doing it. Might not work for guys ... but as I know both positions I know very well that though it might not be leading you to a longer life it definetly is appreciated by the receiving end. *edited due to typos
  5. Eight Verses of Mind Training

    Garchen Rinpoche has said that 8 verses are the most essential lojong text, 37 bodhisattva practices are bit more extensive and Shantideva's Bodhisattvacharyaavatara is the most extensive. It is great you use it. It can profoundly change one's life.
  6. It might sound like that but healthy individuals are quite rare and we all have our hangups. Practice can eradicate those. Many so called healthy individuals are still in the clutches of 8 worldly concerns and practitioners can go beyond them or at least lessen them. It is not the crowning achievement, however it is a sign that those who practice do it correctly and are actually either approaching the crowning achievement, or even already working with it. I wholeheartedly agree with you in what you have said in another thread about daoism that often western buddhists get rid of important stuff. I see it happen with so many zen groups in the US that are so far away that I doubt there is any enlightenment possible since they have denounced everything. That is a shame. However buddhism is still going strong and there are many great masters and even more good practitioners and practices still bear fruit.
  7. Maybe not to you but calmer mind and more relaxed nature are some of the true signs of practice working together with love and compassion. And its not that hard nor that rare. It is not squeezing diamons from a coal using your buttcheaks or whatever people do these days. Nor is it making sth out of nothing. It is just re-discovering of what we already have.
  8. When done right and correctly and for long enough, buddhist practices make one more grounded, present and mind is quite light. Ofc when tired or old, mind does its own thing, however the best meditators who are great masters are often of sharp mental faculties even when old and quite relaxed and happy whatever happens. HH. Dalailama is a great example, next is Garchen Rinpoche, Chetsang Rinpoche and many many others. I have met them and also met many "ordinary" meditators who were not nearly as realized yet they were complete oposite of what you have described.
  9. Then I have to strongly disagree.
  10. Where did you come up with that?
  11. How to develop mindfulness awareness of energy body?

    Sorry the link is here http://albert-bonfil-wwks.squarespace.com/blog/lung-meditators-retreat-disease
  12. Qigong movements are important, they can clear the meridians and then qi flows better. Zhan zhuang can help gaining some qi and also release blockages in meridians. Breathe properly (calmly and into belly and back) and also properly eat. Listen to your body and eat just enough and move also a bit. And most importantly relax. You are gonna die anyway no matter what you do so do not stress too much.
  13. How to develop mindfulness awareness of energy body?

    I think starting with relaxation, then proceeding to relaxed meditation could help you a lot. Also maybe start doing zhan zhuang and some easy qigong movements. The pressure in the chest area are pointing towards sth Tibetans call lung disorder. It basically means you are overcharged and your energy is running wild. You have to relax, eat some heavy foods, like pork or beef and it is also good to have a black beer or very good old wine or old whiskey. But ofc just a little bit. It is also good to laugh, so watch a good comedy movie or read jokes or sth. This article could help you.