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  1. Beginning my training in Tonglen

    I find THIS to be a very illuminating intro to Tonglen. Personally I like to develop mettá a bit before practicing tonglen. And what I consider to be an important part of the instructions is not only that you breathe in the problems, sufferings and disease of sentient beings but also that it helps destroy your selfishness (or however to call it, can't remember the precise wording).
  2. Chyawanprash

    Dabur as it is virtually the only one being sold here. And it tastes good in black tea too a bit like yogi tea.
  3. Chyawanprash

    I just got my small package of Chyawanprash (250g) and quite frankly I love the taste. It reminds me of Czech povidla with its texture, smell and taste although chyawanprash is more bitter than sweet. I will try taking it regularly and lets see if I will get those amazing benefits of replenished ojas and better complexion etc. or if I will just enjoy a daily spoonful of an expensive jam.
  4. Sorry man, but I kinda don't really think you get to be a billionaire who wastes money on useless space flights and also claim to be generous. Those tests could have improved lives of many people.
  5. Just a fun synchronicity of sorts... until yesterday I have never heard of Mencius and today I found this on my Fb feed. Heart for me all the way.
  6. George Thompson your thoughts?

    I mean he is doing really well and I absolutely love his journey. From an anxious college graduate he became someone quite good at taichi, great at editing videos and actually part of a proper lineage, that is something. The shallowness or better the perception of it comes probably from my zero knowledge of daoism, however sometimes things he says sound to me a bit too new-age. But that might be just my problem.
  7. Gelug bums?

    Yes definitely no extra limitation I myself took teachings from all major schools. Just now I'd like to take a deeper dive into gelug really. Unfortunately Lama Zopa no longer teaches live at least for the time being...
  8. Wow thanks! This is super interesting please keep them coming!
  9. Gelug bums?

    Really? Could be interesting to look into. And off topic is okay. I guess there is nobody who is a gelugpa in here.
  10. Gelug bums?

    Yeah there is unfortunately plenty of those. Was his name Tsem Rinpoche? Yeah those groups are quite better in promotion, etc. The sad thing is they went and made lots of sites like lama-tsongkhapa.com and others. So when it comes to gelug these shugden groups are the most visible ones. Might be also because it is quite hard a gelug group in the west outside of fpmt.
  11. Beautiful! The last paragraph is actually as if it was spoken by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, was your husband by any chance a student of his?
  12. Hi, what do you guys think about George Thompson? He is a youtuber who got into taichi and daoism and actually studies under a daoist/taiji master from Wu dang mountains. He seems quite nice and it is interesting to see him propagate self growth and daoist thought albeit probably rather shallowly. Here is his documentary about his second journey to see his master. Really nice to watch and well made.
  13. Bums I am missing

    Oh... sounds about right.
  14. Bums I am missing

    Yes! What happened with that guy?
  15. Bums I am missing

    But honestly who I kinda miss is Storm jumper... I loved his stories be they true or not he knows how to tell a good story. What happened to that old guy anyway?