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  1. Women and Buddhahood

    I don't think buddhism is mysoginistic at all. Denigrating women is a root downfall in vajrayana. Concerning the pure land I believe there is the simple fact that everybody is supposed to be equal there, completely so all assume the same form. However can we really talk of male and female at that level? As for buddhas appearing as male, well males always had it kind easier and it might just simply be most conductive for spreading of the teachings. But there is a number of enlightened women, female deities, etc. Also buddhists dont seem to force women into submission so there is that.
  2. Yes! Reciting mani is a reason to rejoice! There are many benefits coming from reciting mani, for example reciting 1000 mani's per day (around 20 minutes of recitation) one's body is being blessed and when wind blows and touches the body, the wind is then blessed and sentient being touched by the wind have a contact with dharma. The same goes with water, or just seeing or being in contact with people. Prayerwheel practice is an amazing thing by itself. It is an amazing method to develop compassion and love and also can help with healing and protection against harm (no, not by being used as a club ).
  3. Farewell

    Hi, this is my last time here, so I would like to thank so many of you guys. This forum was incredibly useful and entertaining to visit. Especially thanks to such people as @Aetherous, @Wu Ming Jen @Spotless @dawei @steve @thelerner @Starjumper . I have learned quite a lot especially through your posts so kudos. I really appreciate you and your insights. So thank you and best of luck. As for reasons to leave, well the buddhist forum here is quite a ... well. Let's say it is quite hard to visit it as it unfortunately takes a bit too much patience to see the attitudes of some towards something I hold as close to my heart as buddhadharma. Well, this is here to appreciate and celebrate so thank you guys and hope to see you in another dream, or day who the hell knows. Bye!
  4. Does replenishing Jing make a man more attractive?

    The notion that at 15 it is actually healthy to release at least once a day is quite interesting and frankly relaxing. What makes me the most angry about TCM (or its versions) is how so many believe that when you ejaculate you are dead on spot. I must also say that my experience fits with Aetherous. Nowadays I have to limit the release due to work and its usually once per two to three days (am 24) and actually it feels all different. Bit more natural. But might be just me.
  5. Steer away from the Geshe he is a cultist (worships a gylpo (demon) Shugden)) and broke his samayas. Not a good person to associate with on any level.
  6. It is a part of highest yoga tantra and can be found in cycles connected with it, such as Chakrasamvara, Hevajra, etc. As such there is no point in practicing it without a teacher, empowerment, instructions and preliminaries.
  7. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo

    This link could be of use. Although it is a Sokka Gakai source I think the translations of Nichirens writing could be of use to you. I don't have much experience with Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. I usually stayed away from it as it seemed weird to me and I disliked the chanting ofr wealth etc. I personally think Tara is way better.
  8. BON What are your favorite practices?

    Not a Bön practitioner, although I had the luck to receive some teachings through webinars with Chamthrul Rinpoche. I want to just stop by and say how happy this thread has made me. Especially that you practice Guru Yoga. Really, there is nothing better to do. I am very glad to read this thread. Good luck you guys. Also some personal exp. Ngöndro is always a good idea, it might seem a lot, but if possible, definetly worth it.
  9. Frugivore (homosapiens natural state)

    Might be relevant https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bnUx7hyk8rk
  10. meat eater to vegetarian

    B12 in nature is produced by bacteria. Cows get it from eating dirt and feces, tigers get it from cows. It is probably also present in water as the bacteria is probably there too so also water, however now we have sterile water (thanks to which we also don't die of nasty diseases). So if you are in a nature yes its either shit and dirt or meat. However, we are no longer in nature are we?
  11. Definetly, I have just wondered whether the effects can be similar or overlaping.
  12. What about Zhan Zhuang and qigong movements? Shouldn't those help replenish?
  13. Tantra, daoism and sahaja

    There are some academic theories that Tibetan trulkhor is the source of Indian yoga and not the other way around as was assumed. Partially based on the fact that Tibetan texts are so much older than the Indian ones and other examples. It is very interesting how much influence there probably was during the centuries. Zen seems to be quite influenced either by daoism or by esoteric buddhist teachings and etc. However, as fun as it may be it is better to study them separately. The whole idea that all roads lead to one finish line can do often more harm than good.
  14. TCM - vegetarianism

    Thanks for the reply Aetherous! Is there some herb (mixture) that can be taken from time to time by relatively healthy individual? My friend ex-tcm practitioner recommended some mixture that could help with yin and could be taken by people to strengthen them, but I forgot the name. Also qigong could theoretically help balance these right?
  15. TCM - vegetarianism

    @Desmonddf Is there some other food except for meat that is a good tonic for liver, yin, qi and blood? Its a shame you seem to have only "bad" experience with vegan patients. As far as I know the diet is actually pretty sustainable longterm (at least from the western perspective) and its easy too.