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  1. Zen is a good movie. It is Japanese tho... but about a japanese monk who went to China to study Zen sooo
  2. The simplicity of living a good life

    Don't live a good live despite evil's existance. Live a good live because evil exists. Honest good live filled with love and care is an open defiance to anything bad and nurtures many positive things. Kinda like Tolkien wrote: “I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo."So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
  3. The simplicity of meditation.

    I am always surprised how open, liberating yet normal meditation is. It is simple. Easy. Constantly reachable, on and off the cushion. It gives life a new dimension. One that is often very raw as one awakes from the dream that things are solid and once again realises the fragility of existence. Well enough of my faux "expertise". Just... you are right. Thx for sharing.
  4. Ai on population growth

    Sure genocide is the answer to all of our problems. Ofc it is. But we do not have just cold logic, we also have or should have compassion and the will to go and find real sollutions that don't involve killing. It is enough that the rich have already doomed us all. No need to kill each other.
  5. Is enlightenment or nibbana worth it?

    It doesn't turn you into unfeeling robot. Buddha was mad because that was hinajana approach there it is almost impossible to attain enlightenment when one isn't monk. But in mahayana when one has compassion and does things with the compassionate motivation then one can even has pretty nice sex and still progress. Easily. Desire isn't necessary. Sometimes you do not desire sth yet it is pleasurable. Things (thoughts, emotions, etc) still appear when you are enlightened. How do I know it? Easy. Buddha was infinetly compassionate. Compassion proves there still things arise. And you can have a joy caused by others progress and virtue. You can feel sadness and pain. The thing is it doesn't bind you because you recognize the enlightened state of mind.
  6. Is enlightenment or nibbana worth it?

    Yes, but again the same point. If you do not want the fruit y bother with the tree? Plus trust me before reaching anywhere near enlightenment you will have enough time for girlfriends and enjoyment. Plus one can enjoy even in an enlightened state. At least from buddhist point of view.
  7. Is enlightenment or nibbana worth it?

    Honestly if you do not agree with Buddha why would you seek nirvana? Find a different path. If you do not want to get enlightened Buddhism is apparently not for you.
  8. Loss of interest in reading

    Dunno really. Sometimes people change and lose interest in things. It is good if your practice is fullfilling. However, remember you are part of the world. It is important to stay informed. Find a good source of information and go through it everyday for few minutes to know what is going on. My experience is that I am becoming more picky when it comes to reading, but at the same time I watch all kind of s**t on youtube. So, my advice would be do not renounce just find some quality. Some books, or movies are worth being seen/read repeatedly.
  9. Feet baths

    Thanks guys! I will experiment then.
  10. Feet baths

    My feet tend to be very cold at night, partly because I live in an flat that is on the ground floor and there are only cellars underneath the flat. What do you think about adding the salt?
  11. Feet baths

    Hi, my qigong teacher told me it is good to have warm feet baths with sea salt to nourish kidneys. But some sites online say the oposite. What do you guys recommend/think?
  12. A long strict retreat can be bit too much for a beginner. But if you think you can do it do it. There are many ways how to go forward after that. The best would be keep on sitting everyday at least a little bit. To keep up the momentum. In the end it is all basically about going to a retreat practicing and keeping the momentum. If you are really interested then this is what your life will be like, kinda. The online course ... it really depends on you. What you want and expect. If you are into theravada then the best will probably be to move in that direction. The best would be to find a teacher or sangha. Meet with them from time to time and that itself helps a lot. Also read some translations of sutras and commentaries. Good luck.
  13. From Siddharta's Intent: So go and enjoy this dharma gift!
  14. Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

    I am not gonna lie, this is heartbreaking for me. 6 and half years ago I have received my first teachings from Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche and I cannot say I was a good student. I have barely moved since those days but I am incredibly thankful and grateful for the little I have learned and for opening the treasure of dharma to me. Namkhai Norbu Khyenno!
  15. What path of Buddhism is best for beginners?

    Each tradition has teachings to take you from the start to the end. Depends on what draws you in. Find a teacher and he will lead you. That being said, zhine + refuge + tonglen is never a bad start. Develop compassion and trust in three jewels.