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  1. What are you listening to?

    This is my new musical addiction.
  2. What are you listening to?

    Seems appropriate.
  3. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    Okay to put things into context, while the situation was awkward and stupid it wasn't an assault. The dude could have easy beaten me up, it happened during a game of strip poker and after two weeks or so we well got to "know" each other.
  4. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    Yup, people do stupid things when young and drunk.
  5. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    Well speaking from experience, to avoid pollution during anal sex being clean is of utmost importance. Concerning energies, I dunno. Not a big believer in most of things that is said about them. It often leads to people acting like brahmins and being too concerned with purity and ritual purity and other silly things. If the practice lineage wants it, then sure. If you want to be promiscuous then be, but be careful and try to be a good partner. If you want to be spiritually pure, then be ready to give up stuff, especially afflictive emotions.
  6. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    One of my friends actually pulled out the "naked man" on one of his dates. She laughed and then they did it all night long. Sometimes ... it works. Didn't work for me tho.
  7. Oh yes, definitely, there are some shenanigans and such. However, as a phenomenon the mere existence of such a huge amount of ghost hunters is really interesting. Many of them really amateurs and probably not in it to make a quick buck ... although ... who knows. Hh, yes I would never apply the few americans I have met as a significant group to apply on the entire society. For example none of them were black, which does not mean there are no black americans. However, the "shamanistic christianity" they apply in those videos is quite fascinating to me. Not only is it probably a direct descendent of the "spiritism" of early 20th and late 19th century, but it has all kinds of stuff in it. Quite exciting from the pov of religious studies if you ask me.
  8. It was about the situation here in Europe and USA. That is quite interesting this point of view. Is it like that also in Malaysia with propitiating ancestors? Here in Europe we don't really do that, but it is very easy to see how it is a sort of a natural response of humans. After the passing of my father, mum talked to his ashes quite regularly. She also swears he haunted our cottage and flat for a while. Which I think was more due to her feeling alone and under pressure at the time.
  9. Yeah that is interesting. I guess that it is a way the local deities and beings were degraded into ghosts and demons through the influence of the church. Surprisingly enough one all mighty god cannot stand the existence of a minor deity living in a tree.
  10. Thanks @C T! I did not know about that. Do you have a story you feel comfortable sharing? I have met few people who think they can do magic. My mum says she was once cursed by her ex-husband. She didn't believe it until she fell down the stairs and broke one or two ribs. However, she has managed to elevate the curse by beating the crap out of him. Those fearless slavic women, last person you want to curse.
  11. Thanks @Vajra Fist! That is quite interesting. The thing is that despite coming from a part of country that has been effed over quite a few times in just the last 100 years there does not seem to be much. That is except this one strange small valley where I am pretty sure either lives a ghost or there is a local presence as there are no birds and it is just creepy there (and a guy died down there and nobody knows how he got there or why he went there). Yeah the simple amount of the shows could play a part. There is also something that I like to call american evangelical shamanism, which is what I have noticed many of these "ghost hunters" are evangelical christians but their faith looks and feels more like shamanism as it is full of crystals, witchcraft and other things. So maybe just mere presence of people who work like that could be a trigger (or they just notice it more).
  12. My take on these things is following. While I do not have any proper ghost experience (just some dreams and weird vibes) I have some theories. I think one of the reasons why people become ghosts is through very strong attachment which basically keeps them locked to the place where they lived after their death (not an extraordinary theory). And the reason why the USA has such a huge amount of ghosts is probably because of its wealth. People are simply more attached. And while there is the general pretense of US being a christian nation, local people are very interested in witchcraft (srsly basically 70% of all americans I have met are into witchcraft), which could lead to either invoking a strong spirit or in a way becoming one yourself.
  13. Hey, not gonna lie I have spent basically entire corona virus lock down watching ghost hunting channels on youtube (g team paranormal and omargosh thank you). And a question came to my mind. It seems to me that the US is more haunted than many places. Or people are more open to it? Which is weird because basically every single place where I live is waaay older than most of those homes in the US. Plus an actuall history went through this place, from nazis to communists. There must have been a plenty of suffering and death and yet ... no ghosts. Why do you think it is that some places are more prone to ghosts? What do you think causes one to become a ghost? Do you have a ghost story/experience?

    Quite a few highly realized masters identified Mother Mary as one of many emanations of Tara. They should be basically the same principle. This is mostly a fun fact really. I wont start praying to Mary. Speaking of the continuous chanting technique it actually reminds me of some pure land teachings and I think it is actually mentioned as one of the forms of chanting. Also I think it can be linked to breath and etc. It is a very versatile practice. Have you read some of the practice manuals?

    @Vajra Fist Hey, I would not look at those mantras as fighting each other or anything like that. Both Mani and Medicine Buddha mantras are here for us to get enlightened. Just like Amitabha practice. Especially Mani is good "side dish" to chanting Amitabha's name as Avalokiteshvara is Amitabha's direct student and he also helps beings get into Dewachen.