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  1. Mystical Christian Thread

    Seemingly slowly yes .. From what I hear, some realize(d) it very fast because their intent was/is full on with the destination in sight. Wanting to see and putting things into action. The ego comes up with lots of tricks to stall, doubt and obscure things, but logically speaking, it seems quite fool proof, even the ego can't argue with logic (but it will anyway). I don't really know much about Daoism, I do wonder what different traditions mean. I've heard of rainbow body and light body.
  2. Mystical Christian Thread

    Is that maybe what it means to become immortal for Daoists? Thinking, when a practitioner keeps aligning with unconditional peace and acceptance, because of this action/direction/inertia comes a "time" when transcending time and space happens, automatically ascending to the "highest heaven".
  3. Standing Qigong pain issue

    Standing and sitting meditation work well together for me. With standing it's easier, faster for me to notice when I'm "stuck". Then during sitting I can "relax"/sink better than before. I don't have as much experience as many here, but I feel both types of practices have really helped me over the years with healing mental illness within myself.
  4. Transmission: Useful? What? Where? How to?

    If you get a transmission and you don't feel very much, could that be a good thing? If you get surgery for some physical condition, it wouldn't be very comfortable to feel every cut, either during the process or afterwards in the form of pain and further complications.. Is it possible that the more expertise from the one giving a spiritual transmission then, the safer and healthier and more beneficial longterm results?
  5. Sammohan and vashikaran

    I would steer clear from paths that have questionable ethics, because if it works out in a bad way (even with "good results") and you're investing a lot of time and energy into it.. What kind of effects would it build? In a month, 6 months, a year, several years? Energetic, mental, emotional, karmic, spiritual. Will it be healing or otherwise for yourself and others? You will have to see for yourself, but it's something you can reflect upon before you enter any particular direction. Wether that is this system or another.
  6. Sammohan and vashikaran

    Isn't that a rather dark based practice? I could be wrong, but it sounds like what you're looking into is something that gives more power to the ego and could possibly be a dangerous thing? Just curious and with all respect..
  7. Is enlightenment or nibbana worth it?

    I think you're overcomplicating things. Enlightenment isn't something you're going to want to turn back from if you're nearing it (and if you are, you can't 'turn back' because the destination is reached). Addiction to sensory pleasures is considered a problem, because the nature of addiction is the opposite of freedom from suffering. It doesn't mean that you can't have pleasure on your way to enlightenment or that enlightenment is absent pleasure. edit: I'm guessing it's not the opposite, but addiction leads further away from freedom from suffering, at least.
  8. Is enlightenment or nibbana worth it?

    Peace is found when we allow all things to be as they are, this is the opposite of repression of states of mind/body, AFAIK. I doubt Jhana meditation is about repression (or is it?) .. Maybe understanding of 'pleasure' needs to be redefined/refined over time? It sounds like you were doing well with meditation of the specific type you do. It seems to me that you're letting some doubts hold you back from further practise. Overthinking it?
  9. What happens to suicides

    No, personally I don't think it's a matter of belief, but does it matter what we write? Life is hard, for some harder than others. A wise teacher once wrote: make good use of who you are and what you have.
  10. How do I sleep through the night

    Try to refrain from negative expression on facebook and real life.. It's one of those things that can come back quickly to haunt us. Try really hard. It's been hard for me too, with paranoia and delusions, mistrust.. Remember to try and live for yourself, regardless of how things working out/failing with the woman in your life. The people that are there in your life now, try to treat them like you'd like to be treated by others. Try to work towards turning the other cheek if you can. Phenomena won't stop happening, try to work with things as they are happening, one thing at a time..
  11. Emergency situation, seeking advice (content may be triggering)

    I'm not a teacher, I still have a -lot- to work on me myself, but according to what I've been taught, yes, literally one or both of your hands on your abdomen. A little below the navel area to be precise.. Just sit straight in a chair/seat.. Don't look for anything special, and if you do, just gently being aware of the physical sensation in your abdomen/hand connection will help calm you down if you allow it. Just observe the Physical Feeling. Hope that helps.. Sounds like you will be alright, hang in there please..
  12. Emergency situation, seeking advice (content may be triggering)

    Welcome tryingtodobetter. I recognize your situation, drawing parallels/connections and such.. It can be frightening, but it can also ease out. Good suggestions from the people above. Also, don't worry too much, and if you do, know that the stuff coming through is not going to harm you if you don't let it. I believe this is like learning a new language, don't worry about the content for now. If you worry a lot and afraid you're going to do something foolish, find a doctor that can forward you some medication that guards against a crisis. What you can try is feel your hand over your abdomen area and feel for the physical sensations, this will help with grounding.. In any case, this is a good time to take care of yourself and surround yourself with people that help you feel more calm.. Feel free to send me a message.
  13. Rasa transmission from

    While I used to be careless when younger.. Experience showed me that methods that force transmission or healing, artificially increase things weren't the safest, nor really healing or beneficial. At least this system has a practise. From my limited perception, the energies from the site seem positive/uplifting. As suggested by words like "Spiritual Shock", this seems like a transmission that forces things (fire method) and so does it feel. So I do wonder if the receivers will stay happy with their results and if the ones transmitting are really masters.
  14. Never heard of.. I just read some of the texts on the pathgate website and I wonder why some people believe it's a "cult". Because they mention having enlightened masters and buddhists don't usually approve of that possibility and thus it must be bad? edit: I meant I scanned through the "advice from enlightened masters".
  15. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    Not sure what you mean, sounds like you are overthinking things a bit, but in any case I wish you courage.