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  1. What is Taoism

    Nothing to add except for: damn this is a good thread. Please keep going I am learning so much from you.
  2. Falun Dafa/Gong anyone practice?

    I think this is a solid thread where Wu Ming Jen gives a pretty good opinion on Falun Gong.
  3. New here

    I tried reading it. Few months back I had a small qigong revival and was quite interested in Falun Gong as it claimed to be rather effective. I tried it and it was indeed really intense. But! Reading the books I was seriously perplexed. Not only does he claim it to be buddhist, which is weird as it did not touch buddhism even with a long stick, but there are some strange outrageous claims which I just could not accept. Then I also read stories from his students and it acutally sounded more like a cult where they clearly see the master as a god of sorts. I think the most telling thing about Falun Gong is that I could not accept most of its claims, which says a lot since I am a follower of Tibetan Buddhism and I accepted quite a lot of things.
  4. Say Something Nice About Someone Chain!

    Okay! Let's try it according to the OP. @Earl Grey Is a great fellow and also knows his stuff and seems to be respected by everyone. I myself enjoy his posts, love the nick (although English Breakfast is better sort of tea) and despite being sceptical of many things I am sure that if anybody knows how to do the akashic reading, then it is him. I would like to nominate @steve Who is an extremely helpful member. I very much respect him for his knowledge of and dedication to his tradition. I have some rather unpleasant experiences with some bön followers but Steve was for me always a good shining example of a decent practitioner.
  5. Dharma in the time of COVID

    Quite funny I had it opened yesterday, but decided to close it as I didn't have the time. Well, guess it is the time to read it. Thank you!
  6. Dao Bums Trolls are a Virus here, alike to Covid

    So many people claiming spiritual realization and powers, yet unable to simply mind their own business.
  7. Dharma in the time of COVID

    Look! You made me roll too!!
  8. TDB Infested by imbeciles. Beware.

    You pretty much hit the bulls eye right here. This thread alone is quite an excellent resource on who to stay away from.
  9. It's all getting too much

    Well, that is bad.
  10. It's all getting too much

    I know that I am quite a newbie, plus I was not here for about a year because I stormed off. But! I think that the Dao Bums is in a better shape than it was a year ago. At least from my small reduced point of view. For example the buddhist sub is actually having new posts. And yes, many posts end up with insults and fights which is a shame, however it is still kinda living here. Is there actually anybody who is a mod? I would not mind helping out with it. It seems this is mostly what this forum needs, bit more active mod team.
  11. Women and Buddhahood

    Uuuuu I have always wanted to do this, so thank you for giving me this opportunity. Ready? Here it comes. Ok Boomer.
  12. Women and Buddhahood

    What do your "snipets of wisdom" have to do with women and buddhahood? What do they have to do with a buddhist subforum? Being a man and a feminist means that you are able to see past your dick and realize that hey maybe a woman can be whatever the heck she wants. And the same applies to men. Maybe neither of us has to feel restricted and dominated by someone elses idea of what is proper for people with your kind of genitalia. How horrible! If you think being a men is such a fragile thing that women with rights and freedoms can hurt it, then I am sorry to say you confuse being a man with being an idiot.
  13. Women and Buddhahood

    Since this is a buddhist part of the forum I would drop few names here. Lama Tsultrim Allione, Lama Lena, Pema Chödron and others. There are many great and succesful female practitioners and these are just western women. Yeah, they might not be enlightened, at least I have not met them to make such a statement. However they are definitely qualified teachers.
  14. Dharma in the time of COVID

    Malcolm Smith and many Tibetan lamas explain this current pandemics in the terms of Mamos (one of the eight classes of beings) being enraged with us. Mostly due to burned food, which also means burned corpses of animals (not sure if human bodies count) because they detest the smell. And China burned a lot of pigs last year due to swine flu. Also many forms of pollution and irresponsible behaviour. It is our karma to go through this, unfortunately. If that is true or not... does not really matter, because the result is here. For practitioners this is a great time to really see how far we have come. Taken down from our tall towers made of marble and "good vibes". See our attachments as Heart mentioned. Truly beneficial. Few weeks back when it was starting here, I heard an elder man call his wife. She was in a hospital and he called her to talk with her as visits were forbiden. That was a powerful moment for me. Hearing the tenderness in the man's voice but also realizing this might be the last time they can talk. Rather unsettling and heartbreaking. Hope they are all right.