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    Depends on the practice, mantra etc. Some mantras should not be chanted, especially wrathful ones, but for those you need transmission for sure. Otherwise both is good. I like to sing mani mantra when I do dishes for example. My teachers say that chanting mantras can be 100 times more effective than just reciting. Why? Well, the melody is often important part of the practice. In some cases the mantra was received with that particular melody from the buddhas, so the melody is very tied to the mantra. Also when sung with pleasant melody the mantras can then be an offering to local gods, guardians, spirits and also to the buddhas as everybody likes a pleasing sound. So chanting is good. Silent recitation is also good and works better when one has to accumulate huge numbers of mantras.

    This mantra. I think it is okay to recite it without any lung or teachings. I actually think I got my amazing boyfriend in part thanks to this mantra.
  3. Yes, as far as I know yes. Ofc it is mostly seen among tantrikas, however I would not rule out followers of sutra being able to reach it too. However I doubt there are modern cases. I only know about followers of pure land buddhism dying while standing or sitting and praying and keeping the position. If there is warmth around the heart I do not know. But other signs as their body lasting "fresh" are there sometimes. As of rainbow body (the shrinking and ideally disappearance after death leaving only nails and hair and clothes) it is possible through Highest Yoga tantra and Dzogchen practices such as thogal. And actually appears still quite regularly. I think earlier this year one yogi shrinked. It is a fascinating thing and "proof" of effectivity of said practices. However, while it is a nice aspiration we have to start where we are.
  4. All buddhist practices lead to it. It is a sign of realization.
  5. Yeah, it can be problematic. I think more than meditation loving kindness would work better (as I already said), or just some simple method of relaxing tensions and bringing the awerness to us. To self-reflect bit more or just simply connect with the body. That is all. It can do quite wonders. We did simple stretching exercises at our drama class at HS and simple act of bringing yourself to your body can do a big difference.
  6. @zerostao Yeah, people can argue against many things. People can skip many steps, when their meditation sends them flying into polstered white room, wellp. What can be done then. And you are right loving kindness is extremely powerful. That is why Buddha prescribed it for nightmares, demon attacks, etc. People want to push and make others fly across the room, or astral project, or scan people for energy or any sort of nonsense. That is all fine it just seems silly to me when simple smile and affection towards others are the best siddhi. Ah, my inner hippie got out again! Darn it! @steve Yeah, many of this comes from folks misunderstanding what meditation does. It is less about finding happiness in our lovely cesspool of suffering and more about facing the fact we are swimming in a sewage water. This misunderstanding then often draws in people who would do better with some small amount of therapy.
  7. It is quite well known to be honest. This is why many if not most traditions start with some sort of preparation for the meditation. What people are experiencing comes from wrong technique, instruction and/or wrong mindset. Such things as meditator's disease are quite well known in buddhism. It is easy for people to increase their nervousness and spin themselves into depression and sometimes even to madness through simply being too uptight. It is one of the reasons why i think people should not do mindfulness but focus more on mettá loving kindness meditation. You don't have to focus that much, you don't have ot face yourself that much and you mostly reprogram your setting to accepting yourself and others with love and care. It is known to prevent mental health issues and even reduce PTSD. But ... loving each other is not profitable and doesn't create space for creating mindless workers in offices.
  8. What are you listening to?

    This is my new musical addiction.
  9. What are you listening to?

    Seems appropriate.
  10. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    Okay to put things into context, while the situation was awkward and stupid it wasn't an assault. The dude could have easy beaten me up, it happened during a game of strip poker and after two weeks or so we well got to "know" each other.
  11. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    Yup, people do stupid things when young and drunk.
  12. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    Well speaking from experience, to avoid pollution during anal sex being clean is of utmost importance. Concerning energies, I dunno. Not a big believer in most of things that is said about them. It often leads to people acting like brahmins and being too concerned with purity and ritual purity and other silly things. If the practice lineage wants it, then sure. If you want to be promiscuous then be, but be careful and try to be a good partner. If you want to be spiritually pure, then be ready to give up stuff, especially afflictive emotions.
  13. sexual energy and Promiscuity

    One of my friends actually pulled out the "naked man" on one of his dates. She laughed and then they did it all night long. Sometimes ... it works. Didn't work for me tho.
  14. Oh yes, definitely, there are some shenanigans and such. However, as a phenomenon the mere existence of such a huge amount of ghost hunters is really interesting. Many of them really amateurs and probably not in it to make a quick buck ... although ... who knows. Hh, yes I would never apply the few americans I have met as a significant group to apply on the entire society. For example none of them were black, which does not mean there are no black americans. However, the "shamanistic christianity" they apply in those videos is quite fascinating to me. Not only is it probably a direct descendent of the "spiritism" of early 20th and late 19th century, but it has all kinds of stuff in it. Quite exciting from the pov of religious studies if you ask me.
  15. It was about the situation here in Europe and USA. That is quite interesting this point of view. Is it like that also in Malaysia with propitiating ancestors? Here in Europe we don't really do that, but it is very easy to see how it is a sort of a natural response of humans. After the passing of my father, mum talked to his ashes quite regularly. She also swears he haunted our cottage and flat for a while. Which I think was more due to her feeling alone and under pressure at the time.